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kens chrisl is ther a 'make soinstaall' on the Mac build ?07:48.18 
  Stack Overflow question:07:48.35 
chrisl There might be, but I doubt it would work correctly on the Mac07:48.53 
  kens: I'll reply in a bit...07:50.36 
kens OK thanks07:50.48 
bremby hello09:07.32 
  I'm trying to convert PNG images into EPS files for use in Latex09:07.51 
  I use imagemagick for that09:08.06 
  the resulting image appears stretched, though09:08.22 
  when I open the resulting EPS file in gv, or resulting PS or PDF file after tex compilation, the image is obviously larger than the original and so blurry09:09.41 
  can anyone shed some light on this, please?09:10.01 
sebras Robin_Watts: ehm.. what made ghostbot do that?!09:11.27 
bremby sebras: looks like IRC thinks I am logged in as root at my domain09:12.51 
  sebras: I have no idea why09:13.29 
Robin_Watts tor7: So, the opengl app that you have tigering...09:27.15 
  Is that doing software rendering and then displaying textures with opengl?09:27.52 
  or are you doing path rendering in opengl?09:28.01 
tor7 just started doing path rendering in opengl09:28.52 
  but using the existing software scan converter and just turning the lines into quads09:29.05 
Robin_Watts tor7: right.09:29.23 
  traps or rects ?09:29.38 
tor7 right now I'm paused between two choices09:29.45 
  write a path -> trapezoid converter that does proper trapezoid scan conversion09:30.06 
  or hack up everything to use a backwards compatible opengl context and the nvidia path extension09:30.23 
Robin_Watts personally, I would try the nvidia path extension.09:30.51 
  because that has the most potential for speed.09:31.07 
  I could imagine that the overhead of constructing many quads would mean we didn't actually gain anything.09:31.29 
tor7 I suspect that creating a path extension path object is going to be just as slow though :(09:31.56 
  we'll need some way to cache these things for good re-rendering speed09:32.11 
Robin_Watts tor7: Possibly - but that would be good to know too.09:32.16 
tor7 then again, line art is hardly ever the bottle neck09:32.22 
Robin_Watts tor7: possibly we want an 'opengl-display-list' device ?09:32.46 
tor7 Robin_Watts: that's a possibility09:33.04 
  or if using ancient opengl we could use opengl's built-in display lists09:33.18 
  but neither the path extension, nor ancient opengl is available on mobile09:33.44 
Robin_Watts I'm sure the path extension will appear on mobile eventually - or at least, if it doesn't, we can write an equivalent.09:34.30 
  New opengl spec out today. see slashdot.09:34.48 
tor7 yeah, read about it yesterday09:34.57 
  it has stuff that can't be done on most commodity hardware yet IIRC09:35.17 
  like shared virtual memory address space between GPU and CPU.09:35.33 
  I did spend some time looking at OpenCL as well. that may end up being more useful than OpenGL for us, if we can find out how to parallelize the software renderer enough to make use of it09:36.48 
sebras bremby: that might be the reason, yes. I didn't notice that. :)09:58.32 
bremby sebras: I was so hoping you were about to reply to my question :(10:01.24 
Robin_Watts essentially your question seems to be of the form "why doesn't imagemagick work?"10:02.20 
  If you can recast it into a "why doesn't ghostscript work?" then we might be able to help.10:02.45 
bremby sorry about that10:03.28 
  but I don't really understand what's going under the hood, and I know ghostscript is needed to generate PS files10:03.53 
  from my point of view, the problem is with representation10:04.22 
  if you, guys, don't have any idea where the problem could be, that's fine10:05.01 
Robin_Watts bremby: It is possible that imagemagick is calling gs to do the conversion.10:05.06 
  If you can find the exact command that imagemagick is calling, then we may be able to help.10:05.21 
  There may be a --verbose flag or something that will show that.10:05.36 
