History of Ghostscript versions 9.xx

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This document is a record of changes in Ghostscript releases numbered 9.xx. For earlier versions, see the the history documents:

History of Ghostscript versions 8.n
History of Ghostscript versions 7.n
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For other information, see the Ghostscript overview.

Version 9.00 (2010-09-14)

This is the first release in the stable 9.x series.

This release includes a move to an ICC-based color rendering workflow. The design allows easy integration of 3rd party color management modules (CMMs) and management of DeviceN and spot source colors with ICC profiles as well as with non-ICC proprietary methods. The default CMM is the well known littleCMS. Postscript color objects and non-ICC CIE-based PDF color spaces are converted to equivalent ICC profiles enabling complete color management for all color spaces by an ICC-based CMM. New command line options enable the specification of gray, rgb and cmyk default ICC profiles as well as output device ICC profiles. The new work flow provides performance improvements in the rendering of images, shadings and transparencies. In addition, the color conversions are designed to work efficiently in multithreaded display list (c-list) rendering through the use of a shared link cache. Finally, proper ICC based rendering now occurs for ALL XPS objects including Named colors, N-Channel colors and images with internally embedded ICC profiles.

The second major change in this release is that glyph rendering for all font types except Type 3 is now handled by Freetype (via a much improved and enhanced Font API). The most obvious benefit of this is a complete, and proven implementation of the TrueType byte code interpreter (now unencumbered by patents).

Another major change is that the Postscript interpreter's graphics state now stores two separate colour space settings for stroking and filling, to better support the stroke and fill colours required by the PDF interpreter.

Finally, support for optional content has been added to the PDF interpreter.

This release also includes a number of improvements to the pdfwrite device to improve reliability and quality with PCL and XPS input. Many improvements to the support of JPX images in PDF files, PDF annotation rendering and the usual number of general bug and robustness fixes.

For security reasons, Ghostscript no longer searches the current directory by default. Use -P option to revert to old behavior.

For a list of open issues, or to report problems with this release, please visit bugs.ghostscript.com.

Incompatible changes

No recorded incompatible changes.


2010-09-13T15:09:40.310889Z Chris Liddell

Commit the missing header changes from the previous checkin.


2010-09-13T14:53:46.788657Z Chris Liddell

Another revision of the FAPI code. Due to a problem in Freetype which needs
further investigation, we cannot produce an outline, then decide to produce
a bitmap if it is small enough. We work around this by producing a bitmap,
and if it is too large, dispose of it, and retry with an outline, thus although
we still risk larger than ideal memory use, it is very short lived. A glyph
too large to be cached (for which we will now usually use an outline) does
not suffer from the Freetype issue mentioned above.

The maximum allowable bit for Freetype to produce is now 1.5 x the maximum
cache bitmap as set in the Postscript state - it is set larger than the
cache bitmap since it is *vital* that if GS expects a bitmap to be cache
we supply a bitmap. Given that the bounding boxes arrived at the GS cache
device and the Freetype rendering code arrived at slightly differently, there
would be the chance of edge cases where FAPI would produce an outline, when
the cache expects a bitmap. Allowing FAPI plenty of leeway avoids that.

The calculation to convert a quadratic to a cubic spline in the
Freetype interface code was slightly wrong.

Also, FAPI now sets the fill adjust to 0 for filling outline glyph, instead
of inhereting the value from the originating graphics state, which gives
*much* more consistent output between the bitmap and outline cases, and
addresses the slightly excessive boldness observed for outline glyphs since
the adoption of Freetype/FAPI as the default font scaler/renderer.

Finally, support for the existing Ghostscrit text anti-aliasing
capability is improved.

Bug 691604 

[psi/fapi_ft.c psi/zfapi.c psi/fapiufst.c psi/fapibstm.c]

2010-09-13T10:25:34.372202Z Chris Liddell

Revert revisions 11690 and later from the FAPI code (and revert version no. to 9.00)
to get a "good" base version, in preparation for a corrected version of the changes
in 11690 (and subsequent changes in the FAPI code).

[psi/fapi_ft.c psi/zfapi.c base/version.mak Resource/Init/gs_init.ps psi/ifapi.h psi/fapiufst.c psi/fapibstm.c]

2010-09-09T13:51:48.502020Z Alex Cherepanov

Fix a case where /Width attribute was not checked for null.
Bug 691602, customer 700.


2010-09-09T07:26:52.042155Z Chris Liddell

Fix broken version number in gs_init.ps in trunk


2010-09-09T06:26:54.427296Z Chris Liddell

Add a couple of ".0"s to ensure we get floating point division
to arrive at intermediate values for the conic to cubic
spline conversion.


2010-09-09T03:45:12.738999Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for compiler complaint from commit of rev 11700

[base/gdevpdfb.c base/devs.mak]

2010-09-08T23:20:36.969829Z Michael Vrhel

Fix to enable proper mask filling with patterns that have transparency.  Major change is in gdevp14.c where begin_type_image and mask_fill procedures now will (if we are filling with a pattern that has transparency) push a transparency group.  When we are finished processing the image, the group is popped which enables proper blending.  There remains an issue with a special file that Ken created when it is run in c-list mode.  A new bug will be opened for this issue.  Thanks to Ray for helping with this project and finding a bounding box issue in the creation of the transparency group during c-list reading.

[base/gdevp14.c base/gxclimag.c base/gsptype1.c base/lib.mak base/gxpcmap.c base/gdevpdfb.c base/gsptype1.h base/gstrans.c base/gxpcolor.h base/gxblend1.c base/gxp1fill.c base/gxp1impl.h base/gdevpdfi.c]

2010-09-08T16:22:42.112334Z Ken Sharp

Fix (pdfwrite) : incorrect pattern matrix calculation

Bug #690504 "ps2write does not work with asymmetric resolutions, like 600x1200dpi "

The problem was caused by frankly totally incorrect calculations when generating the 
/Matrix for a pattern. Because we always see the CTM including the resolution scaling
but need to output a matrix with this removed, we scale the CTM by the inverse of the
resolution scaling.

But the calculation simply divided the CTM through by the scale factors, which is
totally incorrect and fails badly if the matrix involves rotation. The code now
correctly creates and multiplies a scale matrix. Note, the order of multiplication is
important here.

No differences expected.


2010-09-08T08:30:15.885002Z Chris Liddell

Slight refinement in the how the FAPI character generation detects we are
producing anti-aliased glyphs.

Also, it seems that when assigning variable value to a second, larger data
type, whilst gcc promotes the data type before the assignment, MSVC promotes
the variable later, so shifting a 32 bit integer up during an assignment to
a 64 bit integer variable works find on gcc, but MSVC loses the most
significant bits. So we need to force the promotion to happen with a cast.

Bug 691588

[psi/fapi_ft.c psi/zfapi.c]

2010-09-07T16:51:36.404533Z Chris Liddell

Add a further header to ifapi.h required for Unix/Linux builds, and
add the two additional headers to ifapi.h's dependencies.

[psi/ifapi.h psi/int.mak]

2010-09-07T16:26:46.989782Z Chris Liddell

Pull in gp.h in ifapi.h for the int64_t type - it seems to be required on Windows.


2010-09-07T15:32:17.143998Z Chris Liddell

Some fairly substantial changes to the FAPI code to get very high resolutions and
anti-aliased text working reliably.

For AA text, we now make *sure* to produce outlines for non-cached glyphs, thus
the GS path code can anti-alias correctly (for cached glyphs, the "show" machinery
does the anti-aliasing from the cache bitmap).

The high res problems were highlighted by the bbox device (which runs at 4000 dpi).
To resolve these the width and height parameters for Freetype had to have value
overflow compensation added, to match the existing underflow compensation.

FAPI/Freetype also now will only create a glyph bitmap if the bitmap size is smaller
than the allowable glyph cache bitmap. It may still produce a bitmap for a non-cached
glyph, if the cache is full, but the individual glyph bitmap is not larger than the
allowable glyph item - this is allow for better consistency when we're near the limit
of the total cache size.

Finally, the FAPI outline retrieval code now requires 32.32 fixed point variables (rather
than the previous 16.16), which prevents overflow, and improves accuracy. If also provides
us with the opportunity to check for overflow/underflow of the GS internal fixed point
variables, before calling the GS path code.

There are quite a few cluster changes. I have checked them all, and one is a progression
(missing glyphs now render) and the rest are the pixel level differences expected by
having GS render a path, rather than Freetype - most are due to Freetype grid fitting to
the glyph bitmap, and GS grid fitting to the page raster.

Bug 691592 - bbox issue
Bug 691588 - anti-aliasing

[psi/fapi_ft.c psi/zfapi.c psi/ifapi.h psi/fapiufst.c psi/fapibstm.c]

2010-09-06T10:14:25.582663Z Ken Sharp

Fix (pdfwrite) : string not being re-encoded

Bug #690441 " Files render properly with gs, but are misformatted by ps2pdf"

A Coverity fix in revision 9072 prevented a crash, but also circumvented code that was
essential to run under some conditions. (This is described by comments in the code as a
'trick'). The routine created a text string with the encoded text for a font with a
custom encoding derived from a CIDFont with an unusual CMap.

In order to avoid the potential crash, but still re-encode the string, which is
essential, the relevant portion of the code has been copied and is exercised instead of
executing 'pdf_reserve_char_code_in_pdfont()'. This produces the reencoded string we
need, but if the encoding fails, where we would have caused a crash by dereferencing a
NULL pointer, we instead return an error.

No differences expected, we obviously don't have a test case in the regression suite.


2010-09-03T15:49:54.010009Z Ray Johnston

Fix for hang condition in the stream logic for the luratech JPXDecode.
We need to return EOFC with the final bit of data. Found with PDF 1.7 FTS.


2010-09-03T08:31:32.767708Z Chris Liddell

A Type 0 font dictionary in a PDF which contained a spurious FontDescriptor
object confused the interpreter, which resulted in creating a Font resource
directly, rather than instantiating the DescendantFonts for the Type 0.

We'll now remove the spurious entry from the Type 0 dictionary, to prevent
any on-going confusion.

No cluster differences expected.

Bug 691589


2010-09-03T07:21:06.059509Z Ken Sharp

typo, misplaced quote in revision 11684


2010-09-03T07:19:33.619992Z Ken Sharp

Typo, misplaced quote in revision 11684


2010-09-03T06:52:44.087509Z Ken Sharp

More Windows batch file madness. 

Guard all path expansion with quotes, since the Windows command shell processor is too
stupid to do so, even when expanding variables/arguments itself.

Add a trailing separator to the %TEMP% variable before specifying the filename, as
apparently some setups don't get a trailing separator by default. A paired separator
(ie \\) doesn't seem to cause a problem so this ought to be safe even if the setup
does have a trailing separator.

[lib/pf2afm.bat lib/gsdj500.bat lib/ps2ascii.bat lib/ps2pdfxx.bat lib/lpr2.bat lib/gsndt.bat lib/gstt.bat lib/eps2eps.bat lib/pdf2dsc.bat lib/gsbj.bat lib/ps2epsi.bat lib/gsdj.bat lib/dumphint.bat lib/ps2ps2.bat lib/gsnd.bat lib/font2c.bat lib/pdfopt.bat lib/gst.bat lib/pdf2ps.bat lib/ps2pdf.bat lib/gslj.bat lib/bdftops.bat lib/pfbtopfa.bat lib/ps2pdf12.bat lib/ps2pdf13.bat lib/ps2pdf14.bat lib/lpgs.bat lib/gslp.bat lib/ps2ps.bat lib/pftogsf.bat]

2010-09-02T15:57:50.419060Z Ken Sharp

Remove a couple of duplicated font names form the embedding white list, and reduce the
list length #define appropriately.


2010-09-02T14:15:39.116953Z Ken Sharp

Include the header file purely to get the prototype for the function, otherwise gcc


2010-09-02T13:50:13.043694Z Ken Sharp

pdfwrite enhancement

The addition of code to test and honour the 'embedding flags' in TrueType fonts has
led to problems because PostScript producers are embedding type 42 fonts in the
PostScript which are non-embeddable and worse use a custom non-reversible encoding,
so that the  resulting PDF file has garbage text when a normally encoded font is used
as a replacement.

It seems that Adobe has published a 'white list' of fonts which have been granted
at least some embeddable rights. It isn't obvious if these are fonts which were type
1 (and therefore could be converted to TrueType and get incorrect embedding rights) or
if the fonts were originally released as TrueType with the wrong embedding rights.

In any event, this list has now been added to pdfwrite; if a font is encountered which
has restricted embedding, then its name will be checked against this list, if it is
found in the list then it will be considered as embeddable. We have already 
encountered one font on this list which has a slightly different name to the original
(a space was removed) so spaces in the font names are ignored. 

This list will have to change over time, and we may find other examples of characters
which we want to handle specially (eg oumlaut treated as o and e)

No differences expected as this is not tested in the current regression suite.

[base/whitelst.c base/gdevpdtf.c base/devs.mak base/whitelst.h]

2010-09-01T18:47:52.658366Z Chris Liddell

Update the release notes, dates etc for a second 9.00 release candidate

[doc/History7.htm doc/Projects.htm doc/History8.htm doc/History9.htm man/dvipdf.1 man/ps2ascii.1 doc/Use.htm doc/Readme.htm doc/Source.htm doc/Deprecated.htm man/ps2epsi.1 doc/Install.htm doc/API.htm doc/Issues.htm doc/DLL.htm doc/Drivers.htm man/pfbtopfa.1 doc/Release.htm doc/Commprod.htm doc/Xfonts.htm doc/Devices.htm doc/Language.htm man/gs.1 man/pf2afm.1 doc/Ps2ps2.htm doc/Fonts.htm man/printafm.1 doc/Ps2pdf.htm doc/Develop.htm doc/Helpers.htm man/pdf2dsc.1 doc/Psfiles.htm doc/Lib.htm doc/gs-vms.hlp man/font2c.1 man/gsnd.1 base/version.mak man/pdfopt.1 man/pdf2ps.1 man/ps2pdf.1 doc/Make.htm doc/Details8.htm doc/Details9.htm doc/Unix-lpr.htm doc/C-style.htm doc/Ps-style.htm doc/History1.htm doc/History2.htm man/gslp.1 man/wftopfa.1 doc/History3.htm man/ps2ps.1 doc/Ps2epsi.htm doc/History4.htm man/ps2pdfwr.1 doc/History5.htm doc/History6.htm]

2010-09-01T17:49:18.515475Z Chris Liddell

Update the release notes for the second 9.00 release candidate.

[doc/History9.htm doc/News.htm doc/Details9.htm doc/Details.htm]

2010-09-01T13:59:34.488373Z Ken Sharp

Silence some compiler warnings. 

Altered a static function to 'void' from 'int' as it returns no values and the callers
don't test any putative return value.

#ifdef a boolean declaration, as the code which uses it has been #ifdef'ed

Add some parameters to two functions, so that they match the prototypes, the 
parameters are not used in these functions.

[base/gdevpdfk.c base/gdevpdfc.c]

2010-09-01T06:08:51.456140Z Michael Vrhel

Fix to avoid issues with subtractive monochrome devices when we have transparency.  The gray device pdf14 prototype is used in this case.  VERY limited testing indicates that this fixes a crash with the cups device with its default settings and gives proper rendering.  More complete testing is required to ensure that proper blending is being performed and to investigate the other process color models that the cups device supports (e.g. cmy).  


2010-08-31T23:21:15.562664Z Michael Vrhel

Revert back to having pdfwrite handle what to do with PS color spaces instead of using the V4 profile that gsicc_create generates.  Also, fix a few issues that existed with pdfwrites handling of those spaces, in particular adjustments are made for non D50 white points.  D50 is the required white point for the ICC profile.  About 189 pdfwrite test files will report differences.  I went through them with bmpcmp.    Since the profiles that were generated differ between gsicc_create and pdfwrite minor color differences exist.  In addition, there were some regressions that existed, which this revision will fix.  

[psi/zcolor.c base/gdevpdfk.c psi/zimage.c base/gdevpdfc.c base/gsciemap.c]

2010-08-31T15:34:27.935572Z Ken Sharp

Fix (pdfwrite) : linewidth corruption when Tr is 1

Bug #690436 " (regression) re-distilling pdf causes R graphics to go block-single-color."

The problem was cause din the pdfwrite-specific text rendering routines. When the text
render mode is 1 (stroke), the linewidth is adjusted by the current text matrix. However
the routine to do this is called each time any element of the text 'graphics state'
changes. So if multiple calls to (eg) Td were made, the linewidth would be altered
even though there had been no change in 'w'.

Fixed by getting the current linewidth before the text rendering routine, and setting
it back to this value after the text rendering routine.

No expected differences. However z400454b01d4-1.pdf seems to exhibit some minor
differences which I am unable to reproduce locally. They are so minor that bmpcmp
ignores them, and on my tests the PDF files are identical bar the date/time stamps
and other metadata. I don't believe this is a real difference.


2010-08-28T22:04:55.196791Z Alex Cherepanov

Implement rendering of /Highlight annotation. Acrobat always uses transparency
and ignores appearance streams. Bug 691572, customer 532.

Progressions or minor differences (when the annotation has an appearance
stream) are observed in annots.pdf, CATX1385.pdf, CATX6166.pdf, CATX6508.pdf,
CATX7659.pdf, CATX8255.pdf, IA3Z4030.pdf, fts_32_3225.pdf

[Resource/Init/pdf_main.ps Resource/Init/pdf_draw.ps]

2010-08-27T13:54:14.847396Z Ken Sharp

Fix (pdfwrite) : faulty matrix transformations for Pattern dictionaries

Bug #690398 "Geometric issue with pattern"
The problem is the definition of the default co-ordinate space. When a Pattern is at the
page level or drawn inside a form, we need to remove our 0.1 scaling in order to return
to the 'default co-ordinate space'. However, when painted on a form nested inside a
form, the default co-ordinate space is the parent form, so we don't need to undo
the scaling. 

This is the same problem addressed for shading dictionaries in revision 11347.


2010-08-27T12:10:54.938774Z Ken Sharp

Fix (pdfwrite) : FormDepth not tracked properly.

Part of the fix for Bug#690398. In order to know whether a pattern matrix should be
converted to the top level CTM, or to an enclosing Form CTM, we track the Form Depth
by noting when transparency groups begin and end (currently this is the only way to get
a form output by pdfwrite).

There was a problem with mask groups, because although pdf_begin_transparency_mask calls
pdf_begin_transparency_group, pdf_end_transparency_mask doe snot call
pdf_end_transparency_group. This resulted in the depth being incremented at the start
of the mask, but not decremented at the end, so patterns could be emitted at the page
level but with the CTM for a Form level, leading to missing content.

Fixed by decrementing the FormDepth appropriately.


2010-08-27T12:02:46.764612Z regression

Added the ability to specify which regression test files will only be
run during nightly regression testing (i.e. not for commit regression
tests).  To skip files add them, one per line, to the nightly_only.lst
file in the corresponding directory (creating this file if none exists).
See tests_private/customer_tests/nightly_only.lst for an example.

[toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/readlog.pl toolbin/localcluster/build.pl toolbin/localcluster/run.pl toolbin/localcluster/compare.pl]

2010-08-26T23:34:28.641761Z Alex Cherepanov

Implement rendering of /Squiggly annotation without an appearance stream.
Bug 691572, customer 532.


2010-08-26T15:49:51.752958Z Ken Sharp

Remove an unused local variable (gcc compiler warning)

No differences expected


2010-08-24T21:37:29.611143Z Chris Liddell

Merge a couple of corrections from the 9.00 tag.

[doc doc/History9.htm doc/News.htm doc/Details9.htm]

2010-08-24T20:31:40.602213Z Chris Liddell

Merge doc changes from 9.00 and bump version number to 9.01

[doc/Projects.htm man/dvipdf.1 man/ps2ascii.1 doc/Use.htm man/ps2epsi.1 doc/DLL.htm doc/Drivers.htm doc/Release.htm man/gs.1 doc/Ps2pdf.htm man/printafm.1 psi/psromfs.mak psi/dxmain.c toolbin/tests/check_dirs.py doc/Helpers.htm psi/dxmainc.c man/gsnd.1 man/pdfopt.1 base/version.mak Resource/Init/gs_init.ps man/ps2pdf.1 man/pdf2ps.1 doc/News.htm doc/Details8.htm doc/Make.htm doc/Unix-lpr.htm doc/Details9.htm doc/History1.htm doc/History2.htm man/wftopfa.1 doc/History3.htm doc/History4.htm doc/Details.htm man/ps2ps.1 doc/History5.htm doc/History6.htm doc/History7.htm doc/History8.htm doc/History9.htm doc/Readme.htm doc/Source.htm doc/Deprecated.htm /trunk/gs doc/Install.htm doc/Changes.htm doc/API.htm doc/Issues.htm man/pfbtopfa.1 doc/Commprod.htm doc/Xfonts.htm doc/Devices.htm doc/Language.htm psi/dmmain.c doc/Fonts.htm doc/Ps2ps2.htm man/pf2afm.1 doc/Develop.htm man/pdf2dsc.1 psi/dmmain.r doc/Psfiles.htm doc/Lib.htm doc/gs-vms.hlp man/font2c.1 doc/C-style.htm doc/Ps-style.htm man/gslp.1 doc/Ps2epsi.htm man/ps2pdfwr.1]

2010-08-24T13:46:29.931715Z Ken Sharp

Enhancement - Font copying (pdfwrite)

Bug #691573 " invalidfont in xshow". The file does in fact contain an invalidfont, the
type 42 embedded fonts are defined by adding /.notdef to the CharStrings dictionary as 
if it were the Encoding array. The key /.notdef is added 256 times with values ranging
from 0 to 255. Of course only the last one is actually defined.

This means that when we come to copy the /.notdef glyph for our font copy, the type 42
GID is 255. However the font does not contain a glyph with GID 255, so the copy of the
font fails.

Although this is an illegal font, Adobe Acrobat Distiller does produce a PDF file from
it. In order to duplicate this, code has been added when copying a font. If we fail to
copy a glyph, and the glyph is /.notdef and the GID is non-zero, we try to copy a glyph
with GID 0 instead. If that fails we error out, otherwise we use the glyph with GID 0.
(TrueType font /.notdef glyph has GID 0)

This works for the supplied file but is not, of course, a guaranteed solution since 
another badly formed font may not contain a glyph with GID 0.

No Expected Differences


2010-08-24T12:29:59.958275Z Chris Liddell

In preparation for the release, add my username to real name mapping
in AUTHORS, add an initially empty History9.htm, and update News.htm
to point to it.

[doc/History9.htm doc/News.htm doc/AUTHORS]

2010-08-23T16:49:47.032287Z Ken Sharp

Fix (pdfwrite) : errors in XMP metadata parsing

Bug #691562 "ERROR -15 closing pdfwrite device".

This use of a DOCINFO pdfmark exposed 3 separate bugs in pdfwrite's handling of XMP

1) Decoding an escaped PostScript string. Unescaped characters and octal escapes worked
correctly, but non-octal escapes moved the index into the string one place too many.

2) The escape '\b' (backspace) wasn't handled and returned incorrect data. Although not
tested by this issue, the form feed (\f) also wasn't handled.

3) When converting UTF16 data to UTF-8, the end of the destination (UTF-8) buffer was
calculated incorrectly, causing a spurious buffer overrun error.

The code now handles the missing escapes, does not advance the character position after
decoding a non-octal escape and correctly defines the end of buffer. After this the
Title string displays the same in Acrobat as the same pdfmark sent through Adobe

No expected differences as this only affects the document metadata.


2010-08-21T08:03:46.086781Z Lars Uebernickel

Remove unnecessary version checks for libtiff in configure.ac.

Since the local copy is preferred over the system's (see r11635), comparing the
version of the two libraries is unnecessary.


2010-08-20T16:07:22.239869Z Chris Liddell

When we produce a glyph uncached, and it's to be filled with a
pattern colour space *and* there is PDF transparency involved
force FAPI to (try to) produce an outline (for lower level
code to use as a clip) instead of a bitmap (to use as a

This does produce some pixel level differences in a few
cluster files, but improves a load of PDF 1.7 FTS jobs.

Bug 691550


2010-08-19T04:01:05.188148Z henrys

Fix bug #691564.  The assignment of the target device did not use the
proper reference counting assignment procedure resulting in a lost
reference to the target device.


2010-08-17T14:31:58.354019Z Alex Cherepanov

Skip opacity and unknown components during reading of JPX image data. This
improves image quality (compared to the previous state that interpreted an
opacity channel as yet another data sample) and serves as a transition to full
support of opacity in JPX images. Bug 691489, customer 532.

[base/sjpx.h psi/zfjpx.c base/sjpx.c]

2010-08-17T01:22:18.729560Z Alex Cherepanov

Don't include opacity channels in the number-of-components count.
Recognize general ICC profile (type 3) and construct a corresponding
ICC-based color space. Bug 691470, customer 532.


2010-08-15T09:49:03.044306Z Chris Liddell

Ensure we only check the compatibility of the system libtiff
if we're actually going to use it.

No cluster differences expected.

Bug 691548


2010-08-15T09:42:21.565047Z Chris Liddell

The "shortcut" for rendering masks use by the FAPI code for uncached
glyph bitmaps (gx_image_fill_masked) is only safe, in the general case
when drawing "plain" colours to the output. For complex colour spaces
(like patterns) we must use the "long hand" version.

This causes minor pixel level differences in some cluster tests (due
to rounding differences), and some (very small) progressions: there
are differences in about 20 cluster jobs.

Bug 691549.


2010-08-14T21:10:29.198491Z Alex Cherepanov

Fix a memory corruption problem introduced by the rev. 11588 on some systems.
Free the string returned by systempapername() but don't free the static string
returned by defaultpapername() . Bug 691557.


2010-08-13T19:46:28.340691Z Ken Sharp

Fix (pdfwrite( : Invalid compression filter emitted.

Bug #691556 "Images compressed with the RunLengthDecode filter are invalid" A typo in
gdevpdfx.h caused the /Filter entry of an image dictionary to be written with a 
trailing comma if the filter was RunLength.

No differences expected


2010-08-12T18:14:30.164084Z Till Kamppeter

pstoraster: Removed unneeded "-dDEBUG" from Ghostscript command line.


2010-08-12T18:10:47.335830Z Till Kamppeter

CUPS Raster output device: Do verbose degug logging only if compiled in debug mode. Bug 690581.


2010-08-12T06:39:08.575092Z regression

Added support for regression testing of the cups device.

[toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/build.pl toolbin/localcluster/run.pl]

2010-08-12T02:55:40.283339Z Michael Vrhel

Fix to handle case where the profiledir is NOT set AND there is a change in the process color model for the device AFTER a profile had already been set.  


2010-08-12T01:42:17.270497Z Alex Cherepanov

Implement variable text rendering for widget annotations.
Bug 691536, customer 532.

[Resource/Init/pdf_main.ps Resource/Init/pdf_draw.ps]

2010-08-11T23:31:48.385487Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for indeterminism issue that was introduced with changes in 16bit image handling.  Last subpixel element was not getting unpacked properly.  


2010-08-11T23:05:48.288399Z Michael Vrhel

Another compiler complaint fix.  Proper cast of device.


2010-08-11T21:31:03.877037Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for compiler error due to implicit declaration

[base/gdevpsdi.c base/devs.mak]

2010-08-11T18:54:51.837319Z Michael Vrhel

Fix so that if the device process color model changes the profile is updated accordingly.


2010-08-11T16:17:45.421152Z Henry Stiles

Fix bug # 691532.  Do not attempt to clone an image that does not exist, each completed page should have an associated image.  We'd like to handle this corrupt file with a better fix, for example the absence of an end page segement is clearly a problem with respect to the specification, but Adobe and Artifex have chosen to support other "off spec" streams so more subtle and less obvious error checking is needed.  Thanks to Tim Waugh for analysis on this problem.


2010-08-11T15:22:22.427529Z Ken Sharp

Add some words about the ps2write device to the devices documentation.


2010-08-10T16:44:20.491267Z regression

Several minor changes to the cluster regression system, the most
signifcant of which are:

seg. faults are now reported for every case (previously they were only
reported if they were new)

skip.lst files are now checked for errors

changes to gs/psi now test the pcl/pxl/xps products since changes to
Ghostscript can affect the pdfwrite path

the tests_private/pdf/PDF_1.7_FTS repository was added

[toolbin/localcluster/clustermonitor.pl toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/readlog.pl toolbin/localcluster/build.pl toolbin/localcluster/run.pl toolbin/localcluster/compare.pl]

2010-08-10T16:20:19.775613Z Michael Vrhel

Commit to move the ICC profile for the device within the device structure.  This will make it easier to handle dynamic changes that may occur to the process color model for the device.  Also a move of device profiles into non gc memory and removal of any references to profiles to the GC.    A few progressions occur with this commit including Bug689918.pdf testpage.pdf. 

[base/gxi12bit.c base/gsdevice.c base/gdevpdfk.c base/gxpcmap.c base/gxdevice.h /trunk/ghostpdl/xps/xpsgradient.c base/gdevprn.c base/gdevpsdi.c base/gscsepr.c base/gscpixel.c base/gxcmap.c base/gdevbit.c base/gxclip.c base/gxicolor.c base/gximag3x.c base/gscspace.c base/gsicc.c base/gscdevn.c base/gscolor2.c base/lib.mak base/gxiscale.c base/gsicc_manage.c base/gxcspace.h base/gscicach.c base/gdevnfwd.c base/gxdevcli.h base/gdevp14.c psi/zdevice.c base/gsicc_create.c base/gsicc_cache.c base/gdevp14.h base/gsicc_cache.h base/gxccman.c base/gscms.h base/gxclist.h psi/zusparam.c base/gxshade.c base/gxblend.c base/gsequivc.c base/gsciemap.c]

2010-08-10T09:15:50.312005Z Ken Sharp

Enhancement : pdfwrite

performance enhancement for pdfwrite when handling files with large amounts of text.

Bug #689859 "Performance comparison versions 7.07 and 8.62 on HP-UX ia64" Alex's
analysis shows that pdfwrite was spending a lot of time trying to to see if two type 1
fonts were the same before deciding whether a glyph could be added to a font, or was 
already present in a font copy.

Most of the time was spent extracting and comparing /Subrs. The new code creates a hash
(MD5) of both the local and global Subrs (if present) and stores that in the type 1
'data' field in the font (16 bytes). The hashes are created by pdfwrite only as they 
are required, so there is no performance penalty for rendering. The hash comparison is
considerably quicker than the long winded Subrs comparison.

For many files the performance difference is minimal but for file containing lots of
pages, mostly composed of text, there is a considerable saving. The text files run in
about 60% of the time they did before this change.

[base/gxfont1.h base/gxfcopy.c psi/zfont1.c]

2010-08-10T08:13:35.250205Z Chris Liddell

A small revision to the fix for Bug 691326: the glyphs array must have
at least one entry.

No cluster differences expected.

Bug 691343


2010-08-09T00:41:31.173587Z Ray Johnston

Free the pattern-clist devices that are created (and left for the GC to
free) when pattern-clist patterns are used with a device that is using the
clist for the page. Those that were allocated during the print_page clist
playback would be those that leaked. Since the devices were closed, this
could lead to GC referencing objects that were invalid. Related to, but
not the final fix to Bug 691527.


2010-08-09T00:07:27.505245Z Alex Cherepanov

Remove spurious "cvx" operators after .pushextendedgstate and
.popextendedgstate . Do .popextendedgstate after checking that "Q"
has a correspondingh "q". Bug 691538.


2010-08-07T15:58:08.066501Z Alex Cherepanov

Implement rendering of Widget annotation border background specified by
/BC and /BG entries of the appearance characteristics dictionary /MK.
Bug 691524, customer 532.


2010-08-06T20:21:11.891509Z Ray Johnston

Fix segfault seen with fts_17_1704.pdf when the clist playback of patterns
that had been stored as clists were attempted to be read from the clist
as bitmaps. This happened when -dMaxPatternBitmap=1000000 was used which
is smaller than the default, confusing a HACK that attempted to force
the use of the pattern-clist mode. Also remove some #if 0 idle code.

[base/gsptype1.c base/gxpcmap.c base/gxcolor2.h]

2010-08-06T17:22:16.521958Z Chris Liddell

I missed a couple of now unused variables in the previous commit.


2010-08-06T15:49:21.355481Z Ray Johnston

Add documentation on -dMaxPatternBitmap=# parameter in the 'Improving
Performance' section of the Use.htm file. The actual parameter was
added in rev 11605.


2010-08-06T15:03:00.994141Z Chris Liddell

Prevent doing a gc "unmark" on memory already (potentially)

Relates to Bug 691380. I could not reproduce the seg fault
as reported, but valgrind reported the write to freed memory
in the same place as the reported seg fault.


2010-08-06T11:15:22.616992Z Ken Sharp

Fix pdfwrite
There is a hack in type 3 font creation in pdfwrite which increases the FontMatrix if
all the elements are very small, apparently Acrobat is unable to cope with very small 
FontMatrix entries.

However, if all the entries are 0, it ends up running round a loop multiplying by 10
indefinitely. This change simply avoids the loop if all the matrix elements are 0.
Naturally this isn't a useful font, its a Quality Logic test file.


2010-08-06T11:11:40.511965Z Ken Sharp

Revision 11600 introduced a sever regression with text in XPS files. This revision
addresses that by only applying the fix to preserve glyph data when the text operation
is TEXT_FROM_SINGLE_GLYPH as this is the only case where the affected union is a glyph
not a pointer to a series of glyphs, and is therefore the only case which is affected.

Expected Differences: All XPS files with text should again work correctly.


2010-08-06T08:27:20.529691Z Chris Liddell

Revise some of the FAPI related information.

[doc/Use.htm doc/Make.htm doc/Develop.htm doc/Psfiles.htm]

2010-08-06T05:53:42.503244Z Alex Cherepanov

Implement rendering of standard Stamp and Text annotations. Ghostscript uses
different font than Acrobat in Stamp icons and uses the same icon for the Text
annotation regardless of the /Name attribute. Bug 691525, customer 532.


2010-08-06T04:24:59.663647Z Ray Johnston

Add a new paramter MaxPatternBitmap with a default value of 8Mb. Formerly
the pattern_clist mode would be used when the bitmap size exceeded 1Mb
and prior to rev 11___ this calculation was flawed and could allow pattern
bitmaps as large as 64Mb to avoid the pattern_clist mode. While the clist
based pattern tiling is slow, setting the threshold to 8Mb should be rare
enough to minimize performance impact. Bug 691512.

[base/gsdevice.c base/gdevp14.c base/gxdevcli.h base/gsdparam.c base/gxpcmap.c base/gxdevice.h base/gdevbit.c]

2010-08-05T23:26:12.261846Z Till Kamppeter

CUPS Raster output device: Segmentation fault on mid-job changes of the color depth.

This patch prevents the crash by forcing a memory reallocation on
color depth changes. The approach principally works but we did not
decide yet whether it is the final solution, as Michael Vrhel is still
doing major changes in the color handling. Bug 690435.


2010-08-05T19:16:11.698734Z Ray Johnston

Fix comment about no support for BITS=4


2010-08-05T19:14:00.403158Z Ray Johnston

Minor correction to usage string left over from when this was split out
from setupgs.


2010-08-05T17:40:36.908437Z Chris Liddell

The "show" machinery expected that even non-marking text operations
(such as stringwidth) would result in a glyph bitmap which
could be cached (assuming the glyph would be a candidate for the
cache with a normal marking operation, like show).

FAPI, however, did not create a glyph bitmap for non-marking
operations, thus the cache would receive a valid, but
"empty" glyph. This caused Postscript that used stringwidth
before a show to sometimes "lose" glyphs, by using the empty
cached glyph.

FAPI's behaviour now matches the expectations of the show/cache
management code.

Causes cluster differences in Bug688372.ps, fts_31_3111.pdf, and
14-08.PS, these are all progressions.

Bug 691517

[psi/fapi_ft.c psi/zfapi.c]

2010-08-05T15:49:39.430735Z Ken Sharp

Fix (pdfwrite) 
A piece of data (pointer to glyph data) was stored and passed into a routine
'process_text_modify_width' which expected the glyph data to remain unchanged but
modified the text enumerator data. This doesn't work if the glyph data is a pointer
to the text enumerator data. NB the text enumerator is saved and restored around the

Modified so that the calling routine makes a copy of the glyph data before calling 

This should prevent 13-10.ps from entering an infinite loop.


2010-08-04T23:15:24.779084Z Robin Watts

Fix for Bug 691504 (gs taking a long time to render a file).

Revision 8694 changes code from using a simple cast to an int to using
a call to (int)floor. This fixes problems, but costs a factor of 3 in
processing time for heavily tiled files.

Here we change to using a macro version of floor instead. This removes
the function call and NaN handling overheads and returns us to the
same kind of performance as we had before.

We apply the same change throughout the file (i.e. all the calls to (int)floor,
not just the two changed in r8694.

There is still scope for optimising this code further, but this closes the

No differences seen in local cluster testing.


2010-08-04T22:59:04.842835Z Alex Cherepanov

Implement rendering of Underline and StrikeOut annotations without
appearance streams. Bug 691526, customer 532.


2010-08-03T12:02:47.197684Z Ken Sharp

Fix : FAPI (no bug number, discovered working on a different problem)

Another place where the FAPI code assumes that a text enumerator is a show_enum and 
casts it as such. While this is true for rendering, it is not the case when capturing
glyphs for pdfwrite.

Altered the code to test if the enumerator is a show_enum and if not, to get the
graphics state from the enumerator 'pis' pointer instead if possible. Signal an error
if this is not possible.

No differences expected.


2010-08-03T08:02:13.862491Z Ken Sharp

Enhancement : PDF interpreter. Bug #691503

When creating an outline (/OUT pdfmark), especially for the pdfwrite device, check the 
destination page to see that it lies between FirstPage and LastPage; if it does not, then
don't emit it. This is an extension to the existing control which checked that the 
destination page wasn't greater than the number of pages in the PDF file.


2010-08-03T07:56:50.987568Z Ken Sharp

In the section 'Using Unicode True Type fonts', replace the example CSI array with one
whose values are strings, not names. These must be string values.


