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kens chrisl I sent you an email with a proposed change to setpagedevice, would you mind taking a quick look please ? Its a bit big to post here (*lots* of comments), but not really worth pushing to Casper for review.08:31.18 
chrisl I'm reading it now.....08:33.23 
kens Thanks08:33.27 
chrisl 'Cept my mail client has decided to ignore me for a while.....08:34.35 
kens I thought you stopped using Thunderbird....08:34.48 
chrisl Yeh, I'm using Claws Mail - but *something* changed a few weeks back, and now, every now and again, when it communicates with the servers, it just semi-freezes08:36.03 
kens weird....08:36.13 
chrisl Yeh, I can't blame the mail servers because it started to happen with both gmail and spamcop at the same time.08:37.45 
kens Hmm, time to roll back a version or two ?08:38.00 
chrisl That's more hassle than it's worth - it might not be Claws Mail, but one the library dependencies. Although, oddly, it happens on both Ubuntu 12.10 *and* 13.0408:39.26 
kens Yay for shared libraries....08:39.43 
chrisl After I noticed this problem, I went back and tried TBird again - it doesn't suffer the same problem, but (part of?) the same old IMAP bug which made me stop using it in the first place, still occurs08:40.47 
kens is sticking with Eudora.... Obselete APIs never change08:41.09 
chrisl kens: so, those setpagedevice changes look sane (for sufficiently small values of "sane"). I can't help bug wonder if the DPS code really needs all these differences.08:42.07 
kens Well its the fact that it insists that teh 'savedinitialgstate' not have any local VM references, to avoid dangling pointers.08:42.41 
  And since the gstate includes a pointer to the page device dictionary, we can't allocate that in local VM.08:43.07 
chrisl But that confuses me, since we're in the initial VM state, nothing there should disappear until we're shutting down anyway08:43.40 
kens But (WordPerfect bug) because we copy all child dictionaries to local VM, and then put them in the parent, the parent *must* always be allocated in local VM....08:43.44 
  chrisl, I make no promises on tha sanity of the DPS code :-(08:44.16 
chrisl Hmm, and that Wordperfect bug is just *wrong*......08:44.49 
kens I agree totally, and the 'fix' is even worse, since it implictly relies on the parent dictionary being allocated in local VM08:45.16 
  But OK, if you don't see anything totally loopy in there, and assuming the cluster test is OK, I'll commit it.08:46.10 
chrisl kens: that Wordperfect "fix" breaks the definition of currentpagedevice in the PLRM08:46.42 
kens It does work for -dSAFER now, as well as for setpagedevice when the VM alloction mode is global. Heavens only knows if it still works for broken WP files.08:46.48 
  chrisl I know :-(08:47.31 
  It specifically says its read-only08:47.43 
chrisl Personally, I would have been tempted to just kill the WP "fix"08:47.54 
kens chrisl I did try that, but it sort of spiralled off into oother problems.08:48.15 
chrisl I wonder if Distiller/CPSI return a writeable local dict.....08:48.51 
kens Let mer see08:49.00 
chrisl Jaws returns a read-only dict in local VM, even if the current VM mode is global, which is interesting08:51.28 
Robin_Watts just got a mail from Virgin. Apparently I'm silver again.08:51.50 
kens Distiller returns a local VM writeable dict08:51.53 
Robin_Watts Not quite sure how...08:52.00 
kens personal trips Robin_Watts ?08:52.09 
Robin_Watts The boston trip was BA08:52.22 
chrisl kens: that's a pile of crap, then :-(08:52.32 
kens No idea then.08:52.34 
  chrisl yes I agree totally, but now we're compatible :-)08:52.46 
Robin_Watts and while I have a personal Virgin flight coming up, that hasn't happened for a while. odd.08:52.47 
chrisl I'm still silver08:53.25 
  According to the web site, anyway08:53.44 
kens I feel left out :-(08:53.54 
chrisl I'm sure it won't last - it's probably because I was bit behind you guys to start with08:54.49 
kens I think youre right yes08:55.00 
Robin_Watts bug 694395. That sounds a lot like a commercial app to me.08:59.24 
kens is currently swamped with bugs, just a moment08:59.51 
  Oh its MuPDF, that's OK then09:00.10 
  and yes, it certainly does09:00.19 
  I suppose it could be an in-house app, but....09:00.29 
  Also 'I want to load 100 PDF files, and I run out of memory' sounds like the response should be 'and ?'09:01.08 
Robin_Watts yeah.09:01.17 
paulgardiner So it's not the bloke that we did the one-page-per-doc stuff for?09:02.52 
Robin_Watts no.09:03.06 
paulgardiner He's probably creating a cache per doc09:04.54 
