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vtorri chrisl: ping08:03.46 
chrisl vtorri: pong08:04.36 
vtorri chrisl: do you remember i had problems to compile ghostscript ?08:06.55 
chrisl Yes08:07.07 
vtorri (msys + mingw)08:07.08 
chrisl And I couldn't reproduce the issue08:07.20 
vtorri i think that i have found the problem08:07.23 
chrisl The mingw development headers?08:07.34 
vtorri before compiling ghostscript, i have compiled other libraries (for another project), including win-iconv, libjpeg, libpng and libtiff08:08.09 
  they are all installed in /opt/win64/deps08:08.21 
  as ghostscript configure asks for iconv, i have added -I/opt/win64/deps/include to gcc options08:09.09 
  hence, it seems that the headers for libjpeg and others are first used from /opt/win64/deps/include and not the ones provided in ghostscript source08:10.11 
  and as the versions are different, there are conflicts08:10.34 
chrisl Yes, there would be.....08:10.55 
  Personally, I'd build without iconv, and avoid the problem08:12.02 
vtorri iconv is used for what in shotscript ?08:13.25 
chrisl The two openprinting devices (oprp and opvp)08:14.14 
vtorri so i don't need it if i just want to use libgs for postscript rendering, right ?08:14.52 
chrisl Right08:15.05 
vtorri thanks08:20.15 
chrisl vtorri: I mentioned the mingw headers above: I found that if I had the headers for building mingw installed, Ghostscript wouldn't build - there are different, incompatible contents in them. I never got an answer as why that should be the case, nor what the recommended solution was (Ghostscript was not the only build that failed in that setup)08:22.25 
Srini Hi all08:22.53 
  Is there someone from Mupdf? Need to understand one problem with mudraw08:23.16 
vtorri chrisl: i don't know, i never install the headers needed for mingw's compilation08:23.30 
kens Srini just ask your question, this channel is logged and the developers all read the logs08:23.44 
chrisl vtorri: fair enough, I just wanted to mention it, just in case.08:23.54 
vtorri ok08:24.00 
Srini kens, How do I submit a pdf so that I can explain the problem....08:24.39 
kens Srini if you need to do that then you can open a bug report, or yes you will have to wait until someone can answer you directly, and email it to them.08:25.08 
Srini kens, Thanks!08:25.26 
kens Srini I'd suggest you give at least an outline, so the relevant developer knows you want them (and not someone else)08:25.27 
  I see one here at the moment anyway (even though he's not saying anything)08:26.04 
Srini the problem is if the line spacing between the paragraphs and lines are the same and the paragraph opens with an indent... mudraw does not create paragraph tags in the html...08:26.24 
kens OK so that's text extraction, you need Robin_Watts_ for that, he'll be along within the hour I expect.08:26.57 
Srini ok! I will wait for him...08:27.15 
kens If you can hang around he'll ping you when he gets in (I'll poke him to read the logs)08:27.27 
Srini kens, Thanks!08:27.41 
Robin_Watts_ Srini: Hi08:48.16 
  If the line spacing between paragraphs and lines are the same, that's one big clue about where the paragraphs are lost to us.08:48.53 
kens Robin_Watts_ : I think Srini is suggesting that the indent at start could be a clue.08:49.17 
  Obviously its all heuristic....08:49.26 
Robin_Watts_ I thought we tried to spot indents as a clue too, but it's all fuzzy maths.08:49.39 
  Feel free to open a bug, and provide us a sample file, but I can't promise a fix any time soon.08:50.03 
kens And this was down to the Chief *Information* Officer ? boggling....14:25.08 
henrys Robin_Watts, tor8 meeting time soon. Do we need to have one this week?14:57.56 
Robin_Watts henrys: I'm still bashing on progressive stuff.14:59.22 
tor8 henrys: I don't have anything new. we might want to decide when to merge in the pagetree stuff, but it still needs a bit more work before it's polished enough to go14:59.50 
Robin_Watts I've made progress, but (as mentioned on here the other day) I want to try to use the hints.15:00.00 
henrys I assume you've seen svgwrite customer requests.15:00.21 
Robin_Watts tor8: The pagetree stuff works now.15:00.26 
  and if we don't push it, we'll never get reports about it being broken, so it'll stay in "it seems to work, but we're not confident enough to push it" limbo.15:01.00 
  so I'd vote to push it onto master now.15:01.11 
  henrys: I have. I was planning to ignore them for now, as the basic answer to all of them is "yes, it's an unfinished device. We'll get to it as time allows."15:01.50 
henrys he's also going on about signatures in ghostscript and we'll likely point him to mupdf.15:02.41 
mvrhel_laptop good morning15:02.54 
Robin_Watts Morning15:02.57 
henrys hi mvrhel_laptop15:03.06 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: Congratulations on getting the mupdf thing out to the store!15:03.15 
