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hypnocat has anyone else had zathura repeatedly blank the screen while printing "Loading..." on them?01:41.47 
  or, more to the point, know how to fix it?01:41.53 
  this is happening for me with the mupdf backend01:42.14 
  the problem does not appear to happen with mupdf itself.. so i guess this is a zathura issue01:45.13 
kens falls into macro hell again....07:08.34 
sebras hypnocat: does this happen just with a particular pdf? can you share it?07:31.21 
kens wonders if we really need to build Display PostScript into the default GS build....09:44.27 
Robin_Watts kens: What's the disadvantage of building it in?09:45.32 
kens Robin_Watts : its slower for one thing, and defines a load of stuff we don't need (and it breks my change with -dSAFER)09:45.59 
chrisl kens: I guess the only thing is there is at least project out there that depends on DPS, so we probably need to avoid breaking it - and they may rely on it being in libgs.so09:51.26 
kens :-(09:51.36 
  A never widely used hack of a language that's been obselete for decades....09:51.58 
chrisl Somebody loves it.....09:52.19 
kens In any event, I was more wondering why its in the default build than anything else.09:52.20 
  Surely the one weird project could build it that way themelves....09:52.33 
chrisl Distribution policies.... must.... use.... shared..... libs......09:53.04 
kens :-)09:53.13 
  I was just thinking, that probably doesn;t work with things like FreeType09:53.40 
  If you rely on building it in a particular way (say a specific CFF parser)09:53.55 
chrisl Why would it not work with freetype?09:54.39 
kens Say your partic ular use depends on a CFF parser which isn't the (now) default one ?09:55.04 
  You need a non-defualt parser, the system lib is built with teh default one....09:55.24 
  I feel sure there must be other things that would break similarly with other libraries, otherwise what's the point of the build options ?09:55.58 
chrisl I don't follow - DPS is still just interpreting Postscript, isn't it?09:56.17 
kens If only it were....09:56.30 
  It messes with our startup code, and has 'interesting' requirements09:56.50 
  Though in reality, its not really the problem, I just came across it while chasing this problem09:57.29 
  Its a bit like that one the other day where we store an opaque pointer to a C structure in a PostScript object. I hadn't realised before that the graphics state structure stores an opaque pointer to a Postscript dictionary09:58.31 
chrisl Ugh.... why?09:59.07 
kens So it can return it in response to currentpagedevice09:59.26 
chrisl Erm, surely you need to build the dictionary based on the settings in the current device?10:00.04 
kens Yes, and once that's done we store the pointer to the dictioanry in a C structure.....10:00.30 
  Its in zsetpagdevice I htink.10:00.45 
  istate->pagedevice = *op;10:00.57 
  where *op is the page device (PostScript) dictioanry10:01.10 
  istate is i_ctx_p->pgs->client_data10:01.38 
  and tehn in currentpagdevice we do:10:02.04 
  op[-1] = istate->pagedevice;10:02.04 
chrisl Oh, so it's not really graphics state, it's the interpreter context10:02.09 
kens Well, its the graphics state in the interpreter context.10:02.48 
  hte 'int_gstate'10:02.55 
chrisl But that dictionary does not necessarily reflect the current state of the current page device, so it's wrong.....10:03.46 
kens Err, it does, because that's the dictioanry which is created during the course of setpagedevice.10:04.07 
  Its only 'wrong' if you change the device without changing the dictionary (which is possible, and a Bad Thing)10:04.28 
chrisl Well, what about devices changing due to hardware interaction, and the like?10:05.07 
kens Not sure what you mean, all the merging and stuff is done in PostScript.10:05.32 
chrisl Something like running out of a particular media size10:06.09 
kens How could we tell ?10:06.20 
chrisl If you're driving "real" hardware.....10:07.04 
kens Well in that case something would have to tell GS and it would do it by calling setpagedevice10:07.24 
chrisl It's a good job it's so easy to call Postscript from the C world, then, isn't it?10:07.58 
kens :-)10:08.02 
  What's really cauing me confusion is this bit in 
  % Establish local VM as the default.10:08.24 
  //false /setglobal where { pop setglobal } { .setglobal } ifelse10:08.24 
  $error /.nosetlocal //false put10:08.24 
chrisl Anyway, given that the implementation is as it is, why store a pointer like that? Why not store it in systemdict?10:08.38 
