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vtorri chrisl: hey06:54.38 
  chrisl: fyi, it seems that now, my module can be linked against libgs (contrary to the dll provided by the prebuilt binaries)06:55.13 
  but there is something strange, though, the linker is giving plenty of warning messages06:55.38 
  i'll ask the mingw-w64 guys about them06:55.50 
chrisl vtorri: I don't think there were any serious linker warnings from the the "stock" applications.07:03.03 
Guest58449 hello07:04.33 
  I want following features in pdf hightlight text, ink, note taking, bookmarks, zoomIn/zoomout and night mode.07:06.52 
  I have downloded source code from 07:07.20 
vtorri chrisl: well, i've never seen this, so i'm wondering why they are thrown :)07:07.36 
Guest58449 Actually I want those all features for android platform.07:08.12 
chrisl vtorri: well, I think you're doing the right thing, asking the mingw64 devs.07:08.32 
vtorri yes07:08.44 
Guest58449 I have successfully run android code also. 07:09.46 
chrisl vtorri: I was just going to do a build to check for linker warnings, but "make soclean" failed to remove the sobin directory, and I can't delete it any other way :-(07:10.27 
Guest58449 but I found there are some of the feature not available that I want like note taking, bookmarks and night mode.07:11.08 
vtorri chrisl: note that the warnings i have are when i link my module against libgsn not when building libgs itself07:11.21 
Guest58449 How can I implement that?07:11.34 
vtorri chrisl: it fails to remove a dir ??07:11.41 
kens Guest58449 : you can modify the source code, its open source.07:11.56 
chrisl vtorri: yeh, then I try to remove it other ways, and Windows gives it the "you need to be administrator", "you don't have permission" ad nauseum.....07:12.37 
vtorri chrisl: and i guess that you were a user when you've run make so07:13.29 
Guest58449 yeah I know that but that code is so big....Exactly in which file I will need to change?07:14.19 
chrisl vtorri: Yeh, this is Windows7 so administrator is that strange virtual user. I've seen this kind of thing before, and a reboot usually resolves it. But, of course, there are updates pending, so it's taking a while!07:15.10 
vtorri chrisl: no problem here07:15.17 
chrisl vtorri: No, it's worked loads of times here, just a another intriguing bit of Windows madness......07:16.06 
vtorri :)07:16.21 
chrisl vtorri: I was just going to say that there might be some od mismatch of CFLAGS/LDFLAGS causing your warnings.07:17.16 
Guest58449 In android market there is one app "pdf annotation". In these app there is note taking/comments available. And this app is based on mupdf.07:17.34 
  but the pdf parsing mechanism is different.07:17.52 
  when I add annotation using "Pdf annotation" app that not visualize in mupdf android pdf app that I downloaded from site.07:18.49 
vtorri chrisl: maybe07:19.31 
Guest58449 Please can any one help me?07:20.42 
  how to combine that both code?07:20.57 
kens Guest58449 : No we can't help you 'combine the code'. We don't know anything about the "pdf annotation" application.07:21.32 
Guest58449 :(07:23.01 
kens Guest58449 : if you have specific questiosn about the MuPDF code, the developers will try to answer your questions, but your current question is much too broad07:23.08 
Guest58449 ok ... Is any way to achive note taking using mupdf. I mean can you tell me how can use this library to create my own pdf parser. That will also help me. on site there is no more documentation.07:24.54 
kens Guest58449 : MuPDF *is* a PDF parser, you don't need to implement another one. What you need to do is add additional code to handle the features you want. I am not one of the MuPDF developers so I'm not really ablle to guide you specifically. But the ability to add notes means some adding annotations of some kind. This featreu is in development at the moment, some things work, some don't.07:26.53 
  You will need to fully understand the MuPDF Application Programming Interface, and begin to learn the internal structures. This will help you understnad what you will need to modify, and which functions are available, to create a modified PDF with the additional annotations you want07:28.03 
Guest58449 ohh god...mupdf code is so big. :(07:32.37 
  Kens.. may I provide you pdf annotation app url that based on mupdf library?07:33.14 
vtorri are the stdio callbacks thread safe ?07:37.08 
  or should I lock / unlock when necessary ?07:37.23 
  (when i set them)07:37.32 
  this app also based on mupdf07:38.17 
  what is freetype overlay?07:42.53 
chrisl vtorri: I don't believe we lock around uses of the callbacks, so it really depends what you do in your implementation whether you need mutexes there or not07:48.57 
