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rayjj ps01:30.40 
Robin_Watts morning paulgardiner 08:51.21 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts: hi08:51.28 
Robin_Watts Our big MuPDF customer is starting to want to play with annotations.08:51.42 
paulgardiner Do we know what he needs working?08:53.18 
Robin_Watts I'll forward a mail.08:53.26 
  So they want to do printing of their PDFs.08:56.29 
  which they do by saving out a single page.08:56.42 
  but they want to watermark the page.08:56.48 
  which I reckon is best done by adding one or more text annotations.08:57.07 
paulgardiner So currently they are using the command-line tools.08:58.48 
  Will it be sufficient tto add support to the library API for text annotations? I guess that and some example code.09:01.04 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: No, they market an ios based app with their textbooks.09:01.18 
  so, yes, support to the library API for text annotations would be ideal.09:01.44 
paulgardiner How are they saving out a single page?09:06.11 
  I guess I'm missing something because the only way I see to do it at the moment is to delete all but the required page and then write out the doc.09:09.38 
  Or possibly easier: fiddle with the Pages array and then write out the doc. But either way, that would be destructive and I'd have thought you'd need to reload the original doc.09:11.42 
tor7 paulgardiner: wouldn't it be possible to: 1) create new incremental section, 2) rewrite page tree, 3) save complete (non-incremental) file, 4) pop incremental section to get back to the original state, 5) goto 1.09:15.09 
  and maybe insert a 2.5) run object garbage collection09:15.37 
paulgardiner tor7: Oh yeah, nice.09:16.55 
  tor7: but Robin_Watts seemed to be suggesting he was already writing out single pages, and that stuff is probably too new to have been used.09:17.51 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: They are indeed deleting everything, saving, then reloading.09:18.33 
paulgardiner tor7: oh hang on. Saving non-incrementally is destructive still.09:18.44 
  Robin_Watts: oh okay.09:19.02 
Robin_Watts They just took the code from pdfclean AIUI.09:19.05 
  We could maybe consider a document clone call or something, but I fear that's hard.09:19.39 
tor7 I think we should work on making *all* saves non-destructive.09:21.44 
paulgardiner tor7: yeah09:22.13 
tor7 some of the things in pdfclean like garbage collection and renumbering could work on a temporary incremental section09:22.17 
Robin_Watts It's not the save itself that's the problem, right?09:22.21 
tor7 that is then tossed after writing out the results09:22.24 
Robin_Watts It's the removal of pages etc.09:22.34 
paulgardiner Still for now I just wanted to know in what context the text annotations must work.09:22.42 
  I thought it was the save09:23.00 
Robin_Watts tor7: But then they'd end up with an incrementally saved thing, right?09:23.13 
paulgardiner Because we reorder and stuff09:23.14 
tor7 Robin_Watts: I was under the impression we have pdf_write_document and pdf_write_document_incremental (or is that done with the write_options struct?)09:23.53 
Robin_Watts It's the garbage collection that makes it destructive.09:23.59 
paulgardiner At the moment we flatten the xref and throw away unused objects09:24.00 
  tor7: it's in the options09:24.17 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: The gc is an option to the save.09:24.19 
tor7 even if we have lots of xref sections, writing out a new non-incremental file should create a flat 1-section xref IMO09:24.23 
Robin_Watts So vanilla saving is not the problem. It's the gc that is.09:24.31 
tor7 and an incremental write will preserve the xref stack09:24.37 
Robin_Watts tor7: Right.09:24.44 
  Yes, that would be ideal.09:24.53 
paulgardiner I think at present we flatten even if not using gc09:25.15 
Robin_Watts but effectively I feel that would mean 'cloning' the document (to make copies of the xrefs), and then saving out the new document, leaving the old one intact.09:25.50 
  which is a fine way to work, but I fear might be tricky to get right.09:26.08 
paulgardiner We might be able to write out the segmented xref as a single one without destruction09:27.11 
Robin_Watts runs. bbs.09:28.41 
tor7 writing out a flat xref can be done without creating a new xref section, just need a buffer to remember all the object offsets09:40.28 
  anyway, lunchies09:40.36 
Idhor hi all09:46.40 
kens Hello, and why is ghostboto not saying hello ?09:58.24 