pipitas Is it possible for Ghostscript to do PDF->PDF conversion where embedded images do NOT get compressed with JPEG/DCT compression, but use flate/zip (or ASCIIHex or anything else but DCTEncode) instead?09:05.34 
  When using this commandline, I get much much of JPEG artefacts than I like:09:05.44 
  gs -o out.pdf \09:05.55 
  -sDEVICE=pdfwrite \09:05.55 
  -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress \09:05.55 
  -sColorConversionStrategy=LeaveColorUnchanged \09:05.55 
  -sColorConversionStrategyForImages=LeaveColorUnchanged \09:05.55 
  -dCompatibilityLevel=1.4 \09:05.55 
  -dGrayImageResolution=100 \09:05.55 
  -dColorImageResolution=100 \09:05.56 
  -dGrayImageDownsampleThreshold=1.0 \09:05.56 
  -dColorImageDownsampleThreshold=1.0 \09:05.57 
  Hence, I tried to modify the command by adding other params to the command:09:06.04 
  or even09:06.28 
  -c ".setpdfwrite <</QFactor 0.0 /Blend 1 /ColorTransform 1 /HSamples [2 1 1 2] /VSamples [2 1 1 2]>> setdistillerparams"09:06.28 
  but to no avail...09:06.28 
kens QFacto and co are not distiller parameters09:06.45 
  Those are arguments to teh DCTEncode filter, and will have no effect as Distiller params09:07.06 
pipitas kens: Well, QFactor is mentioned in a footnote of Ps2pdf.htm :-)09:07.39 
kens You mean note 7 ? It describes the default image parameters dictioanry09:08.31 
pipitas I realized that they are arguments to DCTEncode, but I tried to make it so that the JPEG artefacts go away. Didn't work though...09:08.40 
  I took it from note 7 and thought I could modify these defaults with my commandline.09:09.16 
kens Note 7 says that they are the default image dictionary parameters09:09.34 
  You need to set them to the ColorImageDict parameter09:10.16 
pipitas Yes, defaults which automatically get applied if nothing else is on the commandline. I *thought* my command would change that. Seems not.09:10.26 
  How would I modify the ColorImageDict on the commandline then?09:10.55 
kens No, because you have set them to 'distiller params' and they aren't vvalid parameters, you need to do <</ColorImageDict <<........>> >> setdictillerparams09:11.07 
pipitas Aaaaah!09:11.18 
kens However, avoiding the JPEG encoding is the only way to go09:11.34 
  <</ColorImageFilter /FlateEncode>> setdistillerparams ought to work I think09:12.24 
pipitas Let me try this09:12.37 
kens is disappearing under a mountain of questions today09:13.37 
pipitas No, doesnt work...09:13.46 
kens Well, I can't really comment further without seeing an example file09:14.06 
pipitas Wouldn't all these three be equivalent? 09:14.49 
  -c ".setpdfwrite <</ColorImageFilter /FlateEncode>>setdistillerparams" -f09:14.51 
kens Probably09:15.06 
pipitas I can file a bug and attach an example09:15.08 
kens That's more likely to ge my attetion than anything else09:15.24 
pipitas Thanks, kens. Will do.09:15.42 
kens Hm, there's an Avon mobility who seel stair lifts in Bristol :-)09:33.23 
  But I suspect is more likely the people09:33.49 
Robin_Watts kens: Indeed. They have 2 windows store apps, but the link is broken to it, I think.09:34.22 
kens THey have 2 android apps as well, both crossword thingies09:34.42 
  THis is their Android link:09:35.27 
  actually 5 apps in there, despite what ther web site says09:35.44 
kens wonders what he was doing before this VM allocation thing cropped up09:36.50 
  Time for a caffeine top up I think09:37.56 
  pipitas, a sudden thought. You will also have to set /AutoFilterColorImages to false to prevent getting DCT encoded output09:39.08 
  Because otherwise pdfwrite will use DCT as it produces smaller output09:39.29 
pipitas Good hint, kens! Thanks. This sounds like it's the key! Will try… because so far all the resulting /Filter settings where /FlateDecode, even when I had specified /LZWEncode.09:52.35 
kens There are so very many distiller parameters its hard to remember them all09:53.00 
  chrisl I messed up with my Distiller test, accidentally used rcheck instead of wcheck. Distiller behaves the same as Jaws, always returns a read-only dictionary allocated in local VM.09:57.41 
  So the WP bug is just mad. If we ever get more problems I'll just take the time to kill it09:58.04 
chrisl kens: as I said, I would not be surprised if even WP had had to fix that one. Or maybe Adobe has an Idiom......10:08.57 
kens chrisl, yes that's a possibility too. As I sadi, if it comesup again, I'll revisit it. (I hope it doesn't.....)10:09.37 
  That's an inteeresting new bug : "ghostscript images are Morgaine;.e"10:12.10 
  What on Earth is that supposed to mean ?10:12.22 
  Oh he's changed the title10:13.01 