tor8 Robin_Watts: okay. the remaining bits that I want to fix are not critical for pushing it15:03.25 
Robin_Watts tor8: which bits are they?15:03.34 
henrys yes an app in the store is awesome!15:04.22 
tor8 Robin_Watts: creating a new pagetree from scratch if one doesn't exist using the pdf_insert_page functions15:05.09 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: have you been asking around at MS regarding the 8.1 pdf renderer?15:05.24 
tor8 and a function to rebalance / recreate it15:05.31 
  the second part needs more care, given the fact that we can now inherit resources from higher up in the page tree hirearchy15:06.06 
mvrhel_laptop henrys: I am going to ping one contact via email today and I am hoping to see a VP from MS tonight at a baseball game 15:06.10 
Robin_Watts tor8: For linearized files, we need to flatten resources (and there is code to do that)15:06.45 
henrys FWIW zeniko should have an NDA soon.15:06.51 
  so we'll give him a casper account and he'll be able to regression test.15:07.44 
Robin_Watts so whenever we rebalance /recreate a tree we could flatten the resources too.15:07.50 
  henrys: fab. He's wanted access to our regression files for ages.15:08.13 
henrys in the maintenance section of the agenda there is a link to bugs by engineer - tor8 leads the pack by a healthy margin ;-)15:11.41 
  fuzzing may distort those numbers - I haven't looked at details.15:12.46 
mvrhel_laptop hmm I am in second15:13.08 
Robin_Watts henrys: I fear tor takes the pain for all the enhancement bugs for mupdf.15:13.16 
henrys yes I know 15:13.48 
  everyone knows mvrhel_laptop has the most real bugs ;-)15:14.31 
Robin_Watts I thought the only real bugs were customer bugs? :)15:15.20 
henrys they are no bugs only misunderstandings.15:15.47 
  I didn't have anything else, do you see anything on the agenda worth discussing?15:19.08 
Robin_Watts Are we supposed to have booked flights to Chicago yet?15:19.46 
henrys I have a meeting with miles after the meetings, I'll ask.15:20.08 
  have him send out an email.15:20.18 
  I assume Raed is going to want digital sigs on something windows like, is that going to be horrific once it is working on android.15:21.08 
Robin_Watts Either we'll need an openssl build for windows rt, or we'll need to do a stub to use WSA (is that right?) presumably.15:21.54 
mvrhel_laptop is this in ghostscript or mupdf?15:22.24 
Robin_Watts On the agenda, in the MuPDF Output devices section, we have "svg read and write".15:22.31 
  mvrhel_laptop: mupdf.15:22.34 
mvrhel_laptop ok15:22.39 
henrys he asked for gs but we are going to push him toward mupdf.15:22.45 
  like svgwrite15:22.54 
Robin_Watts MuPDF -> Output Devices -> read - yes, that should be mine.15:23.01 
  MuPDF -> Output Devices -> write - yes, that should be mine.15:23.12 
  But svg read shouldn't be in the Output Devices section, and it shouldn't be assigned to me, AIUI.15:23.40 
  at least, I'm assuming it's not assigned to me, and hence I'm ignoring it :)15:24.03 
henrys okay I'll move it and reassign to tor815:24.11 
Robin_Watts If it gets bounced back to me, that's fine, but at least then I'll know that my ignoring of it is bad.15:25.00 
henrys I have to think openssl will be okay on windows - some famous last words to end the meeting.15:25.03 
Robin_Watts henrys: I would imagine that OpenSSL will build on Win32 file.15:25.40 
chrisl_r61 henrys: the problem might be WinRT - a lot open source projects seem to be ignoring it for now, at least15:25.53 
Robin_Watts Whether it will build on WinRT (and WinPhone) is another question.15:25.53 
  henrys: I'm not saying that it *is* a problem, just that it might be.15:26.34 
  tor8: Shall I rebase the pagetree stuff onto the latest master and push it then ?15:27.25 
henrys maybe we should do a look at what is natively available first?15:27.32 
mvrhel_laptop silly question, but can we use any of this15:27.43 
henrys we meaning mvrhel_laptop 15:27.56 
  I need to make and drink coffee before the next meeting. brb15:28.45 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: Yes, I suspect so.15:29.21 
mvrhel_laptop I am not up to speed on what we need openssl for with regard to signatures. I probably need to understand that first15:29.26 
Robin_Watts Though it's most likely the certificate stuff we need: 
mvrhel_laptop ok right15:29.45 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: You might be well advised to wait til paul gets back from holiday and speak to him about what is required.15:29.57 
  to avoid you going on a snark hunt.15:30.08 
mvrhel_laptop ok. yes. good idea15:30.15 
henrys meeting time16:00.09 
chrisl_r61 henrys: I think there may have been some miscommunication when we got the "update" from URW back at the end of 2011......16:00.59 
henrys chrisl:did you see the response from urw?16:01.00 
chrisl_r61 Yes ;-)16:01.06 