2010-08-02T21:30:29.939498Z Alex Cherepanov

Partly revert rev. 11392 that over-simplified the check for a valid obj line
in the PDF file. Use --search-- to reject impossible cases but revert to the
old logic to verify the results. Bug 691502.


2010-08-02T16:45:00.756282Z Alex Cherepanov

Fix a compiler warning about a missing prototype for free()
caused by my previous commit.

[base/lib.mak base/gp_upapr.c]

2010-08-02T13:49:03.975996Z Alex Cherepanov

Fix a memory leak. Free the paper name string allocated amd 
returned by libpaper.


2010-08-02T09:20:04.666066Z Ken Sharp

Missing ';' in r11586 replaced. Should build now.


2010-08-02T09:06:47.523074Z Ken Sharp

Fix a few minor compiler warnings from gcc. No differences expected.

[base/gdevpdfx.h base/gdevpdf.c]

2010-08-02T06:39:25.229115Z Till Kamppeter

Applied patch to fix "imagen" output device (bug 690561).


2010-08-01T08:59:15.942136Z Chris Liddell

Remove the now redundant --disable-cairo directives.

[toolbin/localcluster/readme toolbin/localcluster/run.pl]

2010-07-31T16:07:37.431496Z Chris Liddell

Remove the "dead" devcairo device.

No cluster differences expected.

Bug 690009

[ghostscript.vcproj base/configure.ac base/gdevcairo.c base/devs.mak]

2010-07-31T15:45:39.194094Z Chris Liddell

Reapply r11570

Copying converted samples to the output raster used the byte
length of the input raster, rather than the byte length of 
the converted data. Change to use the correct length.

Bug 691494 - credit to SaGS for the patch.


2010-07-31T15:04:24.124204Z Till Kamppeter

No need to install Resources and iccprofiles if COMPILE_INITS=1

When COMPILE_INITS=1, the mentioned directories are not used and just waste
disk space and also confusing. Bug 689253.


2010-07-31T00:37:07.940018Z Ray Johnston

Fix the calculation of the size of the pattern bitmap by correcting the
calculation of the effective depth (bits per pixel). PaintType 2 is the
uncolored (mask == 1 bit per pixel) mode, PaintType 1 is colored, thus
needs the full target device color_info.depth bits per pixel. Bug 691514
detected running the PDF 1.7 FTS for customer 532.


2010-07-30T23:13:52.534878Z Till Kamppeter

Distinguish the two uses of cdev - one from icc merge, one the from very old lpd code (bug 691463).

This causes a warning when building with gcc, msvc, and also DEC CC.


2010-07-30T21:34:19.596701Z Till Kamppeter

Removed unneeded ";" characters from C code to silence warnings of DEC CC (bug 691463)

[contrib/gdevbjc_.h base/gxpcolor.h base/strmio.h base/gdevrinkj.c base/gdevbit.c base/gdevpdtf.h base/gsovrc.h]

2010-07-30T20:38:48.303275Z Till Kamppeter

configure script: Hide error message when "sed" does not have a "--version" option.


2010-07-30T20:09:21.607711Z Till Kamppeter

Tips about cross-compiling 64-bit ghostscript  on 32-bit windows

This procedure is slightly simplier(?) than the cross-compiling instruction
which Russell removed with r9807 about a year ago. Note that
ARCH_STRUCT_ALIGN_MOD mentioned in Russell's instruction was removed
r6773 (in 2006) and note also that all the "genconf" references in r9807
should be "genarch" instead.


2010-07-30T17:15:23.787490Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for bug 691488.

This commit fixes the issues that we are seeing with the JPEG2000 images in the FTS files EXCEPT for the issues related to SmaskInData.  Those images will be addressed in a separate commit and will now be handled in bug 691470.  

With this commit, support is in place for faster 16 bit image rendering due to the improved ICC support, which lets us avoid the multiple conversions from 16 bit to frac to float to unsigned short to byte which occurred in the old flow.  Also, the jasper interface will now, when it encounters a 16 bit or 12 bit image, use the higher bit depth renderer and pass the data along.  Previously, we were truncating to 8bits in our jasper interface.  These changes have been regression tested and checked with bmpcmp.  

[base/gxi12bit.c base/lib.mak base/gxi16bit.c Resource/Init/gs_lev2.ps Resource/Init/gs_res.ps base/sjpx.c Resource/Init/pdf_draw.ps base/gximage.h]

2010-07-30T17:13:46.325084Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for double to float conversion warnings. Bug 691498.  


2010-07-30T17:06:59.251898Z Henry Stiles

rollback to revision 11564, 11565 broke the build

[base/gxi12bit.c base/lib.mak base/gxi16bit.c contrib/gdevbjc_.h base/gdevbbox.c base/gxpcolor.h Resource/Init/gs_res.ps Resource/Init/pdf_draw.ps base/gsovrc.h base/gdevpdtf.h base/gsicc_create.c autogen.sh Resource/Init/gs_lev2.ps base/strmio.h base/configure.ac base/gdevrinkj.c base/sjpx.c base/gdevbit.c base/gximage.h base/gdevdbit.c]

2010-07-30T14:27:07.462183Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for bug 691488.

This commit fixes the issues that we are seeing with the JPEG2000 images in the FTS files EXCEPT for the issues related to SmaskInData.  Those images will be addressed in a separate commit and will now be handled in bug 691470.  

With this commit, support is in place for faster 16 bit image rendering due to the improved ICC support, which lets us avoid the multiple conversions from 16 bit to frac to float to unsigned short to byte which occurred in the old flow.  Also, the jasper interface will now, when it encounters a 16 bit or 12 bit image, use the higher bit depth renderer and pass the data along.  Previously, we were truncating to 8bits in our jasper interface.  These changes have been regression tested and checked with bmpcmp.  

[base/gxi12bit.c base/lib.mak base/gxi16bit.c Resource/Init/gs_lev2.ps Resource/Init/gs_res.ps base/sjpx.c Resource/Init/pdf_draw.ps base/gximage.h]

2010-07-30T14:08:14.058178Z Chris Liddell

Copying converted samples to the output raster used the byte
length of the input raster, rather than the byte length of 
the converted data. Change to use the correct length.

Bug 691494 - credit to SaGS for the patch.


2010-07-30T13:59:52.334818Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for double to float conversion warnings. Bug 691498


2010-07-30T11:37:15.489627Z Till Kamppeter

Distinguish the two uses of cdev - one from icc merge, one the from very old lpd code (bug 691463).

This causes a warning when building with gcc, msvc, and also DEC CC.


2010-07-30T11:20:07.130600Z Till Kamppeter

Suppressed error message during ./configure if "sed" does not support "--version" (bug 691463)


2010-07-30T11:16:17.321612Z Till Kamppeter

Removed unneeded ";" characters from C code to silence warnings of DEC CC (bug 691463)

[contrib/gdevbjc_.h base/gxpcolor.h base/strmio.h base/gdevrinkj.c base/gdevbit.c base/gdevpdtf.h base/gsovrc.h]

2010-07-30T11:12:47.691429Z Till Kamppeter

Removed unneeded quotes in autogen.sh.


2010-07-30T11:10:35.977735Z Till Kamppeter

On Tru64 stdint.h does not exist but the types required by jbig2 are in inttypes.h there (bug 691463).


2010-07-30T11:03:27.732163Z Till Kamppeter

On Tru64 the integer types are in inttypes.h and not in stdint.h as in VMS
Bug 691463, required for jbig2dec.

[base/stdint_.h jbig2dec/os_types.h]

2010-07-30T11:00:25.895059Z Till Kamppeter

Replace "==" bashism by "=" in configure.ac

"==" is a bash extension. See bash's manpage recommending "=" for posix
compliance (bug 691463). This causes various tests to fail and resulted 
in the link failure from mis-detecting omni.


2010-07-30T10:56:44.338677Z Till Kamppeter

'%' in printf() needs to be '%%'

Tru64 C issues a warning (bug 691463).


2010-07-30T10:53:30.576036Z Till Kamppeter

Removed duplicate AC_PATH_PROG(pkg-config) check in ./configure.

The extra check caused

./configure: !: not found

messages on some platforms. Bug 691463.


2010-07-30T10:14:47.310782Z Till Kamppeter

Update documentation as --enable-dynamics is no longer required for "make so" to work.


2010-07-30T10:10:41.906626Z Till Kamppeter

Added some missing initializations in DeviceN

This should have been part of the DeviceN change. If left unset,
the code path assumes color display and goes down the color display
path and eventually segfaults. Bug 690428.


2010-07-30T09:56:23.737093Z Till Kamppeter

Fix time-struct related build failure with SunStudio (bug 691453).

Apparently many platforms and compilers, including gcc and intel C,
require both <sys/time.h> and <time.h>. This patch just adds Sun Pro C
to the list of such platforms and compilers.


2010-07-30T09:45:51.500432Z Till Kamppeter

Avoid that the x11 output device can create huge windows which crash the X server. Bug 690444.


2010-07-30T08:58:17.493418Z Till Kamppeter

Assorted fixes for the modularized X11 output device

All object files destined for shared libraries needed to be compiled
with -fPIC but this is not the case for gsparamx.c, gdevemap.c, and
gdevxcmp.c which are required by other parts to be built as standard.

This change makes x11 not depend on gsparamx.c and gdevemap.c (and not
geeting them included in the shared library X11.so). gsparamx.c is
part of psdf and is usually included and available, and gdevemap.c is
small enough to be inserted completely where it is used.

gdevxcmp.c is addressed by building it with $(GLCCSHARED) and not with

In addition, $(CC_SHARED) is only used for object files, rather than
for linking, so DYNAMIC_CFLAGS is more appropiate here than

Bug 691510

[base/gdevxxf.c base/Makefile.in base/devs.mak]

2010-07-29T18:28:06.621749Z Ray Johnston

Add a comment recommending -sstdout=%stderr with -sOutputFile=- to prevent
PostScript files that print from messing up the output. Bug 691507.


2010-07-29T14:29:19.627579Z Robin Watts

Remove unused variable left over from removal of pattern_cache_alt.

No expected changes.


2010-07-29T14:05:39.594612Z Ken Sharp

Fix (pdfwrite) : try not to write out invalid xref

Exposed by bug #691503. There are circumstances under which we create a reference to a
/Page object which does not yet exist (creating an outline tree for example). In this
case we create a reference to the page, and set its initial offset to the current 
position in the PDF file. When we later write the real object we update the position
to reflect the point in the file where it is actually stored.

However, if we don't actually ever write the object (in the case above, because
LastPage is set before the destination page), then the object remains pointing to the
wrong location in the file. This is then written into the xref table, and this confuses
the current version of Ghostscript.

The patch creates new pages with an offset of 0 (which is always invalid because the 
PDF header means the minimum offset for any object is 15). If the page is later
created then the offset gets updated. If it is not written, however, we now check in 
the xref writing code to see if an object has an offset of 0. If it does, then we
break the xref table up and do not write an xref entry for the missing object.

Ghostscript is happy with this and processes the file.

NB the proper fix is to not emit the Outline entry for the page which will not be
present in the output, and a patch has been suggested to achieve this. This code has
some uses, however, as it may prevent this kind of problem in the future. It also
permits objects to be created and never referenced (presumably because they are never
used) without leaving invalid entries in the xref, which might be useful.

No expected differences.

[base/gdevpdf.c base/gdevpdfu.c]

2010-07-29T13:59:53.090810Z Chris Liddell

Two changes for two primarily pdfwrite problems with FAPI/FT.

The first is to only replace whichever of BuildGlyph or BuildChar
procedures the original font actually contained, replacing both
regardless confused some of "decoding" code elsewhere in GS
(op_show_continue_dispatch()) and we ended up receiving a valid
glyph to render instead of notdef. In this case we ended up incorrectly
stroking a charpath (this was seen with Quark's Type 3 "special effects"
font). With rendering output this resulted in a boldening effect on the glyph,
in pdfwrite, the result was strange extra lines through the glyph.

The second change is to due pdfwrite's use of a unit matrix for some of
its work. This resulted in small glyph metrics rounding to zero within
Freetype, and pdfwrite thinking a glyph had a width of zero. So make
the scale value at which we consider a glyph to be "small" an order of magnitude
larger, which gets compensated for in the calculation of Freetype's final

Unfortunately this does cause ~2600 differences in the cluster tests: some
are progressions, most are pixel differences due to rounding differences
because the scaling numbers have changed in Freetype.

Fixes Bug 691383

[psi/fapi_ft.c psi/zfapi.c]

2010-07-28T18:44:46.282683Z Robin Watts

Fix bug #691493. Revert some of the work done for gs_2_colors.

I had needlessly attempted to have 2 pattern_cache's, one for stroking
colors and one for non-stroking colors. Given that the pattern_cache is
indexed by color id number, this is not necessary as all the data can
live happily in just one instance.

This removes the problem seen in the bug (where it was getting into an
infinite loop trying to populate the cache).

Local cluster testing shows this produces 57 differences, all (I think)

[base/gsstate.c base/gxistate.h base/gsistate.c]

2010-07-28T12:37:51.588339Z Till Kamppeter

CUPS Raster output device "cups": Improved support for rendering jobs with high memory demands.

Let Ghostscript determine the memory buffer sizes automatically (as it
does with all the other output devices) if the environment variable
RIP_MAX_CACHE is not set, zero, or does not begin with a number (like
"auto"). If RIP_MAX_CACHE defines a valid value, use the actual value
for BufferSpace and not 1/10 of it. MaxBitmap is the maximum buffer
size to be used when rendering in full page mode, BufferSpace is the
buffer size used in banding mode. Banding mode is used if MaxBitmap is
too small to hold one page. Bug 691499.


2010-07-28T09:22:49.016213Z Robin Watts

Add new gp_thread_start, gp_thread_finish abstraction, and deprecate old
gs_create_thread function. Adapt multiple rendering thread code to use
this new style instead. Hopefully this should solve the problems seen
in rare cases when a test thread doesn't get scheduled until after the
DLL has exited and the code isn't around any more.

No expected differences.

This code has been tested with MSVC and on linux with pthreads. While it
should work with Borland and Watcom (as all the headers appear consistent)
I have not been able to properly test it. Therefore the code is currently
configured to fall back to the old code, thus hopefully guaranteeing that
this commit won't make the operation under Borland/Watcom any worse than
it is now. This fallback is controlled by a single define for each of
these systems in gp_wsync.c, so it's easy to test. If users can report
success with the new code we can remove the fallback trivially.

[base/gp_wsync.c base/gxclthrd.c base/gp_nsync.c base/gp_psync.c base/gxclthrd.h base/gpsync.h]

2010-07-28T07:36:52.403693Z Ken Sharp

As pointed out by SaGS in Bug #691440, comment 5(C) there was a typo in revision 11498,
a '>>' was accidentally dropped form the batch file.


2010-07-27T07:10:03.221027Z Chris Liddell

Add missing free of the new bitmap data.


2010-07-27T07:02:47.392994Z Chris Liddell

Slightly revise comment for why we might need to create a new bitmap
in fapi_finish_render_aux()

No cluster differences expected.


2010-07-26T08:48:33.786696Z Chris Liddell

A much better solution for Bug 691328.

The bitmap data coming from a font scaler/renderer may not have its raster
alignment as Ghostscript expects, so in the event that is the case, create
a bitmap which is GS compatible in the FAPI layer, before calling any
further operations on it.

This reverts the previous "hack" from r11362.

No cluster differences expected.

[base/gsbitops.c psi/zfapi.c]

2010-07-24T22:57:46.607791Z Alex Cherepanov

Render 3D annotations (using appearance stream) on the printer device even
if Print flag (0x4) is not set. This is done following AR8 and AR9 example
but contrary to PDF 1.7 spec. Bug 691486, customer 532.


2010-07-23T20:01:28.232264Z Alex Cherepanov

Make *clean targets remove generated tif*.h files. Bug 691485.


2010-07-23T19:01:45.196186Z Alex Cherepanov

Remove .dividesfnts procedure, which is not needed by PS interpreter after
the introduction and use of string_array_access_proc() way back in
revision 176. FreeType doesn't require a particular way to split sfnts
either. ps2write includes procedures to create a well formed Type 42 from
a TrueType font.

The error is caused by .dividesfnts only spliting strings when the split
offset is even. The sample file has a *long* run of cases where the split
offsets are odd. When an even offset is finally found, the number of buffered
bytes exceeds the maximum length of the string causing /rangecheck error.
Thanks to Chris Liddell for the analysis of the problem.
Bug 691473, customer 532.


2010-07-23T09:20:28.484085Z Chris Liddell

Commit the correct change for Bug 691427


2010-07-23T08:22:43.299979Z Chris Liddell

Change the gsicc* targets from using GCFLAGS to CFLAGS. This ensure that the
options for building .so objects are correct.

Additionally, add the extra dependencies to the sodebug target so it works

No cluster differences expected.

Bug 691427

[base/lib.mak base/unix-dll.mak]

2010-07-23T02:57:37.996803Z Alex Cherepanov

Handle the case when, contrary to the spec, default viewing optional content
configuration dictionary has /BaseState attribute equal /OFF. Mark all OCGs
/OFF and unmark ON UCGs. Bug 691491, customer 532.


2010-07-21T19:26:14.458296Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for bug 691478

Note that string objects that are maintained as user params must be either allocated in non-gc memory or be a constant in the executable. The problem stems from the way userparams are retained during garbage collection in a param_list (collected by currentuserparams).  For some reason this param_list does not get the pointers to strings relocated during the GC. Note that the param_dict itself is correctly updated by reloc, it is just the pointers to the strings in the param_list that are not traced and updated. In this particular case, ICCProfilesDir sets a string in the icc_manager. When a reclaim occurs, the string is relocated (when in non-gc memory and when it is noted to the gc with the proper object descriptor).  Then if a set_icc_directory occurs, the user params pointer has NOT been updated and validation problems will occur.  Fix for this was to make the string not known to the GC and to allocate in non-gc memory.  When icc manager is deallocated, the string is also deallocated.

[base/gsicc_manage.c psi/zusparam.c]

2010-07-21T00:03:16.900862Z Michael Vrhel

Fix so that non-isolated transparency groups are rendered correctly.  This fixes a rendering issue with fts_25_2524 and with a few in the test suite.  A future optimization will be to avoid the extra buffer push if the blend mode is normal, since in that case we can draw directly into the parent buffer.


2010-07-20T09:46:34.095118Z Masaki Ushizaka

Add support for user defined huffman table.

This code adds support for segment type 53 segments, which supplies
inline huffman code table.  Bug 689853.

Many thanks to Justin Greer.

[jbig2dec/jbig2_segment.c jbig2dec/jbig2_huffman.c jbig2dec/jbig2_text.c jbig2dec/jbig2_symbol_dict.c jbig2dec/jbig2_huffman.h]

2010-07-20T08:23:05.218485Z Masaki Ushizaka

Catching up to the latest jbig2dec source.

This includes following jbig2dec git commits:

commit d26c7e4f39f76fe70cc61d6dc14d05a042a9be48
Author: Masaki Ushizaka <masaki@ghostscript.com>
Date:   Tue Jul 20 08:01:29 2010 +0000

    Fix jbig2_image_set_pixel function prototype
    The declaration of jbig2_image_set_pixel was differenct between
    jbig2_image.h and jbig2_image.c (int value vs bool value).  And
    prevented compiling it by MSVC comiler in C++ mode.
    This patch fixes it.  Bug #691461.

commit c5d61c78c0de785b74b86d4e5298e3cc7b9e2b68
Author: Masaki Ushizaka <masaki@ghostscript.com>
Date:   Fri Jul 16 09:13:41 2010 +0000

    A little fix to allocating memory size

commit e12fa07da845515911db8be2f7cfa8ef551061ba
Author: Tor Andersson <tor.andersson@gmail.com>
Date:   Thu Jul 15 00:49:09 2010 +0200

    Use the jbig2_new and jbig2_renew macros instead of calling
    jbig2_alloc and jbig2_realloc directly. Also adds a few typecasts
    and #defines required to compile the source as C++.

commit 31dd7ef66dbd1c34df08365aa3c36e6391617f37
Author: Tor Andersson <tor.andersson@gmail.com>
Date:   Thu Jul 15 00:42:38 2010 +0200

    Update VERSION define in config_win32.h

commit 941b73315a166fe07e0f1a1b81171477285280f7
Author: Tor Andersson <tor.andersson@gmail.com>
Date:   Thu Jul 15 00:41:46 2010 +0200

    Add Makefile.unix -- a simple makefile for unix-like systems.

commit f6066822041bbffd7169fd4bfc19c48daae8f155
Author: Tor Andersson <tor.andersson@gmail.com>
Date:   Thu Jul 15 00:35:58 2010 +0200

    Fix memory leak of the word stream struct.

No visible difference expected.

[jbig2dec/config_win32.h jbig2dec/jbig2.c jbig2dec/jbig2_image_pbm.c jbig2dec/jbig2_metadata.c jbig2dec/jbig2_image.c jbig2dec/jbig2_huffman.c jbig2dec/jbig2_text.c jbig2dec/jbig2_priv.h jbig2dec/jbig2_image.h jbig2dec/jbig2_refinement.c jbig2dec/jbig2dec.c jbig2dec/jbig2_arith_iaid.c jbig2dec/jbig2_halftone.c jbig2dec/Makefile.unix jbig2dec/jbig2_segment.c jbig2dec/jbig2_arith.c jbig2dec/jbig2_symbol_dict.c jbig2dec/jbig2_generic.c jbig2dec/jbig2_page.c]

2010-07-20T05:56:04.938511Z Michael Vrhel

Remove noisy warnings if embedded icc profile is not valid.  In those cases, we use the default and move on.  


2010-07-19T21:22:35.957060Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for Bug691474.  Source of error was due to icc hash code being read from clist after the transfer function.  It should have been read prior to the transfer function.  This was the first file we have seen that had a soft mask with a transfer function.  Also fix for rendering of this file.  The softmasks only uses the alpha channel as opposed to the luminosity of the object.  Progression with CityMap-evnice.pdf in test suite.  That file must have a alpha style softmask.

[base/gdevp14.c base/gstparam.h]

2010-07-19T15:45:36.535276Z Chris Liddell

Update trunk to FreeType 2.4.1

The important change (from Ghostscript's point of view) is that the previously
patented TrueType hinting operations have been enabled by default after the
expiration of the patents in question.

This change (the hinting being enabled) causes 3060 non-pdfwrite cluster
changes, and 655 pdfwrite changes - these are expected, and are

[freetype/builds/unix/config.sub freetype/src/pshinter/pshglob.c freetype/src/base/ftpfr.c freetype/src/pshinter/pshglob.h freetype/src/type1/t1objs.c freetype/docs/DEBUG freetype/builds/win32/w32-dev.mk freetype/src/type1/t1objs.h freetype/docs/reference/ft2-gasp_table.html freetype/src/pshinter freetype/docs/INSTALL.CROSS freetype/src freetype/docs/reference/ft2-lcd_filtering.html freetype/src/truetype/ttgload.c freetype/builds/win32/win32-def.mk freetype/src/type1 freetype/builds/wince/vc2005-ce freetype/src/truetype/ttgload.h freetype/src/tools/ftrandom/ftrandom.c freetype/devel/ft2build.h freetype/src/tools/docmaker/formatter.py freetype/src/autofit/Jamfile freetype/src/bdf/module.mk freetype/docs/reference/ft2-glyph_stroker.html freetype/include/freetype/config/ftheader.h freetype/src/cff/Jamfile freetype/src/cff/cffparse.c freetype/src/raster/ftraster.c freetype/src/cff/cffparse.h freetype/src/cff/cffcmap.c freetype/src/raster/ftraster.h freetype/src/cff/cffcmap.h freetype/src/raster/ftrend1.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svttglyf.h freetype/builds/wince/vc2005-ce/freetype.vcproj freetype/src/raster/ftrend1.h freetype/docs/INSTALL.ANY freetype/src/psnames/module.mk freetype/src/base/ftutil.c freetype/src/autofit/afglobal.c freetype/src/cache/ftcsbits.c freetype/builds/mac/ftmac.c freetype/src/autofit/afglobal.h freetype/src/pcf/rules.mk freetype/src/base/ftsystem.c freetype/src/cache/ftcsbits.h freetype/builds/amiga/include/freetype freetype/builds/mac/FreeType.m68k_cfm.make.txt freetype/src/psaux/psaux.c freetype/builds/ansi freetype/src/cff/module.mk freetype/src/pshinter/rules.mk freetype/src/pcf/pcfread.c freetype/src/bdf/bdflib.c freetype/docs/reference/ft2-list_processing.html freetype/include/freetype/ftcache.h freetype/src/pcf/pcfread.h freetype/builds/unix/ft2unix.h freetype/src/raster/Jamfile freetype/builds/atari/FREETYPE.PRJ freetype/src/gzip/rules.mk freetype/src/pshinter/pshalgo.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svcid.h freetype/include/freetype/ftincrem.h freetype/src/lzw freetype/builds/compiler/bcc-dev.mk freetype/src/pshinter/pshalgo.h freetype/src/tools/test_afm.c freetype/src/psnames/psnamerr.h freetype/src/cache/ftccache.c freetype/src/cache/ftcmru.c freetype/include/freetype/config/ftstdlib.h freetype/src/cid/cidtoken.h freetype/vms_make.com freetype/include/freetype/freetype.h freetype/docs/INSTALL.UNIX freetype/src/cache/ftccache.h freetype/src/cache/ftcmru.h freetype/src/tools/cordic.py freetype/src/pfr/Jamfile freetype/src/pfr/pfrload.c freetype/src/pfr/pfr.c freetype/builds/amiga/src freetype/src/pfr/pfrload.h freetype/include/freetype/fterrdef.h freetype/builds/detect.mk freetype/src/tools/ftrandom freetype/docs/reference/ft2-cache_subsystem.html freetype/builds/win32/vc2005 freetype/src/type1/t1gload.c freetype/builds/win32/vc2008 freetype/src/base/ftbbox.c freetype/builds/dos freetype/src/otvalid/otvgdef.c freetype/src/type1/t1gload.h freetype/include/freetype/ftsystem.h freetype/docs/reference/ft2-glyph_variants.html freetype/src/bdf/bdferror.h freetype/builds/unix/aclocal.m4 freetype/src/gxvalid/rules.mk freetype/docs/reference/ft2-bdf_fonts.html freetype/src/pcf/pcf.c freetype/src/otvalid/rules.mk freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svotval.h freetype/src/bdf/Jamfile freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvbsln.c freetype/src/pfr/pfrdrivr.c freetype/src/pcf/pcf.h freetype/builds/compiler/win-lcc.mk freetype/src/type1/Jamfile freetype/src/pfr/pfrdrivr.h freetype/src/pcf/pcferror.h freetype/src/sfnt/ttsbit0.c freetype/src/base/ftmac.c freetype/builds/mac/FreeType.ppc_classic.make.txt freetype/src/base/ftgloadr.c freetype/src/base/ftbase.c freetype/docs freetype/builds/win32/vc2005/freetype.vcproj freetype/docs/reference/.gitignore freetype/src/base/ftbase.h freetype/builds/compiler freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmort0.c freetype/src/bdf/bdf.c freetype/builds/amiga/src/base/ftsystem.c freetype/src/bdf/bdf.h freetype/src/cff/cff.c freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvalid.c freetype/builds/win32/w32-lcc.mk freetype/include/freetype/internal/services freetype/include/freetype/internal/psaux.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvalid.h freetype/autogen.sh freetype/src/base/fttype1.c freetype/docs/reference/ft2-type1_tables.html freetype/src/autofit/afmodule.c freetype/builds/unix/detect.mk freetype/include freetype/src/autofit/afmodule.h freetype/builds/vms freetype/src/pfr/pfrcmap.c freetype/objs/README freetype/builds/dos/dos-wat.mk freetype/builds/exports.mk freetype/src/pfr/pfrcmap.h freetype/src/psaux/Jamfile freetype/src/cff/cffpic.c freetype/builds/amiga/smakefile freetype/src/base/ftdebug.c freetype/src/gzip/inflate.c freetype/src/cff/cffpic.h freetype/src/type1/t1driver.c freetype/src/otvalid/otvbase.c freetype/include/freetype/ftmoderr.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvopbd.c freetype/src/type1/t1driver.h freetype/builds/win32/vc2005/freetype.sln freetype/builds/mac freetype/builds/atari freetype/builds/compiler/visualage.mk freetype/builds/newline freetype/builds/vms/ftsystem.c freetype/src/base/basepic.c freetype/src/type1/t1parse.c freetype/src/otvalid/otvmath.c freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmort1.c freetype/src/base/basepic.h freetype/src/psnames/rules.mk freetype/src/type1/t1parse.h freetype/docs/reference/ft2-winfnt_fonts.html freetype/src/pcf/Jamfile freetype/src/gzip/Jamfile freetype/src/base/ftbdf.c freetype/builds/mac/ascii2mpw.py freetype/builds/unix/.gitignore freetype/src/raster/module.mk freetype/src/type1/t1afm.c freetype/src/cid/cidobjs.c freetype/include/ft2build.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svgxval.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftrfork.h freetype/builds/win32/ftdebug.c freetype/src/tools freetype/src/type1/t1afm.h freetype/src/type1/t1tokens.h freetype/src/pshinter/pshrec.c freetype/src/cid/cidobjs.h freetype/builds/dos/dos-emx.mk freetype/src/pshinter/pshrec.h freetype/src/autofit/autofit.c freetype/builds/win32/w32-wat.mk freetype/builds/wince/vc2008-ce freetype/src/truetype/ttobjs.c freetype/include/freetype/ftchapters.h freetype/src/type1/t1errors.h freetype/include/freetype/ftlzw.h freetype/src/otvalid/otvgsub.c freetype/src/truetype/ttobjs.h freetype/src/tools/apinames.c freetype/src/winfonts/fnterrs.h freetype/src/cache/ftcache.c freetype/builds/win32/visualc/freetype.sln freetype/include/freetype/ftglyph.h freetype/docs/reference/ft2-gx_validation.html freetype/builds/vms/ftconfig.h freetype/builds/win32/vc2005/index.html freetype/builds/unix/unixddef.mk freetype/src/raster/rasterrs.h freetype/src/autofit/aflatin2.c freetype/builds/dos/detect.mk freetype/src/type42/Jamfile freetype/src/base/ftpic.c freetype/builds/wince freetype/src/autofit/aflatin2.h freetype/builds/win32/w32-mingw32.mk freetype/include/freetype/fttypes.h freetype/src/cache/ftcglyph.c freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmort2.c freetype/builds/link_std.mk freetype/src/cache/ftcglyph.h freetype/src/pshinter/pshinter.c freetype/src/cache/Jamfile freetype/src/tools/test_bbox.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svpsinfo.h freetype/src/type42/t42types.h freetype/builds/os2/os2-dev.mk freetype/builds/mac/ftlib.prj.xml freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmort.c freetype/src/raster/rastpic.c freetype/builds/win32/vc2008/index.html freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmort.h freetype/src/gxvalid/README freetype/src/raster/rastpic.h freetype/src/tools/docmaker/docbeauty.py freetype/builds/amiga/include freetype/docs/reference/ft2-incremental.html freetype/src/gzip/ftgzip.c freetype/include/freetype/ftcid.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svpfr.h freetype/builds/compiler/watcom.mk freetype/builds/dos/dos-gcc.mk freetype/src/sfnt/module.mk freetype/src/psnames freetype/docs/INSTALL freetype/src/type1/t1load.c freetype/src/gzip/inftrees.c freetype/src/gzip freetype/builds/amiga/src/base/ftdebug.c freetype/docs/INSTALL.VMS freetype/src/type1/t1load.h freetype/src/gzip/inftrees.h freetype/src/pfr/pfrsbit.c freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvfeat.c freetype/src/cff/cfftoken.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftgloadr.h freetype/docs/PROBLEMS freetype/builds/wince/vc2008-ce/freetype.sln freetype/src/pfr/pfrsbit.h freetype/src/truetype/Jamfile freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvfeat.h freetype/builds/unix/configure freetype/docs/reference/ft2-basic_types.html freetype/src/otvalid freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvkern.c freetype/docs/INSTALL.MAC freetype/src/cid/Jamfile freetype/include/freetype/ftmm.h freetype/builds/symbian/freetype.mmp freetype/src/base/ftglyph.c freetype/src/sfnt freetype/src/otvalid/otverror.h freetype/docs/UPGRADE.UNIX freetype/src/autofit/afcjk.c freetype/src/autofit/aftypes.h freetype/src/sfnt/sfdriver.c freetype/src/psaux/afmparse.c freetype/src/autofit/afcjk.h freetype/src/sfnt/sfobjs.c freetype/src/base/ftobjs.c freetype/src/sfnt/sfdriver.h freetype/src/psaux/afmparse.h freetype/src/sfnt/sfobjs.h freetype/src/pfr/rules.mk freetype/docs/reference/ft2-sfnt_names.html freetype/builds/win32/visualc/freetype.vcproj freetype/builds/atari/deflinejoiner.awk freetype/src/psaux/module.mk freetype/src/base/ftstroke.c freetype/src/base/ftfstype.c freetype/docs/GPL.TXT freetype/src/base/ftbitmap.c freetype/src/pshinter/pshpic.c freetype/src/winfonts freetype/builds/dos/dos-def.mk freetype/src/pshinter/pshpic.h freetype/builds/win32/w32-gcc.mk freetype/src/psnames/pstables.h freetype/src/sfnt/rules.mk freetype/builds/wince/vc2005-ce/index.html freetype/src/autofit/afpic.c freetype/docs/raster.txt freetype/builds/atari/FNames.SIC freetype/builds/atari/ATARI.H freetype/src/autofit/afpic.h freetype/src/otvalid/otvgpos.c freetype/docs/reference/ft2-multiple_masters.html freetype/src/cff/cffdrivr.c freetype/docs/reference/ft2-base_interface.html freetype/src/cid/cidriver.c freetype/builds/mac/README freetype/src/otvalid/otvgpos.h freetype/include/freetype/ftgasp.h freetype/builds/unix/unix-cc.in freetype/src/autofit/afindic.c freetype/src/cff/cffdrivr.h freetype/src/cid/cidriver.h freetype/src/autofit/afindic.h freetype/docs/INSTALL.GNU freetype/src/raster freetype/builds/unix/ft-munmap.m4 freetype/src/winfonts/module.mk freetype/src/sfnt/ttkern.c freetype/docs/reference/ft2-index.html freetype/src/gzip/infutil.c freetype/src/sfnt/sferrors.h freetype/src/psaux/t1cmap.c freetype/src/sfnt/ttkern.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmort4.c freetype/src/gzip/infutil.h freetype/include/freetype/ttnameid.h freetype/src/psaux/t1cmap.h freetype/builds/os2/detect.mk freetype/src/gzip/zconf.h freetype/docs/reference/ft2-user_allocation.html freetype/src/base/ftpatent.c freetype/src/truetype/rules.mk freetype/src/truetype freetype/src/base/ftadvanc.c freetype/src/tools/docmaker/tohtml.py freetype/builds/unix/unix-dev.mk freetype/src/otvalid/otvcommn.c freetype/src/otvalid/otvalid.c freetype/include/freetype/config/ftmodule.h freetype/src/otvalid/otvcommn.h freetype/src/otvalid/otvalid.h freetype/include/freetype/ftxf86.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftserv.h freetype/Jamrules freetype/src/type1/module.mk freetype/builds/win32/vc2008/freetype.sln freetype/src/base/ftapi.c freetype/docs/VERSION.DLL freetype/docs/LICENSE.TXT freetype/docs/reference/ft2-gzip.html freetype/builds/compiler/emx.mk freetype/include/freetype/ftstroke.h freetype/builds/unix/unix.mk freetype/include/freetype/ftlist.h freetype/include/freetype/ftbitmap.h freetype/objs/.gitignore freetype/src/type42/t42parse.c freetype/src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c freetype/modules.cfg freetype/docs/reference/ft2-toc.html freetype/docs/reference/ft2-computations.html freetype/builds/win32/visualce/freetype.dsp freetype/ChangeLog.20 freetype/src/cid/ciderrs.h freetype/src/type42/t42parse.h freetype/ChangeLog.21 freetype/builds/unix/configure.ac freetype/ChangeLog.22 freetype/builds/unix/ftconfig.in freetype/builds/beos freetype/ChangeLog.23 freetype/src/bdf/bdfdrivr.h freetype/builds/win32/visualce/freetype.dsw freetype/include/freetype/tttables.h freetype/docs/reference/ft2-quick_advance.html freetype/builds/unix/freetype2.in freetype/src/cid/module.mk freetype/src/autofit/afdummy.c freetype/src/gxvalid freetype/docs/reference/ft2-mac_specific.html freetype/src/tools/chktrcmp.py freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svxf86nm.h freetype/src/autofit/afdummy.h freetype/src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h freetype/builds/symbian/bld.inf freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmort5.c freetype/src/psnames/Jamfile freetype/src/pcf/pcfdrivr.h freetype/builds/unix/ftsystem.c freetype/docs/MAKEPP freetype/Jamfile freetype/builds/win32/visualce/index.html freetype/builds/compiler/gcc-dev.mk freetype/include/freetype/ftotval.h freetype/src/tools/test_trig.c freetype/src/tools/docmaker/content.py freetype/include/freetype/ftadvanc.h freetype/builds freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svpostnm.h freetype/builds/unix/mkinstalldirs freetype/src/cff/rules.mk freetype/src/gzip/zlib.h freetype/src/type42/t42error.h freetype/src/smooth/module.mk freetype/src/sfnt/sfnt.c freetype/docs/reference/ft2-truetype_tables.html freetype/builds/compiler/gcc.mk freetype/builds/unix/config.guess freetype/src/otvalid/Jamfile freetype/src/autofit/afloader.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svkern.h freetype/builds/beos/beos-def.mk freetype/src/autofit/afloader.h freetype/src/cache/ftcerror.h freetype/src/sfnt/Jamfile freetype/src/psaux/psobjs.c freetype/src/gzip/infcodes.c freetype/src/truetype/ttpic.c freetype/src/psaux/psobjs.h freetype/docs/reference/ft2-header_file_macros.html freetype/src/pshinter/pshnterr.h freetype/docs/reference/ft2-ot_validation.html freetype/src/base/ftcalc.c freetype/src/gzip/infcodes.h freetype/src/truetype/ttpic.h freetype/src/bdf/rules.mk freetype/include/freetype/internal/tttypes.h freetype/src/psaux freetype/builds/unix/freetype2.m4 freetype/docs/reference/ft2-outline_processing.html freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmorx0.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftvalid.h freetype/include/freetype/fterrors.h freetype/builds/win32/visualc/freetype.dsp freetype/src/gzip/infblock.c freetype/builds/win32/visualc/freetype.dsw freetype/src/base/ftlcdfil.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftmemory.h freetype/src/type1/type1.c freetype/include/freetype/ftpfr.h freetype/src/gzip/infblock.h freetype/src/type42/rules.mk freetype/src/tools/ftrandom/Makefile freetype/src/pshinter/module.mk freetype/builds/amiga/include/freetype/config/ftmodule.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmorx.c freetype/docs/formats.txt freetype/builds/amiga/makefile.os4 freetype/src/cff/cffobjs.c freetype/src/smooth/ftsmooth.c freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmorx.h freetype/include/freetype/ftoutln.h freetype/src/cff/cffobjs.h freetype/docs/reference/ft2-truetype_engine.html freetype/builds/beos/detect.mk freetype/src/smooth/ftsmooth.h freetype/include/freetype/ftsynth.h freetype/src/winfonts/rules.mk freetype/src/tools/ftrandom/README freetype/src/pcf freetype/docs/CHANGES freetype freetype/src/base freetype/src/base/ftotval.c freetype/include/freetype/tttags.h freetype/src/autofit freetype/src/truetype/module.mk freetype/include/freetype/internal/autohint.h freetype/src/tools/glnames.py freetype/src/sfnt/ttload.c freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvfgen.c freetype/builds/atari/gen-purec-patch.sh freetype/src/sfnt/ttload.h freetype/src/pfr/pfrtypes.h freetype/docs/reference/ft2-system_interface.html freetype/builds/win32/w32-bcc.mk freetype/src/pcf/README freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvtrak.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftdriver.h freetype/objs freetype/include/freetype/ftgzip.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svbdf.h freetype/src/base/ftrfork.c freetype/src/smooth/rules.mk freetype/src/base/rules.mk freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmorx1.c freetype/src/autofit/afwarp.c freetype/src/cid/cidload.c freetype/include/freetype/ftgxval.h freetype/src/autofit/afwarp.h freetype/builds/win32/w32-intl.mk freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svgldict.h freetype/src/cid/cidload.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvprop.c freetype/docs/reference/ft2-raster.html freetype/include/freetype/ftlcdfil.h freetype/src/type42/type42.c freetype/src/tools/docmaker/sources.py freetype/src/raster/rules.mk freetype/src/truetype/ttgxvar.c freetype/src/pshinter/Jamfile freetype/src/truetype/ttdriver.c freetype/src/gxvalid/Jamfile freetype/src/truetype/ttgxvar.h freetype/src/pfr/pfrgload.c freetype/builds/unix/unix-lcc.mk freetype/src/Jamfile freetype/src/pshinter/pshmod.c freetype/src/autofit/aflatin.c freetype/src/truetype/ttdriver.h freetype/src/base/ftsnames.c freetype/src/pfr/pfrgload.h freetype/src/pshinter/pshmod.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftcalc.h freetype/include/freetype/ftrender.h freetype/builds/unix freetype/src/base/ftgasp.c freetype/src/autofit/aflatin.h freetype/src/base/ftdbgmem.c freetype/src/smooth/ftspic.c freetype/include/freetype/t1tables.h freetype/src/cid/cidgload.c freetype/src/base/ftoutln.c freetype/src/smooth/ftspic.h freetype/builds/compiler/intelc.mk freetype/src/base/ftwinfnt.c freetype/src/base/ftsynth.c freetype/src/cid/cidgload.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/internal.h freetype/src/sfnt/ttbdf.c freetype/src/lzw/ftlzw.c freetype/src/sfnt/ttbdf.h freetype/builds/win32/vc2008/freetype.vcproj freetype/builds/win32/w32-bccd.mk freetype/src/truetype/ttpload.c freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmorx2.c freetype/src/truetype/ttinterp.c freetype/src/lzw/rules.mk freetype/src/truetype/ttpload.h freetype/src/base/ftxf86.c freetype/src/base/ftstream.c freetype/src/truetype/ttinterp.h freetype/src/sfnt/ttcmap.c freetype/builds/ansi/ansi.mk freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svmm.h freetype/src/pfr freetype/builds/compiler/ansi-cc.mk freetype/src/sfnt/ttcmap.h freetype/src/gxvalid/module.mk freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvjust.c freetype/builds/toplevel.mk freetype/src/truetype/tterrors.h freetype/builds/win32 freetype/builds/symbian freetype/src/pcf/pcfutil.c freetype/src/cid/type1cid.c freetype/src/pcf/pcfutil.h freetype/src/base/ftgxval.c freetype/builds/win32/visualce freetype/include/freetype/internal/pshints.h freetype/builds/amiga freetype/builds/amiga/src/base freetype/builds/win32/w32-icc.mk freetype/src/sfnt/ttmtx.c freetype/src/psnames/psmodule.c freetype/src/sfnt/ttmtx.h freetype/builds/wince/vc2008-ce/index.html freetype/src/psaux/psauxmod.c freetype/src/pfr/module.mk freetype/src/base/ftcid.c freetype/src/psnames/psmodule.h freetype/include/freetype/ftsnames.h freetype/src/psaux/psauxmod.h freetype/README.git freetype/configure freetype/src/gzip/inffixed.h freetype/src/bdf freetype/docs/reference/ft2-pfr_fonts.html freetype/src/sfnt/ttcmapc.h freetype/docs/reference freetype/builds/os2/os2-gcc.mk freetype/builds/compiler/bcc.mk freetype/builds/link_dos.mk freetype/docs/reference/ft2-cid_fonts.html freetype/include/freetype/ftwinfnt.h freetype/builds/unix/freetype-config.in freetype/src/pfr/pfrobjs.c freetype/src/base/Jamfile freetype/docs/release freetype/include/freetype/ftimage.h freetype/src/lzw/ftzopen.c freetype/src/pfr/pfrobjs.h freetype/src/lzw/Jamfile freetype/src/truetype/truetype.c freetype/Makefile freetype/src/base/fttrigon.c freetype/builds/win32/w32-vcc.mk freetype/src/lzw/ftzopen.h freetype/src/autofit/afhints.c freetype/builds/unix/install.mk freetype/src/autofit/afhints.h freetype/builds/win32/visualce/freetype.vcproj freetype/include/freetype/ftmac.h freetype/src/psaux/rules.mk freetype/src/type1/rules.mk freetype/src/cache/ftcimage.c freetype/src/psnames/pspic.c freetype/builds/atari/README.TXT freetype/src/cache/ftcimage.h freetype/include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h freetype/src/cid/cidparse.c freetype/src/psnames/pspic.h freetype/src/cff/cfferrs.h freetype/src/cid/cidparse.h freetype/docs/reference/ft2-version.html freetype/src/smooth/Jamfile freetype/src/tools/docmaker freetype/src/gzip/adler32.c freetype/src/tools/docmaker/.gitignore freetype/include/freetype/internal/sfnt.h freetype/docs/reference/README freetype/builds/compiler/unix-lcc.mk freetype/src/winfonts/winfnt.c freetype/devel/ftoption.h freetype/builds/wince/ftdebug.c freetype/src/gzip/zutil.c freetype/src/sfnt/sfntpic.c freetype/builds/unix/unix-def.in freetype/src/winfonts/winfnt.h freetype/builds/os2/os2-def.mk freetype/src/smooth/smooth.c freetype/src/gzip/zutil.h freetype/src/sfnt/sfntpic.h freetype/devel freetype/src/smooth/ftgrays.c freetype/src/raster/ftmisc.h freetype/docs/reference/ft2-module_management.html freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmorx4.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/pcftypes.h freetype/src/pfr/pfrerror.h freetype/src/smooth/ftgrays.h freetype/src/winfonts/Jamfile freetype/builds/beos/beos.mk freetype/src/raster/raster.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svwinfnt.h freetype/docs/CUSTOMIZE freetype/include/freetype/config freetype/builds/unix/configure.raw freetype/include/freetype/internal/t1types.h freetype/builds/wince/vc2008-ce/freetype.vcproj freetype/docs/reference/ft2-font_formats.html freetype/src/otvalid/module.mk freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svpscmap.h freetype/ChangeLog freetype/include/freetype/fttrigon.h freetype/builds/win32/visualc freetype/src/cache/ftcmanag.c freetype/docs/FTL.TXT freetype/src/sfnt/ttsbit.c freetype/README freetype/src/cache/ftcmanag.h freetype/src/sfnt/ttsbit.h freetype/builds/mac/FreeType.ppc_carbon.make.txt freetype/builds/wince/vc2005-ce/freetype.sln freetype/docs/reference/ft2-sizes_management.html freetype/src/type42/t42drivr.c freetype/src/psaux/psconv.c freetype/include/freetype/ftbdf.h freetype/include/freetype/ftsizes.h freetype/src/type42/t42drivr.h freetype/src/cff freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svtteng.h freetype/src/psaux/psconv.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftdebug.h freetype/src/tools/docmaker/docmaker.py freetype/src/gxvalid/gxverror.h freetype/src/autofit/module.mk freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftstream.h freetype/src/cff/cfftypes.h freetype/builds/modules.mk freetype/src/smooth freetype/docs/reference/ft2-bitmap_handling.html freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmorx5.c freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmod.c freetype/builds/freetype.mk freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftpic.h freetype/src/type42 freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmod.h freetype/include/freetype/ftbbox.h freetype/src/otvalid/otvmod.c freetype/builds/unix/install-sh freetype/src/psnames/psnames.c freetype/builds/os2 freetype/src/cid/rules.mk freetype/src/psaux/psauxerr.h freetype/src/type42/t42objs.c freetype/src/otvalid/otvmod.h freetype/src/cache/ftccmap.c freetype/src/cache/ftcbasic.c freetype/src/cache freetype/src/smooth/ftsmerrs.h freetype/src/type42/t42objs.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svttcmap.h freetype/version.sed freetype/builds/amiga/include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h freetype/src/psaux/t1decode.c freetype/docs/reference/ft2-glyph_management.html freetype/src/autofit/rules.mk freetype/src/tools/docmaker/utils.py freetype/builds/win32/visualc/index.html freetype/src/psaux/t1decode.h freetype/builds/ansi/ansi-def.mk freetype/src/otvalid/otvjstf.c freetype/src/type42/module.mk freetype/src/cff/cffgload.c freetype/src/autofit/aferrors.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvlcar.c freetype/builds/amiga/makefile freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svsfnt.h freetype/src/bdf/README freetype/src/base/ftinit.c freetype/src/cff/cffgload.h freetype/src/cache/ftccback.h freetype/include/freetype/internal freetype/src/base/ftmm.c freetype/src/pcf/module.mk freetype/docs/TODO freetype/docs/reference/ft2-lzw.html freetype/src/tools/Jamfile freetype/builds/win32/detect.mk freetype/builds/unix/ltmain.sh freetype/src/autofit/afangles.c freetype/include/freetype/config/ftoption.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvcommn.c freetype/src/cff/cffload.c freetype/include/freetype freetype/src/autofit/afangles.h freetype/builds/compiler/visualc.mk freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvcommn.h freetype/src/cff/cffload.h freetype/builds/mac/FreeType.m68k_far.make.txt freetype/builds/amiga/include/freetype/config freetype/src/sfnt/ttpost.c freetype/src/sfnt/ttpost.h freetype/src/cid freetype/src/cache/rules.mk freetype/include/freetype/ttunpat.h freetype/builds/amiga/README freetype/include/freetype/ftmodapi.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/fttrace.h]

