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Version 9.22 (2017-10-04)

This is the sixteeth full release in the stable 9.x series.

Highlights in this release include:

  • Ghostscript can now consume and produce (via the pdfwrite device) PDF 2.0 compliant files.

  • The main focus of this release has been security and code cleanliness. Hence many AddressSanitizer, Valgrind and Coverity issues have been addressed.

  • The usual round of bug fixes, compatibility changes, and incremental improvements.

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Incompatible changes

  • The planned device API tidy (still!) did not happen for this release, due to time pressures, but we still intend to undertake the following: We plan to somewhat tidy up the device API. We intend to remove deprecated device procs (methods/function pointers) and change the device API so every device proc takes a graphics state parameter (rather than the current scheme where only a very few procs take an imager state parameter). This should serve as notice to anyone maintaining a Ghostscript device outside the canonical source tree that you may (probably will) need to update your device(s) when these changes happen. Devices using only the non-deprecated procs should be trivial to update.


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Ghostscript version 9.22, 4 October 2017