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mvrhel_laptop whew. I think I finally have this c# async crap figured out for interfacing to my winRT library for the windows phone. done for the night. hopefully I should be rendering with mupdf on windows phone by the end of the week. then it is just a matter of a bit of ui05:30.29 
chrisl sebras: I think Robin_Watts has all the info he needs. I didn't go back and look at the poppler source again - I've been busy with other things06:30.39 
sebras chrisl: yup, he mentioned this late last night.08:49.05 
chrisl sebras: good, didn't want you wasting time on it08:50.09 
Robin_Watts tor8: Are you going to push the pagetree stuff ,or should I ?09:39.17 
tor8 Robin_Watts: go ahead09:45.56 
Robin_Watts pushed.10:01.18 
deleet Robin_Watts: is there no fragment support for mupdf on the android repo? just activities?10:21.42 
sebras deleet: what do you mean by fragment support?11:08.31 
  deleet: is this something in the android framework?11:08.45 
Robin_Watts eleet: indeed.11:29.04 
  deleet: indeed.11:29.09 
deleet sorry went out for lunch11:29.31 
  sebras: yes, fragments are the preferred way of building a UI after 3.011:30.02 
  Robin_Watts: is this something you would be interested in? I could build it as I'll likely use it11:30.23 
Robin_Watts deleet: I'm sure we would be interested, yes!11:30.40 
deleet ok cool11:30.46 
sebras deleet: ah, I'm still running 
deleet sebras: fragments work, via the compatibility package, all the way back to API 411:38.48 
Robin_Watts sebras: I'm around about there too on my phone, but the tablet is newer. The nook is older.11:39.12 
sebras Robin_Watts: from a testing perspective that's a good spread to ensure coverage.11:42.27 
Robin_Watts sebras: yeah. Helen has a newer phone too.11:42.49 
deleet what's the nook's version?11:42.58 
Robin_Watts 2.1 ish11:43.08 
  no multitouch.11:43.25 
deleet ah, that kinda sucks11:43.40 
Robin_Watts There is a hack to add multitouch, I think.11:44.02 
  patches the kernel.11:44.05 
  but I've not been brave enough to do that, partly cos I think we should add non-multitouch support.11:44.25 
  and indeed non touch support for TV devices (for when my gamestick is delivered)11:44.42 
  kens: You could run the file through gs with a breakpoint in the gs_rop_run stuff...11:54.52 
kens Robin_Watts : I suppose, yes, but its still a 6 page file11:55.08 
  I figure henry can reduce that way faster than I can11:55.31 
Robin_Watts I do not deny that a simplified file would be... simpler. :)11:55.37 
kens I *think* I may have a solution for #694412 which gives at least one progression and not more than 2 regressions11:56.34 
  (2 files downloading to check the originals)11:56.44 
Robin_Watts bug 69441212:01.01 
kens yes12:01.15 
Robin_Watts (sorry, I can click bug 694412, but not #694412 :) )12:01.31 
kens Hmm, I thought ray said the other way around....12:01.46 
Robin_Watts # means channel.12:02.07 
kens well, neither way does anythign for me, I need a URL12:02.32 
Robin_Watts Ah, so this bug relates to the stroke/fill color stuff.12:02.47 
  kens: Or you need to use Chatzilla :)12:02.57 
kens Yes, and it id making my head spin somewhat12:02.58 
  I did use Chatzilla, now I use Miranda12:03.14 
Robin_Watts Does miranda do skype?12:05.44 
kens No idea12:05.49 
  I would doubt it since its a chat client12:06.00 
Robin_Watts "Skype plugin interface with the actual skype program."12:06.17 
kens My current installation doesn't hav a skype plugin12:06.43 
Robin_Watts I think you still need to install skype itself though.12:07.07 
deleet Robin_Watts: people (myself included) quite like the new way of zooming in the new google maps (tap and hold, move finger up/down to zoom while holding)12:07.12 
Robin_Watts kens, chrisl: Are either of you set up on skype yet?12:07.18 
kens Nope12:07.23 
deleet I think that would be a great idea to counter the lack of multitouch12:07.26 
Robin_Watts deleet: paulgardiner and myself used to work on a piece of software that used tap-drag.12:07.52 
  you'd do a double click but not release the second click. drag that up/down to zoom.12:08.23 
deleet pretty much yeah12:08.36 
Robin_Watts That keeps both tap and drag free for other things like selection.12:09.04 
kens Hmm,old code takes 4'19 seconds, new code takes 3.5 seconds12:10.52 
Robin_Watts old being current, and new being current+your fix?12:11.27 
kens yes12:11.31 
  speeds up by about 75 times12:11.42 
Robin_Watts oh, 4 minutes 19 seconds ?12:11.55 
kens indeed12:11.59 
deleet that's what the ' stands for :P12:12.05 
Robin_Watts I was just thinking that 4.19 -> 3.5 wasn't much :)12:12.12 
kens :-)12:12.19 
Robin_Watts deleet: I had my "kens keyboard" filter working :)12:12.23 
deleet haha k12:12.31 
tor8 kens, Robin_Watts: I've used the Skype plugin with Adium on macosx12:12.31 
kens yep, could easily be a typo from me12:12.32 
tor8 I wouldn't recommend doing the same with miranda, given how many bugs there were12:12.45 
  first of all you need to have skype open and logged in for it to work...12:13.01 
Robin_Watts I like skype.12:13.08 
tor8 and then messages would randomly *not* get passed through to the plugin12:13.08 
