Artifex Software is committed to producing code with as few bugs as possible. As such, we have a public bug tracker where anyone is welcome to view open issues, report new ones, and contribute analysis and fixes.

When we have bugs that we'd like to get fixed, but don't have time to work on immediately ourselves, we throw them open to the public and offer bounties for accepted fixes. These are marked with the 'bountiable' keyword in the tracker.

Accepted fixes for bugs at P1 and P2 pay a bounty of US$2000 each. Bugs at lower priorities and 'normal' importance pay US$1000 per bug. Bugs designated with 'trivial' or 'minor' importance pay a negotiated amount, typically US$200 per bug (in all cases, Artifex reserves to right to evaluate each submission individually in terms of the bounty payable).

This is a great way to get involved in Ghostscript development and make a little cash at the same time. If you start working on a bug, just let us know by posting a comment on the bug. Fixes are first come, first served, within reason. Final arbitration is up to Artifex.

Some of the bugs reference specific files to reproduce the problem; these are generally given as attachments on the bugs themselves, the a fix must resolve the issue for the file in question. In cases where these files are commercially sensitive, we cannot make them publicly available. If you'd like to try tackling such a bug, contact us, and we can arrange for you to sign an NDA, after which you can access the private attachments and other confidential files.

Our ultimate goal is to get more people involved in the project and improve the quality of the program. Have at it!