2010-07-18T05:30:08.091459Z Alex Cherepanov

Implement halftones type 6, 10, 16 in PDF interpreter.
Use default halftone when the halftone type is incorrect.


2010-07-18T00:03:37.786299Z Alex Cherepanov

Recognize enumerated color space #12 as CMYK following JPX baseline spec.


2010-07-17T21:23:39.853613Z Alex Cherepanov

Re-implement handling of named page sizes to avoid dependence on
the definitions of compatibility operators (a4, letter, etc.)
in userdict. Bug 691458.

[Resource/Init/gs_init.ps Resource/Init/gs_setpd.ps Resource/Init/gs_statd.ps]

2010-07-17T00:07:09.985181Z Alex Cherepanov

Remove unused variables CC_D and CC_INT from all makefiles.

[psi/os2.mak base/unixhead.mak base/bcwin32.mak base/openvms.mak base/watcw32.mak base/msvccmd.mak base/wccommon.mak]

2010-07-16T20:40:49.337914Z Alex Cherepanov

Fix the bug that prevented recognition of GenericResourceDir/Category/Name
as a valid resource path and required inclusion of GenericResourceDir in
the search path to find the same resource by searching.

New procedure does the following:
1. Returns GenericResourceDir/Category/Name if it exists.
2. Searches for Category/Name in LIBPATH. Returns actual path if found.
3. For non-existing resources return the same path as (1).

Old implementation added GenericResourceDir twice, didn't close files,
used system memory, called expensive procedures twice, etc.

Regression testing shows trivial differences in 23-07.ps, which prints
the length of ResourceFileName procedure.
This is a partial fix for bug 691408.


2010-07-16T19:58:03.971410Z Michael Vrhel

Prepend icc directory to device profile name if the default name is used so that we have it during clist reading.  This is a fix for the iccprofiles/ problem in 691408 when compile inits is not used.  Also,  fix so that the profile name is allocated in non-gc memory.  This was a source of issues with the userparams dict not seeming to be traced or at least not getting its members relocated if a profile in the icc manager was relocated.  This fixes the breaking of the psdcmyk device in rev  11499.  Also removal of spurious warning messages.


2010-07-15T20:42:06.487509Z Ray Johnston

Change pdf14_put_image so that the gx_default_begin_typed_image will
be able to call the device's 'begin_image' which is often hooked for
device specific (hardware accelerated) image rendering. This avoids
the default image rendering which results in LOTS of fill_rectangle
calls. Found with customer 532.


2010-07-15T19:28:38.670595Z Ray Johnston

The other half of the version.mak change.


2010-07-15T18:14:17.190964Z Ray Johnston

Update version to 9.00 PRE-RELEASE (with a bogus date, but before Aug 1)
This will serve to notify folks what the next release will be (not 8.72)


2010-07-15T14:49:39.770856Z Alex Cherepanov

Improve Ghostscript operation when current directory is not included in the
search path.
1. Make file path separators at the end of LIBPATH entries optional to reduce
   the number of trivial configuration errors.
2. Search LIBPATH list for valid iccprofiles/ directory as a sibling to
   (Resource) and set it as a default to ensure a valid default.
   This code follows /GenericResourceDir example.
3. Make sure that the path name derived from /GenericFontDir is is not
   searched but other font file names are searched. Earlier code relied on
   a feature of .libfile not searching for an absolute path and failed
   when the path was relative.
Partial fix for bugs 691350, 691408.

[Resource/Init/gs_lev2.ps Resource/Init/gs_fonts.ps Resource/Init/gs_res.ps]

2010-07-15T05:42:55.376283Z Alex Cherepanov

Add copying default ICC profiles to disk-install location. This is necessary
for the builds with COMPILE_INITS=0, which looks for ICC profiles on disk.
Thanks to Hin-Tak for the patch. Bug 691449.


2010-07-14T21:25:33.726848Z Till Kamppeter

Allow the CUPS Raster backend alternatively output compressed (version 2) CUPS Raster data (bug #689885).


2010-07-13T18:30:29.088597Z Chris Liddell

Ensure the local variable into which we read Truetype cmap table data (platform ID, encoding ID etc) is actually large enough to hold all the data we read into it.

Bug 691452 (part 1)

No cluster differences expected.


2010-07-13T08:24:56.010563Z Ken Sharp

Update the documentation on producing PDF/X to make it clear that -sProcessColorModel
is an absolute requirement, even when using -dUseCIEColor, and that the PDFA_def.ps
file must be edited, at the very least to alter the ICCProfile entry.

Also made some minor syntax changes in PDF/A and PDF/X documentation for greater clarity.


2010-07-13T07:04:59.625768Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for Bug 691444.  Issue was introduced when interpolation max output range was set to be 65535 so that the output could be fed directly into CMM. Problem was for HT output devices like pbmraw the interpolation filter ignored the max range setting and used a max value of the frac range as output.  This fixes a number of files that had regressions.  Files checked with bmpcmp.


2010-07-13T01:20:10.578834Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for bug 691445.  pdf14 mapping procs were not paying attention to the trans device in the imager state.  bmpcmp showed that this fixed several files.


2010-07-12T15:03:57.186505Z Chris Liddell

In the event the FAPI code has to replace the FontBBox array, make sure the new array is marked executable.

No cluster differences expected.


2010-07-11T15:26:14.804339Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for overprint regressions introduced with icc branch merge.  Review of bmp compares reveals that this fixes a number of issues hence the large number of differences with the commit.  There is one regression introduced with this commit, which is IA3Z0302.pdf.pdf.pkmraw.300 page 2 a bug will be opened for this.   Also, review of Atona_Technical_1v1_x3.pdf.pam.72 reveals there some overprint issues may still exist with bitmap and halftone image overprinting on top of spotcolors when Overprint is true and and Overprint mode is set to On.  This issue may have existed prior to the icc commit.  Will open a bug to investigate.

[base/gsicc_create.c base/gxcspace.h base/gscspace.c base/gsicc.c]

2010-07-10T01:28:54.795367Z Ray Johnston

Fix 'status' operator to return false when the IODevice prefix is
not found instead of undefinedfilename. Found while working on 691408.


2010-07-09T18:31:19.790276Z Ray Johnston

Fix to use stable memory for profiledir in icc_manager structure and change
all 'current_' functions to return the actual value set, the default, or
an empty string if no default. Also set the default ICCProfilesDir to
%rom%iccprofiles which will work if COMPILE_INITS=1. This should also be
set by the PS init code (see bug 691408).


2010-07-09T09:40:17.170342Z Ken Sharp

Improve Windows batch files.
Bug #691440 "Windows bat files use relative paths and write to non-temp dir"

As suggested by Bjorn Martensson in bug #691440. Altered all batch files which call
other batch files so that they prepend the call with the location the original
batch file was executed from. This allows batch files such as ps2pdf.bat to be called
from locations other than the Ghostscript 'lib' directory.

Also altered the location of temporary files created by the batch files to the Windows
temporary folder by using the %TEMP% environment variable. If this variable is not set
for some reason then this will still default to the current directory, as it does now.
This allows batch files to be run from directories which are read only.

Since these files are not used by our (Linux) cluster there will be no differences. I
have tested a number of the scripts, but not all of them. The ones I have tested seem
to work well.

I finally found a reference which states that the %~d batch parameter was introduced
to Windows in NT4, this means that these batch files will likely fail on older versions
of Windows (ie Windows 3.x/95/98). I don't believe we need to support such antiquated
Operating Systems any further.

[lib/pf2afm.bat lib/gsdj500.bat lib/ps2ascii.bat lib/ps2pdfxx.bat lib/lpr2.bat lib/gsndt.bat lib/gstt.bat lib/eps2eps.bat lib/pdf2dsc.bat lib/gsbj.bat lib/ps2epsi.bat lib/gsdj.bat lib/dumphint.bat lib/ps2ps2.bat toolbin/msvcxml.bat lib/gsnd.bat lib/font2c.bat lib/pdfopt.bat lib/gst.bat lib/pdf2ps.bat lib/ps2pdf.bat lib/gslj.bat lib/bdftops.bat lib/pfbtopfa.bat lib/ps2pdf12.bat lib/ps2pdf13.bat lib/ps2pdf14.bat lib/gslp.bat lib/lpgs.bat lib/ps2ps.bat lib/pftogsf.bat]

2010-07-08T20:01:59.912724Z Robin Watts

Extend the experimental ENABLE_TRAP_AMALGAMATION code to the
TEMPLATE_slant_into_trapezoids cases too. The current code generates 3
trapezoids; the new code will (if the option is enabled) attempt to
amalgamate the top/bottom traps into the middle one.

Enabling this code (but disabling the existing code for trap amalgamation)
shows no differences. Enabling all the trap amalgamation code shows 888
differences, all fairly innocuous.

As this code is going in disabled, no cluster differences are expected.

[base/gxfillts.h base/gxfill.c]

2010-07-08T16:20:20.892723Z Alex Cherepanov

Update the Ghostscript man page to reflect the new default for -P option
made by the rev. 11494.


2010-07-07T21:27:55.422122Z Marcos H. Woehrmann

clusterpush.pl with no options now tests language_switch build as well as gs, pcl, and xps.

Also some minor documentation improvements.

[toolbin/localcluster/clusterpush.pl toolbin/localcluster/readme]

2010-07-07T17:47:09.812924Z Alex Cherepanov

Dont't search for initialization files in the current directory first
by default because this leads to well-known security and confusion problems.
Do this only on the user's request by -P switch. Also revert rev. 11468,
which is no longer needed. Bug 691350.

[base/openvms.mmk psi/zfile.c doc/Use.htm base/bcwin32.mak base/ugcclib.mak base/Makefile.in base/unix-gcc.mak base/macos-mcp.mak toolbin/msvcxml.bat psi/os2.mak base/watclib.mak base/openvms.mak base/macosx.mak base/watcw32.mak psi/msvc32.mak base/unixansi.mak base/msvclib.mak]

2010-07-07T13:49:57.894248Z Ken Sharp

Fix : temporary memory device not finalized.

clist_init_data creates a temporary memory device in order to "get the memory planarity
set up", using a local variable to hold the device. When the function exits the
variable goes out of scope and disappears.

Because the memory device is a forwarding device it increments the reference count of
its target, but because it is never finalized it does not decrement the reference count
when it is destroyed, leading to an incorrect target reference count.

This only affects pdfwrite at present, but it prevents valid PDF files being written
because the file is only terminated when the pdfwrite device reference count reaches
0 and the pdfwrite device is closed.

Added calls to finalize the device before discarding it.

No expected differences.


2010-07-06T22:27:32.077335Z Alex Cherepanov

Increase the max number of color components to 14 to accomodate a new
record (13) found in the wild. Bug 691425.


2010-07-06T09:25:40.558632Z Ken Sharp

Fix (pdfwrite) : Named destinations with no /Page not working properly

Bug #691344 "REGRESSION: ps2pdf of 8.70 generates correct hyperlinks but not ps2pdf of

The revisions 9779 and 9788 fixed a problem where DOCVIEW pdfmarks without a /Page or
/View entry were producing invalid PDF files, and a problem with DEST pdfmarks arising
from it.

Because DOCVIEW and DEST pdfmarks share some common code in pdfwrite to create a 
Destination annotation in the outptu PDF, this still left some confusion in the code.
The problem was that DOCVIEW pdfmarks need not contain Page or View data, but named 
destinations *must*, but pdfmarks need not specify, in which case the current page is

Added a parameter to pdf_make_dest which allows us to differentiate the two cases and
use the current page number for a named destination if no page is supplied.

The regression suite can't test this non-printing feature, so no differences are 


2010-07-06T07:04:53.806003Z Ken Sharp

Improve handling an error condition as suggested by Alex Cherepanov in Bug #691435,
comment 9. 


2010-07-06T00:11:44.270183Z Ray Johnston

Fix BAND_LIST_STORAGE=memory to handle files that create compressed memory
files > 2Gb. Also add code to make the reporting of these file sizes a bit
better, but portability may still be an issue. Reference Bug 690199 for
customers 850 and 531.

[base/gxclmem.c base/gxclist.c]

2010-07-05T23:51:46.696108Z Alex Cherepanov

Replace all '==' executable names with '//== exec' in Ghostscript start-up
code because MS driver redefines '==' in a way that requires write access to
the top dictionary, and this is not always the case. Bug 689957.

[Resource/Init/gs_cmap.ps Resource/Init/gs_pdfwr.ps Resource/Init/pdf_main.ps Resource/Init/gs_resmp.ps Resource/Init/pdf_font.ps Resource/Init/gs_fonts.ps Resource/Init/pdf_base.ps Resource/Init/pdf_sec.ps Resource/Init/gs_ttf.ps Resource/Init/pdf_draw.ps Resource/Init/gs_cff.ps Resource/Init/gs_fapi.ps]

2010-07-05T16:18:38.343520Z Alex Cherepanov

Set svn:ignore property for all remaining generated files in jasper,
jbig2dec, and tiff directories.

[tiff/contrib/iptcutil tiff/contrib/tags tiff/build tiff/tools tiff tiff/contrib tiff/contrib/mac-mpw tiff/contrib/acorn tiff/html jasper/src/libjasper/include/jasper tiff/contrib/mac-cw tiff/contrib/dbs tiff/html/images tiff/man tiff/contrib/win_dib tiff/html/man tiff/libtiff tiff/test tiff/contrib/addtiffo jbig2dec tiff/port tiff/contrib/ras tiff/contrib/mfs tiff/contrib/pds tiff/contrib/dbs/xtiff tiff/contrib/stream]

2010-07-05T15:10:09.278642Z Ken Sharp

Add a pair of parentheses to silence a gcc compiler warning. Also extend the comment
slightly to be a little more informative.

No differences expected.


2010-07-05T05:13:16.304757Z Alex Cherepanov

Use the presence of /CIDSystemInfo instead of /Subtype value to decide
whether the object is a CID font. The former is required by Acrobat, the
latter appears to be ignored by Acrobat, and so may be wrong. Bug 691426. 


2010-07-05T01:23:43.139942Z Hin-Tak Leung

test for emptiness of HAVE_FONTCONFIG is better than non-yes-ness of enable_fontconfig; fine-tuning of r11448 to --disable-cairo when fontconfig is not available or user-disabled


2010-07-05T01:18:30.861454Z Hin-Tak Leung

new/renamed documentation file libpng-1.2.44.txt missed in r11482 for libpng 1.2.42->1.2.44 upgrade


2010-07-04T19:04:17.740307Z Alex Cherepanov

Reaplly Hin-Tak's patch, rev. 11453, which was rolled back by the rev. 11462.
Apply diff between stock 1.2.42 <-> 1.2.44 to upgrade to libpng 1.2.44 - bug
fixes - CVE-2010-1205. Bug 691438. 

[libpng/pngrtran.c libpng/scripts/makefile.gcmmx libpng/contrib/pngminim/encoder/gather.sh libpng/scripts/makefile.sgi libpng/scripts/makefile.sco libpng/scripts/makefile.hpgcc libpng/KNOWNBUG libpng/projects/xcode/libpng.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj libpng/scripts/pngos2.def libpng/scripts/makefile.nommx libpng/scripts/makefile.linux libpng/pngmem.c libpng/png.c libpng/contrib/pngminim/decoder/gather.sh libpng/scripts/makefile.64sunu libpng/scripts/makefile.elf libpng/scripts/libpng-config-head.in libpng/png.h libpng/CMakeLists.txt libpng/pngrio.c libpng/pngpread.c libpng/Y2KINFO libpng/scripts/makefile.netbsd libpng/pngwio.c libpng/pngrutil.c libpng/scripts/makefile.hpux libpng/scripts/makefile.darwin libpng/scripts/makefile.sggcc libpng/README libpng/contrib/pngminim/decoder/makefile libpng/scripts/makefile.32sunu libpng/libpngpf.3 libpng/scripts/makefile.solaris-x86 libpng/libpng-1.2.42.txt libpng/contrib/pngminim/preader/makefile libpng/scripts/makefile.solaris libpng/pngwtran.c libpng/contrib/pngminim/preader/gather.sh libpng/scripts/makefile.mingw libpng/scripts/makefile.aix libpng/scripts/makefile.hp64 libpng/scripts/png32ce.def libpng/scripts/makefile.beos libpng/scripts/makefile.ne12bsd libpng/pngread.c libpng/scripts/pngw32.def libpng/pngget.c libpng/INSTALL libpng/scripts/makefile.cegcc libpng/CHANGES libpng/contrib/pngminim/encoder/makefile libpng/projects/wince.txt libpng/libpng.3 libpng/example.c libpng/scripts/makefile.so9 libpng/pngwrite.c libpng/pngconf.h libpng/pngset.c libpng/LICENSE libpng/png.5 libpng/pngwutil.c libpng/scripts/makefile.openbsd libpng/scripts/makefile.dec libpng/scripts/README.txt libpng/scripts/makefile.cygwin libpng/pngtest.c libpng/ANNOUNCE libpng/scripts/libpng.pc.in]

2010-07-03T00:29:40.754683Z Hin-Tak Leung

missed linker defines needed to build under 64-bit windows in a previous commit r11388 for bug 691302


2010-07-01T21:58:29.492747Z Michael Vrhel

Bubble up of error when allocation of default profile cmm handle fails. Fix for bug 691429


2010-07-01T21:13:55.381754Z Hin-Tak Leung

revert r11469(r11455) - wrong fix to bug 690428


2010-07-01T19:08:29.177579Z Ken Sharp

Enhancement (pdfwrite) : Fall back to Flate instead of JPEG when an image turns out

Bug #691435 "any PDFSETTINGS besides /default gives dictfull error"

There are two problems; firstly when an error is encountered closing a filter the
error code (-1 or -2 usually) is returned and interpreted as a regular GS error,
resulting in ridiculous error messages. Modified to return ioerror instead.

Secondly, when an image terminates with insufficient data and pdfwrite is creating a
DCT encoded image, we can't complete the image. In this case try to fall back to the
simple Flate compressed stream instead.

No differences expected.


2010-07-01T17:14:23.564053Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for Bug 691431.  This was caused by a PS CIE color space being used for a transparency group color space.  That really should not be allowed since those color spaces are unidirectional.  They are installed though when -dUseCIEColor is used with a PDF file that has transparency. Solution is to use the default ICC profiles for the group color space when this occurs.


2010-07-01T12:19:20.914734Z Robin Watts

Revert revision 11472 as it breaks almost every file in the cluster tests,
and it's preventing other meaningful work being done.


2010-07-01T00:41:57.037474Z Hin-Tak Leung

reapply 11457


2010-07-01T00:40:43.889090Z Hin-Tak Leung

reapply 11456


2010-07-01T00:36:16.428446Z Hin-Tak Leung

reapply 11454 for outdated config.guess config.sub. see original commit log

[jpeg/config.guess jpeg/config.sub]

2010-07-01T00:33:05.624689Z Hin-Tak Leung

typo that causes linker error if one does not do make clean between builds


2010-07-01T00:00:22.982087Z Hin-Tak Leung

reapply r11455 - see original commit log for details


2010-06-30T23:34:11.835858Z Hin-Tak Leung

security patch from Werner Fink, to disable loading init files from group/world-writable directories - bug 691350


2010-06-30T22:12:02.295636Z Michael Vrhel

Initialize profile member variables that are part of serialization.  Fix for Bug 691433


2010-06-29T18:06:29.735123Z Henry Stiles

remove obsolete clusterpush scripts.

[/trunk/ghostpdl/tools/clusterpush.sh toolbin/clusterpush.sh]

2010-06-29T17:17:45.269232Z Henry Stiles

revert back to 11450.

[/trunk/ghostpdl/main/pcl6_gcc.mak libpng/pngrtran.c libpng/scripts/makefile.gcmmx base/ugcclib.mak libpng/contrib/pngminim/encoder/gather.sh /trunk/ghostpdl/xps/xpspath.c base/unix-gcc.mak libpng/scripts/makefile.sgi base/gp_unifn.c base/macos-mcp.mak libpng/scripts/makefile.sco libpng/scripts/makefile.hpgcc /trunk/ghostpdl/main/pcl6_msvc.mak libpng/KNOWNBUG libpng/projects/xcode/libpng.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj libpng/scripts/pngos2.def base/macosx.mak libpng/scripts/makefile.nommx libpng/scripts/makefile.linux jpeg/config.guess base/unixansi.mak libpng/pngmem.c base/msvclib.mak libpng/png.c libpng/contrib/pngminim/decoder/gather.sh libpng/scripts/makefile.64sunu jpeg/config.sub libpng/scripts/libpng-config-head.in libpng/scripts/makefile.elf libpng/png.h base/lib.mak libpng/CMakeLists.txt libpng/pngrio.c libpng/Y2KINFO libpng/pngpread.c libpng/scripts/makefile.netbsd /trunk/ghostpdl/xps/xps_msvc.mak libpng/pngwio.c libpng/pngrutil.c libpng/scripts/makefile.hpux libpng/scripts/makefile.darwin libpng/scripts/makefile.sggcc /trunk/ghostpdl/xps/xpsglyphs.c libpng/README doc/Make.htm libpng/contrib/pngminim/decoder/makefile libpng/scripts/makefile.32sunu libpng/libpngpf.3 libpng/scripts/makefile.solaris-x86 /trunk/ghostpdl/language_switch/pspcl6_msvc.mak libpng/libpng-1.2.42.txt libpng/contrib/pngminim/preader/makefile libpng/libpng-1.2.44.txt libpng/scripts/makefile.solaris base/Makefile.in libpng/pngwtran.c libpng/contrib/pngminim/preader/gather.sh /trunk/ghostpdl/xps/xpstile.c /trunk/ghostpdl/xps/xpsgradient.c libpng/scripts/makefile.hp64 base/gs_dll_call.h libpng/scripts/makefile.aix libpng/scripts/makefile.mingw libpng/scripts/png32ce.def /trunk/ghostpdl/common/msvc_top.mak libpng/scripts/makefile.beos base/watclib.mak /trunk/ghostpdl/xps/xpsopacity.c libpng/scripts/makefile.ne12bsd libpng/pngread.c /trunk/ghostpdl/xps/xpspage.c libpng/scripts/pngw32.def libpng/pngget.c libpng/INSTALL libpng/scripts/makefile.cegcc libpng/CHANGES libpng/contrib/pngminim/encoder/makefile libpng/libpng.3 libpng/example.c libpng/projects/wince.txt base/bcwin32.mak libpng/scripts/makefile.so9 libpng/pngconf.h libpng/pngwrite.c libpng/pngset.c libpng/LICENSE libpng/png.5 libpng/pngwutil.c base/openvms.mak base/gdevxcmp.c libpng/scripts/makefile.openbsd libpng/scripts/makefile.dec base/watcw32.mak base/unix-dll.mak libpng/scripts/README.txt libpng/scripts/makefile.cygwin psi/msvc32.mak libpng/pngtest.c libpng/ANNOUNCE /trunk/ghostpdl/xps/xpsimage.c libpng/scripts/libpng.pc.in]

2010-06-29T07:08:29.009258Z Hin-Tak Leung

more cygwin/mingw-related patches from Jan Nieuwenhuizen (lilypond/gub) ; this one depends on features of GNU make, so it is added as comments to avoid breaking build with non-GNU make


2010-06-29T07:05:45.877229Z Hin-Tak Leung

avoid re-define _Windows if it is already defined; one of the cygwin/mingw-related patches from Jan Nieuwenhuizen (lilypond/gub)


2010-06-29T07:04:25.796552Z Hin-Tak Leung

cygwin is one platform which uses the unix file name interface but is sensitive to binary/text mode; one of the cygwin/mingw-related patches from Jan Nieuwenhuizen (lilypond/gub)


2010-06-29T06:47:59.438186Z Hin-Tak Leung

gx_device_has_color() was changed 8 years ago in the deviceN commit (r2925),
from just color_info.numcomponents > 1 to 
|| (dev)->color_info.gray_index == GX_CINFO_COMP_NO_INDEX .

This has some unfortunate side-effect for continuous tone gray devices which
doesn't support transparency, such as a 8-bit gray X11 display, which goes
down the wrong code path. These are quite rare so it took 7 years for the bug 
(bug 690428) to be seen.