Robin_Watts goes for a run, while waiting for SVN to download a 127Meg test file at what feels like modem speeds.10:07.48 
bremby hmmm10:09.57 
  you were right10:10.01 
  "gs" -q -dQUIET -dSAFER -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -dNOPROMPT -dMaxBitmap=500000000 -dAlignToPixels=0 -dGridFitTT=2 "-sDEVICE=pngalpha" -dTextAlphaBits=4 -dGraphicsAlphaBits=4 "-r72x72" -g237x214 "-sOutputFile=/tmp/magick-6277Yz5Kjc6J8mKC%d" "-f/tmp/magick-62775itoTzHjyZWD" "-f/tmp/magick-6277O1tuPbenPP9E"10:10.03 
Robin_Watts bremby: OK, so that's feeding 2 temporary files into gs.11:41.38 
  and producing a png file.11:42.08 
  which doesn't seem to fit with your original description of the problem11:42.38 
chrisl 111:48.51 
bremby Robin_Watts: I've been discussing it with sebras and we've figured it out11:49.47 
  it's caused by different DPIs and bad scaling11:50.33 
Robin_Watts bremby: Fab. Thanks sebras.11:51.00 
bremby in gv you can select Pixel based scaling, in which it works as expected11:51.01 
  I just need to figure out why PDF viewers render it badly scaled11:51.35 
  it seems it's only about rendering11:51.47 
  anyway, thanks for caring11:52.27 
  hey, I just noticed - MuPDF is a related project11:56.04 
  can you explain it somehow?11:56.58 
  it seems the EPS file has DPI 7211:57.14 
  my display has DPI 128x13011:57.24 
  you can just try convert any PNG image into EPS yourself and see it in gv11:58.02 
kens EPS (PostScript) files don't havae resolution, though images contained within might11:58.16 
Robin_Watts MuPDF is indeed a project developed by us.11:58.30 
  brembly: With gs, you can try using -dDOINTERPOLATE to improve the rendering.12:05.32 
  or mupdf should scale decently anyway.12:05.42 
bremby Robin_Watts: here's an EPS file from sebras: 
  try opening that in gv12:14.36 
kens bremby what happens if you openthe file in GS ?12:14.57 
  that's the original12:15.10 
chrisl bremby: that eps looks fine in gv to me.....12:16.07 
bremby isn't it blurry?12:16.27 
chrisl There is aliasing, if that's what you mean12:17.02 
bremby both sebras and me can see how it got larger than the original12:17.08 
Robin_Watts bremby: I don't have gv installed.12:18.12 
sebras chrisl: in gv if you select natural size vs pixel size you get different renderings.12:18.13 
kens Rendering the EPS with Ghostscritp at 72 dpi gives essentially identical output to the original PNG12:18.58 
sebras chrisl: as I read gv's manual they scale the image to the measurements (pixels * dpi) of the input file when set to natural size. when set to pixel size there is no scaling.12:19.10 
  chrisl: so using pixel size makes the file look ok.12:19.22 
chrisl sebras: but that makes no sense since PS doesn't have a "natural size"12:19.35 
kens I'm guessing 'natural size' = 72 dpi12:20.04 
sebras chrisl: well, the embedded png has dimensions in pixels and is set to 72 dpi, no..?12:20.08 
chrisl sebras: there's no embedded png12:20.24 
kens chrisl thre's something in there which oudl be a PNG12:20.49 
sebras chrisl: embedded pixel data then.12:20.52 
kens THeres a PS program to read it12:21.00 
  Itisn't a regular image12:21.08 
sebras this is the part of the gv manual I interpreted as doing the scaling.12:21.22 
chrisl It doesn't really tell us how gv is driving ghostscript for the two settings12:22.07 
kens Ick, it uses colorimage12:22.11 
sebras chrisl: no I know.12:22.26 
kens chrisl I reckon it just uses different resolution, compare the output at 72 dpi vs teh output at 96 dpi12:22.35 
  (using GS)12:22.45 
chrisl kens: very likely.12:23.07 
kens Using -DDOINTERPOLATE produces nicer output12:23.46 
chrisl It does seem that somewhere in the process, the original image is being downsampled12:24.39 
bremby chrisl: what makes you think that?12:25.42 
chrisl bremby: the quality of the image in your EPS is much lower than the original PNG12:26.04 
bremby but if you select Pixel based scaling, then the image is the SAME12:26.37 
  same resolution, same size, same image12:26.47 
chrisl bremby: I don't really understand what pixel/natural scaling is doing - it *seems* to be doing more than just changing the resolution12:29.29 