chrisl_r61 Is ghostbot still supposed to be replying?09:59.22 
kens I don't know, I thought it did....09:59.33 
chrisl_r61 I haven't seen it do so for a *long* time10:00.04 
kens Maybe I'm wrong then10:00.20 
chrisl_r61 Well, Robin_Watts made the changes, so we can ask him when he's back10:00.47 
paulgardiner chrisl_r61: were you looking at the WinRT ARM build? Just checking it isn't something I should be looking at. Your comment about MS yesterday suggested you might be looking at it. :-)10:09.23 
chrisl_r61 paulgardiner: yes, I have *something* building - there's a change I'll get you to review when I'm a bit happier with the rest of it10:10.06 
paulgardiner chrisl_r61: oh I nice one.10:10.26 
chrisl_r61 paulgardiner: the problem I hit yesterday was that there even *more* API calls that have disappear for WinRT/ARM10:10.50 
paulgardiner Oh lovely. That's nice of them10:11.09 
chrisl_r61 The one that bit us was that GetTickCount() isn't available10:11.29 
  paulgardiner: I'm just not quite ready to admit it to Raed yet - my concern was not getting it to build, but doing it in a sufficiently easy/safe way that we'd let a customer at it!10:13.40 
paulgardiner Right. Makes sense10:14.39 
chrisl_r61 I also need to work out what the settings should be in arch.h for WinRT/ARM10:15.04 
  I guess I'll send a reply to support asking Marcos to keep Read in a "holding pattern" for another couple of days......10:18.27 
Idhor Is possible to use MuPDF to encrypt a pdf with user password?10:37.52 
Robin_Watts hi10:56.56 
  ghostbot, hi10:57.04 
ghostbot salut, robin_watts10:57.04 
Idhor Is possible to use MuPDF to encrypt a pdf with user password?11:14.36 
Robin_Watts Idhor: No.11:17.53 
  MuPDF does decryption, but not (currently) encryption.11:18.10 
Idhor Ok thank you for your help11:23.38 
henrys Robin_Watts:did you see my Skype message - just checking if I'm setup right?12:20.00 
Robin_Watts henrys: yes, sorry was being interviewed by police for shotgun license.13:33.36 
  With Skype we can also share screens, which may be useful.13:34.43 
henrys are you sane enough to have one of those?13:34.45 
Robin_Watts apparently :)13:34.53 
  One of my referees was my ex-next door neighbour, the consultant psychiatrist for north oxfordshire. So I'm officially sane.13:35.33 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts, tor7: Creating text appearance streams via the pdf device is a bit of a pain because I need an fz_font object, whereas I need only the name when I create the stream directly.14:08.31 
  Hmmm, maybe I could fill out just the parts of the structures that the pdf device accesses. A bit of a cludge14:11.18 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: Yeah, font stuff is lacking in the pdf device.14:42.56 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts: that may be good thing. It looks like I can get away with using any fz_font object whatsoever for now. The device only calls fz_keep_font on it and tests it's address against others it has seen14:51.05 
  But the problem is how to make an fz_font.14:51.18 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: Right.14:51.32 
  That's a question for tor7, I think.14:52.06 
paulgardiner Might even need the full tor8 :-)14:52.41 
Robin_Watts ooh, meeting time almost. fetch drink.14:53.13 
henrys ascii Tor isn't quite enough14:58.25 
tor7 henrys: ascii Tor is taken :(14:59.36 
henrys well some activity from our big mupdf customer, that's encouraging15:00.49 
Lars_G Can I ask printing questions here too? given I'm dealing with what many sites say are built-in ghostscript drivers (though I searched and counldn't quickly find in the git repo)15:02.29 
  I'll ask what I consider to be ghostscript only and not cups related troubles, this is for an Epson LX-300+II printer btw.15:03.06 
henrys Lars_G:distribution?15:03.26 
Lars_G I've tried the ibmpro, epson, epson9mid and epson9high drivers for this printer (they're all PCL anyhow). and the output in all of them is ugly, really ugly, Mainly it seems there is no register in the line themselves, not like an aligment trouble between two lines that conform a single character/graph but whithin a single line it seems as if odd an even pins are aligned a few fractions of a millimiter appart, so all edges, round or straight look jagged, 15:03.28 
paulgardiner henrys: Yeah. Hopefully not going to be too difficult to get free text annotations supported, which is what he needs, although that's what has run me into the problem with fonts15:03.29 