  Robin_Watts: do you use skype on windows or mac?12:13.21 
kens Miranda appears to have a skype plugin12:13.24 
  'limited support for skype'12:13.36 
tor8 kens: the skype plugin API is buggy as hell, and requires skype to be running12:13.38 
Robin_Watts of course it remains to be seen how efficiently ms can screw it up.12:13.52 
tor8 so you may as well just use skype, since you've still got it open12:13.55 
Robin_Watts kens: yeah. that was the thing I pasted above.12:14.00 
tor8 Robin_Watts: skype on macosx tries to be "smart" about eliding time stamps12:14.11 
Robin_Watts I use skype both on windows and mac (and I have it on android too)12:14.12 
kens Robin_Watts : I didn't see yo uposted anything, sorry12:14.19 
  There's one that says it doesn't need teh skype client too12:14.42 
tor8 so you only get time stamps when the "talker" changes... meaning if you get a new message five days later from the same person, it won't gave a time stamp on it12:15.02 
Robin_Watts chrisl has a newish laptop, right? So he's probably got a webcam on that.12:15.07 
  tor8: ugh.12:15.18 
tor8 Robin_Watts: actually, I think they may have fixed that very recently (like in the past week) but it was like that for *years*12:15.53 
Robin_Watts tor8: So I have the code working to load hint table data.12:16.40 
  now I'm trying to figure out how to use it.12:16.56 
  I am considering having a 'preload' call that apps can make that will tell the underlying stream what areas of the stream will be required for a page.12:17.50 
  Being called for lunch.12:19.02 
kens I wonder if Marcos fell of the net12:42.34 
  6 nodes down12:42.44 
zeniko Robin_Watts: ping14:14.05 
Robin_Watts pong14:14.11 
  hi, welcome to #ghostscript :)14:14.20 
zeniko so, I've got my casper account set up and am ready for the next steps14:14.35 
Robin_Watts ok, so you primarily work on windows?14:15.02 
zeniko yes, I'm currently pretty much Windows-only14:15.20 
Robin_Watts ok, me too.14:15.32 
  So presumably you are set up using putty to get into casper?14:15.59 
zeniko PuTTY and also the ssh shipping with msys git14:16.30 
Robin_Watts ah, ok. I always had problems with the msys git ssh.14:16.46 
  but if it works for you, that's fine.14:16.54 
zeniko took me a while figuring out where to put the authentication keys14:17.23 
Robin_Watts so the way we work is that all make a 'repos' dir on casper in our home directory.14:17.30 
zeniko done14:17.40 
Robin_Watts and we clone from the main mupdf repo into that.14:17.46 
  I personally have it set up on my local machine so that the main mupdf repo is a remote called 'golden' and my personal repo is called 'origin'.14:18.18 
  The idea is that we "pull --rebase golden master" to get changes pulled in to our local copies.14:18.46 
  and we then publish that to origin master.14:19.01 
sebras zeniko: hi'ya!14:19.15 
zeniko sebras: hey'ya back!14:19.26 
Robin_Watts Any change we make is then reviewed by at least 1 other person before we push it to golden.14:19.36 
zeniko I don't suppose you're working on casper all the time,14:20.05 
Robin_Watts zeniko: No, I work on my windows PC all the time.14:20.20 
zeniko so you push/pull from home to your casper repo and from there to golden?14:20.45 
Robin_Watts Or direct from my local (windows PC) repo to and from golden.14:21.12 
  but in general we stage through our personal repos on casper, yes.14:21.22 
  That's essentially where stuff goes for review.14:21.39 
  So it sounds like you've pretty much got that sorted out.14:22.05 
  The big thing left is our regression system.14:22.21 
zeniko before we get to that:14:22.35 
Robin_Watts ok.14:22.40 
zeniko what's the read-write git URL for casper?14:22.47 
Robin_Watts For me I have:14:23.05 
sebras zeniko: if you click on any projects you will have the git urls at the top.14:23.37 
Robin_Watts cluster 
  i.e. we don't use git:/ for read/write, we use ssh based connections.14:24.10 
chrisl_r61 Robin_Watts: with gitbridge for the cluster, does that remove the need for the regression ssh keys, or not?14:24.33 
Robin_Watts chrisl_r61: You need the regression ssh key to connect to the gitbridge.14:25.04 
chrisl_r61 So, do you want me to put the cluster keys in place for zeniko?14:25.24 
Robin_Watts It removes the need for rsync on the local machine :)14:25.26 
  chrisl_r61: The permitted command list will need editing yes.14:26.02 
  chrisl_r61: I can muddle through most stuff, but you'll probably be faster than me.14:26.55 
  zeniko: So are you happy with that?14:27.43 
chrisl_r61 Robin_Watts: hmm, permitted command list?14:27.49 
Robin_Watts We can all use the cluster_key to get into the regression account.14:28.13 
zeniko Robin_Watts: yes, I managed to successfully clone from casper14:28.22 
Robin_Watts but we are only allowed to run certain commands.14:28.25 
zeniko except that in /home/git/user I'd need a symlink for your URLs to work14:29.02 
Robin_Watts zeniko: OK, so the regression system.14:29.08 
  will add that now.14:29.12 
zeniko thanks! regressions then...14:29.44 
chrisl_r61 Robin_Watts, zeniko: I've out the regression ssh key in the right place.....14:29.52 
Robin_Watts zeniko: symlink should be there.14:30.10 