  henrys: I'm thinking they took your wording of "original" to mean the first release from way back when, not the current, but unmolested URW release (guessing!)16:02.10 
henrys chrisl_r61: but the fonts are still visibly wrong aren't they?16:02.15 
chrisl_r61 Well, I felt that glyphs in an italic font ought to be italic, given that it appeared to be a regression, I didn't check those with Adobe16:03.24 
  I checked the "M" width against Adobe, though16:03.47 
henrys chrisl_r61:no initially he was confused because he thought I wanted fixes to the AFPL fonts but then I told him GPL.16:03.54 
  chrisl_r61: likely to get involved I'll look some more after the meeting.16:04.57 
chrisl_r61 henrys: back in 2011 (March 16), Peter wrote: "attached, please find the original 35 PST1 fonts that we supplied." and I don't think that's what we were exepecting16:05.07 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: is the v4 to v2 project still a go - we discussed it at the meeting?16:07.10 
  I guess I don't have anything for the gs meeting other than what is on the agenda.16:08.01 
  anybody else?16:08.09 
mvrhel_laptop henrys: I need to get to going on it, but yes it is still a go.16:08.26 
  kens: is this holding you up right now in anyway?16:08.45 
chrisl_r61 henrys: leave the fonts stuff with me for a day or so....16:08.58 
mvrhel_laptop when is the freeze going to occur for the release?16:09.00 
henrys the agenda items now have "owners" if anyone objects to that please let me know.16:09.09 
mvrhel_laptop v4 to v2 is not going to make it into this release though16:09.19 
chrisl_r61 mvrhel_laptop: the freeze is loosely "planned" for the first week or so in August - unless some sh*t hits the fan!16:10.03 
henrys yeah just a bunch of items in "discussed at meeting" and I want to figure out if they go to real projects or the "someday" bin.16:10.18 
Robin_Watts henrys: Are we expecting takane-san to appear on here at any point?16:11.30 
henrys chrisl_r61: how important is this ufst problem you added at the meeting and do you have a way to demo a specific problem?16:12.08 
  Robin_Watts: I will talk to miles about that today. I'd like him to and I've already invited him.16:12.43 
chrisl_r61 henrys: erm, I don't remember that, hang on.....16:12.46 
Robin_Watts Are we still all setting up on skype? Should we share skype ids somehow?16:12.56 
mvrhel_laptop I am back on west coast now so I can keep an eye out for him in the evenings16:13.16 
  I have Robin_Watts and ray_laptop on skype I know16:13.47 
  and scott16:13.50 
henrys oh thank you - it is recommended (not required) that all staffers have Skype - audio at least.16:13.51 
Robin_Watts There is an entry for "Discussed adding document (word etc) interpreters" in the workflowy. At the meeting I was tasked with looking into the idea of licensing that in from my previous employers. I've talked to some people about this (including the ex-chief engineer and a current engineer there) and I've really got cold feet about that approach.16:14.34 
  mvrhel_laptop: I have henry, tor and marcos too.16:15.32 
chrisl_r61 henrys: is this the UFST threading problem? Basically, the code in there is incomplete and slightly wrong. Assuming UFST itself is threadsafe, I need to spend a week or two fixing it up.16:15.38 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: you mentioned some reservations at the meeting16:15.41 
Robin_Watts ray_laptop: Yeah, they crystallised more the more I spoke to people about it.16:16.13 
henrys chrisl_r61: I thought UFST threading was broken.16:16.19 
mvrhel_laptop sounds like it is best to avoid then16:16.22 
ray_laptop I'd be really surprised if UFST was thread safe16:16.54 
chrisl_r61 henrys: I *think* I found a trivial change to let it build in "thread safe" form, but I had no way to test it, and ran out of time to look at it16:17.07 
henrys did you tell them the alternative is we'll write our own and give it away ;-)16:17.12 
Robin_Watts LibreOffice split from OpenOffice over the issue of MS office document loaders, AIUI.16:17.20 
  and 'new' contributions to LibreOffice are dual LGPL and MPL licensed.16:17.40 
chrisl_r61 Robin_Watts: that was just one aspect of it, but yes....16:17.57 
ray_laptop well, at least those licenses are friendly16:18.03 
Robin_Watts so it's possible that the loaders are MPL licensed, and hence we may be able to use them as a basis.16:18.07 
  ray_laptop: LGPL is not friendly for our purposes.16:18.37 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: why not? "using the Lesser GPL permits use of the library in proprietary programs"16:19.50 
chrisl_r61 ray_laptop: only via dynamic linking16:20.09 
henrys does anyone know what google apps uses?16:20.41 
chrisl Whatever it is, I haven't been very impressed with it!16:21.33 
ray_laptop it's probably written in Java16:22.29 
henrys all things considered the item belongs in the someday bin.16:22.59 
