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mvrhel_laptop henrys: your around?03:17.25 
  or Robin_Watts ...03:17.41 
  marcows_ are you there?04:15.59 
  marcosw_ ^^04:16.11 
  or marcos ..04:16.27 
marcosw_ mvrhel_laptop: yes, but I'm in the eastern time zone, so it's a bit late :-)04:16.34 
mvrhel_laptop me too 04:16.39 
  12:16 here04:16.47 
  quick question for you04:16.51 
  so the dumb microsoft store rejected the viewer app since they did not like my support contact information, for which I had put the bugzilla website04:17.29 
  they want a support email address.04:17.35 
  do we really want to put our support email address in there?04:17.55 
  do we want to make another "support" email address?04:18.13 
  perhaps only a few people will ever download and use the thing. who knows. I just don't want there to be any problems since the address will be shown on the windows store. I do have a address that I am using for the developer account . Perhaps I should just use this 04:20.51 
  hmmm. maybe marcosw has fallen asleep at keyboard...04:21.28 
  ok. I will bother someone about this at a more reasonable time. good night marcosw_04:26.09 
marcosw_ mvrhel_laptop: sorry, had to run out for a second.04:26.29 
mvrhel_laptop oh no worry04:26.37 
marcosw_ I think we should make a different email address.04:26.56 
mvrhel_laptop I was just wondering if we wanted to make something like a or something04:27.05 
  for this sort of thing04:27.16 
marcosw_ what's the windows phone called? I.e. can we make it the equiv of androidsupport@artifex.com04:27.53 
mvrhel_laptop we can do win8support@artifex.com04:28.38 
  that would cover phone store app and win 8 store app04:29.03 
  can you add that?04:29.28 
marcosw_ sound perfect. Shall I forward the emails to you directory or to support?04:29.29 
mvrhel_laptop go ahead and send them to me04:29.40 
  if it get too much then we can figure something else out04:30.03 
  how long before this becomes live?04:30.24 
marcosw_ should be few minutes, if I can figure out the new Google web site...04:31.42 
mvrhel_laptop oh great. then I can resubmit this thing tonight04:31.57 
  and then wait another 5 days....04:32.10 
  marcosw_: thanks. have a great 4th and sorry to bug you so late04:37.37 
marcosw_ mvrhel_laptop: no problem, you too. I'll send you email when it's set up.04:37.55 
mvrhel_laptop ok thanks04:38.01 
chrisl kens2: ping07:37.57 
kens2 chrisl pong (was fetching coffee)07:47.54 
chrisl kens2: np, Do you know what combination of user access flags adds up to "page extraction disallowed in PDF"?07:48.51 
kens2 No, why ? Are you looking at that SO question ?07:49.06 
chrisl No, this is a guy that contacted me through sourcrforge - could be same guy, says GS freezing/crashing (description varies!) with that PDFs with that setting07:50.21 
kens2 SOunds like a different thing, the SO one wanted to use GS to add password security to an existing PDF07:50.50 
kens Network keeps dropping out.....07:52.27 
  Table 3.20 has hte permissions bts07:52.35 
  p 124 of teh 1.7 PDFRM07:52.49 
chrisl Yes, found that, none match what I would term "page extraction" - maybe bit 12?07:53.19 
kens Just a moment, I have a file exntrypted that way here07:53.36 
  "/P is -4"07:54.10 
chrisl Okay, thanks - I'll have a play....07:55.13 
kens NP07:55.48 
  -4 bits 1 & 2 are 0, all other bits are set to 107:56.06 
chrisl Ta07:56.23 
kens WHich by my reading of the spec means evertyhing is permitted07:56.23 
chrisl Hmm, even Acrobat doesn't list "page extraction"07:57.39 
  Oh, yes it does....07:57.56 
kens As a paramter that can be set ?07:57.59 
  Hmm, seems I have the owner password wrong for my file07:58.50 
chrisl Acrobat lists page extraction in the list of parameters set for the file, but doesn't seem to list it in the options to set :-(07:59.37 
kens Yep07:59.43 
  It look slike if a document is secured *at all* you can't do page extraction08:00.02 