  so, you'll need to copy /home/marcos/cluster_key to your local machine from casper.14:30.55 
  and you'll need to set up the cluster remote that I pasted earlier on your local repo.14:31.47 
  [just trying to find the notes I wrote about this]14:32.28 
zeniko "cat: cluster_key: Permission denied"14:33.02 
Robin_Watts zeniko: OK. I've mailed the instructions to you.14:34.36 
  Let me find you the bits you need.14:34.48 
  You can download the script from here:;a=tree;f=gs/toolbin/localcluster;h=55c26739494e6a3c4b37a67c4e45f95c8e5d4ac7;hb=0903afb23777cfee2cb2a5015990c174e6a5474214:35.50 
  Those instructions are written from the point of view of people cluster testing ghostscript, but the principles are the same for mupdf.14:37.56 
  ok, ignore the cluster_key stuff before. I think that's not needed now.14:38.49 
zeniko ssh fails with "Permission denied (publickey)"14:40.00 
Robin_Watts ok, we need to add your key to the regression account too.14:40.44 
  Try now?14:43.12 
zeniko as for I assume you're working inside git's bash console (not the cmd.exe one)14:43.27 
Robin_Watts zeniko: Yes.14:43.39 
zeniko ssh works now, thanks14:44.07 
Robin_Watts Although if you set it up so that "git cluster" works, then I think that should work in cmd.exe if you have the paths set to make git work in cmd windows.14:44.36 
  So rather than: "git cluster pcl" as the instructions say, try "git cluster"14:45.04 
zeniko I'll look into that, as I prefer the cmd.exe environment14:45.20 
Robin_Watts zeniko: I recommend "Console 2" off sourceforge (make sure you get the beta version). Lets you have a single window up with lots of tabs in, so you can swap between cmd and bash etc easily.14:46.27 
  Also has sane cut and paste.14:46.44 
zeniko for certain values of "sane" ;-)14:47.12 
Robin_Watts 'saner' :)14:47.19 
  So, what does: "git cluster" say ?14:51.06 
zeniko it's currently pushing something somewhere14:52.12 
  then "remote: You're not allowed to run 'rsync --server ...'"14:52.30 
Robin_Watts right, that's the permitted commands thing. Let me look for that.14:52.49 
chrisl_r61 Crap, my ssh terminal to casper keeps freezing - it's really p*ssing me off!14:53.53 
Robin_Watts zeniko: Try again now ?14:54.55 
  Woo Hoo!14:56.04 
  OK. Bookmark this URL: 
  That's the regression dashboard.14:56.26 
  Top left shows the list of cluster nodes, whether they are up or down, what they are doing etc.14:56.55 
  So at the moment they are running your mupdf test job.14:57.07 
  Under that you'll see the Job queue. Red jobs have run already. A green job is currently running, and if there were more jobs queued after yours they would be amber. (I like traffic lights)14:57.57 
  In fact, there you go, 2 new jobs have just been posted (the page should update for you every 20 seconds or so)14:58.19 
chrisl_r61 just for illustration purposes ;-)14:58.33 
Robin_Watts Whenever anything gets committed, we automatically queue test jobs.14:58.55 
  The cluster runs the jobs and keeps the md5 sums of the results. That way it can tell you which files change each time.14:59.35 
  If you click on a "passed" link, you'll get a new tab up with the details of which jobs changed etc.15:00.26 
zeniko if there are changes, how do you figure out the details?15:01.08 
Robin_Watts I'll get to that in a mo.15:01.21 
  For cluster jobs caused by commits you'll see the differences from the last test that ran.15:01.24 
  For user jobs you'll see 2 sets of differences; differences from the last commit based job that ran (what we call 'differences from baseline') and also differences from the last user job you ran.15:02.21 
  So, as you point out, this can tell you what files have changed, but not how they've changed.15:02.49 
  To see how they've changed, you can do "git cluster bmpcmp"15:03.03 
  That runs a new test, where it only tests the files that differed in the last non-bmpcmp test.15:03.31 
  and instead of generating md5 sums, it runs an old binary and a new binary and compares the bitmaps produced.15:03.49 
  And it produces a list of all those differences in an easy-to-read form in an html page.15:04.19 
  Which I will show you in a mo.15:04.35 
  So, continuing to look at the dashboard.15:04.52 
  Let's ignore the delta and logs and search things for now.15:05.31 
  In the bottom right there are the "User links:"15:05.56 
henrys chrisl:I guess I had bad permissions somewhere … I noticed the email just before bed, thanks for following up.15:06.19 
Robin_Watts When your user job finishes, the green line will disappear.15:06.19 
  and the report will be available by clicking "zeniko" in the user links.15:06.49 
  bugger, said pooh. That's not working.15:07.19 
zeniko another permission issue?15:07.42 
chrisl_r61 henrys: np. It was the file ownership - the key file was still owned by Robin's user and group - and ssh is understandably picky about such things!15:07.46 
Robin_Watts probably me not setting it up right. give me a mo.15:07.56 
chrisl_r61 zeniko: did you get an e-mail saying the run had completed?15:08.55 
zeniko chrisl_r61: not yet15:09.26 
Robin_Watts OK, the hadn't had zeniko added.15:10.58 
