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Robin_Watts_ pong09:22.49 
kens aha09:22.52 
  Robin_Watts_ : I'm having some problems with downsampling, but I'm not sure what exactly09:23.09 
  THe bug Marcos raised is caused by image downsaampling, we end up with too little data in the output file.09:23.28 
  By a factor of exactly 709:23.36 
  WHich is kind of weird.09:23.44 
Robin_Watts_ odd.09:24.15 
kens I was going to ask if you had any ideas, but I'm now trying to track down where pdfwrite gets the data length and writes it.09:24.33 
  I may come back again in a bit09:24.40 
Robin_Watts_ Which bug number?09:25.22 
kens 69440109:25.35 
sebras_ tor8: alright, thanks.09:25.37 
kens The configuration they are using is stupid09:25.49 
  They are converting a 1 bit image to RGB 'to produce smaller files' :-)09:26.05 
  By doing so they trigger the downsample threshold for colour images (but not for monochrome images)09:26.26 
  Now if I specifically disable colour image downsamping then the image is OK, so its not exactly the colour conversion.09:26.57 
Robin_Watts_ I'm afraid that offhand I haven't got a clue. I'd need to dig into it.09:27.13 
kens No problem, leave it with me, I'm in the maze of passges which is pdfwrite at the moment09:27.32 
  Trying to work out where we write the stream length09:27.45 
  Hmm, being an XObject, looks like we don't write it until the end of the file.09:28.29 
  Well, the reason we write the length so short is because that's how long the stream says it is.09:38.36 
kens fetches some coffee for thinking with09:38.47 
Robin_Watts_ digs up gateway socket code...11:20.35 
  chrisl: Is there some sort of firewall on casper?11:55.23 
  I've got code running on casper that should listen to port 8080 and dump it to a file.11:55.50 
chrisl_r61 Robin_Watts_: Probably the default Ubuntu firewall - can't remember what it's called....11:55.56 
Robin_Watts_ but connections from outside casper aren't getting to it.11:56.09 
  ufw is inactive11:57.11 
chrisl_r61 Hmm, yes, dunno, then, sorry11:58.07 
  Does the connection work from casper?11:58.29 
Robin_Watts_ yes.11:58.34 
chrisl_r61 It be that only certain ports are enabled in the IP configuration - but I can't remember where that's set......11:59.58 
Robin_Watts_ Ah well, I'll try with a local machine after lunch.12:01.09 
chrisl_r61 Hmm, 8080 is listed as an active port12:01.31 
tor8 Robin_Watts_: ping12:35.36 
Robin_Watts_ pong12:52.28 
  The top answer made me laugh: 
tor8 Robin_Watts_: ugh, netsplit. patches on tor/master for you.13:09.51 
marcosw Robin_Watts_: we block all incoming ports on casper except the ones we use (22, 80, …) do you need me to open 8080?13:20.01 
Robin_Watts_ marcosw: No, I think I have it sorted now, thanks.13:21.20 
mvrhel_laptop hmm of course using the winrt component for the window phone application is not as simple as adding the reference and just going13:58.10 
  needs to be an actually different project in the solution, but can share files with the other project (the current winrt project). and now it looks like a couple things might need to change in the code13:59.09 
Robin_Watts_ mvrhel_laptop: It's exactly the same API, except where it's not?13:59.28 
mvrhel_laptop exactly13:59.34 
Robin_Watts_ Todays random thought: Book of Mormon is playing in Chicago when we're there for a staff meeting...14:00.43 
mvrhel_laptop oh I would like to see that14:00.55 
Robin_Watts_ Looks like saturday is sold out, but friday has tickets.14:01.03 
Robin_Watts_ saw it last week. It's astoundingly funny/juvenile/offensive.14:01.23 
mvrhel_laptop my wife probably wants to see it too so I probably need to wait for it to be in seattle14:01.44 
  she is reading under the banner of heaven right now14:02.03 
Robin_Watts_ But friday might be a bad day to see it, as it's the day we normally all go out for a meal, and there will be Takane-san to meet.14:02.13 
  mvrhel_laptop: ooh, good book.14:02.23 
mvrhel_laptop I am going to read it after her. 14:02.40 
Robin_Watts_ Urgh. I *hate* the MuPDF stream interface.14:04.47 
  Oh, wait, there are tickets left for saturday.14:26.31 
  kens, chrisl, paulgardiner, tor8: Interested?14:26.45 
kens Hmm, not for me14:26.57 
Robin_Watts_ (I'm guessing most people will be flying home)14:26.59 
chrisl Robin_Watts_: thanks, but not really my cup of tea....14:28.00 
Robin_Watts_ chrisl: What? Racism, bigotry, offensive humour? And you call yourself scottish? :)14:28.58 
chrisl Robin_Watts_: I never liked South Park, and I assume the humour would be of a similar bent14:29.52 
Robin_Watts_ chrisl: Yes, similar to South Park.14:30.23 
mvrhel_laptop good grief. windows phone does not support InMemoryRandomAccessStream which is how I am passing the rendered pages in the windows 8 app14:48.46 
  I don't understand why there is such a big disconnect between the two of these14:49.16 
kens Because its Microsoft :-)14:49.30 
mvrhel_laptop oh I think I see what I need to do14:55.53 
Robin_Watts_ #include "install-linux-joke.h"14:58.03 
mvrhel_laptop gawd this blows14:58.14 
Robin_Watts_ We haven't been told to book flights for chicago yet, have we?15:22.57 
mvrhel_laptop no. I did book mine though15:23.09 
  and gave the information to miles15:23.18 
chrisl We should probably get it done soon.....15:23.27 
mvrhel_laptop ok. I have to take a break from this windows phone stuff. bbiaw15:24.07 
henrys Robin_Watts, tor8:any reason not to go forward with an NDA for zeniko and set him up with an account. I was a bit hesitant about this because he seemed a bit confrontational but all my recent interactions with him have been quite good.16:09.58 
Robin_Watts_ henrys: Indeed. I think it took him a while to twig to the way we work (dual commercial/open source stuff).16:10.34 
  Since we've got that straight, he seems fine.16:10.50 
  So I'd have no objection. tor8 isn't here though.16:11.11 
  Well, I have MuPDF fetching from an http stream.16:13.16 
  It downloads uses byte requests, so it gets the header, then the trailer, then the objects for the page currently trying to be viewed.16:35.03 
  pdf_reference17.pdf still needs to load about 1/4 of the file before it will display though. I think the pagetree etc may take an inordinate amount of space or something.16:38.33 
Robin_Watts_ So the last 20% of pdf_reference17.pdf is indeed all xref.16:49.12 
  and pretty much the last 1/3 is pages/outlines/xref16:51.06 
vtorri_ is there a ghostscript dev, here ?18:12.18 
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