chrisl Sounds good.08:00.26 
kens Yes the 'changes allowed' the most liberal is 'any except extracting pages'08:01.35 
  It sort of makes sense, there' no real point in protecting the document with a password, and then letting you do anything you like with it08:02.15 
  But it would be good if this was explicitly stated in the documentation08:02.30 
chrisl It would be nice, also, if Acrobat was a bit clearer - but, hey, this is Adobe......08:03.07 
  Well, Ghostcript works just fine on a file like that for me.08:04.01 
kens Yes, I would expect it to, its known to work with encrypted files, some of our test suite are enmcrypted I believe08:04.25 
  If the SourceForge user has an example file, we'll look at it if he raises a bug report08:04.55 
chrisl Ah, well, this is the usual: "I have this problem, but I can't share the file" bullsh*t08:05.28 
kens In that case my response is "I can't help you then"08:05.51 
  He needs to make a file he can share, or get permission to share the file08:06.13 
chrisl Previously, he asked me what his options were, so I said "debug it yourself"08:06.40 
kens Like I sadi, he can find/make a file that goes wrong he can share, he can get permission to share it or, yes, he can debug it himself, its open source after all.08:07.23 
  We don;t do debugging by psychics08:07.44 
chrisl Okay, I have communicated those sentiments to the gentleman, and I await the stroppy reply.....08:12.48 
kens No doubt :-(08:13.04 
chrisl I was tempted to also say that when I said "debug it yourself" that didn't mean "describe the file(s) to me"!08:13.45 
kens describing a PDF file sounds like lots of fun :-)08:14.05 
chrisl He just said about the security settings, but clearly, that's not much help.08:14.45 
kens No help at all.....08:14.57 
  Have you ever managed to get IdiomRecognition working in Ghostscript ?08:15.14 
chrisl I've never tried, tbh. Every time I mention it, Alex and Ray seemed to shiver - I got the idea it's basically verbotten08:16.21 
kens Well its the only way to 'fix' this particular problem, and Alex has always seemed quite keen on writing them08:16.50 
  But I can't get it to work08:16.58 
chrisl IIRC, there's a command line parameter to enable it?08:17.32 
kens I don't think so, you can disable it with setuserparams08:17.44 
  If it wasn't enabled it wouldn't be throwing me an 'undefinedresource in findresource' error I would think08:18.03 
chrisl Hmm, I thought we disabled it because it hurt performance08:18.50 
kens I think I;d heard that too (though I'm inclined to feel it should be fixed in that case)08:19.22 
chrisl IIRC, it's because we don't keep the idioms in VM, so every time we do a bind we have to reload the idiom resources08:20.09 
kens Like I said 'should be fixed'....08:20.22 
chrisl Hmm, but user params has IdiomRecognition "true", so08:21.05 
kens So it is enabled08:21.18 
chrisl Well, it is enabled in currentuserparams, that doesn't mean it isn't disabled in some other way!08:21.53 
kens Yes I guess oso. Being broken seems to be one way.08:22.20 
chrisl Hmm, I see it being set to false, I wonder it gets set to true......08:25.18 
kens No idea....08:25.27 
chrisl It's set to false at the beginning of - which makes sense08:25.51 
kens My idiom is pretty simple:08:25.52 
  currentuserparams /IdiomRecognition get08:26.10 
  <</IdiomRecognition false>> setuserparams08:26.10 
  {1 add}08:26.10 
  {(Detected idiom) == flush}08:26.10 
  <</IdiomRecognition 3 -1 roll >> setuserparams08:26.12 
  Ooops that cut off all the lines beginning with /08:26.33 
  "currentuserparams /IdiomRecognition get08:26.54 
  "<</IdiomRecognition false>> setuserparams08:26.54 
  "/test [08:26.54 
  "{1 add}08:26.54 
  "{(Detected idiom) == flush}08:26.55 
  "/IdiomSet defineresource pop08:26.56 
  Then I have a test file :08:27.38 
  "(*) {==} 256 string /IdiomSet resourceforall08:27.39 
  "<</IdiomRecognition true>> setuserparams08:27.39 
  "/test {1 add} bind def08:27.39 
