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mvrhel_laptop hmm winrt project is broken...05:59.57 
chrisl paulgardiner: ping08:32.25 
paulgardiner chrisl: Hi08:35.49 
  Arm build stuff to look at?08:36.30 
chrisl paulgardiner: good morning - yes, please: could you cast your eye over;a=commitdiff;h=f15df6ff08:36.43 
paulgardiner Sure08:36.50 
chrisl Mainly the change in winrtsup.cpp08:36.59 
  Note that the project file changes don't work (yet)08:37.12 
kens Oh good grief... 8.71 doesn't work,9.07 does, can we have a patch for 8.71 ?.....08:47.57 
Robin_Watts wintitsup.cpp08:48.03 
paulgardiner kens: use the diffs between 8.71 and 9.07 to generate a patch and send it to them. :-)08:50.17 
kens Yeah! 3 years of patches should keep them busy for a while08:50.37 
chrisl paulgardiner: better still, generate multiple patches, one for each change, and send them the lot!08:51.15 
kens Fortunately, not my problem, Marcos can try and bisect it08:51.16 
paulgardiner chrisl: With the message "The fix in here somewhere. You may also like to take on the others"08:52.28 
chrisl paulgardiner: that would probably indicate to them how we feel about things, yes ;-)08:52.55 
paulgardiner chrisl: I may be reading this wrongly, but it looks to me like GetSystemTimeAsFileTime gives 10ths of microseconds, whereas GetTickCount was millisecs. Does that matter?09:06.05 
chrisl paulgardiner: my understanding is that it is only used to ensure a unique file name, so I figured it didn't matter09:06.44 
paulgardiner Ha. Yes. Silly me. Having written it, you'd think I'd have remembered that.09:07.18 
chrisl There's a probably a slightly higher probability of a collision due to the value wrapping around, but I doubt it's worth worrying about09:08.13 
paulgardiner msvc.mak changes assumes the default installation location for VS11, but I'm guessing that's what we do elsewhere 09:10.48 
chrisl paulgardiner: I'm just tweaking that now. The env variable I used for the compiler path isn't set when you build from the GUI :-(09:11.47 
paulgardiner Pain09:12.15 
chrisl Yeh, I assumed when you used an nmake project the environment it used was the same as the relevant VS Tools Command Prompt - it isn't, quite :-(09:13.09 
paulgardiner Some of the make file changes look like they'll alter command lines for other builds, but I'm assuming that's intentional and benign09:14.28 
chrisl paulgardiner: it has to, there wasn't sufficient granularity between the CC and CCAX variables for proper cross compiling, so I had fiddle things a bit.09:16.57 
  paulgardiner: I also had to change stuff because several of the object files for the "aux" tools were being shared with the main build - that *really* doesn't work when cross compiling!09:18.40 
  If you look at this revision:;a=commitdiff;h=8515791009:18.52 
  It removes most of the path assumptions in the original09:19.14 
paulgardiner Yeah. Look good to me.09:30.13 
chrisl Cool, thanks. I'll pull the changes onto my windows 7 laptop and make sure I haven't broken the "proper" VS builds before I push it to casper for real09:33.41 
Robin_Watts invents a new sport; sauna running.10:38.49 
  You either need a sauna with a treadmill on it, and a shower head positioned to leak occasional drops of hot water on you... or a freak british summer.10:39.25 
paulgardiner :-) I can imagine how bad it is out there today.10:40.27 
chrisl We already have "sauna squash".......10:40.48 
kens will stick to swimming, thank you :-)10:41.03 
Robin_Watts I will never think of Marcos building cluster nodes the same way again: 
paulgardiner Aaggh! Surely one shouldn't hold a CPU like that!10:58.36 
Robin_Watts tor7: Crumbs. Sorry to head about your uncle. My sympathies.11:17.12 
  (Sorry, that was a genuine slip, not an attempt to be funny)11:17.40 
paulgardiner Yeah. Likewise, sorry to hear that. Shocking.11:23.33 
