Artifex Software, Inc. and artofcode LLC are pleased to announce the release of GPL Ghostscript 8.57. This is a stable release in the 8.5x series.

In addition to the usual bug fixes, there are specific performance and quality improvements in the areas of patterns, shading and image filtering. Also new in this release is an implementation of the Well Tempered Screening algorithm in an output device, using Graeme Gill's IMDI library for efficient color mapping.

See the file doc/Changes.htm in the distribution for a complete list of changes.

The release is available from the usual locations:

MD5 checksums

  • cc8368863fe6b666aaf13beb83ba300a ghostscript-8.57.tar.bz2
  • 7187a46641984d854d7b3ca8c84425df ghostscript-8.57.tar.gz

SHA-1 checksums

  • 17975b561a05b036fe06c96e8efdc512b9960062 ghostscript-8.57.tar.bz2
  • 5a5ddcd08abdc4e3574156736ed6d1283b291e2f ghostscript-8.57.tar.gz

Thanks to everyone whose hard work made this release possible!