  "1 test ==08:27.40 
  And that thrwos me an undefined resource in findresource08:27.58 
  findresource is (of course) written in PostScript08:28.17 
chrisl Does that happen when it's called from /.bind_?08:28.43 
kens I'm not sure08:28.58 
chrisl Ah, so it looks like we only disable idiom recognition during ".bindnow" for performance reasons08:32.41 
kens I guess that's possible.08:32.52 
  What's our interpretation of dynamic linking wrt GPL ?08:33.05 
chrisl I guess if you use the DLL or the .so that's dynamic linking - but I don't think that is relevant with GPL3.08:34.11 
kens Using the DLL is what this loon is doing, do we regard that as legit under GPL3 or not ?08:34.39 
chrisl I'd need to read the license again :-(08:34.58 
kens Oh :-(08:35.04 
  I hoped you would remember, I certainly don't.....08:35.14 
chrisl kens: if you look at doc/COPYING line 122 is the relevant part, I think08:36.39 
kens OK just a moment08:36.48 
  So they have to publish a link to the GS sources it would appear08:38.30 
chrisl Yes, I don't think there is any way we could be classified under the "standard interface" or "system libraries" sections08:39.34 
kens No, certainly not on Windows :-)08:39.49 
  OK gentle reminder in bug thread.08:41.37 
chrisl kens: are you looking at 691209?08:48.52 
kens Not at the moment, I'm looking at 68800708:49.15 
  Oooh, seems I got idiomrecognition to work back then....08:49.59 
chrisl Yes, it came up on a google search - but I just noticed it's closed08:50.32 
kens Yes, because its not really a bug :-)08:50.44 
  And we supplied an IdiomSet to fix the problem for the user.08:51.10 
chrisl Yeh, it was also that you sort of describe how to use it, which I assume is what you're doing now08:51.59 
kens I'll get that IdiomSet and test it though, to make sure that the Idiom stuff still works08:52.03 
chrisl If it's broken, let me know, and I'll bisect it - it's probably quicker for me08:52.36 
kens Give me a few minutes, need to rejig stuff08:53.04 
  OK Idiom installed, now to test08:54.56 
  No errors, which is a good thing08:55.16 
  Don't know if it actually did anything though :-)08:55.41 
  And I think I see where I was going wrong08:57.15 
  yeah its working just fine chrisl08:58.00 
chrisl Well, that's good08:58.41 
kens I think I simply forgot to 'bind' the procedures in the IdiomSet definition08:58.43 
  Trying to do too many jobs at once, and doing them all badly08:59.03 
chrisl Know the feeling.....08:59.36 
Robin_Watts tor8: ping ?09:06.19 
  tor8: Are you happy with sebras debian changes?09:07.08 
sebras Robin_Watts: I guess not... ;)09:23.05 
  but he might be once he's rebooted.09:23.35 
  tor8: no internet today?09:33.04 
  tor8: and as Robin said, are you happy with my debian changes?09:33.30 
tor8 internet troubles...09:34.23 
Robin_Watts tor8: Presumably you still have ridiculously fast fibre to the new place?11:20.17 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts: updated incremental-save commit on paul/incremental-save. Also have your annotations commit on that branch, which looks good,11:33.07 
Robin_Watts Thanks.11:33.19 
  paulgardiner: OK. I'm still confused.11:40.52 
  Where do you set use_list ?11:41.04 
  Hmm. ObjStm and XRef objects have their use_list entry set to 0. Maybe that's it.11:44.14 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts: Line 1911 of pdf-write.c is, I think, where use_list[num] gets zeroed12:02.29 
Robin_Watts fair enough.,12:03.20 
paulgardiner Ta for push12:06.18 
sebras Robin_Watts: I think he has 100Mbit/100Mbit. but 1GBit/1Gbit didn't look too expensive...12:41.11 
Robin_Watts sebras: Either of those count as ridiculously fast fibre as far as I am concerned :)12:42.02 
sebras Robin_Watts: what city did you live in again..?12:42.44 
Robin_Watts I *used* to live in Oxford. But I haven't lived in a city for 15+ years now.12:43.21 
sebras Robin_Watts: ok, but it's nearby..?12:43.48 
Robin_Watts 25+ miles.12:43.59 