tor7 paulgardiner: Robin_Watts: thanks. he was only 59 so it was quite a shock.13:13.16 
henrys sorry to hear about that tor7 if it helps feel free to skip meetings today.13:38.57 
  Congrats on the baby! the news here is full of folks celebrating but I don't know if the coverage exagerrates what's actually going on there. 14:23.28 
mvrhel_laptop henrys: I have to run my daughter to her drawing camp this morning. leaving the house around 8:30 and then I will be back on line around 9:10 or so14:25.27 
  so I will be likely leaving one meeting early and late for the other14:25.44 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: that's fine14:25.55 
  Robin_Watts: amazing at your latitude - that you share with southern Alaska can have weather like that. 14:34.28 
Robin_Watts henrys: Alaska was beautifully hot when we visited :)14:38.02 
  henrys: The royal baby is merely an excuse to sell newspapers and for daytime TV/rolling news to have a field day.14:38.42 
henrys I got a bad sunburn sunday working out - spray on sun block - never again.14:43.30 
Robin_Watts yeah, I went to the "game fair" on sunday and caught the sun.14:44.15 
  Must have been 10s of thousands of people there. was incredible.14:44.30 
  And I bought a shotgun.14:44.36 
henrys game fair?14:44.43 
Robin_Watts It's a once a year fair for country pursuits. Shooting/Fishing/Hunting, plus huge sections for dogs and horses, and green energy and anything else like that.14:45.50 
henrys why does Skype say "This message has been removed", what message?14:55.01 
Robin_Watts Skype lets you edit the last line you sent.14:58.40 
  Let me try with a message to you.14:58.44 
  You can hit the right hand button on a line a "remove message"15:00.05 
henrys okay15:01.25 
  meeting time15:01.45 
  even though takani-san is focused on the gs side of things feel free to jump in on the Skype discussion 15:02.20 
  does anyone know the underlying PDF technology for good reader?15:02.59 
Robin_Watts not offhand15:03.35 
henrys #1 non apple app for the iPad 2010 that has to be quite a revenue stream.15:04.43 
  if there are using mupdf we should find out.15:04.52 
  can somebody investigate?15:05.33 
chrisl henrys: with comments like: "JPEG2000 image compression used in some PDF files is only supported by iOS 5.0 or later".... it doesn't sound like MuPDF15:06.11 
Robin_Watts I don't believe it's MuPDF.15:06.40 
kens Also it handles non-PDF formats, eg MS Word15:06.42 
Robin_Watts It's not out for android :(15:06.56 
  which means it's much harder to grep for strings.15:07.05 
henrys sounds like Robin_Watts old institution15:07.10 
chrisl iOS has PDF reading built-in, doesn't it?15:07.21 
Robin_Watts I don't believe it's them either.15:07.22 
  It did reflow way before we did.15:07.36 
henrys and annotations, if was quite a hit at chicago - people like drawing on pdf's with their finger afaict15:08.09 
chrisl With comments about features only being available in certain iOS versions, I wonder if good reader is using the built-in PDF imaging......15:08.39 
kens I suspect it must be15:08.48 
  Or at least, some parts of it15:08.56 
  GoodReader heavily relies on iOS capabilities. Information about known iOS limitations that affect viewing files can be found here.15:09.29 
kens Yeah I had read thast15:09.35 
  Not totallyclear if its the PDF stuff that is iOS dependent or 'somethign else'15:09.51 
henrys right that's where I got the "best app 2010" stuff15:09.56 
  quartz2d does give you a pretty good chunk of a pdf app.15:10.33 
Robin_Watts In the section that points to, as ken says, it dives right in with PDF limitations.15:10.38 
kens Yeah but its not strictly PDF, JPEG2000, DRM, ┬úD stuff15:11.13 
  Fonts, MS Office files, etc15:11.32 
  Odd that it doesn't support layers15:11.51 
henrys it is an impressive list of functionality but I don't have a sense how complete it is.15:13.45 