Lars_G I guess the printer must be worked in Draft as NLQ is text only, and this printing is a raster with lots of lines, and fronts from the machine, etc. I've turned off quick-draf on the printer's default settings (on the hardware itself) and it doesn't help. So I wonder what if anything can be done about it. Btw the largest default included resolutions in epson/epson9mid/high do not correlate to the printer's max (240x144), in fact the best relationally look15:03.50 
henrys tor7:how's the GPU study coming?15:03.55 
Lars_G henrys: Debian15:03.57 
  Btw that ibmpro issue is why I'm wanting to find the source for the ibmpro driver in the git15:04.28 
henrys Lars_G:usually what happens is users report to distributions than the they come to us.15:04.30 
Lars_G check how it's handled15:04.32 
Robin_Watts Lars_G: Can you reproduce your problems with a ghostscript command line?15:05.07 
Lars_G Robin_Watts: I'll get the whole command line used, and use the same to test. 15:05.29 
  With a ps file15:05.45 
mvrhel_laptop good morning15:05.49 
tor7 henrys: I have the framework for running opengl stuff in fitz and the beginnings of an opengl based very simple viewer15:05.58 
Robin_Watts OK. Without a ghostscript command line, we'll definitely kick you back to your distro :)15:06.02 
tor7 then I got distracted by the incremental update thing and worked on the page tree15:06.09 
henrys tor7:you also have 692943 nice to move that along and have a project for zeniko. Is that going to take a while?15:06.22 
tor7 and setting up a linux box to do proper opengl development15:06.27 
  I was saving 692943 for a rainy day :)15:07.04 
  which project for zeniko?15:07.09 
Robin_Watts tor7: I think henrys was suggesting that bug 692943 would make a nice project for zeniko.15:07.38 
tor7 Robin_Watts: ah, right.15:07.52 
  yes, that would be possible but maybe it's more work to explain what I want than to do it myself.15:08.09 
  it's typical rainy day stuff :)15:08.17 
henrys tor7:but you were going to do some upfront work - see the agenda.15:08.24 
tor7 I expect another day or two for making the opengl-based viewer more complete with zooming and page flipping15:08.30 
Robin_Watts which would make sense as he's already written code - or is that code not to your taste?15:08.30 
tor7 I can make the framework top-level interface code for the callbacks, and then we can give a project to Zeniko to make it work with win32 (let him adapt his existing code to the new interface)15:09.13 
henrys you can search for #tor now and see all your tasks ;-)15:09.28 
tor7 I expect another day or two for making the opengl-based viewer more complete, with zooming and page flipping so I can test rendering speed better. currently it uses the existing draw device and copies the fz_pixmap into a texture for drawing on screen.15:09.49 
  then I'm on to implementing an actual opengl device15:10.01 
Robin_Watts On the agenda I have "page turning animations". That might be something that fits more nicely into the opengl scheme of things.15:10.40 
tor7 Robin_Watts: yeah. that'd be something "trivial" to add to an opengl-based viewer.15:11.04 
  the opengl-based device will also result in a texture that the viewer draws to the screen15:11.30 
Lars_G Aaaand, today I cant reproduce.... how cute. I'll keep watching on #cups for the printing related question. Thanks15:11.55 
tor7 so the opengl based viewer should be fairly isolated from the opengl device15:12.01 
Lars_G It seems it was an origin trouble, not a processing one15:12.17 
tor7 in the sense that an opengl based viewer would always be drawing a textured quad for the pages, the only thing that differs is how the texture is created15:12.31 
henrys I know I'm repeating myself but should we be looking at getting some of this android functionality ported to iOS? See large customer email...15:12.47 
tor7 whether by our existing draw device drawing a fz_pixmap and uploading that to a texture, or by using an opengl device to render to a texture15:12.56 
tor7 touches nose.15:13.13 
Robin_Watts henrys: porting stuff to ios would not help large customer.15:13.23 
  as large customer has their own codebase.15:13.34 
tor7 ios has the benefit of being able to use mupdf directly, without going through a JNI wrapper layer.15:13.55 
Lars_G Robin_Watts: Can't they merge in the change set?15:14.08 
  Robin_Watts: And sorry for the question, but is large customer who I think it is?15:14.21 
Robin_Watts Lars_G: They use our libs unchanged, hence all our core functionality is already there.15:14.44 