kens Before that, 'currentpagdevice /OutputAttributes get gcheck ==' returns true, afterwards it returns false *no matter what the VM allocaiton mode is*10:09.07 
  Snd I cannot find anywhere that OutputAttributes gets recreated10:09.36 
  So its as if it changes the allocation mode of an allocted object (!!)10:09.50 
chrisl I wonder why we check for the existence of setglobal there.....10:15.31 
kens We either use the PostScript one, or if its not defined, our own internal operator (bizarre I know....)10:17.16 
chrisl I just rather thought that given that it's *our* Postscript we'd what whether a particular operator was defined or not at a given point.....10:18.02 
kens LOL what did I just say about Display PostScript ?10:18.26 
  THings can chage, depending on our configuration.10:18.38 
  Not I grant you DPS in this case, but....10:18.46 
  We use the PostScript one anyway10:20.08 
  Which seems to be mapped to /setshared, whatever that is10:21.03 
  Ah well that is defined in gs_dps1, one of the Display PostScript files....10:21.46 
  THough not (I htink) until after the initialisation code has executed. SO I guess its really calling .setglobal, confused yet ?10:22.22 
chrisl Bonkers :-(10:22.52 
kens And it still doesn't explain why my dictioanry changes vm allocation mode :(10:23.21 
chrisl maybe .makecurrentpagedevice in 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: Hey.10:24.41 
kens Hmm, I though that the dictioanry was returned directly from zcurrentpagedevice, but maybe no.10:24.43 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts: Ho10:25.08 
chrisl kens: currentpagedevice is redefined in - line 28910:25.16 
kens bangs head repeatedly against wall10:25.28 
Robin_Watts So, I pushed through a change last week to support the incremental loading stuff, whereby pdf_obj's now how have pdf_document * pointer rather than an fz_context pointer.10:25.30 
paulgardiner Yep... which my later commit relied on10:25.54 
Robin_Watts and zeniko points out that this causes problems10:26.22 
kens needs more coffee before tackling this one10:26.43 
Robin_Watts when we close a document, any extant pdf objects are left holding a duff document pointer.10:26.56 
paulgardiner Hmmm. That's a pain. I guess objects were sort of independent of docs before.10:28.35 
Robin_Watts type3 font resources are the example he uses.10:28.50 
  Personally, I think pdf objects *should* be tied to the docs.10:29.28 
  cos if you have an object that has an indirect object in it, then it damn well better be associated with a doc.10:29.53 
  and the parent pointer only makes sense with a doc.10:30.24 
paulgardiner Oh yes. Good point. Indirect objs are meaningless without the doc10:30.36 
Robin_Watts So, either we need to stop pdf objects persisting after a document is closed, or we need to make pdf_document reference counted.10:31.08 
  that way closing a document won't actually close the document until all the refs have gone away.10:31.31 
  sebras: You may have opinions on this too.10:31.39 
paulgardiner Would reference counting work? Wouldn't we get into a nasty circularity problem10:31.50 
Robin_Watts go on...10:32.07 
paulgardiner Since xrefs entries hold rerferences to pdf objs10:32.26 
  I guess we could blow them all away because they are only a cache10:32.46 
Robin_Watts I was thinking that the font reference would hold a reference to pdf_document.10:32.53 
paulgardiner The other way to do this would be to have all functions that make use of parent_num take the doc as arg.10:34.34 
Robin_Watts Actually, since we moved to using display lists for type3 fonts, and loading all the glyphs to display lists up front, I'm wondering if we can't solve this a different way...10:34.47 
paulgardiner Hmmm maybe not, that would include all users of pdf_dict_put10:37.48 
Robin_Watts It used to be that to render type 3 glyphs, we needed to be able to interpret the charprocs at page display time.10:40.12 
  BUT with multi threading, that became a problem, as we can't have multiple threads hitting the file at the same time.10:40.52 
  So we moved to converting all type3 fonts to display lists at load time.10:41.10 
  hence after load, you'd think that we don't need to have the font resources any more.10:42.17 
  There are a couple of wrinkles with type 3 fonts that I need to think through though.10:43.09 
paulgardiner I'm surprised that any of the code that used pdf_objs after the doc had gone away, did anything with them that caused the doc to be refered to.10:43.44 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: I'm wondering if they don't.10:44.09 
  But the problem is that the code to free a pdf_obj relies on going obj->doc->ctx to get a context to use to free the obj.10:44.37 