  paulgardiner: how are signatures?15:14.37 
  and I guess we should talk about the mupdf release?15:15.38 
paulgardiner henrys: still a way off but getting closer. I've been working on freetext annotations just lately. They involve creating appearance streams with text in, via the pdf-write device. That's something we need for the appearance streams associated with signatures, and is also potentially of use to our main customer15:17.23 
Robin_Watts henrys: I believe tor7 was planning to do an rc fairly soon, and then go for a release when I got back (mid august).15:17.35 
  but recent events may have pushed the rc back of course.15:17.50 
henrys okay chrisl do you have any rc date for gs?15:19.08 
chrisl henrys: no15:19.38 
paulgardiner henrys: that said, I'm now not sure that freetext annotations will do quite what the customer is after (can't set freetext at an angle and can't make it partially transparent), but in the same way as they are a step towards signature appearance streams, the same techniques can be used for watermark annotations, which is what the customer really wants.15:19.49 
mvrhel_laptop I have to leave in a bit. Just a quick note that I am making good progress on the windows phone viewer. I will def. have it in the store before the meeting. the branch is named winphone and is in my repos15:20.23 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: oh cool any intel from MS?15:20.50 
chrisl henrys: I was going to take the release branch next Monday or Tuesday, then marcosw can start his testing. RC *at least* a week later.....15:21.01 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: Anything you want to add to: ?15:21.06 
mvrhel_laptop Robin_Watts: no that all looked good. sorry I had not replied to yo on that15:21.32 
Robin_Watts no worries.15:21.39 
henrys paulgardiner: that's fine sounds like progress.15:22.08 
mvrhel_laptop henrys: Nothing yet. I had another contact start looking for me last week15:22.09 
henrys whatever they're doing wall street doesn't like it.15:22.34 
mvrhel_laptop yes their revenue dropped 15:23.26 
  ok. i will be back a bit late for the gs meeting....15:25.05 
henrys hopefully everyone will have a chance to glance at the agenda and make sure things are progressing, other than that let's call it over. 15:25.05 
Robin_Watts henrys: Do you need anything written for the newsletter over and above the CHANGES thing ?15:27.09 
  or can that keep until I'm back?15:27.23 
henrys Robin_Watts: I think that's fine. I can always make stuff up if I think the newsletter sucks ;-)15:28.03 
Robin_Watts ok :)15:28.13 
kens Robin_Watts : I'm amazed there is such a simple solution15:42.33 
Robin_Watts It's proof that not all the programmers at MS have drunk the UI coolaid.15:43.03 
kens Indeed :-)15:43.20 
Robin_Watts "Oh, corporate is insisting that we make menus all caps are they? Fair enough, time for another registry entry"15:43.39 
kens Exactly :-)15:43.55 
  Now, I still need my coloured icons back....15:46.10 
  And an MDI interface15:46.16 
Robin_Watts VS has never had an MDI interface though, has it ?15:46.47 
kens Well, I mean multiple documents in the main windiw15:47.09 
henrys wow this might make marcosw job easier, a one computer cluster: 
Robin_Watts A dollar per day per linux instance. So $520 a day.15:55.46 
  $200000 a year. Can we stick to the existing cluster please? :)15:56.22 
henrys that's what it is capable of running15:57.20 
Robin_Watts henrys: And the price per instance will surely be lowest when it's running all the instances it can manage, right?15:58.09 
henrys It's unclear to me, can we buy it for 75K and install our own linux...15:59.00 
  it does say it is cheaper than commodity hardware I don't know if that scales down.15:59.47 
Robin_Watts We'd also not be testing on x86/amd64 any more, it'd be "some wierdass ibm architecture"16:00.31 