kens Guest58449 : I am not a MuPDF developer, I can't have any useful opinions on the code.07:50.49 
  I don't see naythign on that web site which says itts based on MuPDF07:51.27 
  FreeType is a rendering library for fonts.07:52.03 
  Ah, APV Viewer is based on MuPDF.07:52.25 
  Well one approach would be to just look at what the PDF Annotation code actually does.07:53.29 
Guest58449 you can download code from 
kens Guest58449 : feel free.08:20.44 
  As I have said, the developers will probably be willing to answer any specific questions you have about the MuPDF code. They are not going to do the work for you. If you want to add features to MuPDF, then please do, if you feel its useful enough to be made public then you can offer it back to the developers, they may be happy to accept it into the code base.08:22.34 
sebras Guest58449: if already exists, why do you need to develop a new note taking app using PDF? if I may ask. I'm always curious. :)08:28.07 
kens sebras I think he said that MuPDF didn't render the annotations afterwards.08:28.40 
sebras kens: right. one never knows when a potential customers pops in here, hence me asking.08:31.45 
Guest58449 yeah this is already available but in this there in no feature of highlighting and ink. 08:32.55 
  I want note taking as well as highlighing and ink writing.08:33.31 
  how can I contact to mupdf developers?08:34.13 
kens You already are08:34.25 
  This channel is logged and al the developers read the logs08:34.36 
  But vague and open ended questions like 'how can add this feature' are not likely to get answered because it woudl take as long to answer teh question as write the code, and teh developers do have other work to do08:35.27 
Robin_Watts Guest58449: I am one of the mupdf developers.08:35.44 
kens If you look at the note-taking app source code, you can see what was done to add this to MuPDF. You can then add that yourself either to MuPDF itself or to another application based on MuPDF.08:36.10 
Robin_Watts We are already working on annotations etc, but other things are higher priority at the moment.08:36.19 
  We support some types of annotation, but not others.08:37.16 
  Support for the others will come.08:37.25 
  If you want to add support yourself, great.08:37.36 
  You will need to make changes both in the main library (source/pdf/pdf-annot.c is probably a good place to look)08:38.06 
  and in the C<->Java interface (platform/android/jni/mupdf.c)08:38.24 
  and in the java code (platform/android/src/com/artifex/mupdfdemo/*.java).08:38.55 
Guest58449 Ah!!! :))) thats I want.... Actually mupdf library is so that why I'm not getting in which files I will need to change for annotation. 08:40.25 
  you are rock robin thanks a lot its really means a lot. 08:41.10 
Robin_Watts no worries.08:41.36 
Guest58449 Actually I'm also new in jni ...but I'll take a look into this08:41.39 
  I never build such code ...It's really a big success that I'm able to run that code.08:42.26 
  If I'll get any issue may I ask you?08:43.16 
sebras Guest58449: ask here, and if someone has some spare time to help you we will. :)08:43.59 
Robin_Watts sure. Ask away. How much help I can give depends on how much time I have though.08:43.59 
Guest58449 ok :)) 08:44.51 
Robin_Watts Late night henrys_?08:46.20 
kens very early morning, maybe insomnia ?08:46.34 
sebras or sleep walking/computing.08:46.51 
Robin_Watts Just added Takane-san to the skype group.08:47.03 
kens Bye folks09:25.32 
Robin_Watts I think I may have an idea about this lcms "threading" thing.11:52.16 
  Marti handles memory allocations by keeping a set of static pointers to functions to do the mallocs/frees etc.11:53.01 
  So if you have multiple threads accessing memory functions you're fine, as long as they all use the same memory access functions.11:53.28 
chrisl Oh, that's really bad :-(11:53.48 
Robin_Watts When you have 2 different callers to the same lib, they fight over who gets to set the statics.11:53.49 
  So... I have a workaround here where I tweak the source to give our version a different prefix for those variable names.11:54.22 
  I'll get that tested, and if it works, pass it up to marti.11:54.39 
  The problem is, I don't think his API admits of solving it properly.11:54.52 
chrisl I take it lcms doesn't have a "context"?11:54.59 
Robin_Watts chrisl: It has a context, but that is just a void * that is passed into any callback functions.11:55.34 
  including the memory allocator ones.11:55.48 
  so you can't put the memory allocators in the context.11:56.02 
  because he still supports all the calls with no context passed in.11:56.16 
chrisl That's not what I'd consider an lcms context - I can't see how it can be properly thread safe without it's own context11:56.38 