kens chrisl the image in the EPS seems to be the same size as the PNG, 237x21412:29.43 
chrisl kens: and what is the image matrix?12:30.10 
kens DOn't know. I meant the raw data in the image is the same as the raw data in the PNG fikle.12:30.31 
chrisl Okay, so not being downsampled - I get some strange rendering in gv at different zoom levels, which looked like downsampling12:31.55 
kens matrix is 237 0 0 -214 0 21412:32.23 
  I see different results depending on resolution12:32.41 
  Because, if you scale the image data in non-integer factors, then some vertical/horizontal lines end up wider than others12:33.17 
  Depending on how the user space co-ordinates map to device space12:33.31 
  Obviously I'm not running Linux so I'm not tetsing gv, but presonally I do not see any indication of a bug.12:33.57 
chrisl So, yes, it does seem that "natural size" is probably 96dpi, and pixel based is 72dpi..... hence "natural size" appears larger12:34.25 
kens Yes, that seems to be what I see12:34.39 
  scaling by 1.333 gives unpleasant results. But if you use -DDOINTERPOLATE, then its all good12:35.20 
sebras gv_real_xdpi = 72.0 * 72.0 * (float)gv_screen_width / (25.4 * sizeX);12:37.20 
  gv_real_ydpi = 72.0 * 72.0 * (float)gv_screen_height / (25.4 * sizeY);12:37.20 
  gv_pixel_xdpi = 72.0;12:37.20 
  gv_pixel_ydpi = 72.0;12:37.20 
  gv_screen_height and sizeX and sizeY appears to be fetched from X11 by gv.12:37.42 
  I think this is the root of the problem.12:37.50 
chrisl sebras: usually that's 96dpi12:37.57 
sebras chrisl: doesn't sound unreasonable, no. but it is not a fixed dpi.12:38.14 
kens OK that's the inital code for pdfwrite with colour management done, possible ColorConversionStrategy values are now LeaveColorUnchanged, UseDeviceIndependentColor, Gray, RGB or CMYK. All seem to work with my test file (which exercises linework, image types 1,3 and 4 and shading types 1, 2 and 3). THere are some odd looking colour values which I need to check, and I would like to see if I can do a better job with sahdings, but th12:38.44 
  is no longer crashes, and produces plausible looking output in almost all cases.12:38.44 
kens fetches a celebratory coffee12:39.20 
chrisl Ah, gv is using Graphics/TextAlphaBits so images don't get any anti-aliasing treatment......12:39.33 
  sebras: if you edit the gs options in the gv anti-aliased device to include "-dDOINTERPOLATE" you get much nicer results selecting anti-aliased viewing12:41.12 
sebras chrisl: confirmed.12:42.17 
chrisl So, again, I'm not really seeing any problems here12:44.52 
bremby so how do I convert the image?12:46.19 
chrisl In what way?12:46.30 
bremby in your way, with that interpolate option12:46.53 
kens Ths isn't 'converting' the image, its rendering the EPS12:47.32 
bremby ah, ok12:47.41 
  ok, works12:49.15 
chrisl bremby: imagemagick might allow you to set the "interpolate" flag in the PS image dictionary12:49.44 
bremby chrisl: ok, thanks12:50.11 
  ok, thanks guys13:03.31 
  thank you very much13:03.58 
kens You're welcome13:04.16 
bremby too bad there's no donate button on your webpage13:04.58 
kens We make money through commercial licencing13:05.23 
bremby ok13:05.34 
tor7 Robin_Watts: tiny bugfix on tor/master13:26.55 
Robin_Watts looking...14:01.09 
  So you've changed the clip, but not the bbox.14:01.44 
  looks good to me.14:04.03 
henrys kens:wow congratulations! nice14:07.46 
kens thx henrsy14:08.25 
  looking at some of the odd colour conversions now14:08.56 
Robin_Watts tor7: Small fix on robin/master, plus the CHANGES file.14:20.00 
sebras Robin_Watts: not that it matters, but why not sizeof(name)?14:27.56 
Robin_Watts sebras: That would be nicer.14:28.21 
sebras Robin_Watts: and trailing whitespace in the CHANGES file...14:28.28 
Robin_Watts BUT it makes me worry about C :)14:28.39 
sebras Robin_Watts: it does?14:28.50 
Robin_Watts In most contexts in C name is treated as a char *14:28.58 
  and sizeof(char *) is not the same as sizeof(array).14:29.11 