sebras Robin_Watts: hm, I have a suggestion then. you need about 1400km of CAT-5 cable...12:44.54 
Robin_Watts Chipping Norton has 21CN and FTTC available.12:45.35 
  3184 residential/289 non-residential users on that exchange.12:46.42 
  Hook Norton has neither of those. 1224/94 - so we're a much smaller exchange.12:47.05 
  Woodstock (where paul is) has 21CN, but not FTTC. 2094/11912:47.45 
  so if we can double the size of the village, we might get faster ADSL :)12:48.03 
  Hmm. My cunning plan for how to work with byte range requests has fallen at the first hurdle.12:50.58 
  Unless we read the hint stream, we can't know where to fetch from.12:51.17 
kens well, no, that's what its for surely ?12:51.56 
Robin_Watts kens: right.12:52.04 
  but chrome's behaviour on download doesn't appear to change whether I nobble the hint stream or not.12:52.29 
kens Though I agree with the comments the other day that the spec for linearisation is bonkers, I doubt it was written by an intern though, its not good enough....12:52.56 
  Robin_Watts : then whatever cunning method its using, its not linearistaion it sounds like12:53.18 
Robin_Watts I believe it is relying on linearisation.12:53.39 
sebras kens: :)12:53.40 
kens Is there a way to determine the size of a PDF file from the server ?12:53.41 
Robin_Watts kens: Yes.12:53.49 
sebras Robin_Watts: is that really true? 12:53.59 
kens If so you could read teh last few kbytes and look for a real xref, then use that12:54.00 
Robin_Watts When you do a request you get Content-Length12:54.05 
  kens: yeah.12:54.09 
sebras Robin_Watts: isn't Content-Length optional?12:54.10 
  Robin_Watts: and what about non-http protocols?12:54.17 
kens I don't think we're worried about progressive viewing on non-http protocols are we ?12:54.37 
Robin_Watts sebras: Right, so you send an http Range request for the first few bytes of a file.12:54.57 
  If the server doesn't support range requests, you get the whole file, and tough.12:55.13 
  If it does you'll get enough for the header, plus an indication of the whole length.12:55.33 
  as you can't realistically support range requests without supporting Content-Length12:55.53 
kens So you have gracefull fallback capability, if it s linearised, read teh hint stream. If that fails (or it snot linearised) read the eof looking for the xref12:56.45 
  well, the startxref12:57.00 
Robin_Watts so actually, you're right. If you have access to byte requests, ignore linearisation.12:57.03 
kens Robin_Watts : indeed12:57.11 
  and if you don;t have byte requests, tehn there is little point....12:57.21 
Robin_Watts I will ponder this more over lunch. Thanks ken.12:57.23 
kens So what is the point of linearisation again ? :-)12:57.36 
sebras kens: :)12:57.47 
  kens: 14k4 modems perhaps?12:58.00 
kens sebras I guess maybe.....12:58.13 
  The spec was written 10 years ago I think, maybe more12:58.35 
tor8 sebras: your debian fixes look reasonable13:01.08 
  I see you're taking the manfiles from the intall directory now rather than the originals13:01.35 
sebras tor8: yes, it was difficult to fetch files from above the platform directory.13:02.14 
  at least to have debhelper do that for me. this is why I did this little dance with README.13:02.36 
tor8 where does the readme end up in the destination?13:03.46 
sebras tor8: /usr/share/doc/mupdf13:04.02 
  tor8: that's was my intent at least. this is also how other debian packages do it.13:04.31 
tor8 sebras: could add it to "make install"13:04.37 
sebras tor8: this is also where copyright gets copied.13:04.45 
tor8 and put all the text files in docs/ there too13:04.46 
sebras tor8: if you do that, then I'll rebase my patch (and simplify it).13:05.01 
Robin_Watts tor8, sebras, paulgardiner: New version of the progressive commit online.14:38.30 
  Biggest change is the new section at the end of this:;a=blob;f=docs/progressive.txt;h=4b0e82f4f23cd59650ec1a5ca7e7c3dcab5f8202;hb=63fbc865600478ab7cc54f14709aaa7dc7369b6d14:39.06 