  No sample file, no command line, refers to 2 differenrt versions of Kubuntu and if his bug report is to be believed is using an old version anyway....10:15.57 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: There is a fix on robin/master11:07.32 
paulgardiner Okay11:07.39 
  Looks okay to me. You are setting copying obj from old to new twice, I think, but that does no harm.11:13.25 
Robin_Watts I am?11:14.46 
  oh, I am.11:15.24 
  I will remove that line.11:15.28 
  Thanks. New version up.11:17.21 
paulgardiner Yes. Looks good.11:23.22 
Robin_Watts ta.11:25.11 
  paulgardiner: Any thoughts on bug 694388 ?11:50.47 
paulgardiner Not sure. I believe that having multiple calls to requestLayout within a single event handler is pretty harmless, since it only sets a flag, and we do need a call to layout whenever anything moves.12:04.22 
  On the other hand, if everything still works without the calls, might be worth going with.12:04.49 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: I believe the final suggestion there is to leave the ones in all the leaf functions and remove the one in the more central place.12:05.33 
  so we won't do layouts on UP/DOWN events.12:05.56 
paulgardiner Where I guess I should know what UP/DOWN events are. :-)12:07.11 
  Ah yes.12:08.23 
Robin_Watts I was assuming you did, cos I didn't.12:08.48 
paulgardiner Just realised it's mouse up and down. :-)12:09.07 
Robin_Watts ah.12:09.42 
  not relaying out on every up/down could be good then.12:09.56 
paulgardiner I would avoid calling layout when tapping, but it wouldn't lead to less layout calls when panning or zooming.12:11.13 
  Lost layoutRequest calls, but not less onLayout calls.12:11.46 
  Still, I'd hope that all would still work without the layoutRequest call in onTouchEvent.12:12.56 
  It would be interesting to check that we get just one onLayout call per animation step when doing inertial panning. Trouble is, the latest firmware seemed to break debug output on my S212:24.10 
JimmyB hey all., anyone here got experience running Ghostscript using c#?12:26.02 
kens JummyB not really no12:31.44 
  JimmyB: *12:31.50 
malc_ paulgardiner: any hope of seeing annotation problem resolved?12:32.54 
paulgardiner malc_: Which annotation problem are you referring to?12:33.52 
JimmyB oh thats to bad, I have some issues with the c# implementation, but Ill looks elsewhere then, thanks tho :)12:36.43 
Robin_Watts Jimmy B: what C# implementation?12:37.02 
malc_ paulgardiner: after f07fedd90e5d08fba4687283a29760d08cde8d0c me and sebras were having significant issues with some pdfs12:37.04 
paulgardiner What sort of issues?12:38.33 
malc_ paulgardiner: "error: Annotation object not a dictionary"12:39.12 
  over and over again12:39.23 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: 
  You discussed this with sebras at the top of that log.12:39.49 
paulgardiner Oh yeah. Thanks for the reminder. We decided how to fix that.12:39.54 
  I'll have a quick look now. Should be easy.12:40.06 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: Was there anything else I was supposed to be looking at before going back to pdfwrite?12:47.31 
  I can't remember anything...12:47.41 
paulgardiner Not that I'm aware of12:47.52 
Robin_Watts oh, no, it was progressive stuff I was doing.12:48.06 
  and that has to build on tor8's stuff.12:48.50 
kens chrisl can you make sense of what the reporter is saying in bug #694392 ?12:56.27 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts: there's a fix for the annotation problem on paul/master12:57.11 
chrisl kens: the colour conversion one? No, he's gibbering12:57.39 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: I'm mid merge at the moment, will look asap.12:57.51 
kens chrisl yes the one where he talks about ps2write, then reopens the bug and says its pdfwrite (or does he ? I#'m confused)12:58.08 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts: no probs12:58.27 
chrisl kens: yeh, no idea. The command line he gives is *definitely* ps2write, and in the first comment states that pdfwrite "works" <shrug>12:59.29 
kens Yeah, well if he doesn't answere real quick its getting closed again.12:59.46 
  Same for the German chap who has supplied a screenshot....13:00.12 
chrisl That looks like just a color management change13:00.35 
kens chrisl it could be, probably is, but hwo can I tell ? :-) Given he's comparing 9.07 against 8.71 it could be nearly anything13:01.14 
henrys chrisl:about the new font names, they did the same with me for the PCL fonts and I just changed the names back after checking with them. You can do what is easiest.13:52.48 
kens Hmm, this looks like a typo to me in gxcpath,c cpath_is_rectangle():13:57.32 