ray_laptop henrys: how many cpu's do you get for 75k -- I'm looking for the specs16:00.33 
henrys it says 1/2 the cost of equivalent x86 computing power16:01.02 
ray_laptop Robin_Watts: right. And how does 4.2GHz on an ibm chip compare to 3+ GHz on an AMD or i716:01.15 
Robin_Watts ray_laptop: Regardless of the speed, how well does it test our SSE code? :)16:01.39 
ray_laptop henrys: right. sure. If you buy PREMIUM servers from somebody, MAYBE16:01.46 
  considering that each cluster node that Marcos does is < 1K that has to be one heck of a server to equal 75 AMD's16:03.00 
henrys I just think it would be cool to have the "Artifex" mainframe16:03.06 
Robin_Watts meeting time?16:03.33 
henrys yes16:04.08 
  chrisl:so I'll send that patch to luratech and ask them about it.16:04.36 
  alex's patch that is.16:04.49 
marcosw_ the latest cluster node, fermis, has two Xeon 4 core processors (so 16 threads) and 36 gigs of memory. it's an off lease 1U box that I bought for <$600.16:05.09 
chrisl henrys: okay, there was two missing16:05.10 
henrys wow16:05.55 
marcosw_ the only problem is that it's noisy, so miles didn't want it in his office. It's living in my garage :-)16:06.33 
henrys anyone want to talk about the release. Do we have blockers?16:06.40 
marcosw_ henrys: no blockers as far as I know, now that the Luratech JPEG2000 bug is fixed.16:07.03 
chrisl There are none listed - that's nice.....16:07.32 
henrys looking at the agenda ...16:07.56 
ray_laptop marcosw: You bought one ?16:08.19 
  oops. nm16:08.30 
  I didn't read far enough back16:08.42 
henrys ray_laptop:seem like the PSFit documentation could make it in before the release - safe and easy.16:08.50 
ray_laptop henrys: It's been in16:09.21 
henrys oh I missed it.16:09.33 
chrisl henrys: I'd like to get the WinRT/ARM changes into the release16:09.36 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: do you have a large change before the release?16:10.20 
  gs wise?16:10.30 
mvrhel_laptop good grief. I don't know why the 8.71 customer does not update after all the work I did for them16:10.42 
  henrys: no nothing that is close enough16:10.55 
ray_laptop I'd like to get the saved-pages changes in. Almost done, just cleaning up16:11.01 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: yeah I saw that perhaps we need a gentle push back.16:11.06 
  saved pages is only going to affect the system if an option is used, right?16:11.41 
ray_laptop even if it isn't terribly well tested, by getting it into the release, we'll start tackling the bug tail16:12.11 
chrisl mvrhel_laptop: do have any sort of feel for what should go in a Ghostscript arch.h file for WinRT/ARM?16:12.18 
ray_laptop henrys: right. If you don't turn it on, it just operates normally16:12.36 
  I do have to do the documentation on it yet16:12.51 
Robin_Watts I should try to get the lcms2.5 changes in this week.16:13.15 
henrys ray_laptop:about saved pages - comment 15 ?? Is that fixed?16:14.34 
mvrhel_laptop chrisl: no sorry. I can look at the options that come up in the new version of VS when I change to ARM and that is about it16:14.36 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: See the link I posted above about VS2012 (you were disconnected at the time)16:15.04 
chrisl mvrhel_laptop: Okay, I'm fairly sure it's little endian, it's things like the size of pointers and whether we have a 64 bit integer, etc. Do you have an ARM device for it?16:15.42 
ray_laptop henrys: no. and opening clist files with 'delete on close' (or unlinking them on linux after open) is totally incompatible with saved pages.16:15.47 
tor7 henrys: Robin_Watts: sorry, got distracted by programming... yes, I plan on assembling an RC this week.16:16.04 
  (was getting the opengl device to tiger!)16:16.17 
Robin_Watts tor7: Nice!16:16.24 
tor7 ugly ugly hack so far though16:16.36 