  Another solution would be for pdf_obj's not to have a doc pointer, but to have a pointer to a new struct { fz_context *ctx; pdf_document *doc };10:45.20 
paulgardiner oh I see10:45.26 
Robin_Watts that way they could still get a ctx pointer after the doc had died. But that's horrid. And would require more refcounting.10:45.48 
  kens, paulgardiner : 
  "Found in a miami hotel" :)11:07.14 
kens Not mine, I'm glad to say11:09.23 
Robin_Watts kens: no, sorry, I was joking.11:11.02 
  but it looks like the curent product is the PXC450, and that's 260quid ish on the net :(11:11.24 
  Ah. New ones: 
kens I bought a replacement pair of 450s11:13.37 
Robin_Watts kens: oh, right.11:17.09 
paulgardiner What's the difference 350 vs 450?11:17.17 
Robin_Watts 100.11:17.32 
kens :-)11:17.46 
paulgardiner Thanks. I thought it was somewhere around that. :-)11:18.05 
Robin_Watts 350's are the ones I've got.11:18.18 
kens Robin_Watts : you a gun owner now ?11:18.23 
Robin_Watts They have an inline volume controller (analogue) and no "talk through"11:18.37 
  The 450's have a volume up/down on the ear thing, and a talk through button.11:18.58 
  kens: Can you unplug the cable from the 450s ?11:19.09 
kens Yes I think so11:19.17 
  Its a replaceable item11:19.23 
Robin_Watts kens: I have applied for a shotgun license.11:19.50 
  I have fitted shotgun and ammo safes.11:20.02 
kens Robin_Watts: :11:20.05 
Robin_Watts so I'm not a gun owner, *yet*.11:20.14 
kens Yes I remember you dropping the safe on your foot...11:20.27 
Robin_Watts Typical public service IT.11:20.51 
  I wore shoes for the second safe. Much better :)11:22.35 
sebras Robin_Watts: paulgardiner: I agree, pdf objects separate from a document are meaningless. they need the xref to refer to other objects.11:33.38 
Robin_Watts I think the idea of binning the type3 pdf object references as soon as we finish loading the type3 fonts is working. I got 44 differences in the cluster tests, but I think they are down to other commits. Retrying now.11:35.05 
  There look to be 3 files in our test suite that cause differences. investigating.11:42.53 
kens chrisl I finally found it....11:53.46 
  Its to fix a WorPerfect bug.11:53.58 
chrisl kens: nice one!12:06.28 
kens chrisl its essentially unfixable I think. I can't have the fix for the WordPerfect files, and at the same time cope with setpagedevice when the current allocation mode is global12:07.06 
chrisl Oh, so Wordperfect wants to write directory to the dictionary that comes from currentpagedevice?12:09.41 
kens seems that way yes, and it assumes they are local as well according to the comment12:10.04 
  I *may* be able to work around this, but as ther eis no bug number in the comment, I can't test if the WP fix will still work.12:10.32 
chrisl I wonder if there is a better solution to that12:10.38 
kens Possibly, but.... No test file :-(12:10.54 
  I'm just playing with setpagdevice, I may be able to fix it in there, which gets away from any problems with WP files (though who cares about WP now ? oh yes, someone somehwere will have it as a critical pice of their process.....)12:11.54 
chrisl Hmm, yes, that predates available history :-(12:16.46 
kens I'm not suprised, when was hte last time you heard of anyone using WordPerfect ?12:17.11 
  Thgough (oh oh) Corel still sells it.....12:17.35 
chrisl It may not have the same buggy PS output, though12:18.02 
  I have a feeling I fixed a WordPerfect idiom in Jaws......12:18.07 
kens I bet it dies :-)12:18.12 
chrisl Maybe we should fix GS's idiom recognition12:18.44 
kens I think I cna fix this in setpagedevice by copying the local dict to a global one before calling setpagedevice.12:18.48 
  Though whether that will work with the WP file is debatable12:19.02 
  If I get this fixed I'll cluster test it and see what happens12:19.21 
chrisl We don't seem to have any WP PS jobs in our test suite.12:20.28 
kens Then I'm probably safe :-)12:20.37 
chrisl In a situation like this, the only solution is probably to throw it out into the world, and see if someone complains12:22.08 
kens First I have to come up with a solution :-(12:22.25 
sebras did tor8 forget to wake up this morning?12:31.24 
  nvm. I remember now.12:31.47 
kens chrisl do you know if we have any 'deep copy' routines available in GS ? I want to copy all the contents of a dictionary from local to global VM objects, recursively of course.12:36.48 
chrisl kens: I haven't seen one......12:37.13 
kens OK so I'll have to write my own, NP thanks12:37.27 
mvrhel_laptop good morning12:38.54 
kens Mornign mvrhel_laptop12:39.01 