  if (pcpath->path_valid)13:57.32 
  return NULL;13:57.32 
  Surely that hsould be if (!pcpath->path_valid) ?13:57.51 
Robin_Watts kens: let me look.14:07.51 
kens thanks Robin_Watts14:08.02 
  It always returns NULL for me, which causes pdfwrite to emit clip paths as a sequence of lines, rather than a rectangle14:08.30 
  I'm just running a cluster test now, but I don't anticipate any differences14:09.18 
Robin_Watts yes, that looks like a typo.14:10.17 
kens Ah, thanks for looking14:10.40 
Robin_Watts The next if accesses pcpath->path.bbox, which presumably it should only do if pcpath->path is valid :)14:10.49 
kens That's what I assumed yes14:11.03 
Robin_Watts blame goes back to igor in 2005.14:11.14 
kens do you have a URL for the commit ?14:11.27 
kens wow, a big change14:11.54 
  ah, he added the whole routine14:12.13 
  I'm reasonably sure only pdfwrite will be using it14:12.23 
  This should improve file sizes slightly in some cases.14:12.38 
  thanks for the confirmation Robin_Watts14:13.51 
Robin_Watts The commit says it was a fix for pdfwrite.14:14.35 
kens Indeed it is14:14.42 
  And teh new routine *ought* to emimt rectangular clips as 're' but because of the typo, it never recognises rectnagles, and so continues to use a sequence of lines.14:15.32 
  The bug I'm looking at predates that commit, so if this works I'm going to close it. I will check and see how much difference it makes (I'm guessing very little)14:16.15 
  good grief, the original file is a 165 page document14:21.40 
  crumbs, the change makes a huge difference. Acrobat is 1.094 MB, the old PDF is 2.019 Mb, the new one is 1.335 Mb14:24.10 
  aha, of course we have some differences :-(14:24.45 
Robin_Watts large sections missing ?14:25.22 
kens don't know, about to do a bmpcmp14:25.31 
  I suspect small differences due to rounding, but we'll see14:26.00 
mvrhel_laptop there is something weird going on for me with git, mupdf and the winrt solution file. when I do a switch to the lcms branch the winrt solution is missing and when I switch back it is still missing14:26.50 
  back to master that is14:26.56 
kens Is the solution file being tracked in git or did you put it in a directory which is excluded ?14:27.30 
mvrhel_laptop it was being tracked by git14:27.44 
kens Then that exhausts my tiny knowledge :-)14:28.01 
  Is the solution file supposed to be in regular GS on master ?14:28.33 
  And if so, where is it ?14:28.39 
mvrhel_laptop oh it moved from some reason14:28.53 
kens Oh wait, this is MuPDF14:28.55 
mvrhel_laptop s/from/to/14:29.00 
  oh this was part of tors rearrangement14:29.28 
kens :-)14:29.34 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: It should be in platform/winrt now ?14:29.35 
kens I was about to suggest that as the reason14:29.42 
mvrhel_laptop Robin_Watts: yes14:29.43 
  I had been running from my old one all this time...14:29.59 
  I probably should do a git clean here 14:30.10 
  how do you do the smiley face with the crooked smile on here14:30.46 
Robin_Watts :-/ ?14:31.14 
mvrhel_laptop yes14:31.17 
Robin_Watts dunno14:31.21 
mvrhel_laptop funny14:31.28 
Robin_Watts : - /14:31.29 
kens forward slash14:31.35 
mvrhel_laptop I do like the rearrangement14:31.57 
henrys [:) 14:32.13 
mvrhel_laptop sigh I have been working in my old winrt folder though. need to fix a few things now...14:33.05 
henrys oops I wrote to chrisl and he's not here.14:33.10 
kens I'm sure he'll read teh logs when he comes back14:33.27 
mvrhel_laptop oh my commit was ok though. it was in platform/winrt so all is well. 14:34.10 
  aha. there is some work to do. some of the paths in the winrt solution are broken14:36.57 
  and lots of other stuff to update in the winrt solution14:42.36 
Robin_Watts henrys: Are we having a meeting today in the absence of tor?14:49.08 
henrys I'm fine skipping the mupdf meeting. I have to get up to speed on the fixes shelly and zeniko have done to estimate payments.14:50.16 
  that was one thing I wanted to discuss14:50.26 
paulgardiner I wont be here for next week's meeting: I'm away on holiday 5th to 12th.14:50.29 
mvrhel_laptop oh ok. are we still having the gs meeting at 9?14:52.23 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: Did you have anything you wanted to discuss?14:52.47 
mvrhel_laptop I am getting the winrt solution fixed up now. 14:52.59 
henrys well no tor isn't here ;-) I'll take any excuse.14:53.08 
mvrhel_laptop so I will have a commit for you in the next hour or so14:53.12 
  I have the windows phone set up for developement now so I was going to get going on that14:53.34 