mvrhel_laptop chrisl: yes, I am building and running my mupdf apps for both the surface and a nokia lumina phone both of which have an ARM16:16.37 
tor7 but it runs :)16:16.41 
chrisl mvrhel_laptop: so we could trying building genarch.exe and running it on the device?16:17.10 
henrys ray_laptop:well can the bug be updated to reflect the current state of affairs, it sounds like a fix is available so nobody will work on it. Is it something we could make bountiable?16:17.30 
mvrhel_laptop yes. if we can build gslib then I could write a very simple app to call into it also16:17.57 
ray_laptop henrys: OK. I'll update the bug with what I've learned so far (specifics)16:18.08 
henrys thanks ray_laptop 16:18.24 
mvrhel_laptop Robin_Watts: I don't see your link in the logs16:19.44 
henrys marcosw_: anything you want to say about the release - bug/customer wise?16:20.00 
mvrhel_laptop oh I thought it was about ARM sorry16:20.11 
Robin_Watts mvrhel_laptop: sorry, no.16:20.17 
marcosw_ henrys: no, i think we are good for the release. We have several customers waiting for it, so sooner is better.16:20.40 
Robin_Watts chrisl: I can probably make some educated guesses at what should be in a gs arch file for ARM (assuming surface runs on 32bit ARMs)16:21.07 
henrys kens:any high level output stuff needed for the release? I guess you would have said something but just checking?16:21.32 
Robin_Watts I suspect you just want to copy the 32bit x86 one.16:21.34 
chrisl Robin_Watts: sure, that's what I'm hoping. I just don't trust MS to do the sane thing!16:21.59 
kens henrys I'm just carrying on with the colour stuff for pdfwrite/ps2write. I won't be able to finish it for this release, but hope to make enough progress to talk about it, and allow people to play with it16:22.07 
henrys marcosw:have you done any benchmarking of the xeon beast to see how it performs relative to the other nodes?16:22.27 
  marcosw_ ^^^16:22.36 
marcosw_ henrys: is much faster, 2x to 3x faster than the other nodes:-) except for the updated i7 node that is now a 6 core i7 over clocked to 4.3 GHz, but that cost $1500 to build and it's only slight faster.16:23.58 
henrys I'm looking the max memory on that baby 144 GB wow16:24.06 
chrisl Hmm, can't (easily) build genarch.exe for WinRT/ARM :-(16:24.06 
ray_laptop we could put /tmp in ramdisk (or does linux cache /tmp adequately well) /16:25.19 
marcosw_ I originally bought it to be the bugzilla server, but since it's too noisy to live in miles' office I re-purposed one of the other cluster nodes.16:25.34 
ray_laptop marcosw: is that one online as a cluster node yet ?16:25.57 
marcosw_ ray_laptop: yes, it's fermis16:26.12 
ray_laptop marcosw: thanks.16:26.24 
  I was wondering if the xeon was fully compatible with the x86 and AMD's -- I guess it must be16:27.04 
henrys the Mac Pro has been on the cluster for years16:27.27 
  it is a xeon16:27.40 
marcosw_ and my macpro is a xeon as well (it's cluster node name is xeon).16:27.52 
ray_laptop marcosw: so do you have room for extra 1U units. At $349 each, that seems like a good price. Another $100 for a HD 16:28.33 
henrys I think we've only seen os or library configuration differences16:28.41 
Robin_Watts SSD surely?16:28.54 
  or hybrid at least.16:29.05 
ray_laptop oops. My wife just called. I have to run home and let her in the house. I came over to the office while she was still over at the church (across the street). She didn't have her keys. bbiab16:29.58 
marcosw_ Robin_Watts: I tried an SSD but it wasn't noticeably faster as a cluster node than with a traditional hard drive. 16:30.27 
henrys with these huge memory configurations should we be compiling in ram?16:30.43 
Robin_Watts marcosw_: Interesting. Maybe linux caches the exes well enough then.16:31.05 
marcosw_ the compile time is ~20 seconds, so I don't think it's worth any effort.16:31.12 
henrys 1 minute after the meeting ;-)16:31.44 