  It's just we have UI in the Android app for creating annotations etc.15:15.03 
  and no UI like that in the ios app.15:15.10 
  IF we did rewrite that UI for the ios app it would be useless to our large customer as their UI is completely different.15:15.47 
  and no, I doubt you're thinking about the same "Large Customer" that we're talking about :)15:16.07 
mvrhel_laptop I do want to add in the annotation stuff into the windows app at some point. maybe after I finish the phone app. by the way I downloaded foxit's windows mobile app and it crashed :)15:17.03 
  in fact it has not worked at all15:17.42 
Lars_G Robin_Watts: I see, so the UI is a totally different branch that you dont have in the repo. 15:17.44 
tor7 mvrhel_laptop: yay! :)15:17.46 
paulgardiner mvrhel_laptop: excellent :-)15:18.19 
  Not that we're competative or anything.15:18.42 
tor7 mvrhel_laptop: I downloaded your mupdf app on the win8 store, but haven't had time to play much with it yet. my windows box that has the win8 vm is still sitting in a cardboard box since moving...15:18.52 
Robin_Watts Lars_G: No, the UI is in the repo, but most of the source is a library and the UI is a small section in the platform/ios dir.15:19.07 
  paulgardiner: Yeah. We can crash faster than them!15:19.13 
tor7 mvrhel_laptop: is there any logic behind the background win8 picks for the tile icons?15:19.32 
  some are blue, some are teal and mupdf is gray15:19.38 
mvrhel_laptop tor7: ok. one thing that I am going to add to it, is a continuous scroll view. right now it just has the page view15:19.49 
henrys even if it doesn't help the large customer directly it seems a sensible thing to do. I just have a hard time seeing our pdf stuff being compelling on iOS without interactive features.15:19.55 
mvrhel_laptop tor7: one can pick the background color15:20.05 
  in the app manifest15:20.13 
Robin_Watts henrys: Can't argue with that.15:20.15 
  but don't look at me :)15:20.22 
tor7 mvrhel_laptop: on the tor/viewer branch there's a (simplistic) framework for dealing with a continuous scroll view that does fit-to-width that I was hoping to use on the various viewers eventually15:20.36 
henrys well I'll keep it live on the agenda for a bit and we'll see.15:20.43 
mvrhel_laptop the gray is the default15:20.47 
tor7 but it probably makes more sense for you to just go ahead with what you have than fit stuff into that, since it's all pure C based with callbacks15:20.56 
  mvrhel_laptop: could we make it white?15:21.15 
  or a brighter gray15:21.22 
Robin_Watts I have progressive download working, I think: see for the windows exe.15:21.24 
tor7 like in the original logo we got15:21.36 
Robin_Watts mupdf-curl.exe 
  That should show open the file as it downloads.15:22.12 
mvrhel_laptop tor7: yes. I can do that. when I add int the continuous scroll and do the release of that I will switch to white15:22.35 
Robin_Watts You can flip forwards to later pages (type "1150g" for instance) and it should direct the download to that bit as fast as it can.15:22.57 
henrys Robin_Watts:I was able to run it under wine on mac os x15:25.57 
Robin_Watts henrys: Ah. and it worked? Nice one.15:26.14 
henrys a few messages about not enough data yet then it was okay as expected15:26.35 
  getting near the 1/2 hour - anything else?15:27.13 
mvrhel_laptop Robin_Watts: nice15:27.16 
Robin_Watts henrys: Right, you'll get those messages throughout it running.15:27.23 
henrys use the agenda luke !15:27.30 
tor7 I've got nothing more.15:28.02 
Robin_Watts oh, I just had a random contact from someone who is hacking on mupdf.15:28.54 
  for a student project.15:29.00 
henrys we are going to have a Skype call with the new guy soon and ya'll will be invited. The idea is to come up with insightful questions into why someone would buy technology from his old employer instead of use15:29.16 
Robin_Watts He then mentioned that he's a member of the lua team.15:29.56 
  and asked if we'd be interested in lua bindings for mupdf.15:30.12 
  I said we'd be interested in anything that broadened mupdfs appeal and invited him here.15:30.32 
henrys great15:31.05 
  Robin_Watts:I think you just called me I hear a conversation between you and Scott on skype15:31.30 
Robin_Watts scott dialed us all rather than just dialing miles.15:31.43 
  paulgardiner: Does your new laptop have a webcam?15:32.33 
henrys see most of you at 10:00 - maybe paulgardiner should stop in at that one too. Is there incoming Raed stuff GS+winrt15:32.56 
paulgardiner Yes. I think I also have one connected to this PC15:32.57 
henrys ?15:33.00 