Robin_Watts it's thread safe, as long as all threads agree on the memory allocators to use.11:56.59 
  but yes, it's a horrid hack, and I did try to point out the problems to him ages ago, but he wasn't having any of it.11:57.49 
  and I didn't feel I could really hammer on the point too much.11:58.12 
chrisl Well, It should be reported to Marti, not us11:58.17 
Robin_Watts I've contacted the reporters.11:58.37 
  If they will test my fix, and it solves it, we can pass it up the chain to Marti.11:58.52 
chrisl It's not really a "fix" though, really a workaround at best :-(11:59.29 
Robin_Watts oh yes, absolutely.11:59.45 
chrisl There really is a fundamental flaw in the library12:00.12 
Robin_Watts indeed.12:01.57 
  There is no way to fix it without a change to his APIs though, and I can't see him wanting to do that.12:02.52 
chrisl Well, you have a real world use case that shows the API is broken12:03.46 
Robin_Watts A better workaround would be to extend my hacky workaround so that ALL the non-static functions in the lib have the #define hackery to rename all the symbols.12:04.17 
chrisl Either that, or we will have to revert to locking around calls to lcms :-(12:05.19 
Robin_Watts It's not just us that would have to lock around lcms.12:05.38 
  It's all callers would have to lock.12:05.48 
  and currently there is no way to read the current memory plugin state.12:06.09 
  i.e. you can insert your new alloc functions, but you can't store the old ones, and insert new ones.12:06.31 
chrisl True, my point is all users would have to treat lcms as non-thread safe12:06.36 
Robin_Watts chrisl: yeah.12:06.44 
  The best solution would be for him to do an lcms3.0 with a fixed API.12:06.58 
chrisl Yes, ASAP!12:07.09 
Robin_Watts The changes don't need to be huge.12:07.11 
tor7 paulgardiner: the pdf creation device should look up the fz_font in its resource dictionary (and insert an entry if missing) when it gets text from a fz_text object14:09.29 
  I think the biggest headache there is the fact that fz_text has a fz_font, whereas the stuff used in the pdf interpreter (and I guess pdf writing device) should be a font descriptor14:09.57 
  you'll have to poke Robin_Watts, but I think it should be possible to look up the fz_font in the pdfwrite device's resource dictionary somehow14:10.33 
Robin_Watts is poked14:10.45 
kens tor7 where does an appearance stream get its resources dictionary from ? I've just beenlooking that up in the PDF reference and I can't see it14:11.00 
paulgardiner kens: look under form X objects14:11.52 
kens paulgardiner : ah...14:12.00 
paulgardiner I was just looking too. :-)14:12.07 
kens Obviously I was prompted by your email14:12.21 
Robin_Watts The pdf writing device gets called with fz_font's.14:12.28 
  and there is currently no way to get to a font descriptor from them.14:13.07 
  I think we probably need to extend fz_fonts in some way, akin to the way we can get the original data out of an fz_image.14:14.01 
  but the problem is that I understand images, where I really don't understand fonts :)14:14.19 
paulgardiner tor7: I don't fully get how we insert missing ones. Do we need to reembed the entire font?14:14.38 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: There is currently no code to ensure an fz_font is in the resources for a page/appearance stream etc.14:15.41 
paulgardiner I think my forms filling code will fail (throw exception I hope) if it isn't there14:16.30 
  I mean the appearance stream genation code for cases where forms have been filled in14:18.07 
  I guess we'd ensure it if we actually create fields, but at the moment we only fill in existing ones14:18.42 
tor7 and we wouldn't load it *merely* for the sake of writing out its name, we'll (eventually) be needing all the font descriptor data to do metrics and encoding14:18.59 
paulgardiner There's a required DA attribute that says what font to use. I work under the assumption that the font is in the resource hierarchy.14:19.43 
  I'm hoping that's relevant to what you just said. :-)14:20.06 
tor7 given a pdf font descriptor (which is what the annotation creation stuff would use) it should be trivial to get the fz_font out from that to create a fz_text object14:20.37 
  and I'd imagine the way to get a font descriptor would be to use an existing font, or to create a new one to embed it14:21.08 
paulgardiner tor7: yes exactly14:21.37 
tor7 what I meant with inserting it into the resource dictionary is just insert an entry in the pdf dictionary to map a newly made up name to an indirect object where the original font descriptor is14:21.41 
  (or where the newly created one is)14:21.50 
paulgardiner That was option 3, I think14:21.53 
tor7 paulgardiner: yes, I think option 3 is the only one worth pursuing, sorry I didn't mention that :)14:22.11 