2010-06-29T06:05:26.121392Z Hin-Tak Leung

updating jpeg config.sub config.guess to that from libpng 1.2.44; bug 690486

[jpeg/config.guess jpeg/config.sub]

2010-06-29T05:30:19.407679Z Hin-Tak Leung

apply diff between stock 1.2.42 <-> 1.2.44 to upgrade to libpng 1.2.44 - bug fixes - CVE-2010-1205

[libpng/pngrtran.c libpng/scripts/makefile.gcmmx libpng/contrib/pngminim/encoder/gather.sh libpng/scripts/makefile.sgi libpng/scripts/makefile.sco libpng/scripts/makefile.hpgcc libpng/KNOWNBUG libpng/projects/xcode/libpng.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj libpng/scripts/pngos2.def libpng/scripts/makefile.nommx libpng/scripts/makefile.linux libpng/pngmem.c libpng/png.c libpng/contrib/pngminim/decoder/gather.sh libpng/scripts/makefile.64sunu libpng/scripts/makefile.elf libpng/scripts/libpng-config-head.in libpng/png.h libpng/CMakeLists.txt libpng/pngrio.c libpng/pngpread.c libpng/Y2KINFO libpng/scripts/makefile.netbsd libpng/pngwio.c libpng/pngrutil.c libpng/scripts/makefile.hpux libpng/scripts/makefile.darwin libpng/scripts/makefile.sggcc libpng/README libpng/contrib/pngminim/decoder/makefile libpng/scripts/makefile.32sunu libpng/libpngpf.3 libpng/scripts/makefile.solaris-x86 libpng/libpng-1.2.42.txt libpng/libpng-1.2.44.txt libpng/contrib/pngminim/preader/makefile libpng/scripts/makefile.solaris libpng/pngwtran.c libpng/contrib/pngminim/preader/gather.sh libpng/scripts/makefile.mingw libpng/scripts/makefile.aix libpng/scripts/makefile.hp64 libpng/scripts/png32ce.def libpng/scripts/makefile.beos libpng/scripts/makefile.ne12bsd libpng/pngread.c libpng/scripts/pngw32.def libpng/pngget.c libpng/INSTALL libpng/scripts/makefile.cegcc libpng/CHANGES libpng/contrib/pngminim/encoder/makefile libpng/libpng.3 libpng/projects/wince.txt libpng/example.c libpng/scripts/makefile.so9 libpng/pngwrite.c libpng/pngconf.h libpng/pngset.c libpng/LICENSE libpng/png.5 libpng/pngwutil.c libpng/scripts/makefile.openbsd libpng/scripts/makefile.dec libpng/scripts/README.txt libpng/scripts/makefile.cygwin libpng/pngtest.c libpng/ANNOUNCE libpng/scripts/libpng.pc.in]

2010-06-29T05:25:07.282125Z Hin-Tak Leung

change documentation as --enable-dynamics is no longer required for "make so" to work


2010-06-29T05:20:09.043972Z Hin-Tak Leung

split lcms code build into arch-specific targets; try to make both windows inline assembly and unix "make so" work simultaneously; bug 691427

[base/watclib.mak base/lib.mak base/bcwin32.mak base/openvms.mak base/ugcclib.mak base/macosx.mak base/watcw32.mak base/Makefile.in base/unix-gcc.mak base/unixansi.mak psi/msvc32.mak base/macos-mcp.mak base/msvclib.mak]

2010-06-29T05:16:38.524502Z Hin-Tak Leung

move the DYNAMIC_* defines out of the --enable-dynamic condition so that it applies generally; try to "make so" work with just ./configure ; many bugs ask for make so to work


2010-06-29T04:34:10.440639Z Hin-Tak Leung

switch autoconf png test away from testing for a soon-to-be-obsolete routine to one we actually use, to smooth over the libpng 1.2.x to 1.4.x transition; bug 691111

[jbig2dec/configure.ac base/configure.ac]

2010-06-29T04:15:47.742872Z Hin-Tak Leung

make --disable-fontconfig imples --disable-cairo; bug 690690


2010-06-29T04:04:53.158322Z Hin-Tak Leung

tries to remove empty *obj/*bin directories when invoking "make distclean"; bug 690871

[base/unix-end.mak base/Makefile.in base/unix-dll.mak base/unix-gcc.mak base/unixansi.mak]

2010-06-29T03:48:17.519902Z Hin-Tak Leung

check for GNU sed and switch to alternative sed options if sed is non-GNU; bug 691292

[cups/pstopxl.in base/configure.ac]

2010-06-29T03:44:30.895095Z Hin-Tak Leung

Part 2 of update (new files) posted to 687983, corrected for current svn HEAD.

[contrib/pscolor/black.pdf contrib/pscolor/color.pdf contrib/pscolor/colorsplit.vcproj contrib/pscolor/black.ps contrib/pscolor/color.ps contrib/pscolor/common.mak contrib/pscolor/input.ps contrib/pscolor/windows.mak]

2010-06-29T03:41:18.718227Z Hin-Tak Leung

Part 1 of the update (modifications to checked-in files) 
to the pscolor code posted in 687983, corrected for current svn head.

[contrib/pscolor/Makefile contrib/pscolor/test.c contrib/pscolor/instream.yy]

2010-06-29T03:38:46.508455Z Hin-Tak Leung

ijs communication should be all binary; left-over uncommitted patch from past ijs-related work


2010-06-29T03:34:45.878285Z Hin-Tak Leung

implements ./configure --with-ufst=UFST_ROOT_DIR ; bug 691293

[doc/Make.htm base/Makefile.in base/configure.ac]

2010-06-29T02:32:38.254860Z Michael Vrhel

Removal of static prototype that has no function.


2010-06-29T00:50:32.521441Z Michael Vrhel

Fix lack of end-of-line in file.


2010-06-28T15:04:31.998704Z Henry Stiles

Fix a typo, thanks to Ken for spotting this in review.


2010-06-28T10:50:53.201708Z Michael Vrhel

Warnings of problems within lcms only occur now in debug mode.  Fix for Bug 691401


2010-06-28T05:16:59.820980Z Michael Vrhel

Interface with lcms so that the memory allocators make use of ghostscript's allocator.  This required fixing a few bugs in littlecms where he was using free instead of _cmsFree and also having lcms.h provide the prototypes if the external mem alloc is defined.  Performed cluster push with no problem.  Thanks to Henry for helping me track down a 64 bit issue.

[lcms/include/lcms.h base/lib.mak lcms/src/cmslut.c base/lcms.mak lcms/src/cmsio1.c base/gsicc_littlecms.c]

2010-06-26T20:06:13.718954Z Henry Stiles

The ad hoc gstate setup for patterns should not call grestore after
gsave when erasing colored patterns because it results in
"wraparound", creating another gstate (no saved gstate exists when the
pattern is painted), see gsstate.c:gs_grestore() vs
gsstate.c:gs_grestore_only().  Thanks to Ken Sharp for noticing the the
extra gstate.  No expected differences.


2010-06-26T17:59:06.494303Z Henry Stiles

This file should have been checked in with revision 11433 which will
not compile without this change.


2010-06-25T12:00:50.643763Z Chris Liddell

Provide more robust behaviour when FT fails to render a glyph. Inistead of silently continuing when FT errors on a glyph, we'll now attempt to use the notdef, if the notdef triggers an error, we signal the error to the GS world. This ensures that any time we expect processing to continue there is valid glyph information available to the cache and other downstream devices.

This causes one regression difference with 34_all.PS, where an extra TTF notdef is rendered.

Bug 691416


2010-06-24T07:11:11.011423Z Ken Sharp

Remove a couple of currently unused variables to silence a harmless compiler warning.


2010-06-23T17:14:40.891928Z Alex Cherepanov

Simplify and fix the implementation of operator --mul--, which mishandled 
some cases like "16#80000000 -1 mul". Bug 691412.


2010-06-23T15:56:39.786311Z Ken Sharp

This patch adds limited support for TrueType collection fonts to pdfwrite and ps2write.

In the PostScript world TTC fonts are never passed down to pdfwrite, we only ever see
TrueType fonts. XPS, however, can pass back TrueType collection SNFTS data. This patch
uses the first font from the TrueType collection and writes that to the output file.
This may be too limited and may require further work in future.


2010-06-23T14:33:08.852324Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for bug691415.  When equivalent ICC profile is already created we should just use it.  Thanks to Ken for getting the details together.


2010-06-23T05:02:13.734047Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for 691359. Problem tracked down by Alex.  

What lcms is trying to do is to figure out the best prelinearization for the incoming data prior to doing the CLUT interpolation.  In the case when the input is RGB based and the output Gray, lcms was using uninitialized data in constructing is prelinearization.

Tangentially related, there could still be problems with what lcms is doing here if the number of Input channels is 1 and the number of Output channels is 3.  In that case, it is possible (but not likely) that I could have radically different gamma behavior in each of the RGB channels.  Trans in such a case would be constructed based upon only one curve based on the red channel.   In the real world, this is probably not a problem but ideally it would be optimal to use something that provides the best prelinearization in all three channels.  That is an optimization for Marti to do and perhaps is already in lcms2.


2010-06-22T14:54:59.999510Z Henry Stiles

Erase patterns with the color white instead of filling the pattern
bitmap with 0 or 255.  

Previously the initialization was only used when anti aliasing was
enabled, now initial erasing is done for all colored patterns,
eliminating a long standing UMR in the pcl code where the pattern was
combined with the destination/source with indeterminate results.  The
UMR manifested in frequent regression reports in the pcl tests
(c321.bin for example), these reports should go away with this change,
though (NB) the change only masks the underlying issue.

[psi/zpcolor.c base/gxpcmap.c base/gxpcolor.h]

2010-06-22T06:12:54.377174Z Masaki Ushizaka

Fix for bug 689836 and 691248.

Bug 689836 - Huffman tables with only positive values are decoded incorrectly
Bug 691248 - jbig2dec doesn't handle 042_11 (Huffman Symbol Region)

This patch fixes mulfunctions seen on standard huffman table K, L, M and N.
A difference will be seen on tests_private/comparefiles/Bug690360.pdf.
This file was affected by table K mulfunction and this is a improvement.


2010-06-22T06:00:12.605983Z Alex Cherepanov

Revert rev. 7964 and use a different approach: allocate all structures
and proceed with their initialization only if all allocations were
successful. Fix memory corruption that happens at the PostScript
stack overflow. Bug 691295.

[psi/idosave.h psi/ialloc.c psi/isave.c]

2010-06-22T05:59:23.952778Z Masaki Ushizaka

Added test code for every line of each standard huffman tables.


2010-06-22T05:15:53.089456Z Alex Cherepanov

Add a /.notdef entry to /CharStrings dictionary if it's missing from an
embedded Type1 font. Bug 691406, customer 130.


2010-06-21T16:41:55.147464Z Michael Vrhel

Removal of improper error message.  Source of a potential access violation.


2010-06-21T15:07:03.992218Z Ken Sharp

Add the 'gs_error_Remap_Color' pseudo-error, a duplicate -f e_Remap_Color in the
PostScript interpreter, to the 'base' error list so that PDL clients other than
PostScript can make use of it for high-level pattern support.


2010-06-21T01:14:18.832712Z Hin-Tak Leung

auto-detect host as *BSD and use a differently named obj directory; no effect on non-*BSDs. fixes bug 687214

[base/Makefile.in base/configure.ac]

2010-06-21T00:32:43.898825Z Hin-Tak Leung

adding more borland-related build tips; part of borland build fixes (bug 691400)


2010-06-21T00:12:42.541103Z Hin-Tak Leung

got some garbage in the beginning of the file introduced in an earlier commit


2010-06-21T00:01:12.712437Z Hin-Tak Leung

nsis-based installer script, makefile adaptation, documentation update; bug 691363

[psi/winint.mak doc/Release.htm psi/nsisinst.nsi doc/Install.htm]

2010-06-20T23:38:47.757390Z Hin-Tak Leung

borland build fix (bug 691400): borland defines P_tmpdir but not _P_tmpdir; similiar difference between borlandc and msvc has been seen with setmode/_setmode in the ijs code in ijs/ijs_server.c


2010-06-20T23:32:24.162240Z Hin-Tak Leung

borland build fix (bug 691400): update and complete documentation on working around for too-many-warnings-equal-error problem of borland c++


2010-06-20T23:29:34.775566Z Hin-Tak Leung

borland fix (bug 691400): Borland c++ does not support c99 LL nor ULL, but use i64/ui64 like MSVC for 64-bit integer literals


2010-06-20T23:11:37.618908Z Hin-Tak Leung

 4 borland build fixes (bug 691400):

- hook up libtiff
- build mkromfs
- build import library *.lib corresponding to the dll
- build the split-out make_filelist (see also r11388 for Bug 691302,
which does it for msvc)


2010-06-20T23:03:49.551572Z Hin-Tak Leung

borland build does not create the obj and bin directories. part of borland build fix (691400)


2010-06-20T22:57:32.647408Z Hin-Tak Leung

defines a unix target, since win32 requires specific compiler flags; HP-UX make/MS nmake both issues a warning and borland make issues an error for duplicate targets; fixes bug 691337, and also part of the problems with borland build (bug 691400)


2010-06-20T03:45:03.823204Z Alex Cherepanov

Fix malformed ICC profile generation on big endian systems, which was caused
by confusion between internal and external representation of an integer.


2010-06-20T03:01:50.289956Z Alex Cherepanov

Don't leave wild bytes at the end of a generated ICC profile. Fix Valgrind
warnings and spurious hash value differences.


2010-06-18T23:59:23.662717Z Michael Vrhel

Fix so that when the CIE color spaces are released, the icc equivalent space is also rc decremented as is the profile.


2010-06-18T18:06:59.517404Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for memory leak in creation of icc profile from def(g) objects.


2010-06-18T02:00:13.716745Z Alex Cherepanov

Use operator --search-- instead of --token-- during PDF rebuilding
to reduce the load on the name table, slightly improve the speed, and
work around the bug 691005 in a few cases.


2010-06-17T20:23:33.279930Z Hin-Tak Leung

adjust self-reference of bswin32.mak to correct location. Part 1 of fix to bug 691400


2010-06-17T20:03:30.325885Z Hin-Tak Leung

mentioning -P-/-P and further reference to the INITIALIZATION FILES and Use.htm in the man page. bug 691350


2010-06-17T19:46:05.887718Z Michael Vrhel

add missing type def for gsicc_create_mashed_clut


2010-06-17T19:38:39.362075Z Hin-Tak Leung

split make_filelist functionality out of setupgs, to allow UAC restriction during packaging of the installer. Bug 691302

[psi/dwsetup.cpp psi/winint.mak psi/msvc32.mak psi/mkfilelt.cpp]

2010-06-17T19:31:28.160475Z Hin-Tak Leung

add info about silent batch installation; bug 691268


2010-06-17T19:28:20.229863Z Michael Vrhel

rc_decrement any icc objects that may exist in the imager state that was created for handling the conversion from PS CIE objects to ICC profiles.


2010-06-17T18:04:35.295987Z Michael Vrhel

Free up tag list when done creating icc profile from PDF cal type.


2010-06-17T17:13:34.616951Z Michael Vrhel

Change to help track down any memory leaks related to the new icc code.  Also fix so that gs_init_iccmanager copies the null character from the default profile string names.  There was a mismatch between what happened here and what happens when the default user params are set.  This was causing the profiles to reset in the manager when they did not need to be.


2010-06-17T09:20:18.689467Z Ken Sharp

Fix (FAPI) move two FAPI related members from the show enumerator structure to the text
enumerator structure. This ensures that these members are always available for rendering
and eliminates a GPF caused when a device's text_begin method returns a text enumerator 
rather than the show enumerator returned by gx_default_text_begin.

No differences expected.

[base/gxchar.h base/gxtext.h]

2010-06-16T06:11:25.298134Z Hin-Tak Leung

a few more CRLF eol and svn property corrections

[zlib/contrib/dotzlib/LICENSE_1_0.txt zlib/contrib/vstudio/readme.txt zlib/contrib/masmx64/readme.txt base/gsicc_cache.h base/gsicc_manage.c base/gsicc_manage.h zlib/projects/visualc6/README.txt zlib/contrib/dotzlib/readme.txt]

2010-06-15T17:17:15.944441Z Michael Vrhel

Rename of a few functions to match documentation, update of gdevwts.c to use new color architecture, addition of minor utility functions for use in gxps.  This should not generate regressions.

[base/lib.mak base/gsicc_littlecms.h base/gsicc_cache.h base/gsicc_manage.c base/gscms.h base/gdevwts.c base/gsicc_manage.h base/gsicc_littlecms.c]

2010-06-15T16:54:40.171304Z Michael Vrhel

Update of Color Architecture document in preparation for release of GS 9.0

[doc/Color_Architecture.tex doc/figures/XPS_Integer_Gray_RGB_Image.eps doc/figures/Overview.eps doc/figures/XPS_DeviceN.eps doc/figures/PDF_Render.eps doc/figures/XPS_Render.eps doc/GS9_Color_Management.pdf doc/figures/XPS_Vector_Color.eps doc/figures/XPS_RGB_Image_Float.eps doc/figures/PS_Spec.eps doc/Color_Architecture.pdf doc/GS9_Color_Management.tex doc/figures/PS_Render.eps doc/figures/PDF_Spec.eps]

2010-06-14T23:10:27.633844Z Henry Stiles

Modified line endings from CRLF -> LF and propset to native.

[base/gsicc_cache.c base/gsicc_cache.h base/gsicc_manage.c base/gsicc_manage.h]

2010-06-14T18:42:47.881614Z Alex Cherepanov

Fix yet another case where memcpy() copies a memory block on itself.
This doesn't cause any problems on Linux or Windows but violates the
spec and irks Valgrind. Bug 691394.


2010-06-14T18:07:49.834071Z Chris Liddell

Remove the "<font> is being rendered with FAPI=<renderer>" messages. But leave a warning if we fall back to the old GS renderer.


2010-06-14T11:19:07.131026Z Ken Sharp

Fix (pdfwrite) : limit composite object sizes when producing PDF/A

Bug #691370 "Dictionary size not limited for PDF/A-1"

The PDF/A specification insists that the implementation limitations of Acrobat as
defined in PDF 1.4 should be followed when producing PDF/A files. Accordingly this
limits the size of dictionaries to 4095 and arrays to 8191 when producing PDF/A output.

Since there is no way to ignore the problem, setting the PDFACompatibiltyPolicy to 1
'don't emit the object, carry on producing PDF/A' can't be made to work. Since the 
user has expressed a desire for an output file, we fall back to Policy 0 'Produce a
regular PDF file' instead.

Also extend PDFACompatibilityPolicy to include policy 2 'abort'.

No test file for this case, no differences expected.


2010-06-14T11:14:18.794921Z Ken Sharp

Extend to PDF/X emission the enhancement in revision 11369 which prevents emitting
invalid PDF/A files when glyphs are missing from fonts.


2010-06-14T11:12:40.380849Z Ken Sharp

Update the ps2pdf documenataion to reflect the fact that PDF/X-3 conversion now also
uses the PDFACompatibilityPolicy to control behaviour when a conforming file cannot be

Also applied some general grammatical correction to the text.


2010-06-14T09:34:17.990404Z Ken Sharp

Fix (pdfwrite) : Don't emit invalid PDF/A files

Bug #691383 "pdfwrite emits invalid PDF/A when glyphs are missing in the input font."

If the input file references glyphs which are not in the font, then we could emit a
PDF/A file which also referenced glyph which were not present in the fonts embedded
in the PDF file.

This patch uses the PDFACompatibilityPolicy to control the action in this case, and
avoid emitting invalid PDF/A files.

Also extended the functionality of the PDFACompatibilityPolicy to allow the user to 
abort PDF file production when a valid PDF/A file cannot be produced.

No expected differences as PDF/A production is not tested by regression code.

[base/gdevpdfm.c base/gdevpdte.c]

2010-06-12T15:19:56.267658Z Henry Stiles

The ICC profile file name buffer was too small to accommodate the
trailing null appended by strcat resulting in an invalid write to


2010-06-11T17:24:06.899434Z Chris Liddell

In the event of a FreeType error when scaling a font face, don't clean up the FT data, but leave it to the garbage collector
to call the font object's "finalize" function, which will then clean up the FT data.

Secondly, add code to deal with very low resolutions underflowing some of FT's fixed point code (similar to code for small
scale factors).

Bug 691381


2010-06-11T07:53:37.156852Z Ken Sharp

Fix pdfwrite - device reference counting problem with patterns and XPS

When using XPS as the input PDL, and pdfwrite as the output device, the pdfwrite device
was counted up by pattern accumulator allocation, but the clist accumulator never
counted the device down, leading to a reference count > 1 at EOJ. This meant that
the pdfwrite device wasn't closed, since pdfwrite only emits the PDF file when it is
closed this led to invalid unfinished PDF files.

The code here modifies the behaviour of the pattern management so that we don't use the 
'clist' path for accumulating patterns *if* the device can accumulate patterns itself
*and* the PDL doesn't have_pattern_streams (to avoid pathological PDF file problems)

This resolves the issue with device reference counts and all the FTS XPS files now
produce complete PDF files.


2010-06-10T16:11:08.241878Z Chris Liddell

When extracting a path from the FAPI world (for a charpath, for example), only close the path if it has been "opened".

This prevents empty paths from non-marking glyphs resulting in a point being rendered on the page.

Another part of Bug 691252.

This change causes ~195 differences to be reported on the cluster, but they are all progressions.


2010-06-10T14:06:40.549557Z Chris Liddell

Make the rendering of the Truetype notdef glyph optional with the FAPI interface (as per the previous behaviour).

A few cluster differences are expected as we have test files which use the TTF notdef, I have checked all the differences, and they are correct.

This is part of Bug 691252


2010-06-09T18:59:09.419344Z Robin Watts

Update comparerevs.pl script so that it no longer ignores hash values
on files taht have a non-zero error return. It now only ignores hash
values on timeouts (because runs can easily produce different numbers of
pages on each run).

Also, the output is updated to show error values together with hash results.
Error values are now always in brackets, on a red background.


2010-06-08T16:20:39.058317Z Chris Liddell

In bytes_copy_rectangle() clamp the length of each row to be copied to the stride of the raster. This takes care of problems copying bitmaps from FT (or potentially other font libraries) which use different alignment to the "internal" rasters. Bug 691328.


2010-06-08T01:04:10.677952Z Alex Cherepanov

Check whether the font has /Encoding before trying to use it. Recent FAPI
changes give /BuildChar procedure to all fonts including CIDFont resources.
So the check for non-null pfdata->BuildChar no longer guaranteed that the
font has /Encoding. Bug 691311.


2010-06-07T17:14:20.171809Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for Bug 691368.  

lcms appears not to check its handles of link transforms when a profile is released, to clear out xform->InputProfile.  Probably due to the fact that lcms may not expect a change of the formatters after the link is created.  That would imply that we would need to create links based upon data types, which is not so efficient.  Disable this check in lcms since it is only related to named color profiles, which we will not run into.  Will kick this up to Marti.


2010-06-06T18:00:36.332831Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for Bug 691367.  Seg fault should no longer occur.  If an attempt is made to set a color space in the graphic state and the ICC manager's profiles have not yet been initialized, it will be taken care of.  

[base/gsicc_manage.c base/gscspace.c]

2010-06-05T20:03:55.912155Z Alex Cherepanov

Don't copy memory block into itself; clear a Valgrind warning.


2010-06-05T19:20:40.615579Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for indeterminisms in some PS files where the alternate tint transform color space for a DeviceN or Separation color space is CIE based.  Previously we were  returning either CMYK, or RGB based based upon the channel count for the CIE space.  Now we are returning an equivalent ICC based color space.  Also minor fix for uninitialized memory in generated profile.

[base/gscdevn.c base/gsicc_create.c base/gscsepr.c]

2010-06-03T16:57:17.441589Z Hin-Tak Leung

observe minst->search_here_first condition in file search; bug 691350


2010-06-03T00:32:07.629281Z Hin-Tak Leung

Adding -P- and -dSAFER to many POSIX shell scripts, win32 and OS/2 batch scripts; bug 691355

[lib/bjc610b4.upp lib/bjc610b6.upp lib/lp386.bat lib/bjc610b7.upp lib/bjc610b8.upp lib/gsndt.bat lib/pdf2dsc lib/eps2eps.bat lib/st640plg.upp lib/ras8m.upp lib/ras24.upp lib/pv.sh lib/bj8oh06n.upp lib/necp2x.upp lib/stc600p.upp lib/pfbtopfa.bat lib/stc640p.upp lib/wftopfa lib/ps2ps lib/stc2s_h.upp lib/stc500ph.upp lib/ps2ps.cmd lib/pphs lib/stcany_h.upp lib/pf2afm lib/gsdj500 lib/dnj750c.upp lib/pf2afm.cmd lib/stc600pl.upp lib/stc800pl.upp lib/gsbj lib/ps2epsi lib/ps2epsi.cmd lib/dnj750m.upp lib/dumphint lib/gsnd lib/font2c lib/gsdj.bat lib/pdfopt lib/ras32.upp lib/ps2ps2.bat lib/pdf2ps lib/ps2pdf.cmd lib/pdf2ps.cmd lib/stc500p.upp lib/cdj690.upp lib/stc600ih.upp lib/st640p.upp lib/stc_h.upp lib/gslj.bat lib/stcany.upp lib/stc800ih.upp lib/bdftops.bat lib/stc_l.upp lib/ras1.upp lib/gslp.bat lib/lpgs.bat lib/st640ihg.upp lib/ras3.upp lib/stc1520h.upp lib/ras4.upp lib/stc300.upp lib/bj8ts06n.upp lib/eps2eps lib/ps2ascii.bat lib/eps2eps.cmd lib/stc2_h.upp lib/pdf2dsc.bat lib/stc.upp lib/stc300bl.upp lib/stc300bm.upp lib/bj8pp12f.upp lib/pfbtopfa lib/stc800p.upp lib/bjc610a0.upp lib/bj8gc12f.upp lib/st640pg.upp lib/bjc610a1.upp lib/cdj690ec.upp lib/bjc610a2.upp lib/ps2ps.bat lib/bjc610a3.upp lib/bjc610a4.upp lib/bjc610a5.upp lib/bj8hg12f.upp lib/stc2.upp lib/st640pl.upp lib/bjc610a6.upp lib/printafm lib/bjc610a7.upp lib/pf2afm.bat lib/gsdj500.bat lib/bjc610a8.upp lib/ps2pdfxx.bat lib/lpr2.bat lib/lp386r2.bat lib/stc200_h.upp lib/unix-lpr.sh lib/gsdj lib/necp2x6.upp lib/ps2ps2 lib/ps2epsi.bat lib/gsbj.bat lib/bj8pa06n.upp lib/ps2ps2.cmd lib/dumphint.bat lib/cdj550.upp lib/gslj lib/gsnd.bat lib/font2c.bat lib/bdftops lib/pdfopt.bat lib/pdf2ps.bat lib/st640ih.upp lib/gslp lib/ps2pdfwr lib/bjc610b1.upp lib/bjc610b2.upp lib/dvipdf lib/ps2ascii lib/bjc610b3.upp lib/pftogsf.bat]

2010-06-02T17:45:39.111970Z Robin Watts

Introduce new ENABLE_TRAP_AMALGAMATION build define. If set at build time
then code is introduced to gxfillts.h to try to amalgamate some of the
rectangles produced into the surrounding trapezoids.

This can cause small rendering differences due to the difference in rounding
within scan conversion and trap extraction.

The option is disabled by default.

No expected differences with it disabled. 439 non pdfwrite differences, 99
differences with it enabled.


2010-06-02T08:37:07.985901Z Ken Sharp

Revision 11348 accidentally included a number of font definitions in an updated cidfmap, 
This removes those definitions, which should not be present.


2010-06-02T08:29:23.801870Z Ken Sharp

Documentation change
Updated the comments at the head of the file to make it plain that the entries in the
CSI array must be strings, not names. Although this is clearly documented in use.htm
we have recently had several reports in which users have been trying to set name values
in the array. 

Also added a pointer to the documentation as a further hint.


2010-06-02T07:46:57.542525Z Ken Sharp

Fix pdfwrite, faulty matrix transformations for Shading dictionaries

Bug #691352 "cairo pdf mis-distilled"

Patterns in PDF are unpleasantly complicated by the need to transform the pattern to
the 'default co-ordinate space'. Normally this means that we undo the resolution scaling
which is normally applied to the CTM.

For page streams this works well, but for forms the 'default co-ordinate space' is 
the space of the parent. For one level of form there is therefore no difference between
the page and the form. When forms are nested however, the lower form's space becomes
that of the parent. This means that patterns inside forms, which are nested inside
another form, need to be transformed to the parent form co-ordinate space, not the
page space.

Since we don't currently emit forms from pdfwrite for anything except transparency
groups what this means in practice is that we don't undo the CTM transformation if 
we are rendering a pattern inside a form, nested inside at least one other form.

[base/gdevpdfx.h base/gdevpdft.c base/gdevpdfv.c base/gdevpdfb.h]

2010-06-01T17:41:20.224359Z Michael Vrhel

Rename of gsicccache.c/h to gsicc_cache.c/h  and gsiccmanage.c/h to gsicc_manage.c/h to fall in line with the name space of the other files that came from the icc branch.  Currently working on the documentation and it is clear that this is needed (and I wish I had done it earlier).

[/trunk/ghostpdl/pxl/pxpthr.c /trunk/ghostpdl/pxl/pxl.mak /trunk/ghostpdl/xps/ghostxps.h base/gsiccmanage.c base/gxshade1.c base/gsiccmanage.h base/gscsepr.c base/gxshade4.c base/gxshade6.c /trunk/ghostpdl/pxl/pxtop.c base/gxcmap.c ghostscript.vcproj base/gsistate.c /trunk/ghostpdl/pcl/pcl.mak base/gdevrinkj.c base/gdevwts.c base/gdevxcf.c base/gxicolor.c base/devs.mak base/gsicc.c base/gdevimdi.c base/gscdevn.c base/gxclread.c base/gdevpsd.c base/lib.mak base/gxiscale.c base/gsicc_manage.c psi/int.mak /trunk/ghostpdl/pxl/pxgstate.c /trunk/ghostpdl/pcl/pctop.c base/gsicc_manage.h psi/zicc.c psi/zdevice.c base/gdevp14.c base/gsstate.c base/gsicc_cache.c base/gsicc_create.c psi/zcie.c base/gsicccache.c base/gxclist.c base/gsicc_cache.h base/gsicccache.h base/gstrans.c base/gscms.h base/gxidata.c base/gdevpdfc.c base/gxblend.c base/gxshade.c psi/zusparam.c base/gdevpdfg.c base/gxp1fill.c base/gxclrast.c base/gsciemap.c]

2010-05-31T14:49:14.514014Z Hin-Tak Leung

for "ln -s base/unix-gcc.mak Makefile; make" builds, do not modularize X, nor build most of the modularzed linux modules, since they depend on the linux GNU linker


2010-05-31T14:41:08.956692Z Hin-Tak Leung

another attempt to make "ln -s base/unix-gcc.mak Makefile; make" to work; libtiff really want configure so we hook it in


2010-05-31T09:58:14.532526Z Hin-Tak Leung

more icc branch merge related change to make "make -f base/unix-gcc.mak" and other targets work"

[base/unix-gcc.mak base/unixansi.mak]

2010-05-28T18:07:08.826907Z Henry Stiles

Fixes bug #690793.  PJL Formlines was not set correctly if the paper
size changed.  Also, refactors such that PXL and PJL get paper sizes
from the same source table.

[/trunk/ghostpdl/pl/pl.mak /trunk/ghostpdl/pxl/pxl.mak /trunk/ghostpdl/pl/pjparse.c /trunk/ghostpdl/pxl/pxsessio.c /trunk/ghostpdl/pxl/pxstate.h base/gdevpxen.h base/gdevpxut.c]

2010-05-27T21:02:21.460781Z Michael Vrhel

Fix so that shading strokes that go through the clist transparency code communicate the transparency device so that the proper color information is used as opposed to the color information related to the final target device.  This should fix the indeterminism with bug688807.pdf when going out to a monochrome device.

[base/gdevp14.c base/gxshade.c]

2010-05-27T15:30:01.093150Z Henry Stiles

Forward declarations for statics functions were accidentally placed in
the header file instead of the c file.

[base/gdevp14.c base/gdevp14.h]

2010-05-27T00:44:57.701730Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for indeterminism when using psdcmyk device and interpolated images.  For cases where the device profile has fewer components than the actual number of device colorants we need to use the slower interpolation code.  Otherwise we end up encoding uninitialized memory. 


2010-05-26T22:01:50.106123Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for bug690218.   For clist reader the pdf14 device was getting its color information set based upon the number of spot colorants in the page.  The real number should be based upon the number of actual components the device is capable of handling.  This occurs when using separation device with a limited set of colorants invoked via a command like -c "<< /SeparationColorNames [ /Cyan /Magenta /Yellow /Black ]
/SeparationOrder [ /Cyan /Magenta /Yellow /Black ] >> setpagedevice"


2010-05-26T18:16:52.113331Z Michael Vrhel

Improvements and fixes in icc search path description and bolder alert with respect to Windows delimiter \" interpretation . Thanks to Ray.


2010-05-26T16:08:36.881438Z Henry Stiles

The languages (pcl, xps, pclxl) debug builds were broken with the icc
branch merge, gs_abort() is not supported.  The code has been changed
similarly to the old exit upon failed assertion code in gsalloc.c
where gs_abort() is replaced with return, fixes bug #691340.


2010-05-26T03:07:02.463936Z Michael Vrhel

Addition of lcms and new icc files to Visual studio solution.  Also did a little organizing of the files in the explorer window base folder.


2010-05-25T20:43:02.039929Z Michael Vrhel

Update of documentation, clarifying the search methods used for finding the icc profiles.


2010-05-25T19:38:23.177347Z Michael Vrhel

Removal of iccprofiles/ from default icc profile names and post-pend %rom% with iccprofiles/ .  This is in preparation for having the ps init code initialize a default value for ICCProfilesDir (which will be ./iccprofiles/ )  so that code works with COMPILE_INITS=0 when not in the base directory and when -sICCProfilesDir is not specified on the command line.

[base/gsiccmanage.c base/gsiccmanage.h]

2010-05-25T17:15:59.119523Z Hin-Tak Leung

make static some private functions to remove compiler warnings

[contrib/gdevgdi.c base/gdevcairo.c contrib/gdevlx50.c]

2010-05-25T17:14:27.480893Z Hin-Tak Leung

make private functions static to silence some missing prototype warning

[imdi/cgen.c imdi/imdi_k.c]

2010-05-25T17:13:18.238667Z Hin-Tak Leung

silent one compiler warning


2010-05-25T13:50:21.339560Z Ken Sharp

Fix copy CIDFontType 2 properly
Bug #690930 "Unicode Output: DEVICE=pdfwrite"

When making a copy of a CIDFont with TrueType outlines (CIDFontType 2) for the
benefit of pdfwrite, do not simply copy the subst_CID_on_WMode structure member as
this will be restored away along with the font at end of page. Instead make a new
structure and store that in the copied font.

No differences expected, local cluster test shows a few but I think (hope) these are
related to the ICC branch merge.


2010-05-25T10:22:09.642632Z Chris Liddell

Bug 691336: Resolve some confusion between the original global variable removal changes, and subsequent changes, that could result in warning emprintf calls using a memory pointer that could not exist at that stage.


2010-05-25T08:31:57.775100Z Ken Sharp

Silence a couple of gcc compiler warnings introduced with the ICC merge.

[base/gdevpdfk.c base/gdevpdfc.c]

2010-05-24T23:06:59.017275Z Hin-Tak Leung

Another bunch of CRLF to LF's.

find . -type f | grep -v 'svn-base' | xargs file | grep CRLF | grep -v -E '\.(dsp|dsw|sln|rc):' | grep -v -E '(cbuilder5|masm|dotzlib|vstudio|BorlandC_5.5|visualc6)' | cut -d ':' -f 1 | xargs -n 1 svn propset svn:eol-style native 
find . -type f | grep -v 'svn-base' | xargs file | grep CRLF | grep -v -E '\.(dsp|dsw|sln|rc):' | grep -v -E '(cbuilder5|masm|dotzlib|vstudio|BorlandC_5.5|visualc6)' | cut -d ':' -f 1 | xargs dos2unix

[tiff/nmake.opt psi/zcolor.h toolbin/color/icc_creator/ICC_Creator/stdafx.h lib/cat.ps toolbin/color/icc_creator/ICC_Creator/ICC_CreatorDlg.cpp toolbin/color/icc_creator/example/cielab_values.txt toolbin/color/icc_creator/ICC_Creator/icc34.h contrib/lxm3200-tweaked/LICENSE toolbin/color/icc_creator/README.txt toolbin/color/icc_creator/ICC_Creator/ICC_Creator.cpp toolbin/color/named_color/named_color_table.txt zlib/contrib/testzlib/testzlib.txt lib/Fontmap.URW-136.T1 toolbin/color/icc_creator/example/tritone_names.txt zlib/contrib/testzlib/testzlib.c toolbin/color/icc_creator/ICC_Creator/CIELAB.h toolbin/color/icc_creator/ICC_Creator/icc_create.h base/gsicc_profilecache.c toolbin/color/icc_creator/ICC_Creator/stdafx.cpp toolbin/color/icc_creator/ICC_Creator/resource.h base/gsicc_profilecache.h toolbin/color/icc_creator/example/tritone_cielab.txt base/gsicc_create.c toolbin/color/icc_creator/ICC_Creator/targetver.h toolbin/color/icc_creator/ICC_Creator/ICC_CreatorDlg.h toolbin/color/icc_creator/ICC_Creator/res/ICC_Creator.rc2 psi/zcie.h psi/write_t2.c base/gsicc_create.h toolbin/color/icc_creator/example/color_names.txt base/gscms.h toolbin/color/icc_creator/ICC_Creator/icc_create.cpp toolbin/color/icc_creator/ICC_Creator/ICC_Creator.h psi/fapibstm.c lib/Fontmap.URW-136.TT]

2010-05-24T22:34:00.748368Z Hin-Tak Leung

remove some more CR's and more eol-style native.

find . -type f   -exec file {} \; |grep 'CRLF' | grep -v '/Projects' | grep -v 'svn-base' | cut -f 1 -d ':' | xargs -n 1 svn propset svn:eol-style native
find . -type f   -exec file {} \; |grep 'CRLF' | grep -v '/Projects' | grep -v 'svn-base' | cut -f 1 -d ':' | xargs -n 1 dos2unix

[lcms/Delphi/delphidemo.dof lcms/src/makefile.simple lcms/Delphi/demo1.pas lcms/python/testbed/srgb2xyz.py lcms/Delphi/Samples/create.pas lcms/python/testbed/srgb2lab.py lcms/Delphi/delphidemo.dpr lcms/python/testbed/cam02.py lcms/makefile.simple lcms/samples/makefile.simple lcms/Delphi/Samples/TEST.PAS lcms/Delphi/delphidemo.cfg lcms/python/testbed/createmsh.py lcms/python/testbed/lab2adobe.py lcms/Delphi/Samples/testfrm.pas lcms/Delphi/Samples/testwp.pas lcms/src/lcms.def lcms/Delphi/Samples/getxyz.pas]

2010-05-24T22:26:37.131050Z Hin-Tak Leung

manually fixing the last few files which escaped fileutils' identification.