  Also I did submit that windows 8 app to the store. for some reason in my first submission they claimed it crashed everytime. I think there was a mixup with how visual studio generated the upload packages for the various architectures. I fixed that and resubmitted14:54.44 
  I beat on the thing heavily and could never get it to crash in x64, win32 or ARM14:55.09 
  it also passed the testing tool that they supply here, which I did on the x64 and ARM14:55.30 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: Preparing stuff for submission always brings bugs to the fore.14:55.45 
  Normally just after you think you've got it working, and done all the builds and uploaded it.14:56.03 
mvrhel_laptop yes :-/14:56.29 
  there it is... :)14:56.38 
  so no gs meeting either today?14:57.22 
Robin_Watts yes, a gs meeting as normal.14:57.57 
  I have emoticons turned off here. Otherwise I can never read code that's pasted.14:58.25 
mvrhel_laptop ok. I am going to be out tomorrow. I will send out email in a bit.14:59.07 
  taking kids to kings dominion which is roller coaster after roller coaster.14:59.34 
Robin_Watts cool.14:59.44 
  recreational queuing.15:00.09 
mvrhel_laptop yes. lots of lines15:00.36 
  for a 3 minute ride15:00.49 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: have you looked at open xps which doesn't "open" in less than windows 8?15:05.57 
mvrhel_laptop henrys: mupdf handles openxps just fine15:07.25 
Robin_Watts henrys: MuPDF was broken w.r.t. openxps, but michael and/or tor fixed it a few weeks back.15:07.59 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: is it a large change?15:08.14 
Robin_Watts kens: I can't post to gs-devel, could you forward my mail please?15:08.29 
mvrhel_laptop henrys: tor had it working apparently for a while. I only made a change for the oxps type15:08.49 
kens Robin_Watts : oh right, I saw ther mail, I'll forward it on15:08.50 
Robin_Watts Thanks.15:09.00 
henrys Robin_Watts:the coverage for pcl link on the dash is broken - ghostscript is okay15:09.15 
Robin_Watts henrys: will fix15:09.41 
  henrys: try now.15:12.03 
henrys Robin_Watts:the other thing I was thinking of was asking how michael sweet is doing with mupdf2raster and if he has any questions. His involvement could be significant, he is a big name in the community.15:12.14 
Robin_Watts henrys: Shall I send a follow up email asking how he's getting on?15:13.15 
henrys I was wondering if it would best come form michael since he was there. But I don't feel strongly about who sends it.15:14.08 
  mvrhel_laptop: ^^^15:14.20 
  Robin_Watts: thanks coverage link fixed15:14.49 
mvrhel_laptop either way. Robin_Watts if you already have a dialog with him on this, I would suggest that continue15:15.10 
Robin_Watts Last email was between him/me/til/tech on the 1st June.15:15.27 
mvrhel_laptop I can take over it if you would like15:15.43 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: I'm happy for you to do it if you want, but if he has questions, it'll probably be me he needs to speak to, cos I wrote the new bit of code he'll be testing.15:16.20 
mvrhel_laptop then it would make sense for you to continue15:16.48 
  no need for me to get in the middle15:17.01 
Robin_Watts ok. I'll keep tech in the loop so that if he comes back with questions while I'm away for any reason, you can jump in.15:17.29 
mvrhel_laptop brb15:33.27 
chrisl Robin_Watts, kens: Hmm, I rather figured if that chap on gs-devel couldn't fathom how to set compiler flags, he may not be someone we want playing with Ghostscript and threading..... ;-)15:55.01 
kens :-)15:55.18 
  Oh, new sales man in Japan15:55.52 
  That *will* be interesting15:56.07 
kens is highly confused now as to what path_valid means15:58.38 
  If its 0 then we *do* want to write out the box as a rectangle. So what does that mean then ?15:59.08 
mvrhel_laptop back15:59.25 
henrys kens:right that's item 1 for the agenda16:00.06 
kens Oh meeting time16:00.18 
chrisl henrys: I'll change the font names so they match what we expect - I suspect anything else would cause havoc with the distributions16:01.47 
henrys One of the things that might be good for us (artifex) would be have the new sales guy hang out with us on IRC - I'd like to get more comms with sales and marketing.16:02.37 
  but if you guys think this would be a time sink I understand.16:02.59 
  let me know what you think16:03.10 
kens That sounds good, time zones could be difficult16:03.10 
Robin_Watts henrys: I don't see how it can be bad to have him here.16:03.38 
henrys true, timezones, I am going to talk to him today and I'll see what I can do.16:03.58 
Robin_Watts If he takes up too much time, we'll just ignore him. We do that for other people already ;)16:04.11 