  we could extend the pdf font descriptor struct to have a pdf_obj reference to its original object14:22.39 
Robin_Watts Urm...14:22.41 
paulgardiner tor7: in the insertion case, how can the pdf device know what to map the name to14:22.49 
tor7 paulgardiner: shouldn't matter, it's up to the pdf device to create a resource dictionary. it could map it to whatever it wants.14:23.13 
Robin_Watts "given a pdf font descriptor (which is what the annotation creation stuff would use)..." really? currently the device only gets fz_fonts.14:23.29 
tor7 Robin_Watts: the device only deals in fz_fonts14:23.43 
  but the higher level code that does appearance stream synthesis should work with pdf_fonts14:23.57 
paulgardiner Somehow fz_fill_text has to do it with what it has available14:24.59 
Robin_Watts Consider the case where we are reading an xps file in and writing a pdf file out.14:25.11 
  (I know this isn't the immediate case, but it's something we're building towards)14:25.38 
tor7 hm, right. maybe I brain farted too early.14:26.02 
Robin_Watts It used to be that we passed fz_pixmaps through the device interface.14:26.22 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts: Right. Is seeding the resource impossible there?14:26.27 
tor7 in that case, we have two scenarios we want to work with14:26.33 
  the fz_font comes from a pdf_font_desc that the interpreter and pdfwrite device both have in common14:26.54 
Robin_Watts and I had to change us to pass fz_images. fz_images being something a little higher level - something that we could get both the pixmap and the original image from.14:27.00 
  I think we may need to make a similar slight shift with fz_fonts.14:27.16 
  either we need to pass something a little higher than fz_fonts, or we need to make fz_fonts a little more powerful.14:27.34 
tor7 we may need to make fz_fonts more powerful, but let's not muddle them up with the pdf_font_desc (and xps_font) structs14:28.00 
paulgardiner So option 214:28.15 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: With fz_images, I now have enough information to be able to seed the resources.14:28.22 
tor7 there is no strict need for the pdfwrite device to actually use our existing pdf_font_desc structs14:28.27 
Robin_Watts It is my belief that fz_fonts are not currently powerful enough to do that, but I hope they can be made so.14:28.42 
tor7 but given a fz_font the pdfwrite device must be able to create a font descriptor object to stick in the resource dict14:28.56 
Robin_Watts tor7: right.14:29.24 
tor7 Robin_Watts: I think the main thing missing is the font metrics, for being able to do an Identity-H embedded font from fz_font14:29.37 
Robin_Watts tor7: What I heard: "I think the main thing missing is <something about fonts that robin doesn't really understand>"14:30.33 
  so I'll just nod sagely...14:30.42 
tor7 it may be useful to be able to reuse an existing font descriptor in the pdfwrite device, but I suspect it may be easier to do something more limited at the moment:14:30.47 
paulgardiner That's two of us nodding sagely14:30.58 
tor7 only allow the base 14 fonts14:31.00 
  and ignore any existing fonts and font descriptors altogether14:31.12 
Robin_Watts kens and chrisl will shout at us for not embedding fonts then :)14:31.30 
tor7 always create (and cache) a very simplistic font descriptor that uses the base 14 set14:31.34 
chrisl Robin_Watts: as long they are all base 14, I won't!14:31.59 
tor7 that'll get paul gardiner up and running for annotations, but for a general pdfwrite device it's hardly good enough14:32.08 
Robin_Watts tor7: right.14:32.15 
paulgardiner Shame though because in my case I almost certainly already have the font I need14:32.15 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: To go back to the images example...14:32.52 
chrisl paulgardiner: you probably can't safely use an existing embedded font as it may be a subset14:32.57 
Robin_Watts In an fz_image I can ask "what's the original format for this image", and get the data in that format as a block of memory.14:33.28 
tor7 there are a lot of potential gotchas with using existing fonts14:33.42 
  you can't even trust them to have a reasonable encoding for one14:34.05 
Robin_Watts If it's a format that I understand, I can write it out. If it's not, I get it as a pixmap and compress that.14:34.05 
tor7 and they may, as chrisl points out, be subsets14:34.15 
Robin_Watts Having a similar kind of scheme for fonts might work... being able to say "what format is this font?" and "is it a subset?"14:34.45 
paulgardiner chrisl: Good point. In the case I'm looking at, I probably can because they are base fonts, but that's the case that tor7's idea supports. Still seems a shame when all I really want to do is wriite "Helv"14:34.57 