  so you can now get to the report on the web.15:11.13 
henrys chrisl_r61:my lazy cp -pr ;-)15:11.14 
chrisl_r61 ;-)15:11.21 
Robin_Watts and next time you'll hopefully get a copy by email too.15:11.48 
zeniko Robin_Watts: so no differences but a bunch of errors15:11.57 
henrys whilst you are at it will you reenable hintak's account?15:12.05 
  chrisl_r61: ^^^15:12.24 
Robin_Watts zeniko; I think those reports are spurious because it's the first run.15:12.28 
  and hence there is no previous run to compare with.15:12.43 
chrisl_r61 henrys: yeh, okay15:12.54 
henrys I'm off have a good "rest of week" everyone15:13.01 
Robin_Watts Now I'll need to set you up a bmpcmp password.15:13.06 
  henrys: have fun!15:13.09 
kens Robin_Watts : aer you taking a note of all the things you've done to get zeniko working ?15:15.53 
Robin_Watts kens: I wasn't.15:18.07 
kens Might be useful for another occasion15:18.21 
Robin_Watts zeniko: I've just mailed you a password that you'll need to use to get to the bmpcmp results.15:18.46 
  If you click on the "bmpcmp" link to the right of (say) kens, it'll ask you for a username and password. Just let your browser remember it.15:20.02 
zeniko Robin_Watts: seems to work, I assume "The requested URL /~regression/zeniko was not found on this server." is expected without any bmpcmp runs15:20.29 
Robin_Watts yeah.15:20.39 
  Let's use kens as an example of what you'll expect to see.15:20.57 
kens Its fine to look at my last one15:21.00 
Robin_Watts At the top the "0 1 2 3" is the list of pages of the results. We start on page 0 obviously enough :)15:21.46 
  Then we list each job tested.15:22.01 
kens Because we're geeks :-)15:22.02 
Robin_Watts for each job you will get 1 or more sets of 3 bitmaps.15:22.27 
  They are candidate/reference/diff15:22.44 
kens Number 17 on there is an example of a regression15:22.46 
Robin_Watts or new/old/diff if you prefer.15:22.52 
kens number 23 is a progression15:23.06 
Robin_Watts So looking at number 17.15:24.14 
  The green pixels in the diffs tell you where the changes were.15:24.24 
  but it's not immediately obvious exactly what has changed (at least to my crap eyes)15:24.47 
  so, if you hold ctrl down and roll the mouse pointer into and out of the leftmost image, it swaps with the middle image.15:25.18 
  hence you can 'blink' back and forth and spot differences.15:25.34 
kens Not on Firefox15:25.35 
zeniko kens: lucky I'm using Chrome, then ;-)15:26.19 
Robin_Watts kens: yeah, ok, not on firefox on windows.15:26.23 
kens :-)15:26.28 
  Worth mentioning, just in case15:26.33 
Robin_Watts It works on macos on firefox and on chrome, and on every bloody other browser.15:26.44 
kens Actually it doesn't work for me on Chrome either15:27.02 
Robin_Watts Alternatively, roll the mouse pointer into the middle image and you get a zoom.15:27.09 
  kens: have you disabled javascript ?15:27.14 
kens Not on Chrome, no15:27.21 
Robin_Watts hmm. Works for me.15:27.35 
  You're holding ctrl down?15:27.41 
kens Yes15:27.46 
  All I get is the popup of the candidate blah blah15:28.08 
zeniko hm, works for me in Firefox (22) as well15:28.08 
kens Not that it matters anyway15:28.49 
Robin_Watts works for me in firefox too.15:28.57 
zeniko as for the differences image: does bmpcmp distinguish between minor and major differences?15:29.29 
Robin_Watts anyhow, leaving kens broken browsers aside for now... That's the bmpcmp page.15:29.33 
  zeniko: Yes, green and red colored differences.15:29.48 
  green is major I think, and red is minor.15:30.03 
  (There are a bunch of flags you can use to bmpcmp so it will do 'fuzzy' checking too, and that can affect the output, but let's not worry about that for now)15:30.51 
  On the last page of the results, we list any files that we tested but didn't find any differences in.15:31.42 
  Also, we have an index of all the tests, so if you're hunting for a particular one, you can find it there.15:32.09 
  hmm. the index takes you to the right page of the results at least. I should fix it to take you to the actual image.15:32.52 
zeniko is there any way to download one such file so that you don't have to re-run the cluster while figuring out what might have changed in a commit?15:33.16 
Robin_Watts zeniko: All our regression files live in SVN.15:33.45 
  Now you have access to casper, you have access to the svn repo with them in.15:34.10 
  A full svn checkout of the files is large.15:34.29 
  54Gig or so, according to my windows PC.15:35.07 
zeniko luckily, SVN allows partial checkouts - I've only got 10GB left to spare15:35.24 
Robin_Watts Currently we have no nice way of getting a single file out. Possibly that's something I could add.15:36.01 
kens I just pull the file I want from peeves15:36.19 
zeniko where does the svn repo live on casper?15:36.39 
Robin_Watts zeniko: see private message15:37.51 
  kens: not everyone has access to peeves.15:37.57 
kens Hmm, I guess not15:38.04 
Robin_Watts zeniko: In the short term, unless you particularly like wrangling svn, it may be easiest to just ask one of us to mail you a file.15:39.06 
zeniko Robin_Watts: my irc client seems to have kept the private message to itself :-(15:39.15 
Robin_Watts which irc client?15:39.31 
