Artifex Software, Inc. is pleased to announe the release of GPL Ghostscript 8.60. This is the first in a new stable series.

The major milestone of this release is a merge from the ESP Ghostscript fork, used to support the CUPS printing system. This means that free operating systems can now ship a single copy of upstream Ghostscript with their releases. Thanks to Till Kamppeter and Mike Sweet for making this possible.

This release also includes numerous important bug fixes over the previous stable versions, as well as improvements to performance, memory footprint, shading and image handling. We recommend this upgrade to all free users.

Note: The default device in the gcc build is temporarily the 'bbox' device instead of the usual 'x11' device. This is a side effect of the device modularization patch from ESP Ghostscript which could not be corrected before release. To recover the old default behaviour add '-sDEVICE=x11' to the command line.

Source packages are available from the usual locations:


MD5 checksums

  89fc0a90e67caf151a9d6855200c68ca  ghostscript-8.60.tar.bz2
  ce7c276891411e0865e006f0310ea1ec  ghostscript-8.60.tar.gz

SHA-1 checksums

  f0045b5055d7f83bf34b205976f73a7dafdac863  ghostscript-8.60.tar.bz2
  a56b31b736883d2c773e5f18e408ebca5f077ca0  ghostscript-8.60.tar.gz

Thanks to everyone whose hard work made this release possible!