chrisl paulgardiner: usually, base 14 fonts aren't embedded14:35.29 
tor7 Robin_Watts: the pdfwrite device has two use cases here IIRC -- 1) create a brand new pdf, 2) create new appearance streams for an existing pdf14:35.34 
Robin_Watts tor7: Indeed.14:35.42 
paulgardiner chrisl: oh yeah. Sorry did I say embedded. I didn't mean embedded necessarily14:36.02 
tor7 for case 1) we need to preserve fonts by being able to create new font descriptors and embed the font data14:36.08 
  for case 2) I think we can get away with just doing the base14 set14:36.16 
paulgardiner chrisl: ah you said embedded. I missed that14:36.24 
Robin_Watts (I will be the first to admit that I'm out of my depth with font details, so if I talk crap, please feel free to point it out)14:36.25 
tor7 or we can get into all manners of complexity trying to reuse existing font descriptors14:36.46 
Robin_Watts For case 2, I can imagine that people might want to reuse fonts within a document.14:36.55 
chrisl paulgardiner: what I mean is relying on a font object that already exists (and will usually be from an embedded font) won't be safe14:37.08 
Robin_Watts but certainly having a solution that only worked for base 14s would be a massive step forward.14:37.14 
tor7 reusing a font can be done safely for use case 1, since we then know we won't be seeing any glyphs or encodings that we haven't got the data for14:37.31 
Robin_Watts chrisl: Can we reasonably know whether a given font object is a subset or not ?14:37.40 
tor7 but for use case 2, we need to put some limits down on the existing fonts -- like having enough of a subset, metrics and the encoding being sane 14:38.00 
chrisl Robin_Watts: you can check for a subset prefix, that's *usually* used14:38.15 
paulgardiner chrisl: yes maybe I mean a font descriptor that refers to a base font, but still as tor7 points out the encoding may be a problem14:38.22 
Robin_Watts tor7: Right. Hence my question.14:38.24 
  chrisl: Presumably we also easily say "do all the chars in this string appear in this font?"14:38.53 
tor7 Robin_Watts: not easily, it may be impossible to go from a unicode string to glyphs in the font14:39.18 
Robin_Watts (though I have this niggling feeling that we might be in a nightmare encoding thing here.14:39.20 
tor7 depending on how it's set up with the encodings14:39.27 
chrisl Robin_Watts: that really - remember, last ditch you get a notdef, not an error14:39.44 
tor7 in theory we could look at the fz_font freetype data, to see if we can find truetype 'cmap' tables to do the encoding to glyph id's for us there14:40.00 
Robin_Watts chrisl: Not in mupdf?14:40.02 
tor7 and then reverse map the glyphs back into the original font descriptor's encoding14:40.14 
chrisl Robin_Watts: Huh? In *PDF*, you get a notdef14:40.34 
Robin_Watts chrisl: Right, but we can map the string through, and any notdefs, we say "missing chars in the font, fall back to a base 14" ?14:41.21 
chrisl Robin_Watts: how do you know it's a notdef?14:41.39 
tor7 I would say, reuse an existing font descriptor for use case 2 IFF font is base 14 and has a known (WinAnsi) encoding, else disallow it and make our own base14 font14:41.40 
Robin_Watts tor7: we only need to come up with a scheme that works for sane input. If we bale on stupidly complex stuff, so be it.14:42.06 
paulgardiner tor7: From an fz_font object that represents a base 14 can we determine enough info to create a new font descriptor?14:42.08 
tor7 once that all works, we can start figuring out heuristics for letting more fonts in14:42.10 
Robin_Watts tor7: so what you said sounds reasonable.14:42.21 
  paulgardiner: The PDF device should possibly gain some state (list of fonts that have been seen?) to avoid us generating new font descriptors every time.14:43.27 
tor7 paulgardiner: creating a new font descriptor from any old fz_font is non-trivial. doing it for a base14 font is trivial though.14:43.33 
Robin_Watts Imagine I change an annotation several times.("A" -> "B" -> "C" -> "D"). We don't want to create a new font entry in the resources every time, right ?14:44.03 
tor7 a base14 fz_font will have its data pointing to the builtin data arrays14:44.07 
paulgardiner tor7: sorry confused. I thought we had to work from an fz_font object even in the base 14 case14:44.16 
tor7 and it will not have the "is-a-substitute-font" set14:44.20 
  so detecting "is-base-14" from a fz_font should be a simple check14:44.46 
paulgardiner ah right14:45.00 
Robin_Watts tor7: A simple check that involves checking the data pointer points to one of the internal tables ?14:45.10 
tor7 pdf_lookup_builtin_font() is used for both base14 and substitute fonts in some cases14:45.38 
paulgardiner it sounds like it would work, but does feel a bit hacky14:45.43 