kens Well he can get you and ray first thing his time, and us last thing in the day16:04.17 
  Its got to be easier for him to chat and ask us any questiosn, than send emails back and forth16:04.49 
Robin_Watts henrys: Are you still keen on us all installing/using skype?16:04.55 
kens THough he may get confused if he sits in here :-)16:05.01 
kens has no way ot use skype16:05.14 
Robin_Watts kens: buying a webcam is not hard :)16:05.35 
henrys Robin_Watts:I am but I haven't done it myself so I'd like to get set up first before I "recommend" it.16:05.49 
kens I'd prefer not to use a webcam16:05.53 
  Isn't voice enough ?16:06.06 
Robin_Watts kens: I have a webcam, and it's perfectly possible to use the webcam just for the microphone.16:06.16 
henrys voice is sufficient16:06.25 
kens would stick with just a mic then16:06.51 
Robin_Watts but IME buying a webcam is a simpler path to getting a worthwhile mic than trying to buy a mic.16:07.04 
kens I can use a gaming headset16:07.26 
Robin_Watts Ah, perfect.16:07.36 
henrys Robin_Watts:I'll go about setting up Skype than I'll nag ;-)16:07.43 
Robin_Watts If people want to do test calls, I am set up on skype.16:08.03 
henrys Robin_Watts:I'll probably get it going after the meeting today.16:08.36 
  I was hoping to just use built in stuff on a Mac Pro 16:09.08 
kens Macs used to come with mics, I don't know if they still do16:09.29 
Robin_Watts henrys: skype works fine with my mac laptops camera/mic.16:09.30 
  And there is a skype mobile app for android and ios too.16:09.57 
henrys Yes I did an entire meeting remotely - talking head and it worked surprisingly well.16:10.10 
Robin_Watts We did a test call on saturday between me/scott/miles/ray all with video, and that worked OK.16:10.56 
henrys oh has miles signed up artifex? I was talking to him about that. 16:12.17 
Robin_Watts Helen and I both have this one: 
  henrys: No, I think Scott has a premium account.16:12.31 
  You only need 1 person with a premium account in order for everyone to use video. otherwise you're limited to 2 video feeds.16:12.57 
  You can do unlimited numbers of people in a voice only call for free.16:13.12 
henrys anyway the new sales guy seems to have something of a technical background, should I forward his resume to tech?16:14.14 
mvrhel_laptop so is he on board for sure?16:14.41 
kens Miles' mail says so16:14.49 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: yes16:14.57 
Robin_Watts is nosey enough to be interested in reading the resume.16:15.01 
henrys I'll send the resume upon request. I don't think it appropriate to broadcast.16:15.50 
  1 request so far.16:16.19 
mvrhel_laptop oh just got his email16:16.31 
chrisl I think I hate Skype already.......16:16.36 
mvrhel_laptop I would like to see his resume too please16:16.46 
henrys is ray_laptop goes on vacation tomorrow16:17.26 
  I'm going through the online agenda does everyone have the pointer to that - should I add or delete anything?16:19.58 
Robin_Watts kens: I haven't looked at the context of that patch too much; is it possible that the code is only sending the clipping path as rectangles if there is not a path it can use ?16:20.18 
henrys Robin_Watts put a link on the dashboard16:20.19 
kens Robin_Watts : it seems we cna have a clipping path (but not a path) which has a rectngle, but no path elements16:21.09 
  In which case path_valid is 0, but the rectangle *is* valid16:21.23 
Robin_Watts henrys: The one thing that I really miss with the workflowy thing is that when I took notes at the meeting on the old style text agenda, I could note the things that were mine.16:21.30 
kens I don't know how we get these16:21.34 
henrys Robin_Watts:do you have some top of your head idea of shelly and zeniko hours?16:21.43 
Robin_Watts Is it possible to put "[robin]" or something at the end of each line to say who currently "owns" that task?16:22.08 
chrisl kens: intersection of two rectangular paths?16:22.19 
Robin_Watts henrys: We agreed figures for the mupdf fuzzing, for them, right?16:22.29 
kens chrisl, no its created that way16:22.39 
Robin_Watts I haven't been keeping up to date with the work they've done on the jbig2dec etc since.16:22.57 
chrisl kens: does it come from the interpreter? Or created internally?16:23.29 
kens I don't know16:23.38 
Robin_Watts kens: suppose I make a clipping path from path A. And another from path B.16:23.43 
kens but there are many of them soo I assume from the interpreter16:23.49 
Robin_Watts Then I make C, the intersection of those two.16:23.51 
  The way that works is that A and B are flattened to rectangles, and the sets of rectangles intersected to give C, AIUI.16:24.14 