  Feedback from anyone (mupdfers or not) as to whether that sounds reasonable or not would be appreciated.14:39.38 
kens "Adobe defines a specific layout for files together a small amount of extra information that can be used to facilitate this"14:41.22 
  is grammatically wrong somehow14:41.22 
Robin_Watts yeah. let me try rejiging it.14:42.17 
kens I couyldn't think of a correct sentence, I htink I'm tired14:42.36 
  The rest seems to make sense, but I may not be grokking it very well14:43.45 
sebras Robin_Watts: I'll have a look when I get home.14:43.59 
Robin_Watts Adobe defines "linearized" PDFs as being ones that have both a14:44.04 
  specific layout of objects and have a small amount of extra14:44.06 
  information to help avoid seeking within a file.14:44.08 
kens Yes that sounds good14:44.16 
Robin_Watts I need to lose the second "have"14:45.17 
  tor8: ping?15:04.03 
ray_laptop hi, all.15:04.45 
Robin_Watts morning ray_laptop 15:05.05 
ray_laptop On holiday here and I'm awake, but the family's asleep15:05.07 
Robin_Watts Fixed version of the text:;a=blob;f=docs/progressive.txt;h=c57e327b790e095a3dd1f80d04c316c3189c3d88;hb=edee7ff5e9c623a2118587ee47f28c618ee9319915:05.48 
  ray_laptop: If you're bored, I'd be interested in any thoughts you have on the above. But do have a holiday :)15:06.15 
ray_laptop I saw about linearization above. One point of it that we tried to promote was using it for limited memory printer 'streaming', but it doesn't quite have everything needed for that15:06.35 
  Robin_Watts: looking at it...15:06.50 
Robin_Watts ray_laptop: The fact that shared objects are sent after all the pages ruins that :(15:07.31 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: first, Adobe also calls "linearized" "Web Optimized" so that might be worth mentioning15:07.36 
Robin_Watts true.15:07.46 
kens 'Optimized for fast web view'15:07.49 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: well, shared objects don't HAVE to be sent after the pages. It's just that the spec doesn't require it. Artifex wrote up a variation /Linearized 2 that would be streamable15:08.45 
Robin_Watts ray_laptop: The spec specifically says that they have to be sent after the pages.15:09.13 
  Otherwise the shared object hint table can't work.15:09.37 
kens correct15:09.43 
Robin_Watts (Not that anyone ever uses it)15:09.43 
ray_laptop which was a variant that provided for requiring resources before use, and special hacks to allow discarding objects once no longer reused15:09.52 
  I never dug into the hints table.15:10.24 
Robin_Watts ray_laptop: You're SO lucky.15:10.38 
kens Its the whole point of the spec15:10.40 
  well mostly15:10.45 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: continuing to read your doc...15:11.12 
  Robin_Watts: I don't understand why the byte-code-range fetching isn't buried in the fz_stream. The stream for an http: doc has to be unique, doesn't it ?15:15.48 
Robin_Watts The proposal is that the byte-range fetching IS buried in the stream.15:16.21 
  The only essential change to the way mupdf works now is that we support 'TRYLATER'.15:16.57 
  Suppose I make a call to MuPDF to display a page.15:17.09 
  That will call down to the stream to fetch data.15:17.21 
  If we hit a need for some data that we don't have, what should we do?15:17.38 
  Option 1) The stream could block until the data arrives.15:17.52 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: OK, so that is only relevant for a linearized file that is being provided by a server that doesn't support byte ranges (FZ_TRYLATER) ?15:17.57 
Robin_Watts Option 2) It can say "try later" and the caller can retry later.15:18.16 
  If it blocks, then it means that you can't make any other calls to MuPDF until it unblocks.15:18.37 