zeniko Miranda15:39.38 
Robin_Watts ah, ken is a miranda user. I use chatzilla personally. On chatzilla I get a new tab along the bottom.15:40.14 
kens on miranda you get an icon in the main miranda window15:40.37 
Robin_Watts actually, it's safe to paste these in here I think.15:40.46 
mvrhel_laptop ugh this windows phone stuff is just a mess15:40.51 
kens messages zeniko15:41.05 
mvrhel_laptop I keep thinking I have everything figured out only to hit another wall15:41.11 
Robin_Watts the "tests_private" files are found within the tests_private directory in the svn+ssh:// repo15:41.25 
deleet irssi > *15:41.44 
Robin_Watts the "tests" files are found within the tests directory in the svn+ssh:// repo.15:42.05 
  Ignore any source you see in those repos - it's very out of date. We use git now.15:42.22 
zeniko kens: I get the blinking icon, but nothing else :-(15:42.29 
kens click the icon15:42.39 
  right click I should say15:42.50 
  then choose message I think15:42.56 
  zeniko try messaging me15:43.27 
  right click kens in the list of nicks15:43.45 
zeniko kens: selected "Message" and sent you one15:44.22 
kens Yes I replied15:44.29 
  You don't get a new message window ?15:44.49 
  titled 'message session'15:45.02 
zeniko still doesn't work...15:45.02 
kens weird15:45.06 
  Its not vital, its not somethgin we use a lot15:45.53 
chrisl_r61 kens: (sorry to intrude) given that I just pushed the fonts update, you *might* get some unexpected results from your clusterpush.....15:46.08 
kens chrisl_away : I know, not to worry15:46.20 
  I know what I'm looking for in my output15:46.30 
chrisl_r61 I just didn't want you to panic!15:46.38 
kens :)15:46.43 
zeniko Robin_Watts: so one cluster run takes just a few minutes?15:46.51 
Robin_Watts zeniko: For MuPDF, yes. about 5 minutes.15:47.03 
kens Depends on the selected configuration, MuPDF is much faster than GS15:47.11 
Robin_Watts a mujstest run takes longer.15:47.15 
  pcl is 10 minutes or so. gs is 20+15:47.29 
  a full "gs pcl xps ls" one is 40+ minutes15:47.44 
kens Which is what I'm doing :-(15:47.56 
chrisl_r61 I don't think there is an "ls" one, now, is there....15:48.16 
kens Its on the dashboard that way15:48.34 
Robin_Watts chrisl_r61: There is, but it may not do anything :)15:48.44 
chrisl_r61 Ah, true!15:48.55 
Robin_Watts When it comes to picking which job to run next, the cluster takes queued user jobs first.15:49.11 
  (in preference to commit ones)15:49.24 
zeniko and running 'git cluster' just tests the most recent commit on the current branch in my local repo?15:49.41 
chrisl_r61 Okay, I'm going to find out what a double squash training session in this heat is like - if I don't return, think well of me........15:50.05 
Robin_Watts running "git cluster" does a "git stash" and pushes that up for testing.15:50.13 
  chrisl_r61: urk. have "fun".15:50.21 
chrisl_r61 Hmm, I'll try......15:50.34 
zeniko that's convenient15:51.14 
Robin_Watts just remember that if you have created new files and not git added them yet, they won't get sent.15:51.33 
  I get bitten by that every time, and I coded it!15:51.41 
zeniko good to know, so better to commit first after all15:52.13 
  another question: is the jbig2dec repo two-way sync'd with the ghostpdl one?15:52.13 
Robin_Watts zeniko: No. The jbig2dec one is produced *from* the ghostpdl one on a cron job.15:52.48 
  So we commit to ghostpdl and it magically appears a bit later in the jbig2dec one.15:53.16 
zeniko so if henrys asks me to commit to jbig2dec, I'll have to work on ghostpdl15:53.47 
Robin_Watts zeniko: yeah.15:54.02 
zeniko does the sync'ing script also update the mupdf repo with an updated hash for jbig2dec when new commits are copied over?15:54.49 
Robin_Watts Or prepare the commit on the jbig2dec repo and git format-patch it and pass it to one of us.15:54.54 
  zeniko: No, we need to do a new mupdf.git commit to update the submodule.15:55.20 
zeniko so there's no easy way to test jbig2dec changes using mupdf on the cluster?15:55.56 
Robin_Watts ooh, yeah, that might be tricky...15:56.47 
  Actually, there may be a way.15:57.26 
  Let me just check the cluster code.15:57.32 
  Right. If you use "git cluster", then you're reliant on git submodules to get the thirdparty libraries there, hence checking changes is hard15:59.06 
  If you use the rsync based method, then we transfer submodules with all their changes along with the source.15:59.37 
  There are 2 ways we could do that.15:59.59 
zeniko Robin_Watts: would it work if I changed .gitmodules so that jbig2dec points at my own repo including additional changes?16:00.02 
Robin_Watts it might.16:00.22 
  1) we could set up a checkout of mupdf on casper, and you'd make changes there and trigger cluster jobs from that.16:00.53 
  that would require you to be happy to work on unix at least a bit.16:01.11 
  2) you can install cygwin on your windows box, and we can set that up to trigger cluster jobs.16:01.36 has instructions for the cygwin based method.16:02.34 
  Do you have cygwin installed ?16:02.40 
zeniko I used to, but now happily get by without it16:02.58 
Robin_Watts yeah, I hear that.16:03.27 