Robin_Watts and that !is-a-substitute-font14:45.44 
  it sounds like we are after a REVERSE of pdf_lookup_builtin_font ?14:46.01 
tor7 checking whether a font descriptor that uses a base14 fz_font is actually base14 needs looking at the pdf objects though14:46.14 
Robin_Watts tor7: Or it requires us to extend fz_fonts with additional fields/methods.14:46.48 
tor7 and even if a font descriptor is base14, it may have non-standard encodings14:46.52 
paulgardiner fz_fill_text just receives the fz_font. It doesn't have access to the descriptor14:47.05 
  ... which may be a good thing.14:47.25 
tor7 int pdf_is_base14_font(fz_font *) to encapsulate the somewhat-hackish test14:47.31 
paulgardiner from what you are saying14:47.32 
tor7 paulgardiner: I think that's a good thing :)14:47.39 
Robin_Watts tor7: lovely.14:47.48 
paulgardiner Also we need the name not just whether it is one14:48.11 
tor7 the pdfwrite device could try to find an existing good enough font descriptor for this fz_font by looking at the resource dictionary14:48.13 
paulgardiner I think14:48.13 
tor7 and maybe cache those in a list so they can be reused14:48.24 
paulgardiner So as to create the descriptor.14:48.31 
tor7 and if no good match can be found, create a new font descriptor object14:48.35 
  and save that in the list14:48.40 
Robin_Watts const char *pdf_is_base14_font(fz_font *)14:48.47 
paulgardiner yes14:48.54 
tor7 Robin_Watts: get the name out?14:48.58 
Robin_Watts NULL means isn't a base14 font, non-NULL returns the name of the font.14:49.01 
tor7 yeah. that should work.14:49.13 
paulgardiner The pdf device does something like this at present, but it always uses Helvetica14:49.17 
  With the suggested addtion, it should be possible to make it handle base 14s in general14:49.39 
tor7 I have to admit not having studied how the pdf device work. I should do that some time.14:49.49 
paulgardiner Between you, you may have given me enough to carry on with14:50.20 
Robin_Watts tor7: beautifully!14:50.35 
tor7 so correct me if I'm way out of whack here, but I think the pdfwrite device should have a list of fz_font -> pdf object mappings14:51.00 
Robin_Watts Probably, yes.14:51.22 
tor7 this can be seeded from the existing page resource dictionaries by looking for base14 standard encoding font descriptors14:51.24 
paulgardiner It does14:51.25 
tor7 and when a call goes in that uses a fz_font, it looks it up there, or creates a new font descriptor when needed14:51.46 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: Do you recreate the pdfwrite device every time you use it ?14:51.46 
paulgardiner It already does so, but always makes Helvatica fonts because it doesn't know the name14:51.50 
tor7 for base14 fz_fonts, a simple base14 font descriptor with WinAnsi encoding is added14:52.02 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts: yes14:52.03 
tor7 for any other font, we need to work some more to create an actual embedded font14:52.23 
Robin_Watts Currently the pdf device does the absolute bare minimum it can to get text out. There is a big FIXME in there.14:52.27 
tor7 or non-embedded font for when we have a substitute font14:52.38 
  but I think getting the base14 cases working should get us pretty far in terms of testing and for annotation use14:52.55 
paulgardiner it does say "BIG FIXME" but does a surprising lot considering14:52.56 
  It would still be nice if one day we'd be able to seed the resource and have the device recognise that an existing one is in use14:53.27 
tor7 Robin_Watts: oh yeah, now that we have the multi-page device calls in there, maybe I should pester you to go in and use them :)14:53.41 
Robin_Watts tor7: yeah. I need to look at multipage SVG output too.14:54.03 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts: if that were possible. I could carry on recreating pdf_write devices, but I'd be able to build up a single resource14:54.09 
Robin_Watts I think you'd need to create a new pdf write device each time, as different things have the resources in different places.14:54.50 
  but ideally you'd want to seed them from all the other resources on that page?14:55.18 
tor7 for freetype based fz_fonts which have font data, creating truetype/type1/cff font descriptors using Identity-H encodings should not be too difficult14:55.22 
  but we wouldn't want to reuse an existing font descriptor for those14:55.38 
  that's too much pain and potential for crippling bugs14:55.48 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts: yes exactly, hence why it would be nice if fz_font objects were recognisable within the resource14:56.12 
Robin_Watts tor7: Again, I am nodding sagely while stroking my beard.14:59.10 
tor7 base 14! base 14!! base 14!!! ignore everything else! :)14:59.54 