[lcms/python/lcms.py lcms/COPYING lcms/src/cmscam97.c lcms/aclocal.m4 lcms/ltmain.sh lcms/README.1ST lcms/configure.ac]

2010-05-24T22:20:52.689626Z Hin-Tak Leung

Changes c/c++/shell script/english text to native text and strip off CR.

find . -type f   -exec grep -l '\r\n' {} \; | grep -v 'svn-base' | grep -v '\.vcproj' | grep -v '/Projects' | xargs -n 1 file |  grep -E '(ASCII C\+\+ program text|ISO\-8859 English text|ASCII C program text|shell script text executable)' | cut -f 1 -d ':'  | xargs dos2unix
find . -type f   -exec grep -l '\r\n' {} \; | grep -v 'svn-base' | grep -v '\.vcproj' | grep -v '/Projects' | xargs -n 1 file |  grep -E '(ASCII C\+\+ program text|ISO\-8859 English text|ASCII C program text|shell script text executable)' | cut -f 1 -d ':'  | xargs svn propset svn:eol-style native

[lcms/doc/TUTORIAL.TXT lcms/matlab/icctrans.c lcms/src/cmswtpnt.c lcms/tifficc/getopt.c lcms/src/cmsgamma.c lcms/src/cmsnamed.c lcms/samples/vprf.c lcms/src/cmserr.c lcms/samples/mkcmy.c lcms/src/cmsmtrx.c lcms/src/cmsxform.c.orig lcms/samples/icc2ps.c lcms/python/lcms_wrap.cxx lcms/tifficc/tiffdiff.c lcms/src/cmssamp.c lcms/samples/xgetopt.c lcms/Delphi/lcmsdll.pas lcms/include/icc34.h.in lcms/src/cmsmatsh.c lcms/src/cmspack.c lcms/jpegicc/jpegicc.c lcms/jpegicc/iccjpeg.c lcms/samples/icctrans.c lcms/testbed/testcms.c lcms/samples/mktiff8.c lcms/jpegicc/iccjpeg.h lcms/tifficc/tifficc.c lcms/src/cmsvirt.c lcms/src/cmspcs.c lcms/samples/icclink.c lcms/src/cmsgmt.c lcms/src/cmsio0.c lcms/src/cmsio1.c lcms/samples/mkgrayer.c lcms/filter.c lcms/python/lcms.i lcms/src/cmsxform.c lcms/src/cmsintrp.c lcms/src/cmscnvrt.c lcms/include/lcms.h lcms/doc/LCMSAPI.TXT lcms/src/cmscgats.c lcms/src/cmscam02.c lcms/include/icc34.h lcms/src/cmslut.c lcms/src/cmsps2.c lcms/samples/wtpt.c lcms/samples/itufax.c]

2010-05-24T22:07:41.207483Z Hin-Tak Leung

remove executable bits from files which don't need them.

find . -type f -executable  -exec file {} \; \
| grep -v 'shell script text executable' \
| cut -f 1 -d ':' |xargs -n 1 svn propdel svn:executable

The last commit was created by:

find . -type f -executable  -exec file {} \; \
| grep 'script text executable' \
| cut -f 1 -d ':' |xargs -n 1 svn propset svn:eol-style native 

[lcms/Projects/VC6/lcms.rc lcms/Projects/VC7/lcms.rc lcms/bin/Bin.txt lcms/Delphi/Samples/create.pas lcms/samples/vprf.c lcms/configure.ac lcms/README.1ST lcms/lcms.pc.in lcms/Projects/VC2008/lcms.sln lcms/testbed/sRGBSpac.icm lcms/Projects/VC2008/lcms.vcproj lcms/python/testbed/lab2adobe.py lcms/Delphi/demo1.dfm lcms/samples/xgetopt.c lcms/Projects/VC2005/icclink.vcproj lcms/Projects/VC6/icclink.dsp lcms/Projects/VC7/lcms.vcproj lcms/src/cmscam97.c lcms/testbed/testcms.c lcms/Projects/VC6/icc2ps.dsp lcms/Projects/VC7/icctrans.vcproj lcms/python/testbed/srgb2lab.py lcms/Projects/VC7/tifficc.vcproj lcms/filter.c lcms/Projects/VC6/lcms.dsp lcms/Delphi/delphidemo.cfg lcms/Projects/VC7/icc2ps.vcproj lcms/Projects/VC6/lcms.dsw lcms/Delphi/Samples/testwp.pas lcms/Projects/VC7/lcms.sln lcms/Projects/VC2008/tifficc.vcproj lcms/Projects/VC2005/resource.h lcms/python/testbed/whtpnt.py lcms/doc/TUTORIAL.TXT lcms/src/cmswtpnt.c lcms/Projects/VC2005/Python.vcproj lcms/Projects/BorlandC_5.5/mklcmsdll.bat lcms/include/Makefile.am lcms/Projects/VC7/jpegicc.vcproj lcms/install.gcc lcms/samples/wtpt.1 lcms/Projects/BorlandC_5.5/lcmsdll.lk lcms/src/cmserr.c lcms/makefile.simple lcms/Projects/BorlandC_5.5/lcms.rc lcms/samples/mkcmy.c lcms/src/cmsmtrx.c lcms/Makefile.am lcms/python/testbed/sRGB Color Space Profile.icm lcms/Projects/VC2008/jpegicc.vcproj lcms/Projects/VC7/lcmsdll.vcproj lcms/AUTHORS lcms/samples/icc2ps.1 lcms/Projects/VC2008/resource.h lcms/src/makefile.simple lcms/samples/mktiff8.c lcms/python/testbed/virtprf.py lcms/python/testbed/clamp.py lcms/Projects/BorlandC_5.5/lcmsdll.lst lcms/src/cmsvirt.c lcms/src/cmspcs.c lcms/src/cmsio0.c lcms/python/testbed/cam02.py lcms/Projects/VC6/resource.h lcms/src/cmsxform.c lcms/python/lcms.i lcms/src/cmsintrp.c lcms/Projects/VC2008/lcmsdll.vcproj lcms/jpegicc/jpegicc.1 lcms/COPYING lcms/Projects/VC2005/lcms.rc lcms/samples/icctrans.1 lcms/Projects/VC7/tiffdiff.vcproj lcms/src/cmscgats.c lcms/Projects/VC2008/lcms.rc lcms/tifficc/tifficc.1 lcms/src/cmscam02.c lcms/matlab/icctrans.matlab.pdf lcms/python/testbed/createmsh.py lcms/src/cmslut.c lcms/tifficc/Makefile.am lcms/Lib/MS/MS.TXT lcms/samples/wtpt.c lcms/Projects/VC6/tifficc.dsp lcms/Projects/VC7/Testbed.vcproj lcms/python/testbed/gamma.py lcms/samples/itufax.c lcms/python/Makefile.am lcms/Delphi/demo1.pas lcms/src/cmsgamma.c lcms/Projects/VC6/Python.dsp lcms/Projects/VC2008/Python.vcproj lcms/src/cmsnamed.c lcms/src/cmsxform.c.orig lcms/Projects/VC6/lcmsdll.dsp lcms/Projects/VC2008/Testbed.vcproj lcms/Projects/VC2005/lcms.vcproj lcms/python/testbed/AdobeRGB1998.icc lcms/samples/icc2ps.c lcms/tifficc/tiffdiff.c lcms/samples/makefile.simple lcms/Delphi/Samples/TEST.PAS lcms/src/cmssamp.c lcms/NEWS lcms/samples/Makefile.am lcms/Projects/VC2005/icctrans.vcproj lcms/Projects/VC2005/tifficc.vcproj lcms/Delphi/lcmsdll.pas lcms/Projects/VC2008/icctrans.vcproj lcms/include/icc34.h.in lcms/Delphi/delphidemo.dof lcms/Projects/VC6/lcms.opt lcms/src/cmsmatsh.c lcms/src/cmspack.c lcms/Projects/VC6/Python.plg lcms/jpegicc/jpegicc.c lcms/samples/icctrans.c lcms/Delphi/Samples/MAKETEST.BAT lcms/Projects/VC2005/icc2ps.vcproj lcms/ltmain.sh lcms/Delphi/Samples/gamutchk.pas lcms/tifficc/tifficc.c lcms/Projects/VC2005/lcms.sln lcms/src/cmsio1.c lcms/Projects/VC6/Testbed.dsp lcms/INSTALL lcms/Projects/VC7/icclink.vcproj lcms/jpegicc/makefile.simple lcms/jpegicc/Makefile.am lcms/Projects/VC2005/jpegicc.vcproj lcms/samples/icclink.1 lcms/Delphi/Samples/testfrm.pas lcms/Projects/VC6/jpegicc.dsp lcms/Projects/VC6/icctrans.dsp lcms/src/lcms.def lcms/Delphi/demo1.dcu lcms/Delphi/Samples/getxyz.pas lcms/matlab/icctrans.c lcms/ChangeLog lcms/Projects/VC2008/icclink.vcproj lcms/tifficc/getopt.c lcms/Lib/BC/BC.txt lcms/testbed/makefile.simple lcms/Projects/VC6/Testbed.plg lcms/Delphi/delphidemo.dpr lcms/testbed/Makefile.am lcms/Projects/VC2005/lcmsdll.vcproj lcms/Projects/VC7/resource.h lcms/Projects/VC7/Python.vcproj lcms/Delphi/demo1.ddp lcms/python/testbed/cam97.py lcms/jpegicc/iccjpeg.c lcms/python/testbed/constant.py lcms/Projects/VC2005/tiffdiff.vcproj lcms/python/testbed/srgb2xyz.py lcms/python/testbed/info.py lcms/jpegicc/iccjpeg.h lcms/Projects/VC2008/tiffdiff.vcproj lcms/Projects/VC2008/icc2ps.vcproj lcms/src/Makefile.am lcms/samples/icclink.c lcms/src/cmsgmt.c lcms/Projects/VC2005/Testbed.vcproj lcms/samples/mkgrayer.c lcms/include/lcms.h lcms/Delphi/delphidemo.res lcms/src/cmscnvrt.c lcms/python/swig_lcms lcms/doc/LCMSAPI.TXT lcms/python/testbed/sRGB2adobe.py lcms/tifficc/makefile.simple lcms/include/icc34.h lcms/src/cmsps2.c]

2010-05-24T22:02:13.500457Z Hin-Tak Leung

make all shell scripts in the lcms directory eol-style native.

[lcms/depcomp lcms/compile lcms/missing lcms/config.guess lcms/config.sub lcms/install-sh lcms/mkinstalldirs lcms/configure]

2010-05-24T18:36:16.496917Z Alex Cherepanov

Add missing EOL to the last line in one of the new ICC files
because MSVC 6 requires this.


2010-05-24T16:31:58.315172Z Michael Vrhel

Merge of icc_work branch into trunk.

These changes make the color architecture of the graphics library ICC-based.  All colors are now managed in terms of ICC profiles including PS CIE color spaces, for which equivalent ICC profiles are created.    A big feature of this change is that it makes it very easy to interface a color management module (CMM) to ghostscript.   The default CMM is now littleCMS and the interface to littleCMS is contained in gsicc_littlecms.c .

New member variables were added to the imager state including an ICC manager, which stores the default ICC profiles; a link cache, which reduces the cost of creating links between ICC profiles, and a profile cache which stores color spaces created from PS CIE, PDF CalRGB and PDF CalGray colors spaces.

A new directory named iccprofiles has been added.  It contains the default ICC profiles used if none are specified in the command line.  If COMPILE_INITS=1, these will be included in the ROM file system.  The new command line options related to ICC profiles are described in the Use.htm documentation.

For c-list based rendering, all ICC profiles used in the rendering are stored in the c-list.   During multi-threaded c-list reading, a link cache is associated with the primary reader device and is shared amongst the various threads.

Efficiency improvements were made in the handling of soft mask groups, shading smoothness calculations, and color image rendering.  

For details on the branch, please see the commits that were made within the branch.  There remain indeterminisms to fix.  The files affected include Bug688807.pdf,  Bug688845.eps, Bug690208.pdf, 09-34.PS, CATX0988.pdf,  CATX1028.pdf,  CATX1101.pdf,  CATX5529.pdf.

Rendering issues to investigate include Bug689830.pdf, fts43xx.xps (page 3) (shopping cart image), Bug689880.pdf, Bug691002.pdf, Bug689968.pdf, Bug688584.ps (page 4), catx4949.pdf.
Note that the number of differences generated with the merge amounts to pretty much every file.

Thanks to everyone who helped and provided input in this work, especially Ray Johnston.

[base/gdevpdfk.c base/gxclimag.c doc/Use.htm base/gdevdflt.c psi/icie.h base/gxpcmap.c base/gxpcolor.h lcms base/gscsepr.c base/gxshade4.c base/gxclthrd.c base/gxcmap.c base/gscscie.c base/gdevwts.c base/gsistate.c base/msvclib.mak base/gxclpage.c base/gscolor2.c base/gsicc_profilecache.c base/gxistate.h base/gscolor2.h base/gsicc_profilecache.h iccprofiles base/gdevp14.c base/gsicc_create.c base/gdevp14.h base/gsicc_create.h psi/write_t2.c psi/zusparam.c base/gdevpbm.c psi/zcolor.c psi/ztrans.c base/gdevpdft.c base/gxshade1.c /trunk/gs base/gdevpsdi.c psi/ireclaim.c psi/os2.mak base/watclib.mak Resource/Init/gs_lev2.ps base/gdevpsdu.c base/gscie.c base/gxclutil.c base/gscolor3.c base/gdevpsd.c base/gscie.h base/gxiscale.c base/gxcldev.h Resource/Init/gs_res.ps base/gxifast.c base/gxdevcli.h base/openvms.mak base/watcw32.mak base/gscms.h psi/msvc32.mak base/gsalloc.c base/lcms.mak base/gxp1fill.c base/gximage.h base/gsciemap.c base/gdevpx.c psi/zcsdevn.c base/ugcclib.mak base/unix-gcc.mak base/gsovrc.c base/gxcie.h base/macos-mcp.mak base/gxshade6.c base/macosx.mak base/gsccolor.h base/gdevrinkj.c base/unixansi.mak base/devs.mak base/gsicc.c base/gxipixel.c base/lib.mak psi/zimage.c base/gsicc.h psi/dxmain.c psi/dxmainc.c Resource/Init/pdf_draw.ps base/gscolor.c Resource/Init/pdf_ops.ps psi/zdevice.c psi/zcie.c psi/zdpnext.c base/gxclist.c psi/zcie.h base/gximono.c base/gxidata.c base/gstrans.c psi/iimage.h base/gdevpdfb.c base/gxclist.h base/gxshade.c base/gstrans.h base/gxclrast.c psi/zncdummy.c base/gxshade.h toolbin/color base/gsiccmanage.c base/Makefile.in base/gdevpdfv.c base/gsiccmanage.h base/gsicc_littlecms.c base/gxclpath.c base/gsicc_littlecms.h psi/icontext.c base/gxclpath.h base/gsstruct.h base/gdevxcf.c base/gxicolor.c base/gscspace.c base/gdevimdi.c base/gscdevn.c base/gscolor1.c base/gxclread.c base/gscspace.h base/bcwin32.mak base/gsdparam.c base/gs.mak psi/zshade.c base/gdevbbox.c psi/int.mak base/gxcspace.h psi/zicc.c base/gsstate.c base/winlib.mak base/gsicccache.c psi/zicc.h psi/zimage3.c base/gsicccache.h base/gdevpdfc.c base/gstparam.h base/gxblend.c base/gdevpdfg.c base/gxblend.h]

2010-05-24T02:01:13.653152Z Alex Cherepanov

Recognize Corel tint transform function and replace it with an equivalent
calculator function. Bug 690986.


2010-05-23T00:15:25.592930Z Alex Cherepanov

Decide whether load a CFF font as a simple font or a CIDFont based on the
/Subtype of the font object instead of the /Subtype of the font stream.
Acrobat appears to ignore the latter. Bug 691334.


2010-05-22T09:17:30.088324Z Ken Sharp

Explicit pointer cast to silence a gcc compiler warning.


2010-05-21T15:16:07.910956Z Alex Cherepanov

Following Acrobat implementation but contrary to TTF spec, consider cmap entry
that has endCode < startCode as an entry with endCode == startCode.
According to the spec, "to use these arrays, it is necessary to search for the
first endCode that is greater than or equal to the character code to be
mapped. If the corresponding startCode is less than or equal to the character
code ...". I.e. an entry with endCode < startCode should have no effect.
Thanks to Ken for the patch. Bug 691326.


2010-05-21T08:14:56.354805Z Ken Sharp

Fix: device reference counting problem with patterns and clipping

Bug #690572 more details here. The problem was caused by installing a clip device while
drawing a pattern tile. This patch initialises the finalize member of the structure
where the clip device will be created to NULL. If a clip device is required, the member
will be initialised to a real routine. After drawing the pattern cell, if the finalize
routine is non-NULL we execute it.

This correctly dereferences the forwarded device if we create a clipping device.


2010-05-21T06:35:11.431787Z Hin-Tak Leung

adding missing dependencies so that setupgs and uninstgs can be built ahead or independent of the main targets

[psi/winint.mak psi/msvc32.mak]

2010-05-20T07:31:06.101672Z regression

The clustermaster.pl code now checks the pid in the lock file to see if the
task is running.  Also no longer test pdfwrite with the language switch build.

[toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/build.pl]

2010-05-20T06:24:43.585523Z Hin-Tak Leung

Fix up the eol-style of the rest of the executable files by hand. 
Remove executable bit from toolbin/bmpcmp.c

[toolbin/bmpcmp.c jbig2dec/ltmain.sh tiff/config/ltmain.sh libpng/contrib/pngminim/encoder/gather.sh libpng/contrib/pngminim/preader/gather.sh libpng/scripts/libpng-config-body.in libpng/contrib/pngminim/decoder/gather.sh toolbin/tests/gsvalidate.py]

2010-05-20T06:10:20.265063Z Hin-Tak Leung

Set other type of shell script as native text.

find . -type f -executable  -exec file {} \; | \
 grep 'script text executable'  | grep -v 'POSIX'  | \
cut -f 1 -d ':' |xargs -n 1 svn propset svn:eol-style native

[toolbin/localcluster/bmps2html.pl toolbin/tests/dump_checksum.py toolbin/tests/gscheck_testfiles.py toolbin/tests/dump_checksum_plus.py toolbin/localcluster/readlog.pl toolbin/search-svn-revs toolbin/localcluster/clustermonitor.cgi toolbin/localcluster/clusterpush.pl toolbin/tests/dump_checksum_raw.py toolbin/localcluster/compare.pl toolbin/localcluster/comparerevs.pl toolbin/tests/find_unique_file.py toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/weekly.sh toolbin/localcluster/build.pl toolbin/tests/build_revision.py toolbin/htmldiff.pl toolbin/tests/compare_checksumdb.py toolbin/tests/update_baseline.py toolbin/tests/make_baselinedb.py toolbin/tests/validate.py toolbin/bugsByEngineer.pl toolbin/localcluster/clusterpull.sh toolbin/tests/regen_filelist.py toolbin/localcluster/pngs2html.pl toolbin/localcluster/nightly.pl freetype/builds/mac/ascii2mpw.py toolbin/tests/compare_checksums.py toolbin/tests/run_nightly.py toolbin/tests/regen_baseline.py toolbin/tests/myoptparse.py toolbin/tests/get_baselines.py toolbin/tests/run_regression.py toolbin/localcluster/setupcluster toolbin/localcluster/clustermonitor.pl toolbin/tests/testdiff.py toolbin/tests/updatelistpdf.py toolbin/tests/run_series.py toolbin/tests/updatelist.py toolbin/localcluster/run.pl toolbin/tests/get_baseline_log.py toolbin/performance.pl toolbin/localcluster/cachearchive.pl toolbin/tests/make_testdb.py toolbin/tests/collate.py]

2010-05-20T06:01:41.643170Z Hin-Tak Leung

Set all identifiable shell script as native text

find . -type f -executable  -exec file {} \; | \ 
grep 'POSIX shell script text executable' | \
cut -f 1 -d ':' |xargs -n 1 svn propset svn:eol-style native

[libpng/missing cups/pstoraster.in libpng/test-pngtest.sh cups/pstopxl.in libpng/install-sh jbig2dec/configure libpng/configure contrib/pcl3/ppd/catppd toolbin/clusterpush.sh libpng/depcomp jpeg/install-sh jbig2dec/config.guess contrib/pcl3/lib/if-pcl3 freetype/configure libpng/config.guess jasper/configure tiff/config/missing jbig2dec/config.sub jpeg/configure libpng/config.sub tiff/config/install-sh jpeg/config.guess zlib/configure jpeg/config.sub tiff/config/depcomp libpng/scripts/libpng-config-head.in tiff/config/compile libpng/scripts/libpng-config.in libpng/autogen.sh tiff/config/config.guess jbig2dec/mkinstalldirs jpeg/ltconfig tiff/config/config.sub libpng/mkinstalldirs contrib/epson740/ps-to-printer.fpi_rh5.2 jasper/acaux/missing jasper/acaux/install-sh tiff/autogen.sh freetype/builds/unix/install-sh freetype/builds/unix/mkinstalldirs tiff/configure jasper/acaux/depcomp jasper/acaux/compile tiff/config/mkinstalldirs jasper/acaux/config.guess contrib/pcl3/lib/cups-pcl3 jasper/acaux/config.sub]

2010-05-20T05:52:35.456761Z Hin-Tak Leung

Avoid raw carriage returns in configure which confuses svn

This is a known bug apparently of autoconf 2.63 which was fixed. Here is the upstream log entry:

 2008-10-27  Eric Blake  <ebb9@byu.net>

       Avoid raw carriage return in scripts.
       * lib/autoconf/status.m4 (_AC_OUTPUT_FILES_PREPARE): Generate CR
       via tr, rather than with literal byte.
       * THANKS: Update.
       Reported by Steven R. Loomis; patch suggested by Thomas Dickey.


2010-05-19T14:51:38.835112Z Robin Watts

Some work towards (but not a complete cure for) bug 691030.

Previously XXX_slant_into_trapezoids would check for 2 'simple' cases,
and bale into the fully general fill_slant_adjust function otherwise.
The simple cases were where the top span was a subset of the bottom one, or
vice versa.

Unfortunately the way the code to test for these cases was originally written,
one of these special cases could be used for shaped with vertical sides, and
the other couldn't.

By rewriting the test slightly, both cases can be used with trapezoids that
have one vertical side.

For good measure we also extract the 'rectangle' case out separately.

Cluster testing shows no differences (barring a couple of indeterminisms).

This reduces the output from 5 shapes (2 rectangles, 3 traps) to 3 (2
rectangles, 1 trap). One of the rectangles is still a repeat, but it's
a step in the right direction.


2010-05-19T10:09:05.486708Z Masaki Ushizaka

Bug 691291. Fix reading uninitialized memory.

The change I made in r10603 had a problem comparing with
uninitialized data when using Roman fonts.
The side effect was slowing down font rendering a little.
In this change I added extra initializer and made 
intention of the 'if' condition more clear.
No difference on outputs expected nor observed by localcluster


2010-05-19T07:42:20.717044Z Masaki Ushizaka

Follow-up to r11278.  Removing jbig2dec/config.h.

r11278 enabled jbig2dec/configure to be run.
I agree with the change but jbig2dec/config.h was also under
subversion control.  With r11278, after someone runs
'configure' or 'autogen.sh', jbig2dec/config.h become
modified status.
jbig2dec/config.h doesn't need to be here.  Deleting.

Related bug: 691304 & 691312.


2010-05-18T22:40:39.023883Z Hin-Tak Leung

define -DHAVE_CONFIG_H and run jbig2dec/configure from top-level configure. The fixes some portability issues seen on opensolaris; further follow-up to bug 691304

[base/Makefile.in base/configure.ac]

2010-05-18T22:29:47.346946Z Hin-Tak Leung

typo in one word. bug 691323


2010-05-18T22:23:13.250745Z regression

Minor changes to cluster code:

  support language switch build testing
  recover from disk full errors
  automatically create directories needed for new nodes in run.pl

[toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/clusterpull.sh toolbin/localcluster/run.pl]

2010-05-18T12:22:48.908526Z Masaki Ushizaka

Disabling compiler warnings for discarding 'const'.

[jasper/src/libjasper/base/jas_image.c jasper/src/libjasper/include/jasper/jas_image.h]

2010-05-18T08:55:18.202611Z Chris Liddell

Bug 691313: remove the IBM Omni driver from the default build on Linux. Previously it could be excluded by giving configure "--without-omni", this revision reverses the logic, so Omni can be include by giving configure "--with-omni".


2010-05-18T04:32:25.607601Z Marcos H. Woehrmann

Change the order in which jobs that take too long are killed on the cluster nodes to prevent leftover jobs when running bmpcmp.


2010-05-17T15:48:38.534341Z Ken Sharp

Fix - type 1/CFF font interpreter.
The gs_type1_piece_codes routine interprets a type 1 or CFF glyph program to determine
whether the glyph is composed of two subglyphs (a SEAC).

There was a problem with the CFF opcode cntrmask which did not cater for the case where
it is called with a number of operands on the stack. In this case the operands are to
be interpreted as vstem hints. Because this was not done, the interpreter had the wrong
number of hints, and so did not interpret enough of the following bytes as mask data for
the cntrmask operation. This led to attempting to interpret data as operands, which 
caused corrupted glyphs as well as potential crashes.

This does not appear to be tested by any of our current test files (according to a 
cluster test), so no differences are expected.


2010-05-17T08:25:06.874101Z Ken Sharp

white space change only, committed to make a regression run as the test for the 
previous revision was interrupted.


2010-05-17T07:55:43.268496Z Ken Sharp

Silence some compiler and make warnings.

[psi/write_t1.c psi/int.mak psi/write_t1.h]

2010-05-17T04:39:57.140765Z Hin-Tak Leung

adding check for header stringprep.h; fix bug 691312


2010-05-17T03:59:31.965365Z Hin-Tak Leung

Fixes portability issue properly with r11256 (which is identical with r11520),
first discovered by Ralph 6 months ago with r10520 
which results in its being reverted in r10540 .

    Revert c10520 which causes problems with the MSVC build.
    $(CC_) enforces 'ansi' C under msvc32.mak, disabling any Microsoft
    extensions. This often causes problems with 3rd party libraries
    which try to take advantage of those extensions.
    This means that the -fPIC flag is again not propagated in the GCC
    build; this is just to unbreak the build until I can test a different
    solution which works on both platforms.
As Ralph explained then, some of libtiff requires non-ansi extensions to work.

The main culpit is tif_win32.c (which includes <windows.h>) and some of the 
file IO flags not being defined. So this commit fix the ansi issue properly.

[tiff/libtiff/tiffiop.h base/libtiff.mak]

2010-05-17T03:47:02.654413Z Hin-Tak Leung

fix windows build breakage in r11249

This change (defining TIFFCONFIG_SUFFIX) should have been part of 
   r11249 (create tif_config.h for non-autoconf build) 
which in turn should have been part of 
   r11241 (hook up libtiff with non-autoconf build via 
      "make -f base/unix-gcc.mak" and "make -f base/unixansi.mak")

The explanation is that in r10317 where Lars originally hooked up libtiff,
tif_config.h is generated by libtiff/configure (which is driven by the 
top-level configure), but special provision is provided for non-autoconf build 
(win32 and VMS) by copying from a canned header file.
If one chooses to bypass the top-level configure, *on every platform* 
(win32, VMS, and non-autoconf unix build), one must provide similiar special 
provision as well.

Personally I'll prefer not to support non-autoconf unix build.

[base/unix-gcc.mak base/unixansi.mak base/libtiff.mak]

2010-05-16T18:32:40.253209Z Marcos H. Woehrmann

Changes to the nightly regression testing system to support weekly testing.

[toolbin/localcluster/nightly.pl toolbin/localcluster/weekly.sh toolbin/localcluster/runNightly.pl toolbin/localcluster/run.pl]

2010-05-15T10:57:14.279373Z Hin-Tak Leung

rename PDEP to TIFFDEP to avoid clashing with PDEP from libpng.mak; bug 691299


2010-05-15T10:55:47.722308Z Hin-Tak Leung

comment out a later duplcate definition; bug 691299


2010-05-15T09:50:05.378608Z Hin-Tak Leung

latest version of these files from Adobe's web site: http://download.macromedia.com/pub/opensource/cmap/

[Resource/CMap/UniGB-UTF8-H Resource/CMap/UniJIS2004-UTF32-H Resource/CMap/UniJIS2004-UTF16-H Resource/CMap/UniJIS2004-UTF8-H Resource/CMap/UniCNS-UTF32-H Resource/CMap/UniJISX0213-UTF32-H Resource/CMap/UniCNS-UTF16-H Resource/CMap/UniJIS-UTF32-H Resource/CMap/UniCNS-UTF8-H Resource/CMap/UniJIS-UTF16-H Resource/CMap/UniGB-UTF32-H Resource/CMap/UniJIS-UTF8-H Resource/CMap/UniJISX02132004-UTF32-H Resource/CMap/UniGB-UTF16-H]

2010-05-15T09:46:15.270585Z Ken Sharp

Add skeleton support for the Bitstream font engine. In its current form this only allows
for type 1 PostScritp fonts, CFF is trivial to add, as should be support for Bitstream's
own compressed format. Addition of type 42/TrueType fonts should be patterned after
FreeType, as there is support in Bitstream for a callback to provide TrueType
outlines. There is no such provision for PostScript fonts.

To build; define BITSTREAM_BRIDGE=1 and BITSTREAM_ROOT="", the root should point one
level above the 'core' directory. In the current code this would be :
"/bitstream/FontFusion 4.5a SDK"

[psi/zfapi.c psi/ifapi.h psi/write_t1.c psi/int.mak psi/msvc32.mak psi/fapibstm.c]

2010-05-15T08:17:59.395641Z Hin-Tak Leung

better way of defining SOC_LOADER when try ing to do "make -f base/unix-gcc.mak so"

[base/unix-dll.mak base/unix-gcc.mak]

2010-05-15T08:06:46.613460Z Hin-Tak Leung

The final part of trying to "ln -s base/unix-gcc.mak Makefile ; make so" work.

There were some fundamental problems with the older version: The so target really
should be built in three distinct stages with three different FLAGS - the 
utils (genarch, gechogs) executable part, the shared library part, and the two final
executable part. The library should be built with the shared-object flags, but neither
of the utils nor the final executables should be built with "-shared", since they are
executables and not libraries. Hope this is clear.

There is also a little problem from SOC_LOADER not being defined if this file
is not used from ./configure's Makefile.


2010-05-15T07:58:16.778296Z Hin-Tak Leung

use CC_ instead of CC like everywhere else, to make the "so" target work


2010-05-15T06:30:20.380857Z Hin-Tak Leung

"-shared" is a linker flag and not a compiler (object code generation) flag; another piece of trying to make "make -f base/unix-gcc.mak" work


2010-05-15T06:27:41.486639Z Hin-Tak Leung

try to make 'make -f base/unix-gcc.mak so' work
When not run through ./configure, HAVE_CONFIG_H isn't defined and
the jbig2 codes drop through to generic unknown unix platform - so we put some
generic unix values here.


2010-05-15T06:23:35.840946Z Hin-Tak Leung

correct documentation on how make so should work - ./configure --enable-dynamic is required


2010-05-15T03:36:29.389869Z Hin-Tak Leung

adding new header dependencies from the recent remove-globals effort


2010-05-15T03:13:49.664716Z Hin-Tak Leung

adding a needed include to silent a compiler warning introduced by the recent remove-globals effort


2010-05-15T03:12:31.280935Z Hin-Tak Leung

another fix to bug 691306
This was broken in r2746 (June 2002) which nobody has noticed for 8 years.
This code path is only used for 'make -f unixansi.mak' (very generic unix cc compiler).


2010-05-15T03:09:09.671905Z Hin-Tak Leung

generate tif_config.h if it is not there. part of fixes to bug 691306


2010-05-15T03:06:53.120732Z Hin-Tak Leung

adding comments about the vga devices being Linux specific


2010-05-15T03:05:54.250134Z Hin-Tak Leung

part of fix to bug 691306.

These two devices has been broken since r2925 (DeviceN, August 2002),
but not built by default at all. They were blindly enabled in
unix-gcc.mak amongst the ESP merge from Till, and it would appear that
nobody has noticed since the merge (8.57-8.60) until now.

[base/gdevl256.c base/gdevvglb.c]

2010-05-15T02:58:14.802157Z Hin-Tak Leung

freetype2 dependency in base/unixansi.mak to make "make -f base/unixansi.mak" work; another part for bug 691306


2010-05-15T02:57:22.770443Z Hin-Tak Leung

freetype2 dependency in base/unix-gcc.mak to make "make -f base/unix-gcc.mak" work; bug 691306


2010-05-15T02:55:30.474135Z Hin-Tak Leung

add documentation about the default internal resolution for pdfwrite is 720dpi


2010-05-15T02:54:08.145913Z Hin-Tak Leung

add documentation about how to force-embedding the basic 14 fonts


2010-05-15T02:52:47.037525Z Hin-Tak Leung

fix an obvious typo in the makefile


2010-05-14T16:46:05.198340Z Marcos H. Woehrmann

Added support to unix-gcc.mak and unixansi.mak to build/use libtiff
(also fixed some typos and made the device lists more similar).

Note because of the FreeType code these files do not work with
the current head (they work with ghostscript-8.71).

Fixes Bug 691301.

[base/unix-gcc.mak base/unixansi.mak]

2010-05-14T04:23:14.678757Z Hin-Tak Leung

remove one extra tab introduced in r10994; non-GNU Make on Tru64 and HP-UX is picky. Bug 688184 and bug 691299


2010-05-14T04:20:29.682174Z Hin-Tak Leung

HP compiler quirk - apparently the same workaround is needed for SUN Pro C and GCC 1.x (see a few lines before this change) ; bug 688184


2010-05-14T04:18:42.997881Z Hin-Tak Leung

uint8_t type located in usual header on HP-UX needed for jbig2dec ; bug 688184


2010-05-14T04:16:54.357328Z Hin-Tak Leung

fix conflicting types against HP-UX system header in jasper; bug 688184


2010-05-13T20:08:08.900471Z Robin Watts

Nudge the windows solution/makefiles closer to supporting 64 bit builds
by defining WIN64 and amending makefiles to pass the define on through
recursive calls.

[/trunk/ghostpdl/win32/xps.vcproj ghostscript-ufst.vcproj ghostscript.vcproj /trunk/ghostpdl/win32/pcl.vcproj /trunk/ghostpdl/win32/svg.vcproj psi/msvc32.mak /trunk/ghostpdl/main/pcl6_msvc.mak /trunk/ghostpdl/win32/language_switch.vcproj]

2010-05-13T16:49:47.848287Z Hin-Tak Leung

adding NULL check before closedevice - bug report 691296 and patch from Tim Waugh. Thanks.


2010-05-13T08:55:42.013750Z Ken Sharp

Changes only in white space, to provoke another regression test.


2010-05-13T08:30:02.236776Z Ken Sharp

No changes, just an attempt to provoke some regression runs.


2010-05-13T08:05:16.555333Z Ken Sharp

Fix FAPI interface
There is code in the FAPI interface for replacing a font's /FontBBox entry, this
sometimes has to create a new array to insert into the dictionary, if the old array is
not suitable for storing real values.

The code to do this continued using ref_assign_old, as it had done for replacing the
values in an existing array. This appears to be incorrect, when created the refs in a 
new array are uninitialised so attempting to use ref_assign_old tries to use
uninitialised data. 

Modified to use ref_assign_new instead, as indicated by the comments in store.h

This *may* reduce some of the non-deterministic behaviour, possibly with files such
as ShadowText.eps


2010-05-12T08:44:16.052741Z Chris Liddell

Elimate an irksome compiler warning introduced in r11221


2010-05-12T01:43:18.946640Z Hin-Tak Leung

adding documentation about the -dDisableFAPI=true switch in various places

[doc/Use.htm doc/Make.htm]

2010-05-11T22:05:22.389565Z regression

The local cluster now tests the language switch build (ls).

[toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/build.pl toolbin/localcluster/clusterpush.pl toolbin/localcluster/run.pl toolbin/localcluster/clusterpush.txt]

2010-05-11T21:21:19.118628Z Robin Watts

Add x64 platform target to Visual Studio projects. I can't
test it myself due to not having a 64bit Windows setup,
but it at least starts building and then falls over when
it tries to run a 64bit exe as part of the build process.

[/trunk/ghostpdl/win32/xps.vcproj ghostscript-ufst.vcproj /trunk/ghostpdl/win32/pcl.vcproj /trunk/ghostpdl/win32/svg.vcproj /trunk/ghostpdl/win32/language_switch.vcproj]

2010-05-11T21:02:09.407086Z regression

Minor improvement to cluster node log collection code.

[toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/run.pl]

2010-05-11T20:41:10.123188Z Robin Watts

bmpcmp was reporting the wrong page number for images, due to me forgetting
to increment the imagecount when images were loaded. Fixed here.


2010-05-11T17:25:01.376580Z Chris Liddell

Bugs 690356 and 690832: have the colour space object take a copy of string data associated with an indexed colour space lookup table. This prevents the colour space finalising code (gx_final_Indexed) freeing the contents of a Postscript object which may still be in use.


2010-05-11T15:44:21.967848Z Ken Sharp

Fix (FAPI)
The PDF interpreter, when a font is missing, and it has the 'small caps' flag set,
creates a substitute by altering the CharStrings of the substitute font, replacing
the lower case glyph CharStrings with procedures which 'show' the upper case glyph at a
reduced size.

This ends up in the FAPI code as a t_mixedarray type which was being missed by the check
for a t_array, added previously to handle arbitrary procedures in a type 1 font. After
extending the check to include t_mixedarray it was clear that the SEAC processing was
also messing up the dictionary lookup, so it was necessary to restore a value which
had been overwritten in case a SEAC turned up.

zero-length-font.pdf should now work as it does without FAPI, no other differences

[psi/fapi_ft.c psi/zfapi.c]

2010-05-11T14:34:32.672494Z Chris Liddell

Revise the UFST interface code for PCL/PXL and GS to work with the changes to eliminate global variables in the Artifex code base.

NOTE: the UFST_REENTRANT configuration was broken, and still is (it has been since the creation of gxfapiu.[ch] files. To be resolved in the future. At this time, therefore, no build integrating UFST can be thread safe.

[/trunk/ghostpdl/pl/plulfont.c psi/fapiufst.c base/gxfapiu.c base/gxfapiu.h]

2010-05-11T13:24:43.420456Z Robin Watts

Fix for bug 691249 - error caused by failing to initialise new member of
libctx that was previously a global.

We now memset the contents of libctx to 0 after mallocing it, and then
explicitly set the non-zero/NULL/false values. This is safer long term as
it protects us from making the same mistake in future.