zeniko I'll try changing .gitmodules when I actually need testing jbig2dec and if that doesn't work we can always look into one of your two alternatives16:03.35 
Robin_Watts fab.16:03.42 
zeniko BTW: am I even allowed to push to ghostpdl proper at all?16:04.06 
Robin_Watts zeniko: possibly not. There is some voodoo that needs doing with groups etc.16:04.37 
  We (the mupdf developers) have been trying a simple review thing (at least 1 other person must look at a commit before we push it) for a while now, and it seems to work well.16:05.57 
  Stops (most) stupid mistakes, and gets most of the niggling "I would have preferred the function to be called xxxx rather than yyy" type complaints out of the way early.16:06.44 
mvrhel_laptop brb16:07.05 
zeniko sounds reasonable16:07.08 
Robin_Watts so there will always be someone else that needs to be involved and can do the push to golden for you.16:07.14 
  And we can sort out direct pushing later if we need it (probably need to check with henrys)16:07.37 
zeniko henrys seemed to have asked something like that in bug 69412516:08.06 
  but I'd be happy with posting git format-patch output for jbig2dec for the time being16:08.28 
Robin_Watts zeniko: right. He'll be back on monday or tuesday I think, so we only need to cope til then.16:08.54 
zeniko I won't be around next week, so there's no need to rush anyway16:09.35 
  last question: who's responsible for the 'Owner' name shown in repositories?16:10.08 
Robin_Watts you are, I think.16:11.36 
tor8 zeniko: git config web.owner16:11.51 
  ahem, gitweb.owner16:11.59 
zeniko tor8: thanks - and that even works with umlauts!16:14.45 
tor8 I was a bit worried that gitweb might get encoding-confused16:15.35 
zeniko tor8, Robin_Watts: I've had a few issues when merging your latest pagetree changes16:17.04 
Robin_Watts zeniko: it was a fairly big rework.16:17.42 
zeniko pdf_lookup_page_number used to return -1 for invalid objects, now it may return 0 (pointing at the first page)16:17.44 
  I've got at least one document (1172 from my collection) which has "/Parent null" and now leads to an unexpected throw which breaks its outlines16:19.15 
Robin_Watts Well, /Parent null is a broken file, right?16:19.51 
  Having pdf_lookup_page_number return -1 seems fair enough. Let me look at that.16:20.11 
zeniko "/Parent null" is not broken enough for Adobe Reader - it just ignores it16:20.27 
  also, I'd be fine with pdf_lookup_page_number throwing (it couldn't throw previously but now can anyway on cycles)16:21.00 
Robin_Watts throwing would be neater, I suspect.16:21.34 
zeniko its callers might need some adjustment then, though (maily the outline loading code in pdf-outline.c)16:21.42 
  please see the "SumatraPDF:" comments in for what I had to amend during the merge to prevent major regressions16:22.07 
Robin_Watts I'm currently adding the ability to display files as they download.16:23.18 
  We use curl to fetch from an http source.16:23.25 
  If the file is linearized, we get the first page out quickly.16:23.41 
  If the file is linearized and the hint stream isn't broken and we can do byte requests, we get each page out quickly on demand.16:24.16 
  If the file is linearized and the hints stream is broken, we can get incomplete renderings for pages that will improve as things like fonts are downloaded.16:25.06 
  If the file isn't linearized, but we have byte requests, we can get pages out, but it can take a long time to read the xrefs (20%+ of pdf_reference17.pdf is xrefs). Once we have the xrefs, the pages come out quickly though.16:26.08 
  If the file isn't linearized and we don't have byte requests, you have to wait for the whole thing to download.16:26.45 
  Open that website, and enter the konami code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a) and keep hitting a.16:34.42 
sebras Robin_Watts: fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /user/zeniko/mupdf.git16:34.45 
  zeniko: or to you, if you know how to fix it. :) I never remember.16:35.20 
tor8 touch git-daemon-export-ok16:35.40 
kens Hmm, interesting way to enter debugger16:35.53 
Robin_Watts kens broken browser strikes again.16:36.25 
kens Chrome16:36.36 
  Firefox isn't running java on 6 of the sties linked from that one16:36.53 
Robin_Watts works for me. You should see dinosaurs in hats.16:37.05 
kens Nope16:37.09 
sebras Robin_Watts: confirmed.16:37.18 
Robin_Watts kens: What version of chrome have you installed? And what extensions?16:37.34 
kens No extensions16:37.39 
Robin_Watts I'm using 28.0.1500.71 m16:37.48 
zeniko sebras: shoulnd't it be /user/zeniko/mupdf/.git (note the additional slash)?16:38.00 
kens version is the same16:38.13 
Robin_Watts zeniko: Depends if you made a bare repo or not.16:38.21 
sebras zeniko: nope, git:// works well.16:38.32 
zeniko Robin_Watts: I've still got to figure out how to make a bare repo :-)16:38.45 
sebras zeniko: but you need to enter tor8's command while in the repository file.16:38.52 
  zeniko: 16:35 < tor8> touch git-daemon-export-ok16:39.01 
kens have to dash, night all16:39.06 
zeniko sebras: better?16:39.44 
sebras zeniko: eh.. repository directory (on casper).16:39.44 
