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Robin_Watts I will look at the linux problems, thanks.10:05.46 
tor7 robin_watts: for the other thirdparty libs, we have the config.h like files in the "scripts" directory10:09.15 
  suitably generic and stripped of options to work most everywhere10:09.31 
Robin_Watts tor7: I had one I thought. I probably failed to git add it.10:11.27 
tor7 I also dislike the CRL_CFLAGS variable name. CURL_CFLAGS_IMP or just put the flags directly on the CC recipe10:12.18 
Robin_Watts I was trying to be consistent.10:12.40 
  but you are the Makefile maintainer, on the whole, so I'll bow to your preferences.10:13.16 
paulgardiner robin_watts, tor7: Small commit on paul/master10:19.11 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: So that's just a shuffling of code? No new code?10:27.29 
paulgardiner Yep.10:27.41 
Robin_Watts looks fine to me then.10:27.48 
paulgardiner Thanks10:28.46 
Robin_Watts I fear broken metrics... vs 
  I've added Chris to the skype group, so anyone who doesn't have his address can send him a contact request11:19.36 
  paulgardiner: anti-money laundering and nonemployeetravel... why do they change with every commit ?11:47.20 
paulgardiner I think they have fields filled in by javascript functions that depend on date or time11:48.21 
Robin_Watts And we don't nobble the date/time functions to return tors birthday in mujstest builds?11:48.53 
paulgardiner Hmmm. That's a point. I don't know to be honest. Every time I've inspected the bmpcmps, the results have looked like it is a calculated field that has changed11:51.33 
  I should sometime have a look at the javascript to see what's going on.11:51.53 
Robin_Watts tor7: New commit on robin/master to fix the linux curl builds.12:00.53 
tor7 robin_watts: I don't see anything new on robin/master12:04.55 
Robin_Watts tor7: D'Oh.12:08.06 
  Try now, sorry.12:08.10 
tor7 hang on, are you adding that in a branch in the git submodule?12:08.51 
Robin_Watts tor7: Yes.12:09.05 
tor7 I'd rather we kept our build system stuff separate so we can have pristine upstream submodule gits12:09.34 
  (except for when we need to patch upstream bugs, of course, like with openjpeg)12:09.50 
Robin_Watts ok. I'll try and move that locally.12:09.50 
tor7 ah, I see you've already got the vcproj and curlbuild.h stuff on a branch there12:11.15 
Robin_Watts yeah.12:11.50 
tor7 wow, curl's config.h is long!12:12.45 
  okay, leave it as is for now then12:13.15 
Robin_Watts ok.12:13.29 
  so you're happy with that as it?12:13.39 
tor7 we can consider bringing it into the fold properly if/when we decide to make curl non-optional12:13.44 
Robin_Watts s/it/is/ ?12:13.48 
tor7 what happens if you disable gopher and ftp and dict and file and crypto-auth?12:14.31 
Robin_Watts tor7: Haven't tried.12:14.44 
  I did the minimum I needed to do to make it build.12:14.57 
tor7 I think there's a lot of options in that autoconfig'd config.h that can be trimmed12:14.59 
  (and increase the likelyhood of it working out of the box everywhere)12:15.12 
Robin_Watts ok. I will try trimming it before I push it.12:15.15 
tor7 I'd try to disable everything we can and don't need ourselves12:15.35 
Robin_Watts Do we care about IPV6 ?12:21.55 
  tor7: New version on robin/master12:34.44 
  I disabled everything except http.12:34.51 
tor7 curl_config.h looks better now, but careful with the commit. you rewound thirdparty/jbig2dec12:41.11 
Robin_Watts Thanks for the warning. Fixed and pushed.12:43.48 
  So I'll write the changelog after lunch.12:43.59 
henrys Robin_Watts, paulgardiner : I hate to admit it, but I'm starting to like supernatural15:15.59 
paulgardiner He he. Another convert.15:16.27 
  And, other than series 6, it just keeps on getting better.15:16.47 
  Where are you up to?15:16.53 
Robin_Watts even series 6 picks up towards the end.15:16.59 
  I'm on 8 now.15:17.05 
henrys it's just turned biblical season 415:17.39 
paulgardiner On a similar subject. I've found the trick to *stopping* watching Sons Of Anarachy. You just have to stop at a quiet spot mid-episode, rather than at the end of one.15:19.24 
  Handy trick. I've been getting some sleep again.15:19.51 
Robin_Watts Someone (other than paul) was watching Sons of Anarchy on their laptop on the last flight from the staff meeting.15:20.52 
henrys I'm up to date on SOA … found it got unnecessarily violent in later seasons.15:21.02 
Robin_Watts Just as well he didn't have any kids sat near him...15:21.03 
  henrys: yeah, S5 was nasty.15:21.50 
paulgardiner I had to stop watching on that flight for fear of my screen being overlooked15:25.02 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: So, what can I say about Digital Signatures in the change list for this release ?15:27.52 
  I'm looking for 1 or 2 lines for a bullet list (See CHANGES in the top dir)15:28.24 
  * Incremental updates to PDF files are now (optionally) preserved on loading/saving.15:31.25 
  * Prototype support for checking PDF Digital Signatures.15:31.27 
paulgardiner Sorry. Only just noticed the question. Those two bullet points are just right. I'm just trying to think if there is anything else.15:33.21 
  tor7, mvrhel, sebras, paulgardiner: Anything else? ^15:35.36 
  henrys: So, you said you might want stuff written for the newsletter.15:58.18 