2010-05-11T12:41:44.704781Z Hin-Tak Leung

replace "/*" by "<slash><star>" to avoid compiler warning about comments inside comment 


2010-05-11T11:55:10.416074Z Michael Vrhel

Debug code for helping in debug of 689737.  The pattern that is created is 1 bpp.  With this code the pattern bit map is dumped for opening with photoshop as a raw 8bit image.  The source of the problem appears to be incorrect creation of the pattern bit map when GraphicAlphaBits is set to greater than 1.


2010-05-11T09:35:16.657505Z Ken Sharp

Fix (fonts)
Bug #691290 "new freetype code gives error /typecheck in definefont"

When creating a Decoding from an Encoding array, treat null objects the same as /.notdef
(ie not encoded).

No differences expected.


2010-05-10T15:17:25.103327Z Ken Sharp

Fix (FreeType) : illegal use of setcurrentpoint not handled as per Adobe.
Bug #691172, file type1-ce1_setcurrentpoint.ps

The PostScript file includes a font which illegally uses setcurrentpoint to establish an
absolute x/y position. The spec is quite clear that this operator is *only* meaningful
when processing the results of an OtherSubr, so this usage is definitely illegal.

Not only does it use setcurrentpoint but, unlike previous uses we have seen, it does not
simply establish 0,0 as the initial point, which can be safely ignored, it actually
uses it to displace the outline vertically.

FreeType normally just puts two uninitialised variables on the stack, ignores the
setcurrentpoint and pops the two dummy values. Instead, we now push the current x and
y co-ordinates when we get a '0 callothersubr'. In setcurrentpoint we then use the
top two values on the stack to set the current point. This now works for the illegal
usage seen here, the previous illegal usage, and does not break well-formed fonts
which actually use the OtherSubrs to set the point.


2010-05-10T12:29:09.676516Z Michael Vrhel

Retry of fix for Bug 69048 (this one actually builds...) Again this should only be a factor when using GraphicsAlphaBits.  The fix was to make sure that when GraphicsAlphaBits is used we initialize the pattern bits buffer.  Otherwise the get_bits operation used during the gx_default_copy_alpha grabs uninitialized memory.  Since we do not test with GraphicsAlphabits in the regression testing I don't expect there to be any differences.

[base/lib.mak base/gxpcmap.c base/gxdevmem.h base/gdevabuf.c base/gspaint.c]

2010-05-10T01:57:42.574530Z Michael Vrhel

Reversion to 11210 until I figure out what went wrong...

[base/gsutil.h base/lib.mak base/gxpcmap.c base/gspaint.c base/gsutil.c]

2010-05-09T23:10:59.799862Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for Bug 690487.  This should only be a factor when using GraphicsAlphaBits.  The fix was to make sure that when GraphicsAlphaBits is used we initialize the pattern bits buffer.  Otherwise the get_bits operation used during the gx_default_copy_alpha grabs uninitialized memory.  Since we do not test with GraphicsAlphabits in the regression testing I don't expect there to be any differences.

[base/gsutil.h base/lib.mak base/gxpcmap.c base/gspaint.c base/gsutil.c]

2010-05-08T22:30:46.926748Z Alex Cherepanov

Update license headers of a few retaining files with AFPL header.
Bug 691285.

[Resource/Decoding/StandardEncoding Resource/Decoding/Latin1]

2010-05-08T21:22:13.614092Z regression

Whitespace changes only.


2010-05-08T21:12:23.981766Z regression

Minor changes to cluster software:

  Check svn commands for errors and retry.

  Gather individual logs and md5sums after each job is completed
  rather than at the end of all jobs.


2010-05-08T20:47:25.658412Z Marcos H. Woehrmann

Minor changes to the cluster software:

  Added a lock file to the clusterpull.sh task
  Updated the documentation to explain how to temporarily disable a node.

[toolbin/localcluster/clusterpull.sh toolbin/localcluster/readme]

2010-05-08T15:56:46.469253Z Alex Cherepanov

Detect and break an infinite loop when some of the image data source are
at EOF, some are not, and the image code doesn't take more data.
Bug 691285.


2010-05-08T09:59:55.023824Z Ken Sharp

Initialise a structure to silence a Coverity warning.


2010-05-08T08:57:57.923764Z Ken Sharp

Really, properly, silence the gcc compiler this time....


2010-05-07T14:30:08.276765Z Ray Johnston

Fix clist_band_height to use the macro defined in gxband.h as other code does to prevent future bitrot. Also use macros for the clist_ cfname, cfile, bfname, bfile.


2010-05-07T14:23:18.978837Z Ray Johnston

Fix number of elements in the BAND_PARAMS_INITIAL initializer macro to correspond to the size of gx_band_params_t (needed since rev 5751).


2010-05-07T12:16:50.113521Z Ken Sharp

Silence some compiler warnings about not checking the return value from fread.

[base/gdevpdf.c base/gdevpdfu.c]

2010-05-07T12:12:47.989467Z Ken Sharp

Initialise the members of a local structure to silence a (spurious) compiler and
Coverity warning.


2010-05-07T08:17:29.050795Z Ken Sharp

Silence a GCC compiler warning, no differences expected.


2010-05-06T16:04:27.459137Z Robin Watts

Remove gs_debug_out global variable as it is never used.

No differences expected or seen with local cluster testing.

[base/bench.c base/gsmisc.c]

2010-05-06T16:03:43.016324Z Robin Watts

Update overprint device to avoid writing back to 3 global variables
({generic,no,sep}_overptint_procs). We still have those global variables
but each instantiated device takes copies of them and does any writing back
into the copies. This is part of the work for bug 691207.

No differences expected or shown by local cluster testing.


2010-05-06T16:00:28.103268Z Robin Watts

Move gs_interp_reschedule_proc, gs_interp_time_slice_proc, and
gs_interp_time_slice_ticks into context to avoid global variables as
part of the work for bug 691207.

No differences expected or seen with local cluster testing.

[psi/icontext.c psi/zcontext.c psi/icstate.h psi/interp.c]

2010-05-06T15:25:10.815510Z Ken Sharp

Fix (FAPI & FreeType)

Bug #691284 "Error: /unknownerror in --.FAPIBuildChar"
The issue is caused because the PostScript file adds to an existing type 1 font a 
CharString entry which is not in type 1 CharString format. I would have thought this
to be illegal but other PostScript interpreters (specifically Distiller) are happy
with it.

Modifed the FAPI interface so that after retrieving a type 1, non-CID, CharString we
test to see if it is a procedure, if it is, then we return an error from the FAPI
code to the caller (in this case the FreeType interface).

Modified the FreeType interface so that if the CharString retrieval returns an error
we return a  specific (otherwise unused) error to the caller, in this case the
FreeType engine. On return from FreeType to the interface we test for the specific
FreeType error (FT_ERR_Invalid_File_Format) and if this is detected then instead of
returning an error to FAPI, we add one to the character index (to ensure it isn't 0)
and return that to FAPI.

Finally, in the FAPI code, after 'rendering' the glyph, if we were returned a value
> 0 then we assume that 'something went wrong' with the CharString. As a last-ditch
effort we use the return value -1 to retrieve the CharString, and then 'exec' it.

NB if we fail to retrieve the CharString at this level, we return an invalidfont error.

[psi/fapi_ft.c psi/zfapi.c psi/ifapi.h]

2010-05-06T03:04:41.737028Z Alex Cherepanov

Fix compilation errors on Visual C that wants "ui64" suffix instead of "ULL"
for "unsigned long long" numerals.


2010-05-05T20:30:19.371369Z Robin Watts

Remove 2 unused globals. These should have been removed as part of 11146.

No differences expected.


2010-05-05T19:58:05.790577Z regression

Minor changes to the local cluster:

Report md5sum differences even in files that generate an error during processing.
Archive the email and log files for all revisions, including those which had compile errors.

[toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/compare.pl]

2010-05-05T18:14:21.583279Z Robin Watts

More work towards bug 691207 (global variable removal).

There are 4 places is xps where we do eprintfs that access mem_err_print.
This resolves 1, the other 3 should never be called in files we support.

Resolve 4 const warnings from jasper.

Remove 2 calls to gs_lib_ctx_get_non_gc_memory_t from the cups driver. This
means the only places left calling this are devices in gs\contrib.

Convert calls to errprint_nomem to calls to errprint (in gdevx.c, gxttb.c,

The only places using mem_err_print are therefore:

 * calls to debug printing functions
 * devices in gs/contrib calling gs_lib_gtx_get_non_gc_memory, errprint_nomem,
   and eprintf.
 * jasper calling eprintf.
 * gdevsco.c (but that seems intrinsically single threaded to me as only one
   thing can be using the console at a time, presumably)
 * signal handlers in os2 and iwatc for catching numeric exceptions.
 * Various devices in gs/base still call errprintf_nomem - some in DEBUG only
   code, but some not.
 * The gs_throw_imp function.

I think this may be as good as we can get at this point.

No differences expected, or shown by local cluster testing.

[/trunk/ghostpdl/xps/xpsfont.c base/gdevx.c base/gdevupd.c base/gxttfb.c cups/gdevcups.c jasper/src/libjasper/base/jas_image.c jasper/src/libjasper/include/jasper/jas_image.h]

2010-05-05T16:25:49.238174Z Robin Watts

More work for bug 691207 (remove global vars). Change the gp_ interface and
all its implementations to pass a gs_memory_t in some cases to allow eprintf
calls to be made safely.

Also fix a 'const' warning in pxl/pxfont.c and pcl/pcsymbol.c

No differences expected, or shown by local cluster testing.

[base/gp_os2.c base/gdevos2p.c base/gsdevice.c psi/zfile.c base/gp_os2pr.c base/gp_vms.c base/gdevwprn.c base/gxclfile.c base/gp_iwatc.c base/gp_os2.h base/gp_os9.c base/gdevwpr2.c /trunk/ghostpdl/pcl/pcsymbol.c /trunk/ghostpdl/xps/xpstop.c base/gp_unix.c /trunk/ghostpdl/psi/psitop.c base/gp_unifs.c base/gp.h base/gp_macio.c base/bench.c base/gdevpdf.c base/gp_os2fs.c /trunk/ghostpdl/pxl/pxfont.c base/gp_mswin.c base/gp_dvx.c]

2010-05-05T06:47:20.379288Z Masaki Ushizaka

A fix for 691164 "PDF loads blank when not Administrator on Vista using GS 8.7".

The problem was in JasPer library.  It tried to create temporary file in 
current directory (HAVE_MKSTEMP), or root directory (Windows and others).
When those directories are read only, it failed to decode images.

This patch introduces searching of TMPDIR, TEMP and TMP environment varibales
and use them for temporary files.

Localcluster test reported no differences.

[jasper/src/libjasper/base/jas_stream.c jasper/src/libjasper/include/jasper/jas_stream.h]

2010-05-05T03:08:00.170436Z Hin-Tak Leung

adding --ldflags to cups.mak ; bug 690268


2010-05-04T23:11:46.700325Z Hin-Tak Leung

Incoporate the reporter's suggested change to config.guess , bug 69020

It appears that the same change is already in automake-1.11 (and after 1.7), 
so the change is correct. If we merge with upstream again, it is possible that
this might be overwritten. Hopefully when that happens, the config.guess from
newer upstream will have this change. 


2010-05-04T22:52:33.245666Z Hin-Tak Leung

minor wording and grammar corrections. Bug 690005


2010-05-04T19:05:37.567635Z Robin Watts

A couple of calls to eprintf missed from the previous commit.

No expected changes.


2010-05-04T19:04:51.514942Z Marcos H. Woehrmann

Improved the localcluster readme instructions.


2010-05-04T18:47:12.330141Z Robin Watts

As part of the work for bug 691207 (remove global variables) we introduce
a new set of macros, "emprintfX". These do the same as the "eprintfX"
macros, except they take an explicit memory reference rather than using
the mem_err_print global.

The plan is to move everything possible over to using emprintf, leaving
callers of eprintf as 'unsafe' in multithreaded builds.

This review changes all callers of eprintf in ghostscript except:
gdevsco.c, gp_iwatc.c, gp_macio.c, gp_mswin.c, gp_os2.c, gp_os2pr.c,
gp_unifs.c, gp_vms.c, gsfid.c, contrib\*, jasper\*.

1 instance in gzspotan.c remains unchanged, but it should never be used.

Local cluster testing shows no build problems.

[psi/fapi_ft.c base/gdevpdfj.c base/gsdevice.c base/gdevos2p.c psi/zfapi.c base/gdevijs.c base/gdevpdfm.c base/gdevpx.c base/gxclfile.c base/gdevpdtb.c base/gdevpdfp.c base/gdevpdtc.c psi/fapiufst.c base/gdevpdtf.c base/gdevpdfu.c base/gxblend1.c base/gspaint.c base/gdevxini.c base/gxcmap.c base/gxclthrd.c base/gdevpsdu.c base/gdevpdtt.c base/gstype42.c base/gdevpsft.c base/gsmisc.c base/gdevsgi.c base/gxclmem.c base/gxttfb.c base/std.h base/gslib.c base/gxtype1.c base/gzspotan.c psi/imainarg.c base/gdevpe.c base/gdevsun.c base/gdevxcmp.c psi/imain.c base/gsiorom.c base/gdevpdf.c base/gdevtsep.c contrib/japanese/gdevdmpr.c base/gxclrast.c base/gdevpdfi.c]

2010-05-04T16:03:29.077971Z regression

Changed casper3.ghostscript.com to casper.ghostscript.com (no reason to test this, how can it possibly fail?).

[toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/build.pl toolbin/localcluster/run.pl]

2010-05-04T12:34:27.748154Z Robin Watts

As part of the efforts towards bug 691207 (global variables must be removed)
this commit reduces the reliance on mem_err_print.

Currently all calls to errwrite and errflush get the stdin/out/err details
from a global mem_err_print. For multithreaded gs this will result in output
going to the wrong place if any of them are redirected. This review splits
errwrite into 2 variants, errwrite and errwrite_nomem. The first takes an
explicit mem pointer. The second continues to assume a global one.

The plan is to make everything possible use the first. Currently debugging
calls and some 'stubborn' devices continue to call errwrite_nomem.

Local cluster testing shows no differences.

[base/gdevos2p.c base/gdevsppr.c base/gdevpdfm.c base/gdevsunr.c base/gdevpx.c base/gdevupd.c base/gdevimgn.c base/gdevwpr2.c base/ttfmain.c base/ttfoutl.h base/gp_unifs.c /trunk/ghostpdl/psi/psitop.c base/gdev4693.c /trunk/ghostpdl/xps/xpsfont.c base/strmio.c /trunk/ghostpdl/pxl/pxtop.c contrib/pcl3/src/gdevpcl3.c base/gsmisc.c base/gdevwddb.c base/gsargs.c base/szlibd.c /trunk/ghostpdl/pl/plmain.c base/gxttfb.c base/std.h base/gdevifno.c /trunk/ghostpdl/xps/xpscff.c /trunk/ghostpdl/pcl/pctop.c contrib/pcl3/eprn/gdeveprn.c base/gdevcdj.c psi/ziodevsc.c base/gdevx.c base/gslibctx.c contrib/pcl3/eprn/eprnparm.c toolbin/localcluster/run.pl base/gdevhl7x.c]

2010-05-03T16:57:35.641421Z Henry Stiles

Fix compiler warning (return from incompatible pointer type)
introduced with making the font cache part of the library context,
revision 11165.


2010-05-03T16:48:16.934577Z Lars Uebernickel

Applied Michael Constant's patch to support reading 256-bit AES encrypted PDFs
(bug #690702).

Minor modifications were made to the original patch to make it work with the
current trunk.

Aaron Gifford's SHA-2 implementation is included (BSD licensed).

Libidn is added as an optional dependency to support unicode passwords.  If it
is not installed, only ASCII passwords are supported.

[base/errno_.h psi/zfaes.c psi/gs.c base/saes.c base/lib.mak base/sha2.c doc/Use.htm base/saes.h base/Makefile.in psi/int.mak psi/zutf8.c base/sha2.h base/locale_.h psi/zpdfops.c psi/zfsha2.c psi/zwinutf8.c psi/winint.mak base/ssha2.c base/configure.ac Resource/Init/pdf_sec.ps psi/msvc32.mak base/ssha2.h]

2010-05-03T13:25:52.802113Z Ken Sharp

Fix (pdfwrite) incorrect ToUnicode CMap.
Bug #691274 "Missing or incorrect ToUnicode when using Identity ordering"

pdfwrite emits ToUnicode CMaps in PDF files which always use 2 bytes for the key
length. That is 0x21 is represented as <0021>, since these are hex strings there should
in fact be no difference between <21> and <0021>. It is clear from the ToUnicode
Mapping file tutorial that this is correct for mapping files.

However, a PDF file is not a CMap file. It appears that Acrobat does not like
beginbfrange data which is padded with zeros (it seems happy with codespacerange and 
destination codes which are 0 padded though).

This patch outputs ToUnicode CMaps which are not padded with 0, ie 0x21 is emitted as
<0021>, for the srcCodeLo and SrcCodeHi parameters in a beginbfrange operation. The
destination codes remain zero-padded.

Technically this would be incorrect for a real CMap file, but we don't write those
out so this should not be an issue. The change is limited to ToUnicode CMaps and does
not affect any other kind of CMap.

I believe the change will affect the data emitted for the beginbfrange,
beginbfchar, begincidchar, beginnotdefchar, beginnotdefrange and begincidrange
operators. It does *not* affect the begincodespacerange operator; although Acrobat
Distiller writes this without zero padding tests show that Acrobat is happy reading
zero-padded code space ranges.

ToUnicode information is not used in rendering PDF files, so regression testing should
show no differences. Local testing of a limited number of files doesn't reveal any
problems, but this change has not been well tested.


2010-05-03T04:13:30.766321Z Hin-Tak Leung

Fix unix so build regression; fixes regression from r9948 which was committed for bug 690695


2010-05-03T03:59:03.969165Z Hin-Tak Leung

fixes multiple jpeg devices listed in gs -h (bug 691176)


2010-05-03T03:14:34.052929Z Hin-Tak Leung

Rewording build instructions for unix systems, and adding more warnings about 
instructions for legacy old systems being deprecated; bug 691264.


2010-05-02T00:19:52.718987Z Robin Watts

Script to generate an html page that graphically show the differences
between local cluster regression run results between arbitrary revisions.

Usage information given in file. Must be run on the cluster master machine
(i.e. casper).


2010-05-01T23:22:33.008186Z Henry Stiles

Continue work to remove globals (691207).  The font cache is no longer
global but part of the library context.

[psi/isave.h psi/bfont.h base/gslibctx.c psi/zfcid0.c psi/zfcid1.c psi/zfont.c psi/zfont0.c psi/zfont1.c psi/zbfont.c psi/zusparam.c base/gslibctx.h psi/zfont32.c psi/zfont42.c psi/isave.c]

2010-05-01T09:23:24.281883Z Ken Sharp

Modify the 'C' defaults of the pdfwrite device

Bug #691259 "HPGL graphic followed by raster graphic results in incorrect pdf"
The pdfwrite device is initialised in 'C', and then partly overridden by PostScript
initialisation. The problem is that non-PostScript input does not (cannot) execute the
PostScript initialisation, and so the defaults are left as those done in 'C'.

Not only do these defaults not match the documented defaults in ps2pdf.htm, they are
not particularly well selected. In this case the problem was caused by sending image
data at 150 dpi, but only a single scan line at a time. The default setting for
pdfwrite was to downsample image data to 72 dpi, this caused us to subsample (the 
default downsampling) by a factor of more than 2, which led to our single scan line
becoming less than half a scan line, and so disappearing altogether.

This patch addresses this issue by altering a number of the defaults to more sensible 
values. In particular we disable downsampling and enable image compression for gray
and colour images. This has the fortunate result of making most PDF output files 
smaller than before, even though we are now storing more image data.


2010-05-01T01:59:46.738263Z Alex Cherepanov

Check all PDF files for transparency features because some files have
incorrect version number but Acrobat renders them just fine. Bug 691273.


2010-04-30T15:54:08.117709Z Ken Sharp

Testing a white space change for cluster regression tests, this will be overwritten later.


2010-04-29T21:51:34.733741Z Till Kamppeter

rev 11149 for fixing bug 691014 had still some compiler warnings. This rev fixes them.


2010-04-29T18:32:44.398974Z Robin Watts

Remove the 'parent' parameter from gs_malloc_init calls. It only serves to
allow libctx's to be shared between instances, and we'll never want to do
that. It's unused at the moment anyway, so this doesn't impact anything.

No expected differences.

[psi/gs.c base/gsinit.c base/gslib.c base/gsmalloc.c /trunk/ghostpdl/pl/plalloc.c psi/iapi.c base/gsmalloc.h]

2010-04-29T04:19:15.713592Z Hin-Tak Leung

Doubling the arbitrary 0x100000 alloc size limit; the alloc_size_is_ok() check is 
complied out and replaced with DO_NOTHING in release build so this has effect only 
on debug builds. Fixes Bug 691271 . 


2010-04-28T23:19:01.308642Z Robin Watts

Eliminate some warnings in gxcht.c (keep shifts < size of uint).

No local cluster differences reported, or expected.


2010-04-28T22:37:01.089543Z Till Kamppeter

Fixed segfaults caused by setting and changing the page geometry parameters incorrectly (bug #691014).


2010-04-28T21:57:29.180527Z Alex Cherepanov

Associate cached font instance with PDF font resource dictionary instead of
font descriptor. The latter may be shared by font resource dictionaries with
different encodings causing incorrect rendering. Bug 690714.


2010-04-28T20:24:41.808400Z Robin Watts

Move op_array_table_global and op_array_table_local away from being
globals and into i_ctx_p. This requires various knock on changes
throughout the code to enable them to be recovered from the context
(which may itself need to be recovered from a memory pointer).

Also, the garbage collection is altered slightly; rather than the
op_arrays being special cased (as special objects that have to have
their component parts registered as roots for the garbage collection) we
move them inline into i_ctx_t and amend the gc routines for that
structure. Thanks to Alex for his help with this.

No differences expected, or shown with local cluster testing.

[psi/iinit.c psi/icontext.c psi/imain.c psi/idebug.c psi/icstate.h psi/interp.c psi/igc.c psi/opdef.h psi/zmisc.c psi/iutil.c]

2010-04-28T20:19:40.848310Z Robin Watts

Simple fix to remove dict_default_pack from being a global bool.
(Make it an enum instead).

No changes expected or shown by local cluster testing.


2010-04-28T17:18:52.709002Z Chris Liddell

Ensure that multiplication gets applied prior to type casting.


2010-04-28T14:41:02.575217Z Robin Watts

Add missing cast to fapi_ft.c to quiet a warning. This was missed out of
yesterdays commit of such fixes.

No expected diffs.


2010-04-28T11:40:24.316225Z Robin Watts

Small tweaks to Ghostscript initialisation to check for malloc failures etc.
This would very rarely have been a problem in current code, but would be
more of an issue in multithreaded operation as running out of memory
while forking a new instance is more likely.

No expected differences, but the local cluster code seems to be claiming
differences for an unchanged tree at the moment, so if 3 or so non-pdfwrite
errors and 1800ish pdfwrite errors show up, it's not because of this.

[psi/gs.c psi/imain.c base/gsmalloc.c psi/iapi.c]

2010-04-27T16:06:05.631664Z Chris Liddell

Add back in a call removed in (a merging) error in my previous commit (11137).


2010-04-27T14:53:14.939131Z Chris Liddell

Bug 691260: make the FAPI and Freetype related warning messages debug only, and depend on -Zm for the FAPI warnings or -Z1 for the Freetype warnings. Also address compiler warnings in fapi_ft.c.

[psi/fapi_ft.c psi/zfapi.c]

2010-04-27T14:27:08.849186Z Robin Watts

Silence some warnings, either by including new headers or by introducing
explicit casts.

No differences shown by local cluster testing (of pcl and gs only as xps is
currently broken).

[base/gxdcconv.c base/gsptype1.c base/gdevpx.c base/gstrans.c base/gdevrinkj.c base/gxfill.c base/gxstroke.c psi/zmisc.c]

2010-04-27T09:56:26.779813Z Till Kamppeter

Made the CUPS Raster output device working in a multi-threaded mode, removing all global variables. Thanks to James Cloos for the patch. Fixes bug #691241.


2010-04-26T15:29:28.937213Z Alex Cherepanov

Remember the allocator in the dynamically allocated scanner_state to ensure
proper deallocation. Current allocation may be reset when a PS error occurs.
Bug 691167.

[psi/ztoken.c psi/iscan.c psi/iscan.h]

2010-04-26T09:04:35.569612Z Chris Liddell

Ensure that the BuildChar object is not the null object before trying access its contents.


2010-04-26T05:58:46.519692Z Michael Vrhel

Change so that when a graphic state is restored, the overprint compositor action only occurs if there is a change from the current overprint state.  This fixes a problem in one of the files associated with bug 691014.  In the particular file, overprint compositor actions were getting placed into a pattern clist.  The file in fact had no overprint settings.  Ran regression test, no differences expected.


2010-04-25T23:47:56.048527Z Alex Cherepanov

Add ANSI/ASME Y14.1 A - F paper sizes named ANSI_A - ANSI_F for completeness.
Bug 691217.


2010-04-25T22:45:48.099475Z Till Kamppeter

Minor clean-ups: Added some parantheses to casts and initialized allocated memory.


2010-04-25T22:32:09.854994Z Michael Vrhel



2010-04-25T21:52:42.447453Z Till Kamppeter

Introduced a real get_color_comp_index() method, to fix bug #690338 correctly.


2010-04-25T18:47:28.775496Z Alex Cherepanov

Add -dNONATIVEFONTMAP option to disable the use of font map and corresponding
fonts installed on underlying platform. This may be needed to ensure consistent
rendering on the platforms with different fonts, for instance,
during regression testing. Bug 691240.

[doc/Use.htm Resource/Init/gs_fonts.ps]

2010-04-25T00:41:40.540207Z Michael Vrhel

Fix for Bug 691014.  Problem was caused by the fact that we had a soft mask present and a pattern with no transparency.  This means the PDF14 device is installed and more importantly that transparency state pushes and pops occur to keep the softmask in sync with the graphic state.  This particular files pattern is installed as a clist, which happens to not have any transparency.  The transparency state pushes and pops were getting placed into the pattern clist when the Q and q operations occurred in the pattern, which was causing problems since the pattern clist device had no pdf14 device installed to handle such commands.  

The solution is to check, when a transparency compositor action is to occur, if the current device is a pattern accumulator or a pattern-clist device.  If it is, then the pattern instance is checked to see if it has transparency.  If it does not, then the transparency state chance is ignored.  This all occurs on the clist writing phase in the gs_trans functions.  

In addition, a fix was made so that the pdf14custom device sets up it's color information correctly.  For subtractive devices that do not have cmyk process colorants the custompdf14 device is installed.  This pdf14 device was obtaining its color_info from the target device.  The pdf14 device must be continuous tone even if the target device is not. 

Ran a regression test and saw no differences.

[base/gdevp14.c base/lib.mak base/gstrans.c]

2010-04-24T22:21:26.893815Z Alex Cherepanov

Remove rudimentary code that maps out-of-range character codes to 0 causing
dictionary overflow in some cases. Unlike earlier array, dictionary
representation of 'cmap' table doesn't need this. Bug 691253, customer 780.


2010-04-23T12:56:00.372874Z Chris Liddell

Resolve issues with the language_switch Ghostscript build for Windows, since Freetype enabled became the default for the normal GS build.

[/trunk/ghostpdl/common/msvc_top.mak /trunk/ghostpdl/language_switch/pspcl6_msvc.mak /trunk/ghostpdl/psi/psitop.c psi/msvc32.mak]

2010-04-23T04:10:50.732099Z Michael Vrhel

Fix of minor memory leak found by Ray.  maskbuf entry of transparency ctx object was not getting freed.  The large mask buffer, which is a member variable of maskbuf was getting freed but not this 12 byte structure.  No expected differences.


2010-04-23T03:25:33.581070Z Alex Cherepanov

Always load CFF font as a CIDFont when it is used as a descendant font of a
composite font in PDF file. Bug 691253.


2010-04-22T12:28:16.186930Z Alex Cherepanov

Trap errors that happen in the font reader, issue a warning, and proceed as
if the font was not embedded. Bug 691242.


2010-04-22T04:20:00.389442Z Alex Cherepanov

Don't use precompiled headers on MSVC 6 and 7 because it causes compilation
error C2006 in freetype, which uses #include MACRO .


2010-04-21T19:51:07.227636Z Robin Watts

Add missing header file from revision 11097.


2010-04-21T19:26:13.171574Z Robin Watts

Revert macro magic from gserror.h introduced in r11097, due to it being
broken when used as an expression. Sorry.


2010-04-21T18:12:56.928835Z Robin Watts

Another set of very simple tweaks to a range of source files to remove
warnings. Nothing contentious in here I hope!

base/gdevpdf.c: Make the fact we're ignoring the return value of fread
explicit by casting to void.

base/gdevsj48.c: Remove unused var.

base/gdevtknk.c: Avoid gcc warning by not needlessly assigning within

base/gdevimgn.c: Fix type declaration, make function static.

base/gxdcolor.c: Remove unused var.

base/gdevwts.c: Comment out unused function, cast unused return value from
fread to void, remove unused vars.

base/gdevo182.c: Be more explicit in type definition to stop warning.

base/gdevlp8k.c: Remove unused var.

base/gdevpdfu.c: Cast unused return value from fread to void.

base/gdevlbp8.c: Cast unused return value from fread to void.

base/gdevokii.c: Explicit cast to int to shut up stupid compiler.

base/gdevpdtd.c: Add const to arg to avoid warning.

base/gserror.h: Do some macro magic to ensure that the macro always evaluates
it's arg strictly once, insists on being followed by a semicolon, and behaves
well with surrounding if/else structures etc.

base/gxp1fill.c: Remove unused var.

[base/gdevlbp8.c base/gdevtknk.c base/gdevsj48.c base/gdevo182.c base/gdevpdf.c base/gdevimgn.c base/gdevokii.c base/gdevpdtd.c base/gxdcolor.c base/gdevwts.c base/gdevlp8k.c base/gdevpdfu.c base/gxp1fill.c base/gserror.h]

2010-04-21T17:55:08.584502Z Robin Watts

Fix for a problem in the rinkj driver for Epson Stylus Photo 2200.
The code was accessing indexes 4,5,6 in plane_offsets[6] and hence was
running off the end of the array. This was causing a warning at compile time
but never caused a segv as it was merely corrupting the next entry in the
structure which was reset to 0 shortly afterwards.

Presumably the offset for one of the planes would be wrong though causing
a loss of quality.


2010-04-21T17:23:31.243056Z Robin Watts

Remove several occurrences of calls to gs_lib_ctx_get_non_gc_memory_t().
The only code that now needs this is gp_macpoll.c and gp_mspol.c for when
CHECK_INTERRUPTS is defined. This reduces the need for mem_err_print.

The only other code that uses mem_err_print is errflush() and errwrite().
Potentially these could be nobbled for a multithreaded build.

The changes here rely on the memory pointers being set up correctly. While
local cluster testing gives this a clean bill of health, it's possible that
problems will appear with files in the wider world - we'll just have to fix
these as they are reported.

[base/gdevjpeg.c base/sjpx_luratech.c base/strmio.c base/gxttfb.c psi/zfdctd.c base/sdctc.c psi/zfdcte.c psi/zfjpx.c base/sjpx.c]

2010-04-21T15:08:47.471495Z Robin Watts

Move CPSI_mode from being a global to living in the libctx, as part of the
efforts for bug 691207 (remove global variables).

I originally tried moving CPSI_mode into the imager state, which would have
been slightly nicer, but had to abandon this due to problems interacting
with the command list code. My first thought to make this work was to
push the value of CPSI_mode into the clist at initial clist creation time.
As the setting of CPSI_mode isn't vectored through the device, we can't
detect changes in its setting, but then changing CPSI_mode during the
lifespan of a clist would give unpredictable results anyway in many cases.

Sadly this was doomed to failure as if a page device is started up that
uses the clist code to do banding, then the command list is created before
CPSI_mode is enabled, and we'd operate with the incorrect value.

Moving CPSI_mode into libctx means we keep exactly the same behaviour as
we have now. This has required various functions throughout the code to
pass a gs_memory_t * around.

Localcluster testing reveals no problems.

[psi/zfunc3.c psi/zupath.c base/gsdps1.c base/gdevdevn.c base/gxblend1.c base/gspaint.c base/gxstroke.c psi/zmisc.c base/gdevperm.c base/gxdcconv.c base/gdevpsds.c base/gxcmap.c base/gxdcconv.h psi/zfont.c base/gdevrinkj.c base/gdevbit.c base/gsmisc.c base/gxfill.c base/gdevxcf.c base/gxicolor.c base/gdevpsd.c psi/zimage.c base/gsfont.c contrib/opvp/gdevopvp.c base/gsfont.h base/gsstate.c base/gslibctx.c base/gsstate.h psi/zcharx.c psi/zusparam.c base/gslibctx.h base/gsequivc.c psi/zchar.c]

2010-04-21T07:20:14.808042Z Masaki Ushizaka

A fix for a regression introduced by r11074 (bug 690094).

As I changed image number to be incremented when 'exflag' is false, 
the problem of 'exrunlength' when SDHUFF == 1 was unveiled.
This fixes it.
JBIG2 images with SDHUFF == 1 should have been having trouble 
between r11074 and this revision.  No other difference expected.


2010-04-20T18:52:36.186732Z Robin Watts

A series of tiny changes to various files to stop compiler warnings.
Nothing contentious in here, so I hope component owners don't object.

psi/zpdfops.c: Make zpdfinkpath function static.

psi/zcie.c: cie_cache_finish1 is an unused function; #if 0 it with a note.

psi/zicc.c: Remove 2 unused variables from a function.

psi/zcolor.c: Add a 'default' case to a switch to stop a 'variable RGB
might be used uninitialised' warning. Remove out of date comment and make
zswapcolors static.

psi/zfcid1.c: Convert some unused variables to comments.

base/gp_unix_cache.c: Make the fact we are ignoring the return value from
fread explicit by casting to void.

base/gstype42.c: Move an unused var into a #if 0 section, comment out an
unused function.

base/gstrans.c: Use 'any_abs' rather than 'abs' (to avoid abs being used
without definition).

base/gxshade6.c: Remove unused function

base/gxclfile.c: Make the fact we are ignoring the return value to freopen
explicit by casting to void.

[base/gxshade6.c psi/zcolor.c psi/zicc.c psi/zcie.c base/gp_unix_cache.c base/gxclfile.c base/gstrans.c base/gstype42.c psi/zfcid1.c psi/zpdfops.c base/echogs.c]

2010-04-19T16:15:13.462842Z Lars Uebernickel

Made oog_encode in tif_luv.c reentrant by precalculating oog_tables.

oog_tables was calculated on-demand when writing TIFF files in LogLuv Encoding.
Since it didn't depend on anything dynamic, I replaced this code with a static
const array.  The array only consisted of 100 ints - the net library size
actually went down a few bytes after this change.

This is part of bug #691207 (global variables must be removed).

[tiff/libtiff/oog_table.h tiff/libtiff/tif_luv.c]

2010-04-19T11:56:27.260655Z Lars Uebernickel

Removed global variables in libtiff's tif_pixarlog.c.

This is part of #691207 (global variables must be removed).


2010-04-19T09:47:14.697946Z Lars Uebernickel

Removed TIFFReassignTagToIgnore in the local libtiff copy.

It wasn't reentrant due to static variables and has been deprecated for a while
now.  GhostScript does not use it at all.  Libtiff HEAD also has this function
removed, it was only kept in 3.x for backwards compatibility.


2010-04-15T18:58:00.960218Z Robin Watts

New Visual Stdio project file for building ufst version of ghostscript.

Currently assumes that the ufst code will be found in C:\ufst, but this can
be edited in the nmake invocation lines within the Project settings.


2010-04-15T18:41:31.569934Z Robin Watts

Update msvc32.mak with various ufst make targets. This allows a
ghostscript-ufst Visual Studio project to be constructed.

No differences to existing builds.


2010-04-15T17:13:30.072845Z Robin Watts

Remove invalid_file_stream and invalid_file_entry global variables,
as part of the effort for bug 691207 (remove global variables).

We move invalid_file_stream to be a non-gc chunk allocated to be in
i_ctx_t, and invalid_file_entry can then be replaced by
i_ctx_p->invalid_file_stream. The only tricky bits are a) the need to ensure
that i_ctx_p is available everywhere where it is needed, and b) making sure
that invalid_file_stream doesn't move when i_ctx_p is relocated.

No changes shown by localcluster testing (though a previous version of the
patch did fail during gc, so the relavent code is getting tested).

[psi/zfile.c psi/ztoken.c psi/zcontrol.c psi/zshade.c psi/zcontext.c psi/zfcid0.c psi/zfcid1.c psi/zicc.c psi/zfrsd.c psi/icontext.c psi/zvmem.c psi/ziodev.c psi/zfileio.c psi/interp.c psi/icstate.h psi/files.h]

2010-04-15T16:13:10.848189Z Lars Uebernickel

Backported and applied libtiff patches from libtiff bugs #2125 and #2125.
These get rid of some of the global variables in libtiff (in particular
rgb_refblackwhite and whitepoint in tif_aux.c).

This is part of the multi-threaded gs effort (bug #691207).

[tiff/libtiff/tif_dirinfo.c tiff/libtiff/tif_aux.c tiff/libtiff/tif_dir.c tiff/man/TIFFGetField.3tiff tiff/libtiff/tif_dir.h tiff/libtiff/tif_ojpeg.c tiff/libtiff/tif_jpeg.c]

2010-04-15T14:48:36.373936Z Robin Watts

Fix for bug 691244, reported/patch supplied by Norbert Janssen. In
revision 11045, I'd moved some globals into the libctx, which is
accessed via the gs_memory_t pointer. This has required certain
functions to now take a gs_memory_t pointer as an extra arg. In
this particular case the gs_memory_t pointer in question could be
NULL. The fix is to use one obtained from gs_lib_ctx_get_non_gc_memory_t,
a call to which happens conveniently to be on the previous line.

gs_lib_ctx_get_non_gs_memory_t is going to be painful to remove later on,
but at least this fix gets us up and running again now.

