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mvrhel_laptop oh interesting about foxit01:30.26 
Gigs it's about time they added that01:38.13 
sebras Robin_Watts_: imho it is fine to prototype the curl stuff for windows-only, but doesn't curl really belong in pdfapp (or later in the common framework that tor8 envisioned).12:54.29 
  Robin_Watts_: is it expected in the curl case that the stream keeps a local buffer the size of the file and read into that and then let the stream refer to that?13:11.18 
  Robin_Watts_: I guess that makes sense for some objects like the page tree or so.13:11.31 
  but in practice there shouldn't really be any issues with re-reading over http.13:11.48 
  parts of the pdf I mean.13:11.55 
Robin_Watts_ sebras: The curl stuff is in pdfapp.14:51.12 
  and other than a few lines of windows specific threading, it's not windows specific.14:51.27 
  Making it work on x11/pthreads should be trivial.14:51.39 
  And yes, the plan is to keep a local buffer and never to re-read. local memory (or disc space) is cheap.14:52.13 
sebras Robin_Watts_: oh.. I guess I should have read the patch properly.16:46.22 
  hm... who is rebooting?22:26.36 
  usually marcos alerts me. :)22:26.43 
marcosw1 I am not yet not sure how I managed it but after running a mysqldump of the bugzilla database in preparation for moving it to a different machine I managed drop all of the tables. After I realized what had happened it was a simple matter of re-loading the data from the mysqldump output but this took a while.23:14.49 
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