  You've got CHANGES and you've got;a=blob;f=docs/progressive.txt;h=a39e70d912fd14e266f59d32beaa62b33a82e699;hb=b3c4cb5b0bafd1c962d85bddc2fe62e999c7b4de15:59.16 
  Do you want something in between?15:59.28 
tor7 robin_watts: do we want to mention the directory layout and header file changes?16:00.09 
Robin_Watts tor7: Ah, yeah. urm... "Revamped directory structure to reflect recent changes" ?16:01.05 
  If I missed anything, or mis-described, or should have given more emphasis to anything please say.16:02.00 
mvrhel_laptop good morning16:14.29 
kens Hi mvrhel_laptop16:14.39 
henrys Robin_Watts: thanks Robin_Watts 16:15.38 
mvrhel_laptop you off anyplace exciting kens?16:15.40 
  robin_watts are you toting your laptop to Namibia?16:17.38 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: I am.16:17.46 
mvrhel_laptop just keep the sand out of it16:17.57 
Robin_Watts More because I want to download pictures from the camera every night, than because I expect to be able to connect to the outside world.16:18.12 
mvrhel_laptop and watch for the lions on the beach as you come out of the shark infested waters16:18.25 
Robin_Watts is hiring a lovely shiny papparazzi lens.16:18.44 
  I intend to keep my distance from lions etc.16:18.57 
mvrhel_laptop just don't ask yourself. what would miles do16:19.22 
  recalling alligators and iguanas 16:19.51 
Robin_Watts "What Would Miles Do? Do the opposite."16:20.13 
mvrhel_laptop exactly :)16:20.21 
kens mvrhel_laptop : sorry mised the question, we're off to Berlin for a long weekend16:34.40 
mvrhel_laptop kens: nice16:37.40 
kens mvrhel_laptop : I have a question about GS and colour, do you have a minute ?16:37.57 
mvrhel_laptop kens: yes16:38.06 
kens OK so the colour space is Indexed /Separation with a base space of RGB16:38.22 
  I want to convert the base space to CMYK, so I am sampling it and using that to construct a function16:38.43 
  Now, when I concretize the Separation space (NOT the Indexed space) what should I expect as the output components ? I was expeting RGB but I seem to be getting CMYK, only no very good CMYK16:39.25 
  I forgot to say, ProcessColorModel is DeviceCMYK16:40.12 
mvrhel_laptop kens: hold on one sec16:42.06 
kens NP16:42.11 
  If it helps, I have committed the code I'm using (disabled) and can supply an example file and command lien to follow the code.16:42.33 
mvrhel_laptop kens: hold on let me check the code 16:44.02 
kens :-)16:44.08 
  I suspect I'm doing something wrong, and we may even have talked about this at the last staff meeting, but I put the code down to work on other stuff for the last few weeks, and now I'm trying to get back to it16:44.59 
mvrhel_laptop kens: ok I see what happens16:49.12 
  so the sep color space is first mapped to RGB using the tint transform and then the ICC profiles are used to map from RGB to CMYK16:49.35 
kens Yes, I think that's what I was seeing16:49.49 
mvrhel_laptop since you have a process color model that is CMYK (and I hope a CMYK device profile)16:49.56 
  if you have a RGB device profile, then you are going to get odd results16:50.13 
kens The device profiel is picked up during initialisation, so it shouldbe OK16:50.15 
mvrhel_laptop ok16:50.23 
kens I only ever convert to one base space (at the moment) so I use teh ColorConversionStrategy to set the ProcessColorModel at the same time (previously you had to set it appropriately, which led to errors)16:51.02 
  So, If I concretze the colour, I then don't need to map it, the final value is in the space I need.16:51.24 
  THat savee me some steps16:51.30 
mvrhel_laptop yes16:51.32 
kens OK I'll need to rip out some code tomorrow then, and see how it goes after that, thanks!16:51.51 
mvrhel_laptop ok. talk to you tomorrow then16:52.07 
  good luck16:52.10 
kens :-)16:52.13 
  At least all the weird stuff with colour spaces seems to be OK now, I can do /Indexed /Separation /DeviceRGB to Indexed /Separation /DeviceCMYK wihtout crashing now....16:52.57 
  Off to cook dinner, bye all16:53.35 
marcosw tor7: okay with you if I move from your home directory to /var/www? It's on my todo list from the last staff meeting.17:07.10 
henrys marcosw:to get to the new I had to flush dns on mac os x - just doing the browser wasn't enough. Just curious why we need that… presumably lots of sites change physical location frequently and we don't do anything special?17:24.03 
Robin_Watts henrys: used to share an IP address with casper17:32.06 
  but it's moved, and casper hasn't changed IP address.17:32.22 
  hence has changed IP address.17:32.36 
  hence you either need to let the DNS record time out, or flush DNS.17:32.49 
henrys I understand that… but I would think that sort of business would happen quite frequently on the web. yet I've never flushed the cache before.17:33.30 
  and this was several hours after marcosw made the move.17:33.52 
Robin_Watts henrys: Most people on the web are doing huge scale things, with load balancing across multiple machines.17:34.49 
  so they are used to having services running in several places so the transition can be smooth.17:35.06 
  we only have a single machine, hence there is bound to be some lag.17:35.17 
tor7 marcosw: go ahead.17:44.05 
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