  I sent a transparncy problem your way over the weekend12:39.11 
mvrhel_laptop kens: yes the knockout text. thanks.... ;)12:39.32 
kens mvrhel_laptop : well I couldn't see what I was doing wrong :-(12:39.45 
mvrhel_laptop I remember getting rid of that one once12:39.47 
  no worries. it will be good for me to take another look at it12:40.03 
kens mvrhel_laptop : yes, you sent it to Alex, but I implemented your suggestion and it didn't work for me12:40.04 
  Possibly I did it incorrectly of course12:40.19 
mvrhel_laptop ok. I will look it over this week12:40.34 
kens THanks12:40.38 
  BTW do note that the default value of Text Knockout is currently incorrect (false), the spec says its initial value is true12:41.05 
mvrhel_laptop I saw that in your message12:41.22 
kens OK no problem then12:41.36 
mvrhel_laptop surprised we had not found that before12:41.37 
kens Well we don't actually *do* anything with teh value as far as I can tell12:41.53 
  except for pdfwrite which only writes it out if it changes.....12:42.07 
mvrhel_laptop ok12:43.29 
kens Of course, that is a point, its possible pdfwrite isn;t writing /TK false when it should be ;-)12:43.58 
  I suppose I should test that file with pdfwrite12:44.14 
  meybe after I get rid of this horrible PS problem12:44.29 
  Duh why does everyone think NumRenderingThreads is going to help ? At 150 dpi ?......12:59.52 
chrisl Because threads fix everything - they are the greatest thing since XML.....13:01.23 
mvrhel_laptop funny13:01.35 
kens chrisl canyou quickly try the file for #694390 please ? It works just fine on WIndows13:01.46 
  Of coruse the reoprter hasn't bothered to say *what* errors they get, and we know how reliabel someone reporting 'crashes' is13:02.13 
  And its on Linux, so probably packaged up by some distribution, and using shared libraries.....13:02.39 
  My guess is a standard jpeglib or something13:03.57 
chrisl kens: I'll just do a 9.07 build, and try it13:03.59 
kens I've booted Linux so I'll try head code13:04.13 
  Dont' think I hvae 9.07 availabel on Linux13:04.27 
  8.71 installed :-)13:04.49 
  current code works just fine for me13:07.20 
chrisl 9.07 seg faults13:07.38 
kens intriguing13:07.49 
  8.71 is OK too13:07.54 
chrisl We've fixed a few crashes.....13:08.29 
kens true13:08.47 
  I'll close it as 'worksforme' and note that 9.07 did crash13:09.11 
  Unless you really want to bisect it, I can't be bothered myslef13:09.32 
chrisl It crashes in the clist - I'd just close it.13:10.04 
kens NP as long as yo uare happy too :-)13:10.18 
chrisl Well, I think we have better ways to spend our time than tracking already fixed bugs!13:11.32 
kens I certainly do....13:11.41 
chrisl Robin_Watts, paulgardiner: I don't think building for WinRT/ARM is going to be quite as easy as we'd hoped :-(13:12.46 
Robin_Watts chrisl: What's the problem you've hit ?13:13.00 
  chrisl: mvrhel_laptop has mupdf building both on winrt x86 and arm.13:13.29 
  Maybe he can grab command lines for you?13:13.44 
paulgardiner chrisl: thought it might not be13:13.46 
chrisl It's a different compiler with a different path to it. When I set stuff up so CCAUX points to the native compiler, I get a bunch of link errors from the "aux" tools13:14.02 
paulgardiner .. why I was very glad when you said you'd have a look :-)13:14.03 
chrisl Basically, you are supposed to the "Cross tools for....." when cross compiling, and that sets up the environment for the cross compiler, but then we need access to the native compiler, too :-(13:15.47 
kens Oh great, his second bug report is a 140 page image, and he 'doesn't know which page is causing trouble'13:17.09 
chrisl Robin_Watts: it *seems* (guessing a bit) that cl.exe has no built-in knowledge of where it should look for (even default) libraries, and relies on the LIBPATH environment variable (or command line switches) for the library search path13:20.59 
Robin_Watts chrisl makes sense.13:23.17 
  but we should "just" need to copy the appropriate settings from the setup .bat's.13:23.36 
chrisl Probably, yes13:24.18 
Robin_Watts ok, so the multithreaded problem I was worried about was a red herring.13:25.07 
  but the use-after-free is genuine, and ref counting will be problematic as there are circularity issues.13:26.08 
mvrhel_laptop sorry I was away. 13:53.07 
  so what is going on with respect to WinRT etc13:53.32 
  for gs13:53.35 
chrisl mvrhel_laptop: I was just having a quick exploratory poke at cross compiling gs for WinRT for ARM13:54.15 
  We'd hoped it would be a fairly trivial task, but it's looking a bit more involved. I'll take another look later in the week13:54.58 