  Which might not be what you want. For instance in a viewer I might have pages 1-10 loaded already, and might try to load page 11.15:19.07 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: will it ever return TRYLATER if byte ranges are supported ?15:19.11 
Robin_Watts if page 11 is going to take a while, I still want to be able to flick back to pages 1-10 and reread them.15:19.34 
  ray_laptop: the only thing that returns TRYLATER is the stream code (i.e. the code that the caller implements).15:20.04 
  And yes, it is free to return TRYLATER in the case of using byte ranges.15:20.23 
  In fact I would expect it to.15:20.25 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: so we aren't going to provide this (generally useful) stream code ?15:20.45 
Robin_Watts ray_laptop: You want us to write an http fetcher ?15:21.05 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: if so, I would expect for the app to have some control over the stream -- how are stream params set ?15:22.03 
Robin_Watts Urm.. the 'stream code' is provided by the 'app' to the mupdf library when it opens the file.15:22.42 
  hence the app and the stream code can communicate however they want.15:22.56 
  Or am I misunderstanding you?15:23.02 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: like setting the timeout for the blocking for max wait before timeout15:23.03 
  Robin_Watts: so the http fz_stream is an instance of a fz_stream that has other parts ?15:23.43 
Robin_Watts ray_laptop: Right. Such a timeout would be in the particular fz_stream implementation, which is written by the app writer, not by us.15:24.10 
  The http fz_stream is just a normal fz_stream.15:25.00 
  Or rather, as far as MuPDF is concerned it's a normal fz_stream.15:25.14 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: mupdf calls the 'read' or 'seek' on the stream, and doesn't know what happens unless an error is returned. That I understand. But the call to 'read' has to pass the HTTP implementation the rest of the parameters that it is using15:25.25 
  Robin_Watts: so the rest of the params must follow the actual fz_sream part that mupdf uses, right ?15:25.58 
Robin_Watts ray_laptop: There can be other params, but they aren't related to the fz_stream bit. I'll try to explain.15:26.33 
  I'm an app writer.15:26.40 
ray_laptop you are ?15:26.49 
Robin_Watts I create an HTTPStream object to do a fetch.15:26.51 
ray_laptop I used to think more highly of you ;-)15:27.02 
Robin_Watts I feed that any params I like (timeouts etc)15:27.09 
  Then I make an fz_stream object out of that.15:27.18 
  Then I pass that fz_stream object to MuPDF (fz_open_document_with_stream)15:27.35 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: define "make an fz_stream object out of that." please15:27.41 
Robin_Watts ray_laptop: Phone call, sorry.15:27.52 
chrisl Robin_Watts: does the fz_stream have an opaque pointer (something like that) for the app to attach it's "private data" to?15:28.08 
Robin_Watts chrisl: It does.15:28.15 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: from gs we cast a private object (HTTPStream) to (fz_stream_s)15:28.19 
  Robin_Watts: OK, similar concept, but less messy (avoiding the cast)15:28.44 
  LPD liked mashing the structures together15:29.29 
chrisl And caused declaration macro hell into the bargain!15:30.11 
ray_laptop chrisl: many of these are done the "old fashioned" way without macrros, but yes the ..._common macros were part of LPD's usage15:31.07 
  Robin_Watts: but now I follow you.15:31.37 
chrisl ray_laptop: I prefer the "old fashioned" way - the macros can be a nightmare :-(15:31.57 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: but if we don't do an http fetcher, I would think it would still be worth having and example one in the 'kit'15:32.14 
  Robin_Watts: this is so generally useful15:32.30 
  Robin_Watts: so maybe a SoC project for a student, or contract out. fetching HTTP header blocks and ranges isn't that difficult (it can 'punt' on funky server responses)15:34.26 