No expected differences.


2010-04-15T09:53:33.313864Z Masaki Ushizaka

A fix for 690094, "missing letters replaced by little vertical lines".

This problem was in jbig2dec function jbig2_decode_symbol_dict().
The image number was not incremented correctly when it built 
symbol dictionary.
No difference expected, other than JBIG2 pdf files suffered by
this problem.


2010-04-15T08:30:48.171463Z Chris Liddell

Resolve a Freetype build problem on Mac - solution suggested by Tor and Henry.


2010-04-14T19:29:56.362613Z Robin Watts

Update the clist band list compressor code to work without using global
variables as part of the workd for bug 691207 (remove global variables).

The old code used to call a function to read an initialise global structure,
then based on that allocate storage and copy the structure into it. The new
code essentially does 2 calls; one that serves to get the size, and another
that serves to initialise the newly allocated structure.

To facilitate testing, this introduces a new TEST_BAND_LIST_COMPRESSION
define. If built with this as a define, the code sets the compression
threshold to 1K, thus forcing the use of compression. A local cluster
push with this in reveals just one problem, and that seems to be in the
existing code whereby inflateEnd can be incorectly called on a NULL derived
pointer. A fix for that is included too.

No expected differences.

[base/gxcllzw.c base/gxclmem.c base/lib.mak base/gxclzlib.c base/gxclmem.h base/szlibd.c]

2010-04-14T16:25:11.391305Z Chris Liddell

Reverse the previous build options for Freetype integration: now --disable-freetype for configure on Unix type systems or pass FT_BRIDGE=0 to nmake on Windows if you do not want to integrate Freetype.

[base/configure.ac psi/msvc32.mak]

2010-04-14T16:03:29.953276Z Ken Sharp

Fix FreeType FAPI
No bug for this (probably should be). Noticed while testing that using a TrueType to
replace a missing CIDFont (ie entry in cidfmap) was rendering the wrong glyphs, and
applying a vertical advance.

The incorrect glyph seems to be because we were incorrectly stating that the character
index was not a glyph ID, which it is in this case.

The second problem was more difficult. FreeType manufactures vertical advance metrics
for all TrueType glyphs, we override those in the incremental interface callback, but
when the TT is a CIDFont on disk, we don't use the incremental interface and so have
no opportunity to override the metric.

Addressed this by checking in load_glyph to see if the current font is not type 1 
(ie its TT), *is* a CIDFont, and is not a vertical font (WMode is 0). In this case
we simply override the vertical advance and maek it 0.

[psi/fapi_ft.c psi/zfapi.c]

2010-04-14T14:11:19.891045Z Robin Watts

Move real_time_0 from being a static variable in zmisc.c to being an entry
int libctx. Instead of initialisation happening in zmisc it now happens in
gslibctx.c. Part of the effort for bug 691027 (remove global vars).

This variable isn't strictly speaking necessary, but apparently some FTS
tests behave better if realtime starts from 0, and it isn't a big problem.

No differences shown in localcluster testing.

[base/gslibctx.c base/gslibctx.h psi/zmisc.c]

2010-04-14T10:03:31.189133Z Hin-Tak Leung

a few more comments about some microsoft CJK fonts


2010-04-14T02:31:58.209185Z Masaki Ushizaka

Fixed jbig2dec command getopt() parameter for -v option.  Not used by ghostscript itself but worth for standalone debugging.


2010-04-14T02:26:16.603254Z Masaki Ushizaka

Fixed an indent. No influence on code.


2010-04-13T14:52:16.370358Z Henry Stiles

Gets rid us of 2 global variables in jasper (jas_image_numfmts and
jas_image_fmtinfos).  In so doing we take the liberty of simplifiying
jasper's startup.  The configured codecs (we only use 2: jpc and jp2)
were set at compile time anyway so the the methods to "add formats"
and "clear formats" have been replaced with a static table.

[jasper/src/appl/imgcmp.c jasper/src/appl/jasper.c jasper/src/appl/imginfo.c jasper/src/libjasper/base/jas_image.c jasper/src/libjasper/base/jas_init.c jasper/src/libjasper/include/jasper/jas_image.h]

2010-04-13T14:29:59.699580Z Robin Watts

Remove BITTAG global variable by moving it into the libctx, as part of
efforts towards bug 691207 (multithreaded gs). This has required several
accessor functions to gain gs_memory_t * arguments.

No differences expected, or shown by localcluster testing.

[base/gsnamecl.c base/gsutil.h base/gslibctx.c base/gdevbit.c base/gslibctx.h base/gsutil.c]

2010-04-13T13:06:54.792469Z Ken Sharp

Fix FreeType
A prior update which re-initialised a glyph index to prevent old Metrics override
values persisting after a glyph was discarded did not check the ft_inc_int member of
the 'FF_face' structure before dereferncing it, leading to a potential crash if the
font was not incrementally loaded.

The code now checks the value before attempting to dereference the pointer.


2010-04-13T12:50:40.024266Z Ken Sharp

Modify FAPI support files
Moved FAPIConfig, FAPIcidfmap and FAPIfontmap from the 'lib' directory to the
'Resource/Init' directory, so that they get built in when COMPILE_INITS=1.

Also modified gs_fapi.ps to contain default values for the contents of FAPIConfig which
map all fonts to the FAPI engine (FreeType for now). Modified FAPIConfig so that the
usual contents are commented out. This should allow the possibility of overriding the
default values by putting new values in FAPIConfig.

[lib/FAPIcidfmap lib/FAPIfontmap lib/FAPIconfig Resource/Init/FAPIcidfmap Resource/Init/FAPIfontmap Resource/Init/FAPIconfig Resource/Init/gs_fapi.ps]

2010-04-13T12:15:42.067350Z Robin Watts

Move global variables from gshtscr.c (screen_accurate_screens,
screen_min_screen_levels, screen_use_wts) into libctx. This has
meant updating the functions to read/write these to take a
gs_memory_t pointer too. Part of the efforts for bug 691207.

No differences shown by localcluster testing.

[base/gshtscr.c base/gxht.h psi/zusparam.c base/gslibctx.h base/gsht.c base/gsht1.c psi/zht.c psi/zht2.c]

2010-04-13T09:50:08.611008Z Masaki Ushizaka

A fix for 691081, 691206, and part of 690094.

From r9769, jbig2dec wasn't capable of decoding some JBIG2 files and throwing a error "jbig2dec FATAL ERROR runlength too large in export symbol table (XXX > XX - XX) (segment 0xXX)".
This was caused by accidentaly bound checking export symbol table size with number of non-export symbol.  This fixes it.
No differences expected, other than JBIG2 files suffered from this problem.


2010-04-13T09:38:22.017180Z Chris Liddell

Minor revision to FAPI code to better ensure GS errors in callbacks survive through the font renderer library.

[psi/fapi_ft.c psi/zfapi.c psi/ifapi.h psi/fapiufst.c]

2010-04-13T03:25:58.022387Z Henry Stiles

Make the CIESpaces array and its elements constant so it is not
confused with global modifiable data.


2010-04-12T10:44:43.428786Z Chris Liddell

Remove the hardcoded identity matrix in the Type 1 serialization code in favour of the new FAPI call allowing the interface code to dictate the matrix to be used.


2010-04-10T09:35:54.039788Z Ken Sharp

Remove extraneous debug statement in revision 11050.


2010-04-10T09:28:50.393011Z Ken Sharp

FAPI Enhancement
We need a way in the initial release where we set FreeType as the default font scaler to
switch it off and revert back to the Ghostscript internal font scaler, in case there
are significant problems. Bug #691237

This allows the user to either send PostScript or set a command line value to create
a key called DisableFAPI, if the value is true then FAPI will no longer be active, and
so the GS font scaler will be used.

Can also be set with -dDisableFAPI=true at the command line.


2010-04-09T18:22:38.657773Z regression

Fixed a recently introduced bug in the cluster that caused gs head to
be used when compiling GhostPCL/GhostXPS even if a previous revision
should have been used (as is the case when two or more commits occur
while the cluster is busy).


2010-04-09T17:49:20.410599Z regression

Minor tweaks/improvements to the cluster code:

Fixed bug which occasionally left jobs running on macpro.

Clusterpush.pl when run with user==Michael Vrhel now compares to icc_work branch.

Report all icc_work branch errors (not just new ones).

Collect time to run information.

No longer cache mupdf results.

[toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/build.pl toolbin/localcluster/run.pl toolbin/localcluster/cachearchive.pl toolbin/localcluster/compare.pl]

2010-04-09T14:51:26.314389Z Ken Sharp

Fix UFST and enhance FAPI
Define a new API call for FAPI to allow font engines to replace a FontMatrix. This is
to allow FreeType to replace the FotnMatrix with the identity as it makes the 2-step
scaling performed by FreeType simpler.

Modified compute_em_scale so that it uses the new API call instead of blindly replacing
the FontMatrix.

Restored the calculation in FAPI_do_char which unwinds the FontMatrix from the CTM
when calculating the scale factor. Use the new API call to retrieve the desired
FontMatrix rather than pulling it directly from the font as before.

[psi/fapi_ft.c psi/zfapi.c psi/ifapi.h psi/fapiufst.c]

2010-04-09T08:13:56.362732Z Ken Sharp

Fix Bug #691180
This alters the described 'odd behaviour' of the font substitution code whereby fonts
whose name does not contain either 'Serif' or 'Sans' are substituted with Helvetica,
but those which contain 'Italic' are substituted with Times. Italic fonts are now
treated the same as Oblique fonts, and substituted with Helvetica, unless the font
is identified as a serif font.

This may cause some substitution differences with regression files.


2010-04-08T21:42:54.260278Z Robin Watts

Move io_device_table from being a global static in gsiodev.c into
the library context. In order to retrieve it we need to update
lots of functions to take a gs_memory_t * as well.

Localcluster testing shows no expected differences.

[base/gsdevice.c psi/zfile.c base/gdevupd.c base/gsiodev.c base/gxdevice.h psi/ziodev2.c base/gdevprn.c psi/ziodevsc.c base/sfxcommon.c psi/zfrsd.c base/gxiodev.h base/strmio.c base/gslibctx.c base/gsfname.c psi/ziodev.c base/gdevtsep.c psi/zcrd.c base/gslibctx.h base/gsfname.h base/gdevps.c]

2010-04-08T16:05:50.601517Z Ken Sharp

Fix TrueType interpreter Bug #691227
Another nasty hack for another broken TrueType font. In this case the font tries to 
execute a DeltaP instruction with an argument greater than the number of points in the
glyph, which is an error.

FreeType's interpreter has this comment

      /* XXX: Because some popular fonts contain some invalid DeltaP */
      /*      instructions, we simply ignore them when the stacked   */
      /*      point reference is off limit, rather than returning an */
      /*      error.  As a delta instruction doesn't change a glyph  */
      /*      in great ways, this shouldn't be a problem.            */

This patch more or less mimics this in our code.


2010-04-08T15:54:31.828558Z Ralph Giles

Remove the commented out invocations of autoheader and aclocal/automake
in the autotools bootstrap script.

The various autotools modules must be invoked in a specific order, and
usually with non-default options. We only use autoconf in our build,
not any of the other tools which layer on top of it, but I had left
their invocations in the script, but commented out, so make it easier
to add them at a later date.

It's been some years since autogen.sh was added, and we still have no
plans to adopt automake. Also, the script didn't include support for
libtoolize (which is glibtoolize of MacOS X)  nor for detecting the
appropriate automake version, so it seems simpler to just remove the
commented out lines to avoid confusion.


2010-04-08T15:39:26.443280Z Robin Watts

Stop a function scope static from being static as nothing was gained by it,
and this removes it from the list of global variables as part of the efforts
for bug 691207 (multithreaded safety).

No expected differences.


2010-04-08T15:29:26.540666Z Robin Watts

Change a static (that happens to be const) to be a static const to remove
it from the global variable list for bug 691207. 

No expected differences.


2010-04-08T15:22:28.719732Z Robin Watts

Remove globals from gdevmgr.c as part of efforts on bug 691207 (multithreaded

Move 5 tables from being file level statics to living in the device structure.

Checked by doing back to back builds and verifying that the same output is
given for tiger.eps in both cases.

No expected differences.


2010-04-08T15:16:51.654028Z Robin Watts

Remove the function scope static variables from gdevcdj.c as part of the
efforts for bug 691207 (multithreaded safety). These only affect the
ESC/P driver.

There are 4 variables in play here. real_rows doesn't actually need to be
static at all as it is always set before being used. The other 3 (ln_idx,
vskip1 and vskip2) all go into the 'ep_globals' structure.

There is a subtle change in behaviour here; previously these variables were
initialised to zero on execution start (and again on every flush). Now they
are initialised to zero at the start of every page (and again on every flush).
This means that leftover vskips are no longer carried forwards from page to
page. This seems like a good thing to me.


2010-04-08T14:30:41.679319Z Robin Watts

Make a table of 4 zeros be static const, and update the cast where they are
used to also be static const. This should remove them from the global variable
list in bug 691207.


2010-04-08T11:56:29.059369Z Robin Watts

Remove global variables in gdevcdj.c as part of the effort for bug 691207.

The ESC/P based printing code in gdevcdj.c uses various global variables; we
gather them into a struct here, and pass the struct between the 2 functions

This device isn't used in the default build, so no point in testing with the
localcluster. Enabling it locally and doing before/after tests shows that
identical results are given for rendering tiger.eps.

A side effect of this commit is to remove the nasty shadowing of the img_rows
variable (doubly nasty because of it's use within a macro). This meant that I
had the code wrong for a while, so I know the test is actually testing the
right thing.


2010-04-07T17:18:46.406090Z Robin Watts

Remove global variable lbp8_end from gdevlbp8.c - it was permanently NULL
so removing it isn't hard, or risky. This will help towards the "No global
variables" goal (bug 691207).

No expected differences.


2010-04-07T13:23:37.938542Z Chris Liddell

Revise the interface code and the use of FT so that both use GS managed memory, rather than the stdlib memory routines (malloc/free and co.).


2010-04-07T13:13:57.741241Z Robin Watts

Fix for bug 691228, problems with wide strokes with round caps/joins with
antialiasing enabled.

2 small problems in the same code. In the antialiased case, we stroke by
forming 2 paths (one up either side of the line) and then reverse one and
concatenate it. This should happen whenever we meet a closepath, but due to
a misplaced return, was being missed out in some round join cases.

Also, when using a round join in the case where 2 lines meet 'in-line' we
would inadvertently leave the point on the wrong side of the line.

No changes in localcluster testing as this only affects antialiased results
and that's not tested currently.


2010-04-06T19:26:40.921375Z Robin Watts

Another attempt to fix Bug 691115. This corrects the clipping of a trapezoid
to a rectangle within the shading code. My previous attempt had failed to
allow for one case.

This causes 116 non-pdfwrite diffs, and 23 pdfwrite ones, all checked using
bmpcmp and found to be acceptable.


2010-04-06T17:15:54.520182Z Michael Vrhel

Update of fuzzy to report average and max color errors.  This is useful for continuous tone images only.  If the max error reaches the largest possible, the calculations for these values are not performed.


2010-04-06T14:14:43.252652Z Ken Sharp

Fix FAPI and FreeType interface.
The Metrics override was broken, the code to retrieve the /Metrics entries (1 to 4
values) stored the results in an array in a different order to the code which read the
values back.

In addition the FreeType code did not reset the 'glyph_metrics_index' if a glyph had no
metrics override, which could lead to us using the metrics overrides from a prior glyph
if we had already encountered one using an override.

[psi/fapi_ft.c psi/zfapi.c]

2010-04-06T10:08:31.160988Z Ken Sharp

Fix FreeType. 
The revision 11012 fixed a problem with an invalid font but accidentally introduced a
regression because an 'else' clause was missed.


2010-04-06T08:14:44.802475Z Chris Liddell

Resolve two compiler warnings - no behaviour change expected


2010-04-05T23:50:00.539571Z Hin-Tak Leung

adding comments about using globs not expandable by shell; bug 691229


2010-04-05T17:24:12.188391Z Hin-Tak Leung

adding escaped quotes around $0 in "basename $0" ; 2nd part of bug 691219

[lib/pdf2ps lib/eps2eps lib/pfbtopfa lib/ps2epsi lib/ps2pdfwr lib/ps2ps lib/dumphint lib/ps2ps2 lib/dvipdf lib/pdfopt]

2010-04-05T17:22:10.077618Z Hin-Tak Leung

adding escaped quotes around $0 in "dirname $0" ; bug 691219

[lib/printafm lib/eps2eps lib/pdf2dsc lib/gsbj lib/ps2epsi lib/gsdj lib/dumphint lib/gsnd lib/font2c lib/pdfopt lib/pdf2ps lib/ps2pdf lib/gslj lib/pfbtopfa lib/bdftops lib/ps2pdf12 lib/ps2pdf13 lib/ps2pdf14 lib/gslp lib/wftopfa lib/ps2pdfwr lib/ps2ps lib/pphs lib/pf2afm lib/gsdj500]

2010-04-05T17:13:34.259627Z Hin-Tak Leung

adding reference to msmin04, msgoth04 and ngulim,nbantang; fixes the remaining issues in bug 689456


2010-04-05T15:48:47.768122Z Ken Sharp

Fix line endings. The previous commit (11012) accidentally used DOS line endings which 
made it appear every line in the file was different.


2010-04-05T15:31:11.441559Z Ken Sharp

Fix FreeType
When using bitmaps from a TrueType/Type42 font FreeType uses a heuristic approach to
synthesize vertical metrics for the glyphs, including a horizontal advance. As in the 
past, this works well as long as the client knows whether the advance direction is
horizontal or vertical and uses the correct advance.

However we don't know that, so we don't want the vertical advance.

Its easiest jut to have FreeType ignore embedded bitmaps and use the outlines, in which
case we don't get the invented vertical advance. Not only that but the rendered bitmap
is a better match for the cases where we don't have a pre-built bitmap, so consistency
is improved with this patch as well.


2010-04-05T15:27:25.365922Z Ken Sharp

Fix FreeType
The test file objlune_font2_mine.ps contains a Type 1 font which has a technically
 invalid glyph. The glyph executes a 'lineto' class operation before a 'moveto' class

Although illegal it seems that all other PostScript RIPs ignore this requirement, this 
patch removes the error check in FreeType to conform with other interpreters.


2010-04-05T11:33:32.361294Z Chris Liddell

Update the to latest FT code from the FT git repository.

[freetype/src/pshinter/pshglob.c freetype/src/base/ftpfr.c freetype/src/pshinter/pshglob.h freetype/src/type1/t1objs.c freetype/docs/DEBUG freetype/src/type1/t1objs.h freetype/docs/INSTALL.CROSS freetype/src/truetype/ttgload.c freetype/src/truetype/ttgload.h freetype/src/tools/ftrandom/ftrandom.c freetype/devel/ft2build.h freetype/src/tools/docmaker/formatter.py freetype/src/autofit/Jamfile freetype/src/bdf/module.mk freetype/include/freetype/config/ftheader.h freetype/src/cff/Jamfile freetype/src/cff/cffparse.c freetype/src/raster/ftraster.c freetype/src/cff/cffparse.h freetype/src/cff/cffcmap.c freetype/src/raster/ftraster.h freetype/src/cff/cffcmap.h freetype/src/raster/ftrend1.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svttglyf.h freetype/src/raster/ftrend1.h freetype/builds/wince/vc2005-ce/freetype.vcproj freetype/docs/INSTALL.ANY freetype/src/psnames/module.mk freetype/src/base/ftutil.c freetype/src/autofit/afglobal.c freetype/src/cache/ftcsbits.c freetype/src/autofit/afglobal.h freetype/src/pcf/rules.mk freetype/src/base/ftsystem.c freetype/src/cache/ftcsbits.h freetype/src/psaux/psaux.c freetype/src/cff/module.mk freetype/src/pshinter/rules.mk freetype/src/pcf/pcfread.c freetype/src/bdf/bdflib.c freetype/src/pcf/pcfread.h freetype/include/freetype/ftcache.h freetype/src/raster/Jamfile freetype/src/gzip/rules.mk freetype/src/pshinter/pshalgo.c freetype/include/freetype/ftincrem.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svcid.h freetype/src/pshinter/pshalgo.h freetype/src/psnames/psnamerr.h freetype/src/tools/test_afm.c freetype/src/cache/ftccache.c freetype/src/cache/ftcmru.c freetype/include/freetype/config/ftstdlib.h freetype/src/cid/cidtoken.h freetype/include/freetype/freetype.h freetype/vms_make.com freetype/src/cache/ftccache.h freetype/src/cache/ftcmru.h freetype/docs/INSTALL.UNIX freetype/src/tools/cordic.py freetype/src/pfr/Jamfile freetype/src/pfr/pfr.c freetype/src/pfr/pfrload.c freetype/src/pfr/pfrload.h freetype/include/freetype/fterrdef.h freetype/src/type1/t1gload.c freetype/src/base/ftbbox.c freetype/src/otvalid/otvgdef.c freetype/src/type1/t1gload.h freetype/include/freetype/ftsystem.h freetype/src/bdf/bdferror.h freetype/src/gxvalid/rules.mk freetype/src/pcf/pcf.c freetype/src/bdf/Jamfile freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvbsln.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svotval.h freetype/src/otvalid/rules.mk freetype/src/pfr/pfrdrivr.c freetype/src/pcf/pcf.h freetype/src/type1/Jamfile freetype/src/pfr/pfrdrivr.h freetype/src/pcf/pcferror.h freetype/src/sfnt/ttsbit0.c freetype/src/base/ftmac.c freetype/src/base/ftgloadr.c freetype/src/base/ftbase.c freetype/builds/win32/vc2005/freetype.vcproj freetype/src/base/ftbase.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmort0.c freetype/src/bdf/bdf.c freetype/src/bdf/bdf.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvalid.c freetype/src/cff/cff.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/psaux.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvalid.h freetype/autogen.sh freetype/src/base/fttype1.c freetype/src/autofit/afmodule.c freetype/src/autofit/afmodule.h freetype/src/pfr/pfrcmap.c freetype/src/pfr/pfrcmap.h freetype/src/psaux/Jamfile freetype/src/cff/cffpic.c freetype/src/base/ftdebug.c freetype/src/gzip/inflate.c freetype/src/cff/cffpic.h freetype/src/type1/t1driver.c freetype/src/otvalid/otvbase.c freetype/include/freetype/ftmoderr.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvopbd.c freetype/src/type1/t1driver.h freetype/src/base/basepic.c freetype/src/type1/t1parse.c freetype/src/otvalid/otvmath.c freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmort1.c freetype/src/base/basepic.h freetype/src/psnames/rules.mk freetype/src/type1/t1parse.h freetype/src/pcf/Jamfile freetype/src/gzip/Jamfile freetype/src/base/ftbdf.c freetype/src/type1/t1afm.c freetype/src/raster/module.mk freetype/src/cid/cidobjs.c freetype/include/ft2build.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svgxval.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftrfork.h freetype/src/type1/t1tokens.h freetype/src/type1/t1afm.h freetype/src/pshinter/pshrec.c freetype/src/cid/cidobjs.h freetype/src/pshinter/pshrec.h freetype/src/truetype/ttobjs.c freetype/src/autofit/autofit.c freetype/include/freetype/ftchapters.h freetype/src/type1/t1errors.h freetype/include/freetype/ftlzw.h freetype/src/truetype/ttobjs.h freetype/src/otvalid/otvgsub.c freetype/src/tools/apinames.c freetype/src/winfonts/fnterrs.h freetype/src/cache/ftcache.c freetype/include/freetype/ftglyph.h freetype/builds/win32/vc2005/index.html freetype/src/raster/rasterrs.h freetype/src/autofit/aflatin2.c freetype/src/type42/Jamfile freetype/src/base/ftpic.c freetype/src/autofit/aflatin2.h freetype/include/freetype/fttypes.h freetype/src/cache/ftcglyph.c freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmort2.c freetype/src/pshinter/pshinter.c freetype/src/cache/ftcglyph.h freetype/src/tools/test_bbox.c freetype/src/cache/Jamfile freetype/src/type42/t42types.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svpsinfo.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmort.c freetype/src/raster/rastpic.c freetype/builds/win32/vc2008/index.html freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmort.h freetype/src/gxvalid/README freetype/src/tools/docmaker/docbeauty.py freetype/src/raster/rastpic.h freetype/src/gzip/ftgzip.c freetype/include/freetype/ftcid.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svpfr.h freetype/src/sfnt/module.mk freetype/src/type1/t1load.c freetype/docs/INSTALL freetype/src/gzip/inftrees.c freetype/docs/INSTALL.VMS freetype/src/type1/t1load.h freetype/src/gzip/inftrees.h freetype/src/pfr/pfrsbit.c freetype/src/cff/cfftoken.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvfeat.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftgloadr.h freetype/docs/PROBLEMS freetype/src/pfr/pfrsbit.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvfeat.h freetype/src/truetype/Jamfile freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvkern.c freetype/docs/INSTALL.MAC freetype/src/cid/Jamfile freetype/src/base/ftglyph.c freetype/include/freetype/ftmm.h freetype/src/otvalid/otverror.h freetype/docs/UPGRADE.UNIX freetype/src/autofit/afcjk.c freetype/src/autofit/aftypes.h freetype/src/psaux/afmparse.c freetype/src/sfnt/sfdriver.c freetype/src/autofit/afcjk.h freetype/src/sfnt/sfobjs.c freetype/src/base/ftobjs.c freetype/src/psaux/afmparse.h freetype/src/sfnt/sfdriver.h freetype/src/sfnt/sfobjs.h freetype/src/pfr/rules.mk freetype/src/psaux/module.mk freetype/src/base/ftstroke.c freetype/src/base/ftfstype.c freetype/docs/GPL.TXT freetype/src/base/ftbitmap.c freetype/src/pshinter/pshpic.c freetype/src/pshinter/pshpic.h freetype/src/psnames/pstables.h freetype/src/sfnt/rules.mk freetype/builds/wince/vc2005-ce/index.html freetype/src/autofit/afpic.c freetype/docs/PATENTS freetype/docs/raster.txt freetype/src/autofit/afpic.h freetype/src/cff/cffdrivr.c freetype/src/otvalid/otvgpos.c freetype/src/cid/cidriver.c freetype/src/cff/cffdrivr.h freetype/include/freetype/ftgasp.h freetype/src/autofit/afindic.c freetype/src/otvalid/otvgpos.h freetype/src/cid/cidriver.h freetype/src/autofit/afindic.h freetype/docs/INSTALL.GNU freetype/src/winfonts/module.mk freetype/src/sfnt/ttkern.c freetype/src/gzip/infutil.c freetype/src/sfnt/sferrors.h freetype/src/psaux/t1cmap.c freetype/src/sfnt/ttkern.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmort4.c freetype/src/gzip/infutil.h freetype/include/freetype/ttnameid.h freetype/src/psaux/t1cmap.h freetype/src/gzip/zconf.h freetype/src/base/ftpatent.c freetype/src/truetype/rules.mk freetype/src/base/ftadvanc.c freetype/src/tools/docmaker/tohtml.py freetype/src/otvalid/otvalid.c freetype/src/otvalid/otvcommn.c freetype/include/freetype/config/ftmodule.h freetype/include/freetype/ftxf86.h freetype/src/otvalid/otvalid.h freetype/src/otvalid/otvcommn.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftserv.h freetype/Jamrules freetype/src/type1/module.mk freetype/src/base/ftapi.c freetype/docs/VERSION.DLL freetype/docs/LICENSE.TXT freetype/include/freetype/ftstroke.h freetype/include/freetype/ftlist.h freetype/include/freetype/ftbitmap.h freetype/src/type42/t42parse.c freetype/src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c freetype/modules.cfg freetype/builds/win32/visualce/freetype.dsp freetype/src/cid/ciderrs.h freetype/ChangeLog.20 freetype/ChangeLog.21 freetype/src/type42/t42parse.h freetype/ChangeLog.22 freetype/src/bdf/bdfdrivr.h freetype/include/freetype/tttables.h freetype/src/cid/module.mk freetype/src/autofit/afdummy.c freetype/src/tools/chktrcmp.py freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svxf86nm.h freetype/src/autofit/afdummy.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h freetype/src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmort5.c freetype/src/pcf/pcfdrivr.h freetype/src/psnames/Jamfile freetype/docs/MAKEPP freetype/Jamfile freetype/builds/win32/visualce/index.html freetype/include/freetype/ftotval.h freetype/src/tools/test_trig.c freetype/src/tools/docmaker/content.py freetype/include/freetype/ftadvanc.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svpostnm.h freetype/src/cff/rules.mk freetype/src/gzip/zlib.h freetype/src/type42/t42error.h freetype/src/smooth/module.mk freetype/src/sfnt/sfnt.c freetype/src/autofit/afloader.c freetype/src/otvalid/Jamfile freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svkern.h freetype/src/autofit/afloader.h freetype/src/cache/ftcerror.h freetype/src/psaux/psobjs.c freetype/src/sfnt/Jamfile freetype/src/gzip/infcodes.c freetype/src/truetype/ttpic.c freetype/src/psaux/psobjs.h freetype/src/base/ftcalc.c freetype/src/pshinter/pshnterr.h freetype/src/gzip/infcodes.h freetype/src/truetype/ttpic.h freetype/src/bdf/rules.mk freetype/include/freetype/internal/tttypes.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmorx0.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftvalid.h freetype/include/freetype/fterrors.h freetype/builds/win32/visualc/freetype.dsp freetype/src/gzip/infblock.c freetype/src/base/ftlcdfil.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftmemory.h freetype/src/type1/type1.c freetype/include/freetype/ftpfr.h freetype/src/gzip/infblock.h freetype/src/pshinter/module.mk freetype/src/tools/ftrandom/Makefile freetype/src/type42/rules.mk freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmorx.c freetype/docs/formats.txt freetype/src/cff/cffobjs.c freetype/src/smooth/ftsmooth.c freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmorx.h freetype/src/cff/cffobjs.h freetype/include/freetype/ftoutln.h freetype/src/smooth/ftsmooth.h freetype/include/freetype/ftsynth.h freetype/src/tools/ftrandom/README freetype/src/winfonts/rules.mk freetype/docs/CHANGES freetype/src/base/ftotval.c freetype/include/freetype/tttags.h freetype/src/truetype/module.mk freetype/include/freetype/internal/autohint.h freetype/src/tools/glnames.py freetype/src/sfnt/ttload.c freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvfgen.c freetype/src/sfnt/ttload.h freetype/src/pfr/pfrtypes.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvtrak.c freetype/src/pcf/README freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftdriver.h freetype/include/freetype/ftgzip.h freetype/src/base/ftrfork.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svbdf.h freetype/src/smooth/rules.mk freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmorx1.c freetype/src/base/rules.mk freetype/src/autofit/afwarp.c freetype/src/cid/cidload.c freetype/include/freetype/ftgxval.h freetype/src/autofit/afwarp.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svgldict.h freetype/src/cid/cidload.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvprop.c freetype/include/freetype/ftlcdfil.h freetype/src/tools/docmaker/sources.py freetype/src/type42/type42.c freetype/src/raster/rules.mk freetype/src/truetype/ttgxvar.c freetype/src/pshinter/Jamfile freetype/src/truetype/ttdriver.c freetype/src/gxvalid/Jamfile freetype/src/truetype/ttgxvar.h freetype/src/pfr/pfrgload.c freetype/src/Jamfile freetype/src/pshinter/pshmod.c freetype/src/truetype/ttdriver.h freetype/src/autofit/aflatin.c freetype/src/pfr/pfrgload.h freetype/src/base/ftsnames.c freetype/src/pshinter/pshmod.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftcalc.h freetype/include/freetype/ftrender.h freetype/src/base/ftgasp.c freetype/src/autofit/aflatin.h freetype/src/base/ftdbgmem.c freetype/docs/TRUETYPE freetype/src/smooth/ftspic.c freetype/include/freetype/t1tables.h freetype/src/cid/cidgload.c freetype/src/base/ftoutln.c freetype/src/smooth/ftspic.h freetype/src/base/ftsynth.c freetype/src/base/ftwinfnt.c freetype/src/cid/cidgload.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/internal.h freetype/src/sfnt/ttbdf.c freetype/src/sfnt/ttbdf.h freetype/src/lzw/ftlzw.c freetype/builds/win32/vc2008/freetype.vcproj freetype/src/truetype/ttpload.c freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmorx2.c freetype/src/truetype/ttinterp.c freetype/src/lzw/rules.mk freetype/src/truetype/ttpload.h freetype/src/truetype/ttinterp.h freetype/src/base/ftxf86.c freetype/src/base/ftstream.c freetype/src/sfnt/ttcmap.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svmm.h freetype/src/sfnt/ttcmap.h freetype/src/gxvalid/module.mk freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvjust.c freetype/src/truetype/tterrors.h freetype/src/pcf/pcfutil.c freetype/src/cid/type1cid.c freetype/src/pcf/pcfutil.h freetype/src/base/ftgxval.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/pshints.h freetype/src/sfnt/ttmtx.c freetype/src/psnames/psmodule.c freetype/src/sfnt/ttmtx.h freetype/src/psaux/psauxmod.c freetype/builds/wince/vc2008-ce/index.html freetype/src/pfr/module.mk freetype/src/psnames/psmodule.h freetype/src/base/ftcid.c freetype/include/freetype/ftsnames.h freetype/src/psaux/psauxmod.h freetype/README.git freetype/configure freetype/src/sfnt/ttcmapc.h freetype/src/gzip/inffixed.h freetype/include/freetype/ftwinfnt.h freetype/src/pfr/pfrobjs.c freetype/src/base/Jamfile freetype/include/freetype/ftimage.h freetype/docs/release freetype/src/pfr/pfrobjs.h freetype/src/lzw/ftzopen.c freetype/src/truetype/truetype.c freetype/src/lzw/Jamfile freetype/Makefile freetype/src/lzw/ftzopen.h freetype/src/base/fttrigon.c freetype/src/autofit/afhints.c freetype/src/autofit/afhints.h freetype/builds/win32/visualce/freetype.vcproj freetype/include/freetype/ftmac.h freetype/src/psaux/rules.mk freetype/src/type1/rules.mk freetype/src/cache/ftcimage.c freetype/src/psnames/pspic.c freetype/src/cache/ftcimage.h freetype/include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h freetype/src/cid/cidparse.c freetype/src/psnames/pspic.h freetype/src/cff/cfferrs.h freetype/src/cid/cidparse.h freetype/src/smooth/Jamfile freetype/src/gzip/adler32.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/sfnt.h freetype/docs/reference/README freetype/src/winfonts/winfnt.c freetype/devel/ftoption.h freetype/src/sfnt/sfntpic.c freetype/src/gzip/zutil.c freetype/src/winfonts/winfnt.h freetype/src/smooth/smooth.c freetype/src/sfnt/sfntpic.h freetype/src/gzip/zutil.h freetype/src/smooth/ftgrays.c freetype/src/raster/ftmisc.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmorx4.c freetype/src/winfonts/Jamfile freetype/include/freetype/internal/pcftypes.h freetype/src/smooth/ftgrays.h freetype/src/pfr/pfrerror.h freetype/src/raster/raster.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svwinfnt.h freetype/docs/CUSTOMIZE freetype/builds/unix/configure.raw freetype/include/freetype/internal/t1types.h freetype/builds/wince/vc2008-ce/freetype.vcproj freetype/src/otvalid/module.mk freetype/ChangeLog freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svpscmap.h freetype/include/freetype/fttrigon.h freetype/docs/FTL.TXT freetype/src/cache/ftcmanag.c freetype/src/sfnt/ttsbit.c freetype/README freetype/src/cache/ftcmanag.h freetype/src/sfnt/ttsbit.h freetype/src/type42/t42drivr.c freetype/src/psaux/psconv.c freetype/include/freetype/ftbdf.h freetype/include/freetype/ftsizes.h freetype/src/type42/t42drivr.h freetype/src/psaux/psconv.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svtteng.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftdebug.h freetype/src/tools/docmaker/docmaker.py freetype/src/gxvalid/gxverror.h freetype/src/autofit/module.mk freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftstream.h freetype/src/cff/cfftypes.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmorx5.c freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmod.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/ftpic.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvmod.h freetype/include/freetype/ftbbox.h freetype/src/otvalid/otvmod.c freetype/src/psnames/psnames.c freetype/src/cid/rules.mk freetype/src/psaux/psauxerr.h freetype/src/type42/t42objs.c freetype/src/otvalid/otvmod.h freetype/src/cache/ftccmap.c freetype/src/cache/ftcbasic.c freetype/src/type42/t42objs.h freetype/src/smooth/ftsmerrs.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svttcmap.h freetype/version.sed freetype/src/psaux/t1decode.c freetype/src/autofit/rules.mk freetype/src/tools/docmaker/utils.py freetype/builds/win32/visualc/index.html freetype/src/psaux/t1decode.h freetype/src/type42/module.mk freetype/src/otvalid/otvjstf.c freetype/src/autofit/aferrors.h freetype/src/cff/cffgload.c freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvlcar.c freetype/include/freetype/internal/services/svsfnt.h freetype/src/base/ftinit.c freetype/src/bdf/README freetype/src/cache/ftccback.h freetype/src/cff/cffgload.h freetype/src/base/ftmm.c freetype/src/pcf/module.mk freetype/docs/TODO freetype/src/tools/Jamfile freetype/src/autofit/afangles.c freetype/include/freetype/config/ftoption.h freetype/src/cff/cffload.c freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvcommn.c freetype/src/autofit/afangles.h freetype/src/cff/cffload.h freetype/src/gxvalid/gxvcommn.h freetype/src/sfnt/ttpost.c freetype/src/sfnt/ttpost.h freetype/src/cache/rules.mk freetype/include/freetype/ttunpat.h freetype/include/freetype/ftmodapi.h freetype/include/freetype/internal/fttrace.h]

2010-04-05T10:03:59.155794Z Chris Liddell

Fix the FAPI implementation of finding the appropriate bytes for a given character code from an array of strings representing a CMap.


