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malc_ sebras: around?12:45.45 
sebras malc_: I am.13:21.33 
malc_ sebras: multi-threaded.c: a) contains invokation of a removed function b) doesn't work even if that's fixed13:28.11 
sebras malc_: oh. that's no good.13:28.26 
malc_ s;invokation;invocation [not that it matters here, but still]13:29.30 
sebras I'll have a look at it.13:29.52 
malc_ sebras: also, fail prints error message without an \n13:37.01 
sebras malc_: ok so I can find the problem with the removed function13:49.53 
  and the inaccurate compilation messag.e13:50.04 
  malc_: but what do you mean about the missing \n?13:50.17 
sebras blames the bad english on talking with people from asis. :-/13:50.55 
malc_ fprintf(stderr, "%s", msg); 13:55.04 
  abort(); 13:55.06 
  \n is MIA13:55.15 
malc_ never been to asi_s_ nor ever spoke with anyone from there.. to be honest he doesn't even know where there is13:55.54 
sebras malc_: right, I thought you meant errors messages from the library itself.13:59.41 
  malc_: this appears to work for me, if you are also happy with it I'll make sure it gets pushed proper.14:01.28 
  tor8: there are some patches over at sebras/master which I think are good.15:01.32 
malc_ sebras: this version segfaults here, as i said resolving free_d_l wasn't enough15:30.03 
sebras malc_: I don't see any segfault though. hm...15:48.49 
  malc_: and no touching uninited/freed data according to valgrind...15:50.03 
  malc_: can you get it to segfault consistently? with any pdf?15:54.04 
malc_ sebras: sorry it failed for a different reason.. nobody in example ever checks the presence of argv[1]16:07.55 
sebras oh.16:08.08 
malc_ otherwise your patch is (obviously) good16:09.42 
sebras malc_: ok, updated the patch to add some more argv detection.16:13.07 
malc_ sebras: thanks16:13.27 
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