mvrhel_laptop The way that this should be done for windows phone, windows 8 etc is to make a winrt dll for the API calls where we just grab the standard .lib and replicate the API via c++. At least that is the way that I would do it13:55.04 
  I could probably throw that together real quick13:55.37 
chrisl We already have a WinRT build, it's the cross compiling that's complicating things a bit13:55.57 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: The problem is not (as yet) how to expose gs to WinRT apps.13:56.13 
  It's how to actually get an ARM build of what we already have working for x8613:56.30 
mvrhel_laptop ah ok13:56.57 
chrisl Basically, we'll need a way to set compiler and linker options separately for the cross compiler (CC) and native compiler (CCAUX)13:57.43 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts: fix for android app crashing after save on paul/master13:58.06 
mvrhel_laptop I can show you the x86 vs ARM command line options for mupdf that I have if you want13:58.08 
  but not sure if that will help you13:58.27 
chrisl mvrhel_laptop: I figured the command line options would be similar - when I get to the point where that's a problem, I'll ping you about it!13:58.56 
mvrhel_laptop ok13:59.12 
chrisl I don't think it's a huge deal (just not as easy as we'd hoped), but it's a little more involved than the equivalent on Linux would be14:00.01 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner:;a=commitdiff;h=60d5dc8417e5574fb54c74ce04b36c0c81b92eab14:58.20 
  your fix looks fine. will push14:59.13 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts: yeah. Looks okay to me15:06.44 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: Thanks.15:07.22 
  I'll push it and we'll see what Zeniko can find.15:07.37 
mvrhel_laptop bbiaw15:12.27 
kens chrisl ping15:46.19 
chrisl kens: pong15:51.35 
kens chrisl is there any wway to influence the 'decoding' applied when we load a TrueType font as a substitute for a missing PostScritp font ? (NB not a CIDFont)15:52.05 
chrisl Hmm, not that I know of, but it's not a feature I've dug into much15:52.45 
kens I thnk there isn't, but I thought you might know better. I've already emailed Aaron and preached (yet again) the gospel of 'embed the fonts'15:53.18 
chrisl kens: no, there's nothing the FontMap syntax (that I can see) to allow that - I think you're just stuck with the "heuristics" built-in15:54.20 
kens Yep, that's what I thought, thanks15:54.33 
chrisl kens: having said that, I think we go through quite a few hoops to find matches using the AGL, the Unicode glyph names and the TTF psnames15:56.09 
kens Yeah, but I tried their test file and it came out with missing glyphs (notdef)15:56.35 
chrisl Hmm, are they using a weird font?15:56.53 
kens Arial :-)15:57.15 
chrisl Is it "declared" as a truetype in the file?15:57.59 
kens which file ?15:58.09 
chrisl The customer's job15:58.19 
kens No, its just a 'findfont', the font is not embedded15:58.33 
chrisl Oh, it's a PS file? I thought they usually dealt with PDFs15:59.06 
kens In this case its PostScript15:59.13 
chrisl Ah, well, we have no clue what "Arial" they're asking for......16:00.00 
kens Nope, so they get whatever we provide, like I said, I've delivered the 'embed the fonts' doctrine again16:03.30 
chrisl kens: the job itself is doing odd things with the encoding......16:05.40 
kens chrisl it sure is, and it also emits different numbers of pages for me too....16:05.57 
chrisl kens: I'm not inclined to look at this in more detail - the PS for loading the font is messy, and I doubt there's a solution we can implement, anyway16:11.55 
kens chrisl I agree completely, they *need* to embed the fonts.16:12.14 
  One thing I do notice is that the 'correct' Acrobat document has 5 pages, but the PostScript file has 7....16:14.09 
  WHich just makes me suspicous16:14.32 
chrisl Hmm, are the pages the same?16:14.39 
kens No, there are more fonts on the later pages.16:14.52 
  And when I run the 'modified' file to Distiller, I get 7 pages....16:15.15 
  ah, but the PDF file only contains 5. How does that work ?16:15.42 
  Oh I see, they hacked out pages 5 and 616:16.28 
  Anyway, enough for today, goodnight all16:16.55 
chrisl night kens16:17.10 
dogisfat Are there any equivalent calls like gx_device_has_color(dev) for typed images?19:40.52 
mvrhel_laptop bbiaw19:42.25 
marcosw sebras: I'm going to reboot casper in little while (you and I are the only people who are logged on at the moment).22:36.27 
sebras marcosw: ok...22:56.31 
sebras logs out.22:56.34 
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