sebras ah.14:29.45 
tor7 Robin_Watts: "sizeof buf" is pretty commonly used14:30.22 
  and preferable to a magic constant number14:30.31 
Robin_Watts I'll change it if people prefer.14:30.33 
tor7 I think we usually have 'buf' in the variable name for those situations, to make more clear it's a static buffer rather than a pointer14:31.17 
  statically sized14:31.26 
Robin_Watts tor7: Fixed versions of the commits on robin master then.14:36.17 
tor7 Robin_Watts: you've backup up lots of thirdparty modules this time...14:37.24 
  fixes look good otherwise14:37.57 
Robin_Watts bah.14:38.44 
  stupid git submodules.14:38.48 
tor7 are you using git add -a or -u or something like that?14:40.51 
Robin_Watts yeah, I'd backtracked in history, to check something earlier. My bad.14:41.13 
  fixed versions up.14:41.21 
henrys is google having problems again - I can't do a web search14:41.52 
tor7 Robin_Watts: fab. they look good to go.14:42.19 
henrys nvm it's back14:42.46 
chrisl Okay, can someone remind me (once again - sorry!) how to update the thirparty submodules in mupdf?14:49.22 
Robin_Watts git submodule update --init14:50.03 
sebras tor7: btw, was there anything apart from the rewording of the commit message (Have... do...) that you wanted me to update on sebras/master?14:50.13 
chrisl Robin_Watts: ta14:50.29 
Robin_Watts git config alias.dothatsubmodulethang="submodule update --init"14:50.43 
  tor7: Did you cluster test the edge list min/max change?14:51.45 
chrisl Robin_Watts: that's only going to be useful if I remember what I put for "dothatsubmodulethang"14:51.45 
tor7 Robin_Watts: no. without the change I couldn't do the opengl tiger (since I hadn't set up a scissor rect)14:52.42 
Robin_Watts tor7: It upsets mujstest14:52.55 
  will investigate.14:52.58 
dogisfat I have an image that is intercepted in my driver in the begin_typed_image portion. The image is clipped into a shape in the original drawing.14:53.36 
  I would have thought the gx_clip_path provided in the begin_typed_image call would have contained the clipping path, but when I look at the data in the provided path, it is empty.14:53.59 
  Where else might I find the clip path for the image?14:54.44 
kens In the device clip method14:55.27 
dogisfat Which device would be best to look at for an example?14:56.17 
kens pdfwrite ?14:57.14 
dogisfat Thank you.14:57.33 
Robin_Watts kens: Which device proc is that?14:58.51 
kens Don't know offhand14:59.03 
Robin_Watts I can't see an obvious one.14:59.11 
  dogisfat: Is this a PDF file as input or a PS file?14:59.33 
sebras Robin_Watts: echo -e '#!/bin/sh\ngit submodule update --init' > .git/hooks/post-checkout && chmod 755 .git/hooks/post-checkout15:00.40 
dogisfat Robin_Watts: PS15:10.21 
Robin_Watts ok, so it won't be a wierd transparency thing.15:10.35 
  It could be a pattern.15:11.00 
  but I would have thought you should have seen some indication of that in the previous calls to the device.15:11.24 
dogisfat Robin_Watts: GS correctly handles it, at least in the bmp16m device. I am just trying to figure out how to properly handle it myself.15:11.39 
  Robin_Watts: It is definitely a typed image. 15:12.13 
Robin_Watts dogisfat: You could try running it through the bmp16m device, with a breakpoint on every device function within that device.15:12.47 
  Then as each one is hit, you can check whether you implement that one in your device.15:12.59 
kens Looks like ita the path method and you check the reason15:13.57 
dogisfat The bmp device relies on some other device to rasterize it. By the time it makes it to the bmp device it is already in a raster buffer.15:14.21 
Robin_Watts tor7: Another fix.15:25.44 
  monxalo: Did you see my musings in the logs just after you left yesterday ?16:02.21 
monxalo ah, yes, paulgardiner has linked me a patch to do that, but don't know if that is enough.16:04.23 
Robin_Watts monxalo: I would hope that that should be enough, but paulgardiner is the expert.16:05.20 