  10:00 my time 9:00 pacific15:33.11 
paulgardiner When is this?15:33.34 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: Have you got skype set up on it? I think I have everyone on skype now except for Takane-san, and the other UKers.15:33.44 
  paulgardiner: 30 mins.15:33.49 
  but I think chrisl has taken on the Raed+winrt stuff.15:34.11 
paulgardiner I have skype set up but not with an artifex account15:34.22 
chrisl henrys: AFAIK, the only stuff from Raed on WinRT and ARM and as Robin_Watts I'm dealing with that15:34.42 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: Doesn't need to be an artifex account.15:34.56 
henrys chrisl:I'd think the directory stuff more important and it should go off to paulgardiner but whatever you guys think.15:35.44 
Robin_Watts sends contact request to paulgardiner on skype15:35.59 
  directory stuff?15:36.32 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: it looks like you are offline on skype15:36.39 
  mvrhel_laptop: when you do go on do you see messages posted when you were off or is it like IRC?15:37.19 
mvrhel_laptop oh let me check15:37.32 
chrisl henrys: The directory stuff ain't gonna be done quickly - it's a fairly major can o'worms.......15:37.46 
mvrhel_laptop it appears to be on there15:38.15 
  I missed the group call15:38.22 
  everyone is sleeping here still 15:38.32 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: The group call was a misdial from scott.15:38.36 
mvrhel_laptop oh15:38.40 
henrys I'll be back for the next meeting15:39.24 
Robin_Watts What directory stuff is this? I can't see a Raed email about directory stuff15:39.25 
  I should read up on what Bates numbering is.15:39.46 
chrisl Robin_Watts: "directory stuff" is my project15:40.28 
Robin_Watts Oh, the GS directory structure revamp?15:40.59 
  right, sorry. Too hot for brain function here.15:41.20 
chrisl air conditioning FTW!15:41.34 
Robin_Watts chrisl: I have to choose between air con and deafness :)15:42.16 
  I turned the air con off in preparation for the skype call.15:42.36 
kens Robin_Watts : there's a link about Batesnumbering from Marcos in one of the emails15:42.53 
chrisl Robin_Watts: Ah, I'm using the noise cancelling 'phones when I have the air con unit on15:43.06 
kens Robin_Watts 
Robin_Watts urgh.15:49.39 
  I should follow up with Raed as to exactly what he wants us to do with Bates numbering.15:50.21 
  I can think of 1) Adding them to a document, 2) Making the viewer display them, 3) Extracting them from a document, 4) Editing them within a document.15:50.58 
  I wonder which ones he is interested in?15:51.06 
kens I suspect adding them since he asked about GS15:51.25 
Robin_Watts I'll volunteer to start a discussion with him about that unless anyone else wants to take it - in particular I'd like to hear from Marcos because normally stuff should all be filtered through him (though I will copy support in obviously)15:52.16 
kens WHile we could do it in GS+pdfwrite, I'd prefere not to take on another project at this time15:52.56 
  And it seems somewhat 'niche' application, so I'm not sure we want to do it in GS at all.15:53.13 
Robin_Watts I understand. It sounds more like a mupdf thing than a gs one anyway.15:53.27 
kens Of course, money changes everythign and theya re a big customer15:53.37 
henrys well the bates numbering goes hand in hand with signing for which he needs MuPDF so...15:54.16 
kens Wec 'could' do both in GS, but like I said....15:54.42 
henrys oh meeting time16:01.45 
  so sometime this week probably ongoing I'll get the new guy on Skype. I guess we'll use Robin_Watts' Artifex list16:02.47 
Robin_Watts I think I have his skype details too, but I'm not confident enough to add them yet :)16:03.48 
henrys and our jobs will be to ask him what engineering can do to make us more competitive with his previous institution, I figured if this were left to one of us some details would be missed.16:04.18 
  at the end we should have a log of all the discussion and hopefully we'll learn something.16:04.34 
  also it will be a chance to say hello and all that.16:05.14 
  so chrisl: do you want to discuss these worms - maybe others can help?16:06.16 
chrisl henrys: Hmm, at the moment, the problem I'm having is with the gconfig.h and co, it's all a bit messy16:07.06 
rayjj_ henrys: that will probaby be an on-going discussion as things occur to him, or as he better understands our products (to know what they are missing)16:07.11 
kens Hmm, and they *broadcats* that ? Someone is a fool....16:09.19 