tor8 zeniko: we usually have bare repositories in $HOME/repos16:39.44 
Robin_Watts zeniko: git clone --bare /home/git/mupdf.git mupdf.git16:39.52 
tor8 otherwise it's annoying to set up pushing to them16:40.08 
Robin_Watts tor8: Do you want to look at zenikos pagetree fixes? or shall I ?16:41.56 
tor8 Robin_Watts: I'm about to head out for dinner. I'll look at them later if you're busy now.16:42.39 
zeniko sebras: should work now16:43.15 
Robin_Watts And has the same thing (but dinosaurs in VR goggles etc)16:43.50 
tor8 Robin_Watts: with the same speling eror in innited :)16:44.34 
sebras zeniko: excellent, thanks!16:44.48 
Robin_Watts And 
sebras Robin_Watts: you have been reading the konami code page on wikipedia..?16:51.42 
Robin_Watts sebras: No...16:51.50 
  tor8: I shall leave them to you to look at, as I want to push on with the progressive stuff for a bit more tonight.16:54.05 
zeniko dinner's calling16:54.22 
  Robin_Watts: so thanks for the extensive walk through your infrastructure!16:54.25 
Robin_Watts zeniko: No worries.16:54.31 
mvrhel_laptop wtf. this managed code debugging is crap. 17:16.20 
  I suspect I have an interface issue with my winrt library17:16.48 
ray_laptop mvrhel_laptop: I have a couple of questions. Do you have a minute (or two) ?17:19.17 
mvrhel_laptop ray_laptop: sure17:19.27 
  ray_laptop: let me help get kids out door to swim lessons first17:19.56 
ray_laptop mvrhel_laptop: np.17:20.06 
mvrhel_laptop ray_laptop: ok I am back17:26.45 
ray_laptop mvrhel_laptop: thanks.17:26.53 
  I hope you haven't flushed GS from your little gray cells yet17:27.17 
mvrhel_laptop yes. let me start that solution up17:28.31 
ray_laptop mvrhel_laptop: First, the dev->icc_struct looks to me like it is all set up via put_params. Is that correct ? Thus if I do a get_params on a device, get a new device, and then put those params, the new device will have the correct icc_struct. Does this sound correct ?17:29.06 
mvrhel_laptop ray_laptop: yes that sounds correct17:29.51 
  the only trick is if you had a device like the pdf14 device in the way17:30.18 
ray_laptop OK. That's what I thought (and was hoping).17:30.28 
mvrhel_laptop that is the only one that can and will change itself different than the real target device17:30.48 
ray_laptop mvrhel_laptop:right. I am doing this on a device for rendering BEFORE any has been done, so the pdf14 device isn't active yet17:31.10 
mvrhel_laptop that should all be fine then. 17:31.25 
ray_laptop mvrhel_laptop: now the 'gs_devn_params' ...17:31.38 
mvrhel_laptop ugh17:31.46 
  if we were on the phone I would say, sorry, going though a tunnel now17:32.13 
ray_laptop It has pdf14_separations -- is that also only set up during processing ?17:32.23 
  mvrhel_laptop: you could always kill your wifi ;-)17:32.50 
  mvrhel_laptop: I've got a page saved as a clist and I want to process it. So do I have to capture the devn_params and set them in the rendering device before doing the page?17:33.56 
  mvrhel_laptop: in particular the pdf14_separations. It looks like other things are handled by devn_get/put_params17:35.08 
mvrhel_laptop I am trying to remember why we have pdf14_separations and separations in devn_params17:35.17 
  that is, why the two sets17:35.32 
ray_laptop all the comment says is " The PDF 1.4 compositor may also have a different list of separations."17:36.34 
  mvrhel_laptop: but not WHY.17:37.04 
  mvrhel_laptop: the pdf14_compressed_color_list (which I am going to punt on) I understand since blending creates different colorants.17:37.41 
mvrhel_laptop I am picturing a case where I am going out to tiffsep, and I have a portion of the doc that has spots in a transparency and a different portion that has different spots outside. I suppose then, that the pdf14 device really should care about the spots that occur in the transparency areas17:38.43 
ray_laptop (I'm NOT going to support the compressed_color_list at all)17:39.00 
mvrhel_laptop so I can see why you would want it17:39.02 
  ray_laptop: that is fine. I don't think we will be using compressed color list again17:39.29 
  let me look over the stuff referencing pdf14_separations17:39.58 
  hold on17:40.00 
ray_laptop mvrhel_laptop: I would think we'd want the 'separations' to include all separations on the device17:40.32 
mvrhel_laptop yes definitiely17:40.46 
ray_laptop mvrhel_laptop: OK. take your time.17:40.46 
mvrhel_laptop ray_laptop: but the pdf14_separations are only those seps that occur in the pdf14 device. so that we don't create a larger buffer than needed17:41.20 
  when we start rendering the transparencies17:41.57 
ray_laptop mvrhel_laptop: Ah, OK. so it is a subset of the 'separations' ?17:43.07 
mvrhel_laptop that would be my expectations17:43.40 
  so when pdf14_put_devn_params occurs the pdf14_separations are set17:44.47 
  and that appears to be the only time17:45.01 
  which is only called from devn_printer_put_params17:46.07 
  hmm I am a little confused by this17:47.16 
  devn_printer_put_params ends up calling pdf14_put_devn_params17:47.37 
  which makes me think the lists will be the same17:48.17 
ray_laptop mvrhel_laptop: so, it looks like put/get pdf14_params handle this via (special) parameters, i.e., PDF14NumSpotColors" and "PDF14SpotName_..."17:48.44 