chrisl mvrhel_laptop: can you just copy an exe onto the ARM device and run it, or is there more involved?16:33.42 
Robin_Watts Given you have to sign and deply windows 8 metro apps, I can't believe you won't have to do the same for ARM ones.16:34.35 
mvrhel_laptop chrisl: in that respect the surface is no different than any other windows device, so yes I could just get it and run it16:34.36 
chrisl Oh, cool :-)16:34.49 
mvrhel_laptop Robin_Watts: I can run in desktop mode16:34.57 
Robin_Watts oh, right.16:35.03 
  WinRT has a desktop mode?16:35.17 
mvrhel_laptop the surface does16:35.29 
Robin_Watts With standard WIN32 APIs ?16:35.40 
mvrhel_laptop well it won't run win32 apps if that is your question16:35.54 
  they have to be built for the ARM16:36.02 
Robin_Watts right, but I could take a win32/x86 app written in C, and rebuild it for win32/ARM and all the APIs are there?16:36.44 
ray_laptop I would sure be surprised if they were16:37.10 
Robin_Watts I'm not expecting the ARM device to emulate x86.16:37.26 
mvrhel_laptop Robin_Watts: I doubt all the net API calls are available for a developer16:37.30 
marcosw_ mvrhel_laptop: in terms of release bugs could you look at <>? It's not a blocker, but it would be nice to understand what is going on.16:37.32 
mvrhel_laptop marcosw_: ok. yes I remember this one. I will take a look at it this week16:38.38 
chrisl mvrhel_laptop: so, when you have a chance, could you try: 
  mvrhel_laptop: invoke it with genarch.exe <output file>.h 16:39.04 
mvrhel_laptop chrisl: ok. It will be later this afternoon (after you are gone). at coffee shop this morning until art camp is over for my daughter. surface is at home16:39.43 
marcosw_ ray_laptop: and for the logs, could we get <> into the gs9.08 release? 16:39.45 
chrisl mvrhel_laptop: that's cool, I'm not in a desperate hurry - I've done the hard part of the ARM changes :-)16:40.23 
ray_laptop marcosw: henry and I were just discussing this. No, it won't be in the release (probably)16:42.33 
  marcosw: for one, I need to revamp the clist open in order to make it compatible with saving the page as clist files16:43.26 
  and it still is funky on windows.16:44.01 
kens OK I'm off, goodnight all16:52.17 
ray_laptop kens: marcosw: I fixed that 144 dpi segfault.16:52.19 
kens ray_laptop : good to hear :-)16:52.26 
ray_laptop a one char change16:52.36 
mvrhel_laptop ray_laptop: nice16:52.40 
kens :-O16:52.41 
ray_laptop classic OBO < instead of <=16:53.00 
  OK. Back to saved-pages....16:53.30 
henrys oh I forgot to ask about altona Robin_Watts is that a regression?17:02.48 
Robin_Watts hmm?17:03.01 
henrys yes you said you'd have a look at a bug. Let me see if I can find it.17:03.38 
Robin_Watts oh, I remember, yes. Haven't looked yet, sorry.17:04.09 
  694311 comment 417:05.27 
henrys yes...17:05.38 
  and if anybody wants to weigh in on comment # 3 - maybe kens has an idea off the top of his head.17:06.41 
  oh he left17:07.02 
  if chrisl or ray_laptop don't have any ideas on the language front I'll try and debug it later.17:07.49 
chrisl henrys: I don't follow - I thought he was saying that the OpenJPEG 2 branch had these problems, OpenJPEG 1 doesn't17:12.52 
henrys chrisl: he was but it does sound suspiciously integration oriented, I'll have a look.17:13.46 
Robin_Watts henrys: I *thought* that mupdf, at the point at which we integrated v2 had no differences to our old v1 one.17:14.26 
  But I will test that.17:14.31 
henrys chrisl:my understanding is those files do work in mupdf openjpeg 2 which suggests the integration issue.17:16.15 
chrisl henrys: "Both of these errors are visible in mupdf"17:16.35 
henrys I'm talking about comment #317:16.56 
  chrisl ^^^17:17.56 
chrisl henrys: Oh, sorry, Robin mentioned comment #417:18.03 
  henrys: if you like, I can take a look at it tomorrow, see what's happening in the PDF interpreter - I could use a few hours break from build hacking!17:19.51 