henrys right you should have a shotgun16:09.27 
  how do you find this stuff?16:10.18 
Robin_Watts I got forwarded it.16:10.34 
henrys chrisl: I imagine it's just going to be a long drawn out thing. I don't know if advise is going to be useful.16:11.51 
  a couple of agenda rotting things: the /tmp file stuff? Is that back to unsolvable?16:12.26 
chrisl henrys: I actually had it building all the object files for PCL, but failing at the link step because it was trying to include some things from psi that weren't built.... now I've broken even that!16:13.12 
henrys what would the hit be of sucking psi into pcl and friends?16:13.55 
  assuming it would be easier to just build everything.16:14.24 
chrisl henrys: I don't know, but I really don't think it would be a good idea16:14.31 
henrys probably not16:14.52 
  rayjj_: I sort of agree but I was hoping he might point to some quick easy stuff we could do. who knows.16:15.30 
Robin_Watts chrisl: Are you building psi into one lib, pcl into another, graphics lib into another?16:16.02 
  or is that not possible? or slated for trying later?16:16.13 
chrisl Robin_Watts: not right now. Right now, I just was gs, xps and pcl all built in the same build system.16:16.49 
Robin_Watts ok.16:17.04 
chrisl Building everything into libraries is my eventual plan, though16:17.18 
henrys so beyond the agenda I can't think of other stuff to talk about - anybody else?16:18.08 
  you can now search for your tasks in the agenda for example: #michael in the search bar. 16:19.00 
Robin_Watts I had a random idea about going to see The Book Of Mormon in chicago on the saturday night... anyone interested?16:19.18 
henrys my son would kill me if I went to that without him.16:19.39 
Robin_Watts I think mvrhel_laptop said the same about his wife.16:19.55 
  We bought the CD, and we've been singing it non-stop for the past week. God knows what the neighbours think.16:20.57 
henrys chrisl:if you want to throw up a branch I'll pound on it a bit, just for ideas.16:21.23 
rayjj_ chrisl: so no language-switch. That is actually what cust 801 is headding toward16:21.41 
chrisl rayjj_: the thinking is that a functional language-switch should be easier to implement once everything is under the same build system16:21.42 
rayjj_ I think l-s is important, but henrys steered them to separate executables. The 'gotcha' is that they will have start-up overhead when switching languages16:21.44 
chrisl rayjj_: well, there's no magic bullet - the current l-s is, IMHO, worse than pointless16:21.45 
rayjj_ chrisl: it is not urgent (from what I've heard from the customer so far). I was just lobbying for it not being left out16:21.45 
  chrisl: what's the problem / shortcoming with it that you see ?16:21.46 
chrisl rayjj_: Er, it doesn't support jbig2, jpx, has a very limited range of output devices, and has a propensity to crash in it's own unique ways - to name a few!16:21.47 
rayjj_ I want some feedback while all is here on the 'saved pages' UI / API16:21.52 
henrys is helen coming?16:22.11 
  rayjj_: I sort of feel chrisl's work is prerequisite to language switch ...16:22.25 
chrisl henrys: at the moment, what I've got has all kinds of hacks and horrors in it - it's really not ready for sharing!16:22.41 
Robin_Watts henrys: Not this time.16:22.44 
henrys sabrina can't make it either.16:23.00 
rayjj_ chrisl: l-s doesn't support jbig2 and JPXDecode ? at all, or doesn't build with luratech ?16:23.04 
henrys too bad she likes chicago16:23.07 
Robin_Watts henrys: we saw BoM in london a couple of weeks ago, hence me wanting to see it again.16:23.18 
chrisl rayjj_: at all16:23.23 
Robin_Watts yeah, Helen would love to come to Chicago too.16:23.26 
rayjj_ henrys: prerequisite is fine. As I said, the customer hasn't pinged on that16:23.33 
  chrisl: why not ? Just a build problem ?16:24.06 
kens 'just' a build problem :-)16:24.37 
chrisl rayjj_: I don't know, I never looked into in much details16:24.46 
rayjj_ wonders when l-s bit rotted. It used to work.16:25.32 
henrys rayjj_: I kick myself for not pushing for language switch - that works and doesn't leak like what we have now. No argument there.16:25.46 
rayjj_ chrisl: but I'll drop it for now (and remind you again later on)16:25.57 
mvrhel_laptop yeah!. I am rendering pages on the windows phone now16:28.01 
  I was having a hell of time due to issues with accessing managed memory buffer in the native code16:28.15 
rayjj_ ALL: Robin_Watts suggested that for the saved pages UI that we have a separate new command line option: something like -saved-pages="...". Also there will be gx_saved_pages_list API calls16:28.15 