kens2 Its a hard problem16:23.21 
ray_laptop for now we should keep looking for possible solutions16:23.43 
  the part of the problem that concerns me is that it is an on going problem. A solution that's pretty good today will be obsolete a couple of years later and the library developers may have gone away16:24.49 
Robin_Watts ray_laptop: At least with the latest iterations, the file formats are shared, more or less.16:25.44 
  rather than all being random binary blobs in secret code as they used to be.16:26.02 
chrisl And XML, so a bit easier to reverse engineer changes16:26.09 
henrys I think we'd need to hire to cover the project.16:26.28 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: agreed. XML based is (a bit) nicer16:28.12 
henrys okay meeting done, I'll be around for a bit.16:28.25 
kens2 OK goodnight all16:28.54 
ray_laptop My family had a good time at Miles' place on the river!16:28.55 
  bye, kens16:28.59 
henrys chrisl_r61: I don't follow about the fonts from URW's perspective they've given us the latest release of the GPL fonts.16:29.14 
chrisl henrys: Yes, but I don't think they gave us the latest release back in 201116:29.44 
marcosw bye everyone. I'm off to uni but will be back online later.16:29.50 
ray_laptop bye, marcos16:29.59 
henrys ray_laptop:oh nice, is there a lot for kids to do there?16:30.25 
chrisl henrys: I *think* the fonts they gave us back in 2011 were the ones from the original GPL release way back in 1999, or whenever it was....16:30.54 
henrys well I think it's probably easier to look at the fonts see what is really broken wrt adobe and go from there.16:33.02 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: My kids loved the river (canoeing and inner tubes and kayak). When we went to Yosemite last year, they were swimming for at least 3 hours every day in the Merced. The Russian River is slower, but still fun for them16:33.17 
henrys look at the latest fonts they sent.16:33.18 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: rivers are much more fun than pools :-)16:33.53 
Robin_Watts ray_laptop: Nice. My memory from a few years ago is that it's a nice area.16:34.01 
chrisl henrys: I just checked the italic ones, and the current Adobe fonts appear to match the ones URW just sent - i.e a bunch of "symbols" are not italicised16:34.08 
Robin_Watts ray_laptop: Not where I'm going on holiday they aren't :)16:34.15 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: yes. And they also had fun driving the golf cart all around. And picking and eating blackberries 16:34.50 
  Robin_Watts: where are you going (I've forgotten if you mentioned it)16:35.11 
Robin_Watts Namibia.16:35.21 
henrys Robin_Watts: where are you going now? - there ought to be discovery channel program that follows you and Helen around on vacation.16:35.35 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: I see. yep, I wouldn't want to swim there16:35.48 
Robin_Watts Previously, on "Stupid White Tourists"16:36.08 
mvrhel_laptop :)16:38.05 
chrisl henrys: so the ones they sent back in March 2011 did *not* have those 2006 changes mentioned16:39.39 
henrys chrisl:right they sent us the originals16:47.04 
  that is technically what we asked for one would think they'd give us the latest release but they didn't16:47.48 
chrisl Yes, so the only thing that *might* be a problem is the "M" glyph one, and I need to double check that16:48.25 
mvrhel_laptop henrys: So one of my contacts at MS who I mt. bike with is going to track down someone for me. He said it may be a few degrees of separation from him and who ever he finds. I also pinged another contact who is at the VP level. I have not heard back from him yet.18:04.52 
  Robin_Watts: this is interesting18:09.38 
  tor8: I think you can close Bug 69366818:14.03 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: I think we should contact them.18:14.53 
mvrhel_laptop You mean the bug submitter Robin_Watts ?18:15.19 
Robin_Watts I mean the poster for that project.18:15.29 
mvrhel_laptop oh yes18:15.33 
  I agree18:15.35 
Robin_Watts Shall I do that, or would you like to?18:15.43 
mvrhel_laptop Robin_Watts: you can go ahead if you would like18:15.50 
Robin_Watts ok.18:15.53 
  oh, they've cancelled the project18:16.08 
mvrhel_laptop oh. I did not notice that18:16.23 
  Robin_Watts: this one appears to be open 18:17.48 
  sounds like the same one18:18.15 
Robin_Watts does indeed.18:19.44 
  mvrhel_laptop: Gawd, they don't make it easy to contact people on these sites...18:24.19 
mvrhel_laptop I only stumbled upon this while doing a google on winrt mupdf18:24.40 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: The second site's project has been assigned to someone.18:24.44 
mvrhel_laptop interesting18:24.55 
  well, that should be an easy project for them18:25.06 
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