henrys Robin_Watts:I'll figure out shelly and zeniko - I think the best thing to do is get a list of bugs from them first.16:24.27 
kens Robin_Watts : but that must generate more than one rectanlge (or more than one clip) in the general case16:24.41 
Robin_Watts kens: in the general case, yes.16:24.53 
kens I'm unconvinced its that16:25.37 
  But it doesn't really matter16:26.36 
henrys if everyone wants names next to the items I'm fine doing it but does everyone have the problem? It doesn't seem like a very long list and you sort of know what's yours and I'd rather you read all the items anyway. You may have something to contribute.16:26.56 
kens Did I miss sopmething there henys ?16:27.25 
henrys yes Robin_Watts wants owners names next to agenda items.16:27.49 
Robin_Watts henrys: It's not that I haven't read the list, it's that I like to scan the list to check I haven't forgotten stuff that is assigned to me.16:27.54 
henrys we are looking at the agenda now.16:27.56 
kens Oh I see, missed that16:28.10 
Robin_Watts clearly not every item would be assigned.16:28.18 
kens I'm not bothered either way16:28.29 
Robin_Watts kens: cpath_init_rectangle sets a clippath up to just be a single rectangle.16:29.10 
kens Yes16:29.17 
  Ah, I wonder if that results from cliprect16:29.33 
  Not the way I'd have done it, but never mind.16:29.51 
henrys I'll do it if we agree that it is a requirement to read other folks items? I'm concerned about the change.16:30.00 
kens need to put dinner on, brb16:30.25 
henrys oh sorry we should be done.16:30.45 
  that went fast16:30.48 
mvrhel_laptop I would not be opposed to having names on the items where applicable, but I can see my list from the forest too16:30.50 
Robin_Watts henrys: I certainly wouldn't have assumed that because some items are assigned to particular people that I wouldn't need to read the whole thing.16:30.59 
henrys okay as soon as I hear from everyone I'll update it.16:32.23 
mvrhel_laptop henrys: so wait, what do you need to hear from us16:32.40 
chrisl henrys: I'm okay either way16:32.53 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: I've heard from you ;-)16:32.55 
mvrhel_laptop ok16:33.02 
henrys anything else for the meeting?16:33.15 
mvrhel_laptop I do make my own to-do list during the meeting16:33.24 
kens is back16:33.51 
henrys Sorry I ran the meeting late kens16:34.09 
kens Not a problem16:34.14 
henrys see above.16:34.16 
kens henrys, I don't mind either way16:34.33 
Robin_Watts henrys: well, don't worry about it just for me then.16:34.49 
henrys Robin_Watts:if nobody cares it's fine to do. Miles would like it but I don't count him ;-)16:35.20 
ray_laptop hi, all16:35.43 
henrys ray_laptop:see above...16:35.47 
ray_laptop I got here before ken left :-)16:35.53 
marcosw sorry, lost I'm late too16:36.17 
ray_laptop my laptop was offline while I was trying to get help from the VMware people.16:36.58 
henrys maybe email + cron or something would have some effect.16:37.02 
mvrhel_laptop ok. well I am heading out for a bit unless someone has something for me16:37.07 
henrys nope I'm done16:37.19 
ray_laptop I upgraded to 9 and now I can't install either.16:37.26 
  I'm reviewing the logs...16:37.35 
  w.r.t. the .jp sales guy, early during his day is the end of the day for us on (or near) the Pacific, so we can just watch for him signing on to IRC16:44.04 
kens ray_laptop : yes I said that, and the end of his day is the beginning of ours16:44.26 
ray_laptop I often work in the evenings16:44.27 
henrys marcosw:anything with the plotter? I think the problem I assigned to you can go back to the customer I don't know that I can do anything else.16:46.50 
  the plotter will just tell me I'm right or stumped - neither changes the code.16:47.23 
marcosw sorry, no. I ordered the other part I needed last week, but I haven't received it. I'll ask them if it's been shipped.16:47.27 
ray_laptop henrys: it's strange that that other package seems to work for them. I suspect, however, they only mention it when it produces what they want and we don't. There's probably an equal or greater number of files they get wrong16:50.43 
henrys ray_laptop:yes he has at least 5 different programs and he reports the one that works. 2 others we've worked with don't work.16:52.05 
  whey is 693684 with ray_laptop and not Robin_Watts ?16:54.16 
marcosw henrys: presumably when I get my plotter back up and the file does not print correctly that will be the end of it.16:54.35 
henrys well there is a fix in there that he needs to get.16:55.00 
  marcosw ^^^16:55.28 
