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Robin_Watts_ Morning tor809:39.11 
tor8 Robin_Watts_: morning. I has internets!09:42.11 
Robin_Watts_ tor8: excellent.09:42.21 
  So does mupdf-curl :)09:42.25 
tor8 awesome!09:42.30 
Robin_Watts_ I can display pdf_reference17.pdf as it downloads.09:42.46 
tor8 the internet is not as fast as promised though... fiber or equipment in the building must be sub-par09:42.54 
Robin_Watts_ Problem is, it takes about 1/4 of the file to download before it starts to show anything.09:43.10 
tor8 good thing I didn't splurge for the symmetric gigabit ... the 100mbit is only giving me 25mbit/s 09:43.29 
Robin_Watts_ At least 20% of pdf_reference17.pdf is xrefs/pagetrees etc.09:43.55 
tor8 Robin_Watts_: yes, I saw you mention that yesterday. big chunk at the end of the file with all the xref and page tree data?09:43.56 
Robin_Watts_ tor8: urk.09:44.03 
  Is there anyone you can complain to?09:44.09 
tor8 there are a ridiculous numbers of objects in that file... and it uses compressed object streams and compressed xrefs?09:44.27 
  I will complain come monday09:44.32 
  but frankly, I'm happy enough with 10mbit/s for practical purposes09:44.48 
Robin_Watts_ tor8: It's a linearised file, so there can't be widespread use of compressed streams.09:45.11 
tor8 brb09:50.45 
  Robin_Watts_: what about more typical files?10:13.02 
Robin_Watts_ haven't tested.10:13.15 
  I thought I'd spend the weekend basking in the glow of accomplishment rather than being frustrated as to why others don't work :)10:13.56 
tor8 :)10:15.30 
  you grumbled about hating the stream api in mupdf... :(10:15.50 
Robin_Watts_ I did and I do.10:16.33 
  Too many pointers.10:16.41 
tor8 the way it works with the buffers?10:17.45 
Robin_Watts_ yeah.10:17.59 
  maybe it was just me, but i found it hard to make the curl fetching work.10:18.30 
  well, curl wasn't the problem.10:18.37 
  fetching from a partially populated buffer.10:18.46 
  I suspect it can be done with less copying than I am doing.10:19.03 
tor8 you should've seen it in previous incarnations... before I cleaned it up and made it relatively sane10:20.57 
  the filter pipelines were crazy complicated with ping-pong "process" calls that returned codes for need-more-input, need-more-output, did-some-work, end-of-file and error10:21.34 
Srini Hi all here...11:51.58 
  I am getting some error while running mudraw... fz_convert_pixmap: Assertion `ss && ds' failed. ... what could be wrong?11:52.16 
  <img width=361 height=361 src="data:Aborted (core dumped)11:55.05 
mvrhel_laptop This is interesting21:39.16 windows 8.1 is going to have access to pdf page rendering21:39.50 
  it is not going to be in the phone though21:41.31 
  it just does page rendering though. no fancy extractions or manipulations21:42.33 
sebras mvrhel_laptop: so they gave up on xps?21:48.55 
mvrhel_laptop oh no21:49.03 
  that is still their print path21:49.07 
  this is just for those who want to render pdf pages in their windows app21:49.28 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: interesting to know where the pdf implementation came from …23:29.04 
Robin_Watts_ surely it'll be their viewer from windows 8?23:33.35 
henrys foxit lists microsoft as a customer23:34.05 
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