monxalo sure, you can show them 2 side by side, and change the gaps between pages to show them side-by-side, but don't know if it enough for the zooming.16:10.03 
Robin_Watts ah, you may need to tell both pages to zoom at the same rate.16:10.46 
  paulgardiner: ping?16:11.20 
  monxalo: He'll be here in a mo.16:13.00 
monxalo Thanks :).16:13.20 
sebras tor7: no response on my patches?16:13.25 
  tor7: they seem harmless to take on before the release.16:13.37 
  tor7: they affect the debian platform files and the documentation.16:13.52 
paulgardiner monxalo: hi16:16.02 
monxalo paulgardiner: hi 16:17.18 
paulgardiner Did I point you to miha's patch for 2 up?16:18.28 
monxalo yes, but i wasn't convinced it would be enough, at least for the zooming part.16:19.23 
  *it wouldn't.16:19.32 
paulgardiner Possibly not. What happens when you attempt zooming with the patch applied?16:20.09 
monxalo it zooms correctly the active page, but you still have the perception that you're changing pages, instead of being one A3 landscape page, like magazines or news paper.16:22.59 
paulgardiner Right, so for your application you want the pages paired.16:24.54 
monxalo Yes, exactly.16:25.10 
  that's why i was trying to combine 2 bitmaps, it worked well but now comes the zooming part.16:25.54 
paulgardiner Rather than combine two bitmaps, you could render pairs of pages to a single bitmap.16:26.34 
Robin_Watts monxalo: I feel a better solution would be to 'pair' pages.16:27.02 
paulgardiner Much of the code would then be working as though viewing a document with double-width pages.16:27.12 
Robin_Watts so that changing the scale on one view would change the scale on the paired view.16:27.36 
paulgardiner The single-bitmap approach might turn out to be the path of least resistance16:29.23 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: Where is the 'scale' calculated for a view?16:29.41 
monxalo paulgardiner: What do you mean by the approach 'render pairs of pages to a single bitmap' ?16:29.47 
Robin_Watts In the view itself?16:29.52 
paulgardiner Android has a system of laying out using measureView calls.16:32.13 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: So the view calculates it's own scale as part of measureView ?16:32.46 
  Surely the view calculates it's own scale as a result of a gesture or something, and then, on the next measureView uses that scale.16:33.26 
paulgardiner ReaderView first asks the page views how big they'd like to be and then forces them to that size * scale16:33.38 
Robin_Watts I was thinking that when the view calculates it's scale, that could tell it's paired pages of the scale they should adopt.16:34.24 
  or (perhaps better) when it CHANGES scale, that change is propogated to all the paired pages.16:35.12 
paulgardiner Other than in reflow mode, the page views aren't told their scale. They are told to fit to a size and then internally scale so as to obey16:35.25 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: So the next level thing up (the adapter?) could arrange for views to scale in sync?16:36.12 
paulgardiner I'm pretty sure the paired-pages approach could be made to work, just not sure it has advantages over rendering to a two-up bitmap16:37.04 
monxalo Yes, it's merely preception.16:39.14 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts: Yes. The system calls ReaderView's measureView method. I response, ReaderView calls measure twice on each page: once to find out what size they want to be, and secondly to tell them to be a certain size, that size being the scale times what they wanted to be16:39.34 
Robin_Watts It feels nice to me having "views" be "pages".16:40.31 
paulgardiner s/I/In/16:40.33 
Robin_Watts and it would allow us to animate between different page layouts more easily, I'd imagine, if we ever wanted to do that.16:40.58 
  In a double page view mode, I'd expect to see a small gap between pages, not to have them exactly abutting.16:42.34 
  with view-per-page that's no problem16:42.44 
  with 2pages-in-a-view that means the view is transparent.16:43.02 