henrys chrisl: I would be thrilled if you did exactly that.17:20.18 
chrisl henrys: you're surprisingly easily pleased! Yeh, okay, I'll look tomorrow17:20.43 
  on that note, have to go - 'nite all17:22.05 
ray_laptop oh, yuck. The PDF interpreter SMask stuff is a mess, and made all the worse by having JPXDecode having SMask buried inside17:22.20 
  I am pretty sure that GS processes the JPX stream once to extract the SMask and then the second time to process the actual image, but it's been a while since I looked at it.17:23.34 
  but why it would fail to then apply the SMask doesn't occur to me offhand. I'll let chrisl look into it so I can concentrate on the saved-pages finishing, and then look at it tomorrow17:25.44 
  mvrhel_laptop: The andevcon people have your email address wrong. I'll forward it to you. They want you to pre-register for a savings by Friday 7/2617:50.08 
Robin_Watts ray_laptop: You'll get about 800 of those mails before the show.17:52.52 
mvrhel_laptop ray_laptop: sorry about that17:55.09 
monxalo hi guys :), may i have some insights on the Android code, mainly on how the Hq patch is applied?17:59.22 
Robin_Watts monxalo: Hi. What exactly do you mean?18:09.51 
monxalo So, i'm developing a TwoPageView, i got it working by combining 2 bitmaps to display on the screen, now the hard part comes for zooming :).18:10.59 
Robin_Watts ah, right.18:11.21 
  I suspect you may need paulgardiner to weigh in on this, but he's away for the night now.18:11.37 
  What timezone are you in?18:11.41 
monxalo GMT+1 (DST)18:12.15 
Robin_Watts ok, so he should be back in your morning then, he's in the UK too.18:13.49 
  monxalo: So you're combining 2 bitmaps and displaying them as a single 'view' ?18:14.15 
  That sounds like the wrong way to do it to me.18:14.42 
  A purer way (more in keeping with the structure of the code) would be to redo the code that decides where to put views, so as to place them in pairs. That may be the 'adapter'.18:15.26 
  This is why you really need paulgardiner rather than me :)18:15.35 
monxalo Yes, i tried that before :), merely changing the adapter and combine 2 MuPDFViews, but had too many bugs.18:17.10 
Robin_Watts What do you mean by "combine 2 MuPDFViews" ?18:17.54 
  AIUI, you should only need to change the Adapter.18:18.08 
  (and tell MuPDF to cache +/- 6 pages rather than 3 or something.18:18.31 
monxalo join 2 mupdfview into a container (LinearLayout) side by side.18:19.19 
Robin_Watts ok, now you have lost me.18:19.48 
  It's possible that you were trying exactly the right thing, but my Android-foo may not be strong enough.18:20.13 
monxalo eheh, no worries :). I'll come back tomorrow.18:21.14 
  Thanks anyway.18:21.28 
Robin_Watts np.18:22.34 
dogisfat What is the expected behavior when you have a line inside of a clip path?18:23.50 
Robin_Watts dogisfat: eh?18:24.08 
dogisfat Robin_Watts:18:24.17 
  Say I have a rectangular clip path inside of which is a line18:24.44 
Robin_Watts Generally you see a clip path and a winding rule together.18:24.46 
  Imagine you fill the clip path using the winding rule.18:25.11 
  You then conveptually use that drawn shape as a mask for the contents.18:25.30 
dogisfat Robin_Watts: So anything inside of the mask should show through, correct?18:26.08 
Robin_Watts So if you have a rectangular clip path and you have contents which are a line, then you'll see the subsegment of the line that crosses the rectangular clip path.18:26.13 
dogisfat Ok, that is what I thought, I think I am having a problem with my rendering package... bummer18:26.52 
Robin_Watts monxalo: For the logs: I think it's you need to play with.18:30.48 
  That seems to calculate where to position pages in the overall scheme of things.18:31.01 
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