mvrhel_laptop and getting things passed through the winrt interface16:28.59 
  but it is working now16:29.01 
  this should come together quickly now16:29.14 
henrys rayjj_: is there a bug documenting all of this - I have been following it loosely but I'd like a review?16:29.32 
Robin_Watts as I remember the discussion, the alternative to having a new -saved-pages="..." thing was to have a -sSAVED_PAGES="...." type thing, and special case code for that particular string value.16:29.33 
  and it should be --saved-pages not -saved-pages, IMHO.16:29.56 
henrys marcosw:are you about?16:30.31 
rayjj_ the API calls are gx_saved_pages_list_new gx_saved_pages_list_add (used internally by gdev_prn_output_page) gx_saved_pages_list_print gx_saved_pages_list_free16:31.12 
henrys Robin_Watts: so I should tell the new person to set up a Skype account or give me an existing account name and then send that to you?16:31.41 
Robin_Watts henrys: If you search for his name on skype, only 1 person appears.16:32.01 
  I have sent a contact request to him.16:32.07 
  If he replies, I'll add it to the group.16:32.13 
rayjj_ Robin_Watts: right, and you pointed out that the current command line only processes -s options to the device once at startup16:32.37 
henrys well let me know if you don't' get a response soon and I'll email him.16:32.49 
Robin_Watts Miles has refused to add me as a contact though, so maybe there is something you're all not telling me...16:32.52 
mvrhel_laptop bbiab16:33.12 
marcosw henrys: yes16:33.13 
rayjj_ Robin_Watts: and since we would need special handling to push -sSAVED_PAGE= options to the device after we load files that having a new option might be less confusing16:33.50 
  Robin_Watts: but we didn't get to finish the discussion and no one else weighed in. I'd really like to finish this so I'd like to get the ideas from anyone now16:33.51 
  Robin_Watts: I don't have everyone's Skype ID's can you email them to staff ?16:33.59 
henrys marcosw: there are a couple bugs I reassigned to you, just letting you know in case you missed them.16:34.03 
Robin_Watts marcosw, are you happy for me to follow up directly with Raed over what he wants for Bates numbering ?16:34.14 
  rayjj_: I started a group chat on skype between everyone that I have contacts for.16:34.36 
  so you should see that in your history and can send contact requests from that.16:34.48 
henrys Robin_Watts:does that group have a name? What if I don't have my history?16:35.25 
Robin_Watts Do you not have a "Recent" column ?16:36.19 
henrys Robin_Watts: I have the history, I'd like to know how a person without any history could contact the group.16:36.48 
marcosw Robin_Watts: my Skype id is the same as my irc name16:36.52 
Robin_Watts henrys: They can't.16:37.06 
henrys okay16:37.15 
Robin_Watts I just wanted to make sure that everyone had everyone elses contact addresses (or the ability to add them)16:37.54 
henrys Robin_Watts: don't know anything about miles perhaps he isn't actively using Skype except to talk to scott, I have a meeting with him today do you want me to ask?16:38.07 
Robin_Watts henrys: I'm sure he's just not spotted my request yet.16:38.21 
  He's talked to me on skype before as part of a group thing, hence I have him in my history, but he hasn't actually shared his contact details with me yet, so I can't call him back.16:38.55 
  henrys: if it comes up, yes please.16:39.15 
marcosw Robin_Watts: yes, thanks, I'm a bit swamped with other stuff 16:39.17 
  henrys: I was out of the office on yesterday, but I'll check my bugs later today. thanks for the followup.16:39.22 
Robin_Watts marcosw: ok, thanks.16:39.30 
henrys bbiab16:40.00 
rayjj_ doesn't like Skype chat UI. Too much clutter around the chat. Not enough chat history visible :-(16:42.10 
marcosw rayjj: under preferences -> messaging there is a compact chat style16:42.28 
  not quite as compact as irc (at least using colloquy, presumably other irc clients use different fonts/whitespace)16:42.58 
Robin_Watts marcosw: not on windows, afaict.16:43.10 
marcosw windows?16:43.27 
Robin_Watts I would assume that ray is running skype on a windows box.16:43.55 
mvrhel_laptop Chris and Ken seem to be the only ones missing on skype17:04.49 
chrisl I have a skype account, but no useable audio/video hardware for it yet17:06.09 
mvrhel_laptop I want to see how you fit all those guitars and computers in your place17:06.20 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: He sleeps in a tent in the garden.17:06.34 