2010-04-02T12:31:23.439338Z Ken Sharp

'Fix' FAPI with FreeType.

FreeType's hinting is worse than useless for type 1 fonts, its actually harmful. It
distorts the glyph shape because it hints an unscaled outline. While it would be best
to fix FreeType's hinting this is a large project. For now this patch disables FreeType
hinting when handling type 1 fonts.

This resolves many spacing issues as well as fixing the stroke/fill mismatch with 
ia3z3519.pdf and the incorrectly scaled outline in womanface.pdf.


2010-04-02T09:19:23.286738Z Chris Liddell

Extend Ken's change to avoid using FT's "synthetic" vertical metrics for Type42 fonts to cover all fonts using TTF outlines (so CIDType 2 fonts, as well).


2010-04-02T09:06:53.941441Z Ken Sharp

Fix a bug in the FreeType scan conversion.

A multiply and divide to calculate the slope of a line did not account for the
possibility of overflow during multiplication. Using the supplied SMulDiv routine fixes
the problem.

The patch has been supplied upstream to the FreeType development team.


2010-04-01T13:32:52.153614Z Robin Watts

Slight tidy up to gs_2_colors code: Given that the cie_joint_caches_alt is
now kept in the imager state rather than the graphics state, move the
reference counting/initialisation for the same into the imager state
too. No difference in operation, but just a bit tidier.

No expected differences, though the cluster may show 2colCIEtest.pdf as
failing if it hasn't propogated around the nodes yet.

[base/gsstate.c base/gsistate.c]

2010-03-31T15:43:06.179195Z Chris Liddell

Bounds check the correct object when looking up a CID map


2010-03-31T14:40:31.704728Z Chris Liddell

Correct a logical error/typo in the fallback to non-hinted condition.


2010-03-31T13:22:01.442343Z Chris Liddell

Prevent applying the nominalWidthX for T2 fonts, when FT already applies it for us. Previously, the code was actually erroneously adding the defaultWidthX. Since this use of nominalWidthX *may* be renderer dependent, it is now controlled by the can_replace_metrics() call.


2010-03-31T13:16:41.790764Z Chris Liddell

In the even a glyph name is not found in the CharStrings dictionary, fall back to using the .notdef (instead of returning an error).


2010-03-31T13:07:44.152960Z Chris Liddell

For certain errors from FT, retry interpretting the glyph without hinting - this more closely matches the existing behaviour.


2010-03-31T11:32:10.299125Z Robin Watts

Remove unused variable. No expected differences.


2010-03-31T01:20:18.778513Z Ray Johnston

Temporary reversion of previous mkromfs commit to remove -g until it works
correctly (fooled by a GS_LIB environment variable during testing)


2010-03-30T22:59:53.311321Z Ray Johnston

Implement '-g' option in mkromfs to fold in some of the older 'genint'
functions (collect all init files into a single gs_init.ps, strip
whitespace and comments). Also change mkromfs so that wildcard expansion
must be specified using '*' on the command line which also means that
single explicit files can now be put into the %rom% file system.

Add many missed dependencies to the list for the 'gsromfs.c' %rom% file
system (CMap, ColorSpace, Decoding, Encoding, Font, IdiomSet, ProcSet,
SubstCID) and separate out miscellenaeous files.

Remove old geninit references from makefiles: psi/int.mak psi/os2.mak,
base/bcwin32.mak, base/msvctail.mak, base/winlib.mak, base/macos-mcp.mak,
base/openvms.mak, base/lib.mak, base/unix-aux.mak base/watcw32.mak,

[base/wctail.mak psi/os2.mak base/lib.mak base/bcwin32.mak base/openvms.mak base/mkromfs.c base/gs.mak base/watcw32.mak psi/psromfs.mak psi/int.mak base/unix-aux.mak base/macos-mcp.mak base/msvctail.mak]

2010-03-30T18:40:34.337393Z Robin Watts

Fix bug 691132 by ensuring that whenever we set a line width, we set
it to the absolute value of the line width. This seems consistent with
PDF, and cures the clipping problem in PCL referred to by the bug.

No expected differences.


2010-03-30T14:46:56.884951Z Robin Watts

In the gs_2_colors branch I had made 2 copies of the color state and swapped
between them. I had included dev_ht as part of this 'split' state, which
was a significant contributor to the slowdown due to it forcing repeated
writing of the halftone data to the clist. Also, it required significant
extra work on every setscreen or setcolorscreen operation.

Discussions with Henry/Ray/Kens et al lead to the realisation this wasn't
required. This patch therefore backs out the dev_ht split, and the changes
to zsetscreen and zsetcolorscreen. Additional code is however required to
clear the 'alternative' dev_color when a halftone is installed to stop the
'swapped out' color pointing to an illegal halftone cache.

This runs through local testing with no diffs showing (though some
strangeness was observed with an earlier version of this patch in
regression testing - Marcos has captured this with bug 691223).

This seems to have helped with the largest slowdowns, but there are still
significant differences in some cases. Very preliminary investigations seem
to show more time being spent in the interpreter/gc mechanism. Continuing
to investigate.

[base/gsstate.c base/gxistate.h base/gsht.c base/gxdcolor.h base/gzstate.h psi/zht.c psi/zht1.c]

2010-03-30T10:16:57.091024Z Ken Sharp

New Fontmap files for the URW fonts, both type 1 and TrueType formats.

The file Fontmap.URW-136.T1 contains definitions for the type 1 fonts (the URW PFB
fonts must be in the search path).

The file Fontmap.URW-136.TT contains definitions for the TrueType fonts (the URW TTF
fonts must be in the search path).

Currently neither of these work 100% because of problems with the URW font sets
(several incorrectly named fonts, and in one case an illegal type 1 font)

[lib/Fontmap.URW-136.T1 lib/Fontmap.URW-136.TT]

2010-03-29T19:10:49.447074Z Alex Cherepanov

Drop 'loca' entries that point beyond 'glyf' table during re-spliting
sfnts glyfs strings. Bug 691221.


2010-03-29T07:52:49.284823Z Chris Liddell

Change the FT interface code so we always use metrics retrieved from Freetype, rather than attempting to "fabricate" metrics (which have already been handled correctly by FT).


2010-03-27T01:59:55.922560Z Robin Watts

Fix compilation error in pngs2html.pl (forgot to define variable).


2010-03-26T10:28:56.873949Z Masaki Ushizaka

A leftover from r10603 (Makefile change).


2010-03-26T00:20:16.302228Z Robin Watts

Updated localcluster bmpcmp html generation script. Bitmaps produced are now


2010-03-24T12:47:59.902550Z Robin Watts

Fix for bug 691115.

In some circumstances, the shading code can get all the way to the point of
marking the screen/page without ever clipping to the relavent region. This
produces cases where we "draw outside the lines". Often this is masked by
the fact that we only ever draw as far out of the lines as would be covered
by an area of constant color (typically a small area).

The fix for this is to spot the unclipped case when we come to render
trapezoids to the screen, and to clip the trapezoid into (at most) 3
smaller trapezoids.

This causes 104 non-pdfwrite differences, and 24 pdfwrite ones. Examination
using localcuster bmpcmp shows them all to be acceptable.


2010-03-24T12:05:47.469905Z Robin Watts

Tweak to bmpcmp: Darken the third image (the diff image) to make changes
stand out better.


2010-03-24T00:10:27.875727Z Robin Watts

Correct DOS line endings in bmpcmp.c.

Fix bug whereby areas with no changes in were still be saved out.


2010-03-23T19:14:32.177681Z Robin Watts

Correct problem with bmpcmp whereby certain sizes of changed areas within
images could cause overlapping output bitmaps. This causes problems with
the output of bitmaps now due to the new 'in-place' generation of the diff
bitmap. Fixed by choosing sizes more smartly.


2010-03-23T09:02:16.120692Z Till Kamppeter

CUPS Raster output device: Error out correctly with the return_error() macro and not with "gs_exit(); exit()", force banding mode as there are files which do not render otherwise (Bug #691170).


2010-03-23T00:06:59.853037Z Till Kamppeter

Code clean-ups in the "cups" output device to fix the segfaults in bug #691170 and bug #691014 (but does not fix the bugs yet).


2010-03-22T14:18:42.718453Z Chris Liddell

Handle CID fonts whose GDBytes != 2 - previously GDBytes was hardcoded as 2.


2010-03-22T06:43:08.806820Z Marcos H. Woehrmann

Added the ability to specify bmpcmp options when running clusterpush.pl, e.g.:

  clusterpush.pl bmpcmp -w 9 -t 10

No validation is done on the options; bad options will result in no bmpcmp output being generated.

[toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/readlog.pl toolbin/localcluster/build.pl toolbin/localcluster/clusterpush.pl toolbin/localcluster/run.pl toolbin/localcluster/compare.pl]

2010-03-21T05:01:50.135122Z Marcos H. Woehrmann

Fixed maxdiffs argument in bmpcmp.c (was acting as maxpage).


2010-03-21T03:23:53.245152Z Marcos H. Woehrmann

Fixed a couple of compiler warnings in bmpcmp.c


2010-03-19T18:30:04.447497Z Ralph Giles

Compute AES cypher tables at compile time instead of run time.

The aes implementation needs some tables of data to perform its
calculations. In a thread-safety review, Henry spotted that the
tables were global variables with no mutex isolation.

I believe this is actually ok. There is a static flag marking whether
the tables are initialized. If they are not, a call to aes_setkey_*
will invoke aes_gen_tables to initialize them, then set the flag.
However, aes_gen_tables operates deterministically, always writing
the same data sequence to the globals. So while there is a race
where two threads could be executing aes_gen_tables at the same time,
or while another thread is accessing the same tables, there is no
read-modify-write step which could create inconsistent data.

Nevertheless, the tables are small relative to our application, and
there is a compile time option XYSSL_AES_ROM_TABLES which generates
the data at compile time and stores it static const. This commit
turns on that option, allowing the compiler to put the data in a
non-writable segment and making the careful thread safety analysis
above unnecessary.

There should be no difference in behaviour, and Henry has verified
that the two code paths result in identical table data.


2010-03-18T11:39:38.599047Z Ken Sharp

Update the list of face substitutions in .substitutefaces to include all the fonts we
define in Fontmap.GS (if not already defined).

Bug #691180, if we have a font defined in the Fontmap then we don't use the additional 
information in a PDF file FontDescriptor. Instead we stick with whatever font the PS
substitution comes up with (if the font is not present). If a member of the family is
not defined we do use the FontDescriptor. This can lead to different choices for the
substitute font. By defining the font in the substitutefaces array we can attempt to get
a consistent result.

This *will* lead to differences in the regression suite as we are now substituting 
different fonts for some missing faces. Apparently only with the test file for this
bug though.


2010-03-18T00:57:10.529905Z Robin Watts

Merge gs_2_colors branch down to trunk.

This adds a new set of color state information to the graphics/imager
state, along with a new non-standard postscript operator .swapcolors to
toggle between them.

The Postscript interpreter is updated to use one set of color information
for stroking, and the other for all non-stroking colors.

This produces differences in just 2 pdfwrite tests, due to rounding errors
due to changes in the way pdf with non-zero rendering modes is emitted now.

[psi/zcolor.c base/gsdps1.c base/gdevpdft.c base/gxccache.c /trunk/gs base/gspaint.c base/gscsepr.c base/gsimage.c base/gxchar.c base/gsptype1.c base/gxcmap.c psi/interp.c base/gzstate.h psi/dmmain.c base/gscspace.c base/gscolor1.c base/gscdevn.c base/gscolor2.c base/gscie.c base/gxistate.h psi/psromfs.mak psi/dxmain.c base/gxcspace.h base/gxhldevc.c psi/dxmainc.c psi/dmmain.r Resource/Init/pdf_draw.ps psi/zht1.c base/gscolor.c psi/zicc.c psi/zchar1.c base/gxpaint.c base/gsstate.c Resource/Init/pdf_ops.ps psi/zcie.c base/gstext.c Resource/Init/pdf_font.ps base/gstrans.c psi/zht.c base/gsequivc.c base/gxdcolor.h psi/igstate.h base/gspcolor.c]

2010-03-17T21:41:13.190501Z Robin Watts

bmpcmp tweak to allow maximum/minimum bitmap sizes to be set from the
command line.


2010-03-17T20:12:25.972208Z Robin Watts

MSVC whinges when asked to shift by 32 or more bits at once. Simple tweaks
to fool the compiler and eliminate warnings.

No expected differences.

[base/gdevm64.c base/gdevm56.c base/gdevm48.c base/gdevm40.c base/gxclrast.c]

2010-03-17T18:54:12.480084Z Robin Watts

Tweak to gxcmap.c to remove warnings about shifting by more than 32 bits on
MSVC builds.

No expected differences.


2010-03-17T17:30:27.541399Z Robin Watts

Revised bmpcmp.
 * Redone command line handling
 * Ability to read PAMs (so we can read CMYK stuff now)
 * "Fuzzy" behaviour (both compatible and exhaustive modes)
 * New behaviour using map bitmap to avoid rediffing multiple times.
 * CMYK -> RGB conversion as last step before PNG/BMP writing.

Still to do:
 * Output number of fuzzy matches etc to the meta file.


2010-03-15T19:18:55.825828Z Lars Uebernickel

Change default TIFF strip size to one megabyte.

Many fax readers have problems reading TIFF images which are chunked into
strips, and one megabyte is larger than the biggest expected fax page.  Hence,
ghostscript's default TIFF output will be accepted by those readers.


2010-03-15T19:00:43.589302Z Lars Uebernickel

Write TIFF directories before the page data.  This might help bug #691172 and
probably some other non-conforming TIFF readers.

[base/gdevtifs.c base/gdevtsep.c base/gdevtfnx.c]

2010-03-15T15:21:55.436137Z Alex Cherepanov

Don't throw an error when a filter returns 0 bytes and a normal return code.
This often happens with eexecDecode filter, which has to return the control
to the interpreter after every space character since Adobe no longer adds
zeros at the end of the encoded block. Document new return code 2 used by
eexecDecode filter. Bug 690909.

[base/sstring.c base/seexec.c psi/iscan.c]

2010-03-15T14:56:15.278449Z Lars Uebernickel

Partial fix for bug #691172: The tiff resolution tags are floating point values
and need to be passed as such to TIFFSetField.


2010-03-15T07:44:38.447170Z Lars Uebernickel

Applied Tim Waugh's patch from bug #691171: A NULL check for the argument of
TIFFCleanup was missing, which caused a segfault when opening the output device
failed for any of the devices in gdevtfax.c.


2010-03-15T06:34:34.317078Z regression

Added support for mupdf testing in local regression suite.

[toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/readlog.pl toolbin/localcluster/build.pl toolbin/localcluster/run.pl]

2010-03-15T06:31:25.268888Z Marcos H. Woehrmann

Changes to the local cluster code:

added bmpcmp documentation to clusterpush.txt
new file, runNightly.pl, for nightly regression testing
readlog.pl, build.pl, and run.pl changes for nightly regression use

[toolbin/localcluster/readlog.pl toolbin/localcluster/build.pl toolbin/localcluster/runNightly.pl toolbin/localcluster/run.pl toolbin/localcluster/clusterpush.txt]

2010-03-11T17:36:30.596061Z Chris Liddell

Apply a change submitted to FT and accepted - see FT bug #27442


2010-03-11T05:01:22.057384Z Marcos H. Woehrmann

Run svn update on the ghostscript source even for clusterpush runs to make sure that bmpcmp.c is current.


2010-03-10T17:41:09.765460Z regression

Minor cleanup of the local cluster code.

[toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/pngs2html.pl toolbin/localcluster/build.pl toolbin/localcluster/run.pl toolbin/localcluster/compare.pl]

2010-03-10T16:42:26.014885Z Robin Watts

Fix bug in bmpcmp.c: When reading images from multi-image sets, we stop
the comparison process as soon as we fail to find any differences in the
current image. With this fix we correctly keep searching to the end.


2010-03-10T15:05:57.116970Z Chris Liddell

Change how we derive the glyph metrics from FT: we now interpret the glyph description only once, scaled and hinted, and then calculate the metrics from that. It's more accurate, accounts for hints that extend the glyph outline, and should be a worthwhile speed improvement.


2010-03-10T12:51:50.027959Z Robin Watts

Change the condition under which we update the overprint device when restoring
a graphics state to be more relaxed; rather than updating if the overprint
state has changed we now update if it was enabled, or it if it is enabled.

The logic behind this is that it will still fire in all the same conditions
it did before, but will also fire when we restore from a state that had it
enabled to another state that had it enabled. This should be entirely
harmless, but will allow the state to be updated in the case where a
colorspace has been updated.

This causes 2 differences in the tests, that only show up in psd files.
All indications seem to be that these files really are identical. But if
they aren't, I believe they should be progressions, rather than regressions.

This moves the trunk more into line with the output of the gs_2_colors branch.


2010-03-10T06:13:23.278865Z Marcos H. Woehrmann

Added local modes to build.pl and run.pl in preparation for use as part of the nightly regression.

[toolbin/localcluster/build.pl toolbin/localcluster/run.pl]

2010-03-10T05:19:59.535554Z Ray Johnston

Fix for SEGV with the psdcmyk device on 258-01.ps. This was a fundamental memory
problem with any device that used the compressed_color_list functions in gdevdevn.c
since a 'restore' could free structures which were still needed by the device.
Use stable_memory to avoid this. Bug 691150.


2010-03-09T17:27:07.400171Z Robin Watts

Another tweak to the local cluster bmpcmp html page generation. I managed to
miss renaming the images in the second column.


2010-03-09T17:22:39.470336Z Robin Watts

Another tweak to the localcluster bmpcmp html page generation javascript;
quote the string to avoid it being converted to an int.


2010-03-09T17:22:35.452303Z Till Kamppeter

Let pdftoraster not exit before the Ghostscript sub-process finishes. Thanks to Tim Waugh from Red Hat for the patch.


2010-03-09T17:15:22.155871Z Robin Watts

Fix pngs2html.pl to number images according to both directory and image
number (needed now as images restart from 0 within each directory). This
really should fix the bmpcmp html output.


2010-03-09T17:08:42.132281Z Robin Watts

More fixes for the bmpcmp html page generations javascript.

Change code to pass numbers to swap() rather than strings as javascripts
conversion of strings to ints is... unhelpful.

[toolbin/localcluster/bmps2html.pl toolbin/localcluster/pngs2html.pl]

2010-03-09T16:50:48.278966Z Robin Watts

Misplaced bracket in the javascript meant that only the first images would
swap on mouseover properly. Fixed here.

[toolbin/localcluster/bmps2html.pl toolbin/localcluster/pngs2html.pl]

2010-03-09T16:39:21.328229Z Robin Watts

Fix javascript problems in bmpcmp output page generation. What sort of
stupid broken language depends on whitespace?

[toolbin/localcluster/bmps2html.pl toolbin/localcluster/pngs2html.pl]

2010-03-09T16:35:06.527087Z Till Kamppeter

Fixes on CUPS Raster output device:
- Fixed memory reallocation on bitmap size change. Reallocation is not only
  needed when dimendions and margins change, but also when the color depth
  changes. Fixes bugs #691029 and #691108.
- Fixed arrayoption() macro in cups_put_params() function. Array values did
  not get actually set in cups.header data structure. Bug only showed via
  a compiler warning.
- Silenced compiler warning by presetting c0..c3 in cups_map_cmyk() to zero.


2010-03-09T16:29:31.666786Z Robin Watts

Attempted fix for bmpcmp output javascript problems with the coordinate


2010-03-09T16:11:59.669918Z Robin Watts

Fix typos in the javascript code for pngs2html.pl and bmps2html.pl; this should
get at least some of it working, but the coord stuff still baffles me.

Also fix a typo that was causing the wrong "third image" to appear.

[toolbin/localcluster/bmps2html.pl toolbin/localcluster/pngs2html.pl]

2010-03-09T01:46:06.865448Z Marcos H. Woehrmann

Fixed longstanding bug fuzzy.c that caused pbm files to be misread.


2010-03-08T21:57:05.576067Z Hin-Tak Leung

updating documentation to mention how to run mkcidfm.ps manually; bug 688437


2010-03-08T21:54:37.005008Z Hin-Tak Leung

convert font file name to lowser case before matching; make it possible for upper case ARIALUNI.TTF to match; bug 688437


2010-03-08T21:49:56.216990Z Hin-Tak Leung

updating windows CJK font substitution list for more commonly found MS CJK fonts; bug 688437


2010-03-08T21:47:15.240330Z Hin-Tak Leung

revert to r8185 version of the korean example - it was removed in r8190 and a corrupted version r9325 was subsequently checked in; found during fixing bug 688437 (incompete font substitution list)


2010-03-08T16:20:53.842289Z Ken Sharp

Ongoing bug fixes for #690448.
The FreeType code will synthesize vertical metrics for TrueType (Type 42) fonts which do
not contain a vmtx table. This includes the vertical advance, which will be returned
to the FAPI code, and used even if there were originally no vertical metrics and the
font should not have any vertical advance.

Modified the metrics override callback, called by FT, so that if the font is a TT font,
and this is a vertical metrics call, we set the advance to 0. This prevents the
synthesized metrics from incorrectly advancing the glyph vertically.

This may eventually be a problem if we find a CIDFont with Type42 outlines which relies
on the vmtx table in the font rather than the Metrics2 or CDevProc overrides to position
the glyphs. Since this facility was only added in CPSI 3011 it is unlikely we will ever
encounter such a font. THis has not been done at present, as the information (WMode=1)
is not currently available to the code called from FreeType to override the metrics, 
and would need to be added.

Also, fixed an issue where the 'advance_v' member of the metrics structure was left
uninitialised if a horizontal override took place. This could cause glyphs to be
mis-positioned vertically.


2010-03-08T15:41:20.817468Z Ken Sharp

revert revision 10871, we will tackle this problem in the FAPI FreeType interface code
instead of in FreeType itself.


2010-03-08T15:22:57.356559Z Ken Sharp

revert revision 10871, we will address the matter of FreeType creating synthetic vertical
metrics when none exist by overriding the synthetic metrics in the FAPI FreeType interface
code instead.

[freetype/src/truetype/ttgload.c freetype/include/freetype/freetype.h]

2010-03-08T09:28:49.484133Z Chris Liddell

Latest improvements to the FAPI/FT bridge code. This code resolves the issues with font matrices which do more than just scale. It is not yet "finished", but is too big a step forward to risk losing.

[psi/fapi_ft.c psi/zfapi.c]

2010-03-05T21:01:34.974121Z Marcos H. Woehrmann

Added bmpcmp option to clusterpush.pl.


2010-03-05T19:25:34.812546Z regression

Export results of local cluster bmpcmp command to web.


2010-03-05T16:50:00.654216Z regression

Update the local cluster code to use the new pbm->png mode of bmpcmp.

[toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/build.pl toolbin/localcluster/run.pl toolbin/localcluster/compare.pl]

2010-03-05T16:47:10.049203Z Marcos H. Woehrmann

Minor changes due to bugzilla update.


2010-03-05T13:24:34.158774Z Ken Sharp

Fix FreeType
Ongoing fixes for bug #690448. In this case FreeType generates vertical metrics for
TrueType (in our case Type 42) fonts which lack vhea/vmtx tables, which is generally
the case.

These metrics are useful to a 'normal' TrueType consumer which has a notion of the
orientation of the writing direction. However in PostScript we don;t know that, so we
apply both the horizontal and vertical advance widths.

If the vertical advance should be 0 (because its not specified) then creating one causes
the glyphs to be misplaced.

This code adds a new load flag to FreeType 'FT_LOAD_NO_SYNTHETIC_METRICS', and sets
this flag in the FAPI FreeType interface code, which prevents FreeType from manufacturing a bogus vertical advance.

[psi/fapi_ft.c freetype/src/truetype/ttgload.c freetype/include/freetype/freetype.h]

2010-03-05T09:23:47.698736Z Lars Uebernickel

Open tiffsep and tiffsep1 output files as seekable.

All files written by libtiff have to be seekable when writing multiple pages,
because libtiff tries to access previously written page dictionaries.  This
fixes bug 691160.


2010-03-05T07:01:13.637667Z Marcos H. Woehrmann

Fix pbm reading and png writing in bmpcmp.c.


2010-03-05T05:32:24.962092Z regression

Added pngs2html.pl to repository: take a directory full of png files
generated by the increasingly poorly named bmpcmp.c and generate web pages
(like bmps2html.pl but without the bmp->png conversion).


2010-03-03T21:21:07.833457Z Ralph Giles

Flip images from RGB to BGR pixel format when reading ppm files,
and flip them back to RGB when writing png files.

This adapts all the current routines to assume the BGRx storage
format used by the bmp image format for the internal representation,
as is already done with the row order.


2010-03-03T21:21:04.624166Z Ralph Giles

Also save the difference image as a png when bmpcmp is compiled with HAVE_LIBPNG.


2010-03-03T20:30:01.695369Z Robin Watts

Fix stupid memory overwrite bug on bmp load.


2010-03-03T20:03:29.767395Z Robin Watts

bmpcmp.c tweaks: Add (largely untested) code to allow "plain" (ascii) ppm,
pgm, pbm files. Also fix some compile warnings on 64bit platforms. Now
compiles cleanly with -Wall.


2010-03-03T19:07:12.236947Z Ralph Giles

Add optional support for png output to the bmpcmp utility.

When compiled with the HAVE_LIBPNG preprocessor symbol defined, and
linking with libpng, the utility will save its output focus images
in RGB png format. Currently, only 32 bit RGBx pixel data is supported.


2010-03-02T22:49:02.357333Z Robin Watts

Attempt to fix the javascript in the created files. The change to use
numeric filenames padded to 5 chars had broken the javascript. This
might fix it.


2010-03-02T21:26:36.100914Z regression

More changes towards having a bmpcmp running on the local cluster.

[toolbin/localcluster/bmps2html.pl toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/build.pl]

2010-03-02T21:12:59.888859Z Robin Watts

Updated bmpcmp to avoid inverting pnms on reading.

Also improve reading of non 32bpp bitmaps - still not quite right.


2010-03-02T00:15:58.939654Z Marcos H. Woehrmann

Added partial support for "clusterpush.pl bmpcmp" (which will allow
users to generate bitmap comparisons of their most recent clusterpush
job and trunk).

[toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/build.pl toolbin/localcluster/clusterpush.pl toolbin/localcluster/run.pl toolbin/localcluster/compare.pl]

2010-03-01T17:44:40.662743Z Ralph Giles

Add support to the autoconf and msvc builds to compile in a copy of
the FreeType2 library from local source.

Previously, the FAPI bridge for freetype required that the library
be compiled externally and include and link flags passed through
the FT_CFLAGS and FT_LIBS makefile variables. We now include a copy
of the freetype source in the tree, to make it easier to find a
compatible version of the source and to simplify building for
platforms that don't provide a system freetype.

Now, to enable both freetype and the FAPI bridge, pass --enable-freetype
to the configure script. This will set FT_BRIDGE=1 and the other required
variables. The configure script will prefer local source in gs/freetype2
to the copy in gs/freetype to simplify testing against upstream.

To enable freetype in the msvc build, pass FT_BRIDGE=1 on the nmake command

Note that the fallback is now FT_BRIDGE=0, not FT_BRIDGE undefined; this
will require changes in any custom top-level makefiles. 

[base/winlib.mak doc/Make.htm base/gs.mak base/Makefile.in psi/int.mak base/configure.ac psi/msvc32.mak]

2010-03-01T15:34:56.724940Z Henry Stiles

Fixes bug #691154 and the regressions associated with revision 10823.
Unfortunately, performance-wise, the wtsimdi device must always use a
contone buffer until we've had a chance to see which raster operations
can be eliminated correctly.


2010-02-28T22:57:02.883228Z Hin-Tak Leung

First half of patch from John Wehle for bug 691149 - vac C compiler on AIX 5.2 does 
not like function with a void prototype returning a void function e.g.

void func1();

void funct2() {
return funct1();

The 2nd half of the submitted patch was committed as part of r10826 .


2010-02-28T17:26:09.949555Z Henry Stiles

Fixes part of 691149 - void function returning value, thanks to John
Wehle for the fix.  Also, there were several compiler warnings in this
file related to the casting of the gs memory type pointer which have
been cleaned up as well.


2010-02-28T14:52:00.838160Z Hin-Tak Leung

The distclean make target should call pgclean to clean up profile build also.


2010-02-28T01:19:26.994088Z Alex Cherepanov

Following PDF reference, version 1.7, section 10.10, crop /TrimBox and /CropBox
by the /MediaBox. Bug 691145.


2010-02-27T23:29:31.437722Z Henry Stiles

Fixes bug #691147 customer 861, the optimization to strength reduce
the raster operation here is wrong, it is premised on the assumption
the colors are opaque.  If either texture or source is transparent the
strength reduction which effectively ignores the source or pattern is
wrong and it will subsequently cause opaque painting.  We've simply
removed the optimization instead of conditionalizing on opaque cases,
because tests indicate the reduction not that significant.  The
example in the bug report was reduced from a file in the XL ATS 305
test suite.  The following customer reported bugs in that test suite
are fixed by this change:

FH905UJ1.BIN pp 1,2,3,4
FH906UJ1.BIN pp 1-6
MA2K7UJ2.BIN pp 1-10
PW2K6UJ1.BIN pp 2


2010-02-27T20:24:13.417473Z Alex Cherepanov

Upgrade Adobe Glyph List to v. 2.0. AGL is used for character mapping in
non-symbolic TrueType fonts in PDF files. Bug 691116.


2010-02-27T16:56:47.050522Z Alex Cherepanov

Add missing newline in a TTF debug message.


2010-02-26T17:11:28.684024Z Ralph Giles

Correct a typo in the freetype makefile which prevented the inclusion
of ftlzw.c.


2010-02-26T06:41:31.056673Z Ralph Giles

Fixes to our makefile for the third-party freetype library.

I'd missed a number of "optional" files in the original commit, but
didn't notice because other dependencies, which themselves link to
the system freetype library on linux were providing definitions of
the missing symbols. These are now included in our build.

We now generate freetype.dev by copying freetype_$(SHARE_FT) within
freetype.mak, the same was this option is handled in the other third-
party makefiles.

We set native line endings and Id keyword substitution for this file
in the Subversion repository.


2010-02-25T11:04:59.765077Z Chris Liddell

add quotes around the expansion of DEVSTUDIO variable when it's used for the recursive nmake call for debug targets - in case it has white space in it.


2010-02-25T08:21:46.259499Z Masaki Ushizaka

Fix for bug 691103.  The pdfwrite device now considers FDArray fonts' FontMatrix and writes correct W/W2/DW/DW2 widths for CIDFont with unusual FontMatrix.  This also fixes a problem gs_font::orig_FontMatrix not being initialized for CIDFont.
Bug687832.pdf and Bug690834.ps will show differences which are improvements.

[Resource/Init/gs_cidfn.ps base/gdevpdtt.c]

2010-02-24T20:26:57.347460Z Ralph Giles

Add a generic makefile for compiling the freetype library
as part of the Ghostscript monolithic build.

Including makefiles should define FTSRCDIR, FTGENDIR and FTOBJDIR,
similar to other third party libraries.


2010-02-24T19:59:05.197182Z Ralph Giles

Copy our local branch of the freetype library source into the gs tree.

This was the intended result of commit 10804, but an ommitted path element
placed it in the repository root instead.


2010-02-24T19:38:11.435012Z Ralph Giles

Correct a typo in a dependency specification for wrfont.c.

The typo (stdio_h for stdio__h) prevented the dependency on arch.h
from being declared, generating a temporary error in a sufficiently
parallel make invocation.


2010-02-24T19:27:11.525322Z regression

Changed naming scheme for regressions from 00000-00000 to 00000 (i.e. no longer treat Ghostscript and GhostPDL revisions independently).

[toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/run.pl toolbin/localcluster/cachearchive.pl]

2010-02-24T18:22:35.905364Z Ralph Giles

Move the fontconfig check into the libraries section of the configure script.


2010-02-24T18:16:45.225914Z Chris Liddell

ensure the DEVSTUDIO value is propagated when we recursively nmake for the debug targets.


2010-02-24T17:28:23.116518Z Ralph Giles

Remove a spurious circular symlink accidentally included in the libpng-1.2.42
source import.


2010-02-24T09:58:02.654907Z Ken Sharp

Fix, ignore a class of broken TrueType font.
Bug #691121 "gs stops in interpreting tt instructions". The font executes an MDRP
instruction with point number 28, the glyph only contains 28 points numbered 0 to 27 so
the interpreter (correctly) flags an error.

Windows and FT both appear to silently ignore the error and the instruction (definitely
the case for FreeType). Modified Ins_MDRP to simply return if the indicated point is
outside the number of points in this case.


2010-02-23T22:29:18.142249Z Henry Stiles

Fixes bug 690967, a diagnostic problem with dumping memory the debug
-ZA option.  See the comment in the code for details, the change has
no effect on production builds.


2010-02-23T21:58:15.181686Z Alex Cherepanov

Fix obviously wrong code in .fixsethalftonescreen procedure that is used by
the setscreen (and setcolorscreen) procedure and caused a PS error if the
third 'proc' argument to setscreen is a read-only Halftone type 1 dictionary.
Thanks to Jonathan Dagresta for the patch. Bug 691130, customer 1130.


2010-02-23T20:56:21.262529Z Alex Cherepanov

Simplify sed script that extracts libTiff version number for compatibility
with AIX sed. Include our portable header before tiff.h to make sure that
all stdint types are found. Bug 691102.

[base/gdevtifs.c base/gdevtsep.c base/configure.ac base/gdevtfnx.c base/devs.mak base/gdevtfax.c]

2010-02-23T10:01:54.545437Z Ken Sharp

Fix (pdfwrite)
Bug #691133. If producing PDF/A output. and a DOCINFO pdfmark string was UTF_16BE
encoded *and* contained a numeric character, then decode_escape incorrectly consumed
any numeric characters following the first octal byte of the UTF16 code.

This was caused by decode_escape assuming that octal sequences are terminated by 
non-numeric characters which is clearly wrong. The octal escape decoding loop is now
terminated when :
1) 3 numeric characters are read from the string
2) No more data is available in the string
3) A non-numeric character is encountered in the string.


2010-02-22T11:45:33.943563Z Chris Liddell

resolve inappropriate variable type (signed vs unsigned) and comparisons with the wrong variable when writing the local subrs info to the serialized T2 Private dictionary.


2010-02-21T17:57:24.841443Z regression

Added regression testing of the icc_work branch to the local cluster.

[toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/run.pl toolbin/localcluster/cachearchive.pl]

2010-02-21T03:57:26.068286Z Marcos H. Woehrmann

Add cast to bmpcmp.c to quiet useless compiler warning.


2010-02-21T03:51:51.891247Z regression

Several minor changes to local cluster code to improve reliability and increase performance.

[toolbin/localcluster/clustermaster.pl toolbin/localcluster/build.pl toolbin/localcluster/run.pl toolbin/localcluster/compare.pl]

2010-02-21T03:38:29.059238Z Alex Cherepanov

Update pdf2dsc.ps to match the changes in pdf_main.ps introduced by
the rev. 10341. Thanks to William Bader for the patch. Bug 691124.


2010-02-21T02:57:05.611462Z Alex Cherepanov

Include stat_.h before estack.h, which defines esp macro.
Prevent a spurious macro substitution in Cygwin version of signal.h.
Bug 691123, customers 661.

[psi/zfapi.c psi/int.mak]

2010-02-17T17:02:27.004947Z Henry Stiles

Adds placeholder files to trunk so the other languages (pcl, xps and
svg) can built with the icc branch and trunk.  Each of these files
will be replaced with real files when the icc branch is merged into
the trunk.

[base/lcms.mak base/gsiccmanage.h]

2010-02-16T18:12:57.832463Z Robin Watts

Tiny tweaks to clusterpush.pl to make it work on windows. First, wrap the
$HOME directory in additional quotes to allow for awkward windows users
with spaces in their names. Secondly, add a crude mapping for people whos
windows names are not the same as the usernames. This can unquestionably
be done more nicely, but the simple version will do for now.


2010-02-16T17:07:49.079920Z Alex Cherepanov

Add missing dereferencing of indirect objects in /Mask array.
Bug 691112, customers 870.


2010-02-12T15:27:23.315268Z Ken Sharp

Sort out some minor benign compiler warnings. No differences expected.


2010-02-12T15:17:16.629322Z Ken Sharp

Fix colour processing. It was possible for nested ICCBased colour spaces (ie an ICCBased
space whose Alternate is another ICCBased space) to cause segmentation faults.

This was due to the fact that the conversion to base colour continuation procedure 
'currentbasecolor_cont' was supposed to scan the space from the initial declaration
each time round a loop. However a reassignment of an array pointer caused it to
rescan from the last processed colour array instead.

Normally this does not cause problems, but in the case of nested ICCBased it caused
us to generate an error.

Fixed by re-initialising the array pointer at the start of the loop.


2010-02-11T16:28:20.347398Z Ken Sharp

Fix (pdfwrite) bug #691104 "pdfwrite emits garbage in the XMP metadata when DOCINFO
pdfmarks contain UTF-16BE text strings"

There were several problems. Firstly the undoing of PostScript string escapes was wrong,
Octal escapes consumed too many characters, and several escape sequences weren't

Secondly the XMP emission didn't expect to receive UTF-16BE strings and didn't convert
them to UTF-8 for inclusion in the metadata.

This patch fixes the broken octal escapes, adds teh unprocessed escapes and checks the
DOCINFo strings before sending to XMP. If they include the UTF-16BE Byte Order Mark
then convert the strings to UTF-8.


2010-02-10T20:27:33.989189Z Ralph Giles

Bump the versioning after the 8.71 release.

[base/gscdef.c base/version.mak Resource/Init/gs_init.ps doc/News.htm]

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