Robin_Watts back.15:34.45 
  ray_laptop: I would do it by having a 'base' structure personally. Avoiding the gs-like macro hell.15:35.23 
ray_laptop chrisl: agreed -- mostly (I use the ones already present in GS, but don't add new ones)15:35.31 
  Robin_Watts: agreed.15:35.54 
Robin_Watts ray_laptop: I have implemented an http fetcher before.15:36.03 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: me too15:36.09 
  but that was circa 1997 and some features/hacks have been added to the protocol since then15:36.37 
Robin_Watts Back when browsers were crap, I wrote something that did restarting transfers in the background, and opened several connections at a time etc.15:36.38 
  The problem is that these days, with the caching etc, it's a lot of work to do it correctly.15:37.07 
  And I strongly suspect that anyone that actually does this is going to have their own http fetcher already.15:37.23 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: possibly true15:37.41 
Robin_Watts hence I might be tempted to write a skeleton bit of code that calls down to an http fetcher interface.15:37.53 
  the idea being that people can then use our skeleton to wrap their own http fetcher.15:38.20 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: and use some common 'fetcher' as an example ?15:38.23 
Robin_Watts I was thinking that I might 'fetch' from file ;)15:38.42 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: YUCK15:38.57 
Robin_Watts What common 'fetcher' were you thinking of?15:39.28 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: the wget code ?15:39.53 
Robin_Watts I could shell out to curl or wget or something, but that's a bit horrid.15:40.04 
chrisl Robin_Watts: you could use libcurl15:40.29 
Robin_Watts chrisl: Such a thing exists?15:40.42 
  I could do then, yes.15:40.47 
chrisl I believe so, yes15:40.53 
  I mean, it's probably GPL, but as an example, that won't matter15:41.11 
Robin_Watts reading that now.15:41.48 
chrisl Robin_Watts: anyway, there are other http implementation in the open source world15:42.13 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: not clear if libcurl does caching, but that isn't critical for an example (IMHO). If mupdf loads a resource (ie., font) does it ever discard it and re-read it ?)15:44.50 
Robin_Watts ray_laptop: We'd be fetching the file to a local buffer.15:45.15 
  So we'd only ever download each byte of the file once.15:45.30 
  mupdf tends to only load resources once (as they live in the store), but if memory is low they can be evicted and then reread on next use.15:46.13 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: well, for an example, I guess fetching an entire file is 'basic', but it doesn't provide an example of fetching byte ranges (which is more useful)15:48.55 
Robin_Watts ray_laptop: I suspect I should bite the bullet and do a version of mupdf that uses libcurl to allow it to read from http addresses.15:49.38 
sebras Robin_Watts: is there a user_data void * in the fz_stream that we provide as a potential state to the app developer doing the http-fetcher?15:50.06 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: I think it would be a good project for someone else (saving you for the mupdf kernel)15:50.23 
  Robin_Watts: like some student or consultant15:50.39 
sebras Robin_Watts: it seems that a user_data like pointer is fairly commonly used. even curl has a handle that you need to keep around in order to fetch more data for a particular connection.15:50.48 
Robin_Watts sebras: void *state, yes.15:50.52 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: but you would be good to guide someone15:50.58 
Robin_Watts ray_laptop: I don't think it's a large enough job to justify getting someone in to do.15:51.33 
sebras chrisl: curl is non-gpl is it not..?15:51.44 
  I have seen it in several proprietary apps at least...15:51.58 