  mvrhel_laptop: but, if I am setting these params BEFORE starting the pdf14 compositor has been hooked in, then I won't be calling pdf14_put_devn_params17:50.51 
mvrhel_laptop right17:51.12 
ray_laptop mvrhel_laptop: oops. No, it looks like devn_printer_put_params always calls it. So it _should_ be set up by capturing the params and just playing them back.17:53.01 
  mvrhel_laptop: I guess I need to try it :-)17:53.11 
mvrhel_laptop that is what is bothering me that it is always called. 17:53.22 
  what happens when there is no pdf14 device17:53.32 
ray_laptop mvrhel_laptop: well the element is always there in the gs_devn_params17:53.51 
mvrhel_laptop ok. but the purpose of the separate pdf14 separations then, is simply to allow someone to use PDF14NumSpotColors and PDF14SpotName17:54.35 
  I have never tried that before17:54.47 
  I wonder if it even would work with the planar changes not to mention all the earlier work in tranparency17:55.10 
ray_laptop mvrhel_laptop: this is what I think will happen... 17:55.16 
  mvrhel_laptop: the pdf14_separations starts out NULL. Once the compositor is installed, when the device is popped, the params will be collected when pdf14_clist_get_param_compressed_color_list calls get_param_spot_color_names. Then this paramlist will be 'put' into the target_device18:00.16 
  mvrhel_laptop: so when a page is done (the pdf14 device will have been popped for the page) and the target device params will have been updated18:01.10 
mvrhel_laptop ok18:02.37 
ray_laptop mvrhel_laptop: so when I 'get' them when the page has been completed, they _should_ be there and my 'put_params' will set them into the devn_params (whether or not the pdf14 device is present)18:02.55 
mvrhel_laptop sounds reasonable. you are the params expert around here.18:03.48 
ray_laptop mvrhel_laptop: then on the PDF14_PUSH_DEVICE when we render the page, we will have the pdf14_separations all set up to be copied into the pdf14->devn.separations that the PUSH does (line 7259)18:04.35 
  mvrhel_laptop: yeah, but I just wanted to make sure and understand the reason for the extra gs_separations entry18:05.28 
  mvrhel_laptop: I have to help with the kids... Thanks. bbiab18:05.48 
mvrhel_laptop ray_laptop: ok tty18:05.56 
  back to fun 18:24.33 
  every call to my winrt library ends up throwing an exception, and there is no clear way to debug why18:31.39 
ray_laptop mvrhel_laptop: I sympathize. I recall trying to debug windows printer device code. It took me a while to figure out the tricks. I'm sure MS has learned out to obfuscate better since then :-/18:35.02 
mvrhel_laptop yes. it is really bad18:35.23 
ray_laptop mvrhel_laptop: I wonder if getting the MS Developer stuff would help. More of it is accessible online now, but there may be more source code and examples with the license18:36.49 
mvrhel_laptop perhaps. I am going to take a break in a bit and then come back to it. sometimes that helps18:37.23 
  what I may end up having to do is simplify things a bit to get things working and then start adding in the complexity to see where things break18:38.39 
  ok. so a very simple winrt object works. 18:48.31 
ray_laptop mvrhel_laptop: not much of a break ;-)18:49.00 
mvrhel_laptop stupid debugger needs some setup though to step from c# to c++18:49.18 
  so you cant debug the managed and native code at the same time when working with the phone19:02.34 
  what a bunch of crap19:02.40 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: Pfft.19:02.46 
mvrhel_laptop with the windows store app (non phone) you can19:03.04 
Robin_Watts Can you run two instances of the debugger, one for the managed and one for the native?19:03.15 
mvrhel_laptop not sure19:03.47 
  but it is hard to believe that they could not have made this a little easier19:04.01 
  luckily the winrt stuff (native) is already debugged. just need to figure out why I am having issues getting the interface to work19:07.04 
  yeah! got it working21:12.14 
  stupid winmd file confusion21:12.35 
  with the namespaces21:12.40 
  I have to have a separate VS project for the winRT dll for windows 8 and for windows phone21:13.11 
  even though they share the same files21:13.19 
  so the project names are different but the name spaces are the same. the winmd file name has to match the namespace but was set up based upon the project name21:13.56 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: Great.21:14.42 
mvrhel_laptop stuff like this drives me crazy21:14.51 
  there is no documentation about little things like this21:15.01 
  they have one example of sharing a winRT project amongst windows phone and windows 8 and it said nothing about this21:15.29 
  it still blows that you can only do native or managed code debugging, but that should not be the end of the world. just glad I did the windows 8 stuff first21:16.40 
  omg. the stupid file picker does not work in windows phone. it will only work for photos or for files that are in the windows store. but it will work in native code, so I have to add that call into the winrt library21:41.58 
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