chrisl Oh, ick, the contrib pcl3 device calls get_minst_from_memory() :-(15:10.55 
Robin_Watts chrisl: GS_NOT_THREADSAFE ?15:11.45 
chrisl Robin_Watts: this isn't related to threading - pcl and xps don't have a "get_minst_from_memory()"15:12.32 
Robin_Watts Ah! I see.15:12.45 
chrisl It uses it to make a change to the imager state, and I don't currently know an alternative method15:13.17 
Robin_Watts Is the imager state accessible through the device ?15:13.47 
chrisl Not that I can see - but as usual, it's a tangle of macros15:14.12 
  I'll run up a debugger in a bit, and see15:14.40 
Robin_Watts I don't think it is.15:15.55 
chrisl No, I suspect not :-(15:16.05 
kens pointerr to imager state gets passed around a lot15:16.24 
chrisl kens: but into printer devices? I'm not hopeful15:17.00 
kens device calls15:18.02 
  pdfwrite gets passed it a lot15:21.10 
chrisl kens: so how does pdfwrite get hold of it?15:21.24 
kens Let me look15:21.31 
chrisl kens: I suspect pdfwrite gets it from it's own enumerators15:21.45 
kens Possibly15:21.58 
  Its in the show enumerator at least15:22.09 
chrisl Yeh, that's not a device call, though15:22.21 
kens ]fillpage by the look of it15:22.30 
Robin_Watts eprn currently needs it in the output_page call.15:23.13 
kens The fillpage method for a device gets a pointer to the imager_state15:23.42 
  I suspect that all devices need to implement a fillpage method15:23.54 
chrisl kens: okay, thanks, I'll see if I can use that15:24.01 
Robin_Watts Can you assume that the graphics state passed to the fillpage method is still valid in the output page method ?15:24.47 
kens I am not certain. I believe it changes15:25.05 
  Which is why I'm looking at the other methods15:25.12 
Robin_Watts I don't think we can rely on it being valid after any given call it's passed in.15:25.45 
kens I think pdfwrite assumes it is, at least sometimes15:25.57 
Robin_Watts Ick.15:26.05 
henrys chrisl:I would dig a little deeper and figure out why the device is doing that, I'm sure it isn't best.15:27.28 
kens fill_path and stroke_path also get a imager_state15:27.42 
  also begin_image15:27.55 
henrys chrisl: we can have rayjj have a look he enjoys such things. This soft tumble stuff looks wrong to me.15:28.18 
kens All the transparency and compositor methods and fill_rectangle15:28.27 
Robin_Watts The device sets the default matrix back to unset if it's doing soft-tumble mode after printing a page.15:28.59 
chrisl henrys: okay, unfortunately, we can't just bury the pcl3 devices - apparently they are still used :-(15:29.32 
Robin_Watts We may get away with setting the default matrix back to undefined if we are doing soft-tumble mode at fillpage time.15:29.53 
  i.e. move the logic from output_page into fillpage.15:30.25 
chrisl Possibly, I don't really know enough about this code to comment - seems like a mess, to me. Devices should not pull in interpreter data types :-(15:31.20 
Robin_Watts chrisl: This way, devices wouldn't need to.15:31.35 
henrys chrisl:anyway I would assign a bug to ray remove the device from your build and continue your torture.15:31.42 
chrisl henrys: I already did that - with still many hacks to be redone properly, I have a pcl6 executable built by the Ghostscript build system15:32.35 
henrys wow great news15:33.19 
  his ears were ringing15:33.35 
chrisl henrys: yesterday, I was starting to wonder what I'd got myself into......15:33.51 
Robin_Watts does anyone have a pcl3 device that does softtumbling so we can test it?15:34.05 
  I guess we can write to file and diff the files.15:34.23 
henrys is that like throwing the printer down carpeted stairs?15:34.35 
rayjj_ Robin_Watts: what the heck is 'soft tumbling' ?15:36.17 
Robin_Watts I think it's duplex where we take responsibility for flipping the page image or something.15:37.58 
  essentially, if we're doing it, then the default device matrix changes every page.15:38.17 
  I'm slightly surprised that the default device matrix isn't recalculated every page anyway....15:39.01 
  if it was recalculated every page, then we could do away with this code entirely.15:39.15 
henrys I really wonder about some parts of my state: 
  old gomer pyle out there with a bead on a drone.15:40.40 
chrisl henrys: how could they do that when it contravenes federal law?15:40.45 
henrys it's the wild west15:41.12 
Robin_Watts henrys: Yes, because people firing rifles up into the air is just what you need.15:42.45 
kens especially at lrge chunks of flying hardware that might stop flygin afterwards15:43.37 
Robin_Watts rayjj_: The skype group was intended not for talking, so much as for everyone to be able to easily send contact requests to each other.15:50.40 
rayjj_ Robin_Watts: OK. Fair enough.15:58.00 