Robin_Watts Or at least, if it IS a large enough job, then there are problems that I haven't thought of, in which case I'll get sucked back into it.15:51.58 
sebras MIT.15:52.13 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: true15:52.15 
  MIT is fine for us, if I understand it correctly15:52.33 
sebras ray_laptop: yes, to my understanding as well.15:52.47 
chrisl sebras: I hadn't looked, just throwing it out as a cautionary comment15:52.52 
sebras ray_laptop: I guess it is more a question of carrying another thirdparty around. :)15:53.05 
chrisl Yeh, MIT is fine for us.15:53.26 
sebras chrisl: well, it prompted me to look it up, so I guess it worked.15:53.41 
chrisl :-)15:53.51 
  LCMS is MIT, too.....15:54.16 
sebras chrisl: and according to wikipedia curl builds on darwin, linux, windows, ios, android and the blackberries. no word on winrt though.15:55.30 
chrisl WinRT might be a problem, given the API restrictions it introduced15:56.02 
ray_laptop we should count how many are at our party -- a lot more than 3 :-)15:56.25 
  family is awake now. maybe back later15:57.58 
Robin_Watts thanks ray_l15:58.09 
  too slow.15:58.12 
chrisl Off now, bye all!16:01.59 
kens OK I'm off too, goodnight all16:23.04 
mvrhel_laptop Robin_Watts: you around?19:16.05 
Robin_Watts I am.19:16.12 
  malc_: Annotations fixed now, I hope.19:16.58 
malc_ Robin_Watts: yep, thank you19:18.12 
mvrhel_laptop Robin_Watts: if you can push the commits in my repos to golden I would appreciate it19:19.52 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: I'll look at them now. Sorry, had you mentioned them before?19:20.11 
mvrhel_laptop off to celebrate independence from tyranny 19:20.18 
  Robin_Watts: I sent you an email yesterday. no big deal19:20.28 
Robin_Watts sorry.19:20.35 
mvrhel_laptop just getting things cleaned up19:20.37 
  going to start a new branch for the phone work19:20.46 
  had a good time yesterday on the roller coasters.19:21.20 
  no lines due to weather19:21.23 
  road a giga coaster that had a 305 foot drop19:21.38 
Robin_Watts All look good to me.19:21.41 
mvrhel_laptop at 85 degree angle19:21.46 
  followed by a 6g turn19:21.52 
  it caused me to start to gray out19:22.04 
  during the turn19:22.22 
Robin_Watts We need to have a staff meeting in vegas, then we can all go up the stratosphere and scare ourselves stupid on the rounds there.19:22.34 
Robin_Watts s/rounds/rides/19:22.41 
mvrhel_laptop that would be fun19:22.44 
  vegas is easy for me to get to19:23.33 
  i imagine miles would like the gambing19:23.47 
sebras that's nothing! ;) 
  I suggest you not ride this one though.19:25.14 
mvrhel_laptop I dont care for loops so much19:28.11 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: The point of sebras one is that it induces hypoxia and everyone dies.19:29.05 
mvrhel_laptop I understand19:29.14 
Robin_Watts or strokes out...19:29.24 
mvrhel_laptop 10 gs for 60 seconds19:29.38 
Robin_Watts I haven't ridden many rollercoasters - not such a big thing here in the US.19:29.52 
sebras I have feared them since I was a child and my parents though it would be a good idea for me to ride a small one by myself in .it...19:30.21 
  which led to me hating flying as well...19:30.47 
Robin_Watts I've visited Disneyland (25+ years ago) and Universal Studios. And I've done the coaster at New York, New York in vegas.19:30.50 
mvrhel_laptop I used to like them a lot but now they tend to give me a headache due to the bouncing, but this one that I did was smooth but fast 19:31.10 
  I guess we did 6 coasters yesterday19:31.31 
Robin_Watts ah. The new york new york one didn't seem that fast, but it seemed very bumpy. I don't mind speed, I do dislike bumps.19:31.53 
mvrhel_laptop same as me19:32.03 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: pushed.19:34.04 
mvrhel_laptop Robin_Watts: ok great thanks19:34.13 
Robin_Watts np.19:34.22 
  Enjoy the holiday.19:34.53 
mvrhel_laptop thanks 19:35.33 
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