We're pleased to announce the availablity of GNU Ghostscript 7.07, the third GPL release of the stable 7.0x branch. The reason for this release so soon after 7.06 is to fix an important security issue with the %pipe% io device. In addition there are a few bugfixes and further improved conformance with GNU project guidelines.

The 7.07 release is available from sourceforge and wisc.edu as per usual.

Free Software users are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

SHA1 file hashes

 66ebae367f4f9c18a736860d513b2fd487975323 ghostscript-7.07.tar.bz2
 7962306818e15c2c40b19541bbb3a59826306a82 ghostscript-7.07.tar.gz

MD5 file hashes

 85fd16cdc8232e5e3679a3a7e30a3359 ghostscript-7.07.tar.bz2
 9b073524ccbec8ceaface80c5f7fcd27 ghostscript-7.07.tar.gz

Thanks to everyone for their hard work in making this release possible.