kens is not planning on video17:06.36 
chrisl mvrhel_laptop: ;-) I forego luxuries like wardrobes and stuff like that......17:07.12 
rayjj_ Robin_Watts, Scott and I tried a video chat. It wasn't that great.17:07.18 
Robin_Watts rayjj_: I thought it worked quite well, considering. But video doesn't add a massive amount to the equation (except to more easily see who is talking, or wanting to talk)17:08.12 
rayjj_ Robin_Watts: true. We could raise our hands when we wanted to say something ;-)17:08.45 
  Skype text chat does show when someone is typing17:09.13 
mvrhel_laptop I was fine doing video with scott17:09.17 
Robin_Watts Also, on skype you can hit up and edit your last line.17:09.33 
marcosw I need to reboot (and go to school), will be available later today.17:09.48 
rayjj_ Robin_Watts: chatzilla lets me do that as well17:09.54 
mvrhel_laptop can i edit some one elses line though17:09.54 
rayjj_ Robin_Watts: chatzilla lets me do that as well -- see17:10.32 
Robin_Watts rayjj_: No, chatzilla lets you get the previous line, edit and send it again.17:10.32 
mvrhel_laptop right17:10.36 
  I was trying to figure out what rayjj meant17:10.46 
Robin_Watts skype lets you fix typos (but only 1 line back)17:10.53 
mvrhel_laptop off to take kids to swimming lessons. bbiaw17:11.18 
rayjj_ skype only seems to let me go up one line. IRC lets me scroll all the way up in my comments17:12.30 
  kens: you are here late, today17:12.30 
  Robin_Watts: Oh, so Skype edits the comment in everyone's view (removing the original one) ?17:13.47 
  the lack of autocomplete on names really makes it hard to direct responses/comments to a particular person when on a group chat17:14.56 
Robin_Watts rayjj_: Yes. and it puts a little pencil on the right to show you've edited it.17:16.18 
henrys I thought we had the luratech code in svn_private with the ufst where has it gone?19:43.51 
  oh I see it is one directory about the ufst for some odd reason.19:45.14 
mvrhel_laptop and that was interesting.22:16.48 
  just had to chase a big black bear out of my yard22:16.57 
  chickens were going nuts22:17.06 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: you chased a bear?22:57.16 
mvrhel_laptop henrys: well chased is a strong word22:58.37 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: not a good evolutionary strategy22:58.43 
mvrhel_laptop yelled at and made a lot of noise 22:58.50 
henrys do you get them frequently?22:59.11 
mvrhel_laptop if he had not run away, then I would not have moved any further forward.22:59.17 
  I see bear scat around the house from time to time. First time that I saw one though22:59.32 
henrys I have a buddy who lives up in the mountains and he had his entire kitchen emptied - they can open stuff - it's amazing.23:00.02 
mvrhel_laptop I am a little worried about the chicken coop getting taken apart23:00.17 
  I just happened to be out side working on the patio when I heard the chickens going crazy23:00.49 
henrys I didn't know you had chickens we have zoning restrictions here in town.23:01.18 
mvrhel_laptop we got them about 3 months ago. 23:01.28 
  city allows them but our local neighborhood technically does not. but we just voted to change that and I will find out friday if I am in compliance23:02.00 
  once they start laying those are going to be some expensive eggs23:03.45 
henrys your bear might beat you to the eggs.23:05.18 
mvrhel_laptop yes. based upon the $$ I spent on the coop, feed and the chickens he better not23:05.39 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: Can you get army surplus claymores? :)23:08.49 
  I think I have the memory leaks in the http fetching down to just one place now. Will hunt for that tomorrow.23:10.18 
henrys if you let the bear get the chickens you'll probably save yourself a lot of future work and dollars … and have a good excuse for the kids … just sayin'23:11.27 
mvrhel_laptop yes.....23:12.37 
Robin_Watts henrys: still feeding those terrapins ?23:13.18 
henrys no I actually found a home for them.23:14.04 
Robin_Watts nice.23:17.03 
mvrhel_laptop ok rudimentary display of my local files is working on phone, want to add sd card and skydrive next. pieces are coming together. need to take a break now though23:19.08 
  I think most of the difficult stuff has now been figured out23:19.44 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: I meant to say at the meeting it seems like you are humming along at a really good pace on this work.23:20.24 
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