kens goodnight all16:10.29 
Robin_Watts tor7, paulgardiner, sebras, anyone else: robin/progressive has the progressive work on it now.16:42.16 
  I *hope* that's in a form approaching being ready for commit.16:42.34 
  Any comments you all may have etc would be appreciated.16:42.44 
  mvrhel_laptop: Have you been following the lcms2 stuff on gs-devel ?16:43.06 
  mvrhel_laptop: I was going to send Marti a mail about the problem. Will copy tech so we can all see it. Just thought I should check in case you wanted to claim ownership of the problem...16:49.09 
mvrhel_laptop Robin_Watts: I had not been following16:57.20 
Robin_Watts ok. it's not important to me that you follow it.16:58.01 
  it's just important to me that you don't feel I'm treading on your toes by dealing with it.16:58.22 
mvrhel_laptop weird. I don't know if I get the gs-devel emails16:59.01 
Robin_Watts I get the emails, but I can't reply to them :(16:59.21 
mvrhel_laptop I get gs-bugs, gs-commits, gs-regression16:59.35 
Robin_Watts gs-devel is a separate public mailing list you need to subscribe to.16:59.52 
mvrhel_laptop ah ok16:59.59 
Robin_Watts essentially it's a problem with the way he has done the multi-threading stuff.17:00.15 
mvrhel_laptop Robin_Watts: ok. well that is more up your alley17:00.40 
Robin_Watts or more specifically it's a problem with the way memory allocation is handled by different callers of the lib.17:00.54 
mvrhel_laptop not really a color specific issue in any case17:01.15 
Robin_Watts not at all.17:01.21 
mvrhel_laptop Robin_Watts: but thank you for pinging me about it17:01.47 
Robin_Watts no worries.17:01.53 
chrisl Robin_Watts: do you get a bounce or something from gs-devel?17:01.58 
Robin_Watts chrisl: Thunderbird gets an error message saying that there is no gs-devel list to send to.17:02.23 
  i.e it's an error at send time, not a bounce.17:02.40 
chrisl Hmm, how could TBird possible know about the existence of an e-mail address.....?17:03.28 
Robin_Watts It's an odd one. Hold on, let me find the exact message.17:03.43 
  An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded: sorry, no mailbox here by that name (#5.1.1). Please check the message recipient and try again.17:04.12 
mvrhel_laptop ok. I am now subscribed. funny that after 6+ years I never was17:04.15 
  or at least I submitted a request for subscription...17:04.39 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: It's OK. You have a 50% chance that it'll unsubscribe you in the next month or so anyway. :(17:04.49 
mvrhel_laptop :)17:05.00 
Robin_Watts It seems to randomly take a dislike to people.17:05.12 
chrisl Robin_Watts: are you running your own smtp server?17:05.50 
Robin_Watts No.17:06.26 
  I have a windows box running Thunderbird.17:06.46 
  All my outbound mail goes via, which is an ixwebhosting account.17:07.08 
  and it works perfectly for everything except gs-devel17:07.31 
chrisl Hmm, that should be fine. Do you ever use gmail webmail? Maybe try a test message from there?17:07.53 
Robin_Watts I *never* use gmail.17:08.10 
chrisl Except for all your artifex mail.....17:08.26 
Robin_Watts I consider gmail to be evil, and I don't think anyone should be using it, but that's a discussion we've had before.17:08.36 
  chrisl: All my artifex mail gets bounced to an address. The fact that gmail handles the address is an unfortunate fact that I have no control over.17:09.21 
chrisl Robin_Watts: true, I wasn't suggesting you start using gmail directly, just for a test17:09.55 
Robin_Watts I'm not sure robin.watts at has a gmail box set up with it. ISTR that marcosw implemented me as a list or something17:10.54 
  because they didn't have enough boxes at the time and I didn't want one? or something like that.17:11.18 
mvrhel_laptop bbiaw17:12.53 
chrisl Robin_Watts: Oh, okay. It's odd that it works fine for the other lists hosted by the same mailman on the same server!17:13.53 
Robin_Watts It's very odd, yes.17:15.09 
chrisl Robin_Watts: apparently that error can arise if the mail server thinks your sending to an address with a mail loop, so I wonder if the odd configuration of your artifex address causes that confusion17:20.42 
Robin_Watts chrisl_away: OK. So I can log into gmail on that account, and I can post from there. how odd.17:37.09 
henrys rayjj_: you around?18:23.51 
marcosw henrys: do you have a second for a quick question?19:52.02 
henrys what's up marcosw?19:52.33 
marcosw it's about the asian cid fonts that we make available on just confirming that your understanding is that it's okay for commercial customer to distribute them with Ghostscript.19:53.50 
henrys that's my understanding, yes.19:54.08 
marcosw thanks. me too, but wanted to make sure.19:54.20 
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