Robin_Watts henrys: It's with ray because ray is applying the changes he's already done in this area for a customer.16:55.58 
marcosw henrys: I'm reading the bug now16:56.12 
Robin_Watts i.e. this is pretty much a reapplication problem, rather than a new code problem, I believe.16:56.16 
henrys Robin_Watts: thanks16:57.13 
kens OK I'm off, night all16:57.53 
henrys we need an email address for the new employee, marcosw can we just update our account and not be always worried about getting another email address, is it much more expensive?16:59.36 
  sebras did you get you NDA from miles yet?17:18.19 
  so if you type in # in the workflowy search entry field things should be clear17:25.41 
Robin_Watts ooh, nice.17:26.40 
henrys well it isn't clear how you guys are going to fix all that crap but it looks nice.17:28.07 
  you know I never noticed it, sabrina pointed it out to me, you can't silence the phone key pad on the iPhone. Unbelievable 17:32.43 
Robin_Watts henrys: That would be an option. Apple don't do options.17:33.25 
  but why would you want to silence the phone key pad?17:36.40 
  If you're going to be making phone calls from a place where the sound of the keys is an issue, surely you shouldn't be making calls from there anyway?17:37.23 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: why is bug 694385 P1 (highest priority)? Your comment says marking it low priority17:40.15 
  oops That's bug 694384 (typo_17:40.38 
Robin_Watts ahem. I'll mark it P4.17:41.02 
  ooh, we have a P5 now.17:41.06 
  Is that some super secret special designation?17:41.25 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: AFAIK we've always had P1 (highest) through P5 (lowest)17:42.25 
  I think the default priority is P4 initially, and we rarely bother to downgrade from there17:43.05 
Robin_Watts fair enough.17:45.01 
marcosw Robin_Watts: Just ordered a big, heavy thing from Lufthansa WorldShop for you to carry over the Chicago for the next staff meeting.17:58.21 
Robin_Watts marcosw: OK...17:58.46 
marcosw btw, I was stalking you on Google Maps, where is there a white van in front of your house? Are you a white van man on the side?17:59.18 
Robin_Watts Hopefully you'll be bringing me a games console :)17:59.19 
  marcosw: It's a grey van technically :)17:59.35 
  And it's Helens, officially.17:59.42 
marcosw Robin_Watts: oops, sorry.17:59.51 
Robin_Watts She uses it for carting the harpsichord about.17:59.54 
  but it is a very small games console.18:00.26 
marcosw is this the kickstarter thing that hangs off of a hdmi port?18:01.26 
Robin_Watts marcosw: yeah.18:01.52 
  Supposed to be shipping mid august.18:02.36 
marcosw did you get a raspberry pi camera yet? They are sold out in the US.18:03.02 
Robin_Watts marcosw: My raspberry pi has been assembled into a case, and hasn't yet been plugged in.18:03.26 
marcosw I've compiled ghostscript on mine. I don't recall how long it took, but I decided not to add my raspberry pi to the cluster.18:04.26 
  speaking of which, I wonder where mine is. It's too small to keep track of in my very cluttered office.18:05.18 
Robin_Watts marcosw: That's why I got it a case :)18:06.04 
marcosw everyone should bring their pi to the next staff meeting so we can have a lan party :-)18:08.59 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: did you get the case or the box ?18:13.41 
Robin_Watts ray_laptop: I got a perspex case thing.18:14.10 
  but I don't understand the question really - there are many different cases/boxes out there.18:14.37 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: sorry, I was just looking at the Adafruit choices. There are a lot of others out there.18:20.11 
sebras marcosw: is there a gps module for the pi? that might solve your problem. :)18:54.32 
sebras Robin_Watts: well, that kit solves marcosw's problem in two ways: 1. gps-coordinates 2. the pi is no longer too small to lose track of!18:56.47 
  sebras: Indeed.18:57.00 
ray_laptop sebras: maybe not quite enough positional resolution, but that would still help. Of course, unless he's running it on a battery all he has to do is follow the cord :-/ and if it's not running, the GPS module doesn't help too much19:34.32 
henrys ray_laptop:are you about?21:10.58 
Robin_Watts henrys: If it's just you wanting someone to skype, I'm here.21:26.44 
henrys Juichi.Takanezawa at artifex dot com - is there any cultural reason he can't have the same format as the rest of us? That was my question21:27.10 
  or should he be Takanezawa.Juichi at artifex dot com21:28.43 
  Robin_Watts: sent you a contact request21:38.53 
Robin_Watts accepted.21:39.52 
henrys thanks21:42.09 
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