  which is bad for speed.16:43.07 
  having 2pages-in-a-view, you have to have 'duplexing' code within views; 2 hq redraws, 2 lowq redraws, have to check which page clicks etc are on.16:44.27 
  My gut says that for the sake of a little complexity to cope with zooming pairs of pages in sync, it'll be overall simpler that way. But I could be wrong.16:45.18 
paulgardiner Yeah. That's a point, especially the click handling could get messy.16:45.21 
  I was just looking for ways to avoid too much change to ReaderView, because it's quite complicated and difficult to work on.16:47.14 
  Making a big change to how it choreographs page movement could be almost a rewrite.16:47.47 
monxalo paulgardiner: Exactly, that's why i was opting to have my own TwoPageView and take care of that.16:48.15 
  the downside is much code will be duplicated.16:48.35 
kens Night all16:48.42 
monxalo unlesss i could somehow extend PageView to reuse some functionality.16:49.09 
paulgardiner The TwoPageView may be good but doesn't have the easy extension to on-the-fly layout changes.16:49.53 
  monxalo: I was assuming you meant TwoPageView to be a ViewGroup containing two PageViews16:52.56 
  It would also need to support the MuPDFView interface16:53.49 
monxalo paulgardiner: I tried that, but has too many weird behaviours.16:54.13 
paulgardiner In what way?16:54.35 
  You'd need to pass on calls to measureView and layout very carefully.16:55.25 
  but I'd have thought it could be made to work.16:55.40 
monxalo I can't recall exactly, but i couldn't render the pages correctly, they would stretch.16:56.07 
paulgardiner measureView (in the UNSPECIFIED case) would want to sum the widths of the two subviews.16:56.18 
monxalo Yes, i extended the MuPDFView interface to support some aditional methods.16:56.36 
paulgardiner monxalo: yeah, stretching is exactly the sort of thing that would happen if the measureView and layout calls weren't quite wired up correctly.16:57.09 
  measureView in the EXACT case is probably quite nasty. It would need to reask the subviews what size they want to be, then work out the scale and split up the sent-down width between them16:58.54 
  So, if that wasn't what you meant by TwoPageView, what were you intending? One view with two pages on a single bitmap?16:59.59 
  I don't know. Maybe it would be better to bite the bullet and do all the change in ReaderView: introduce the pairing only within ReaderView's view-placement calculations.17:01.34 
monxalo Yes, what i tried was reuse much of code of the PageView, and create my TwoPageVIew where basically onMeasure just duplicates the width.17:01.38 
paulgardiner At least that way all the rest of the code remains the same.17:01.46 
  monxalo: All three of these approaches should be possible, but they all have disadvantages.17:02.40 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: Can I distract you for a mo? In pdf-form.c line 441 you get a pdf_field_value17:03.51 
  I am seeing that leaked.17:04.00 
monxalo That advantage with this is that i'm not changing any the existing code :), just adding basically a TwoPageView, and an TwoPageAdapter.17:04.06 
Robin_Watts (I don't know if it's always leaked or whether it's just sometimes leaked)17:04.23 
monxalo But thanks for the inputs and insights, i'll try these and see how it works out :).17:04.55 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts: my pdf-form.c has changes. What's there?17:05.07 
Robin_Watts ok.not always leaked.17:05.11 
  This is inside pdf_update_appearance, in the PDF_WIDGET_TYPE_TEXT17:05.31 
paulgardiner monxalo: the problem with Page pairing of both types we've discussed is that you might get the basic display working, but then run into lots of nasty fiddling to get search and link following working17:06.29 
Robin_Watts and selections. and annotations.17:06.57 
paulgardiner monxalo: yes, as Robin_Watts says, all that may be difficult.17:08.02 
Robin_Watts Ah! Always leaked, I think.17:09.05 
  I suspect I just need an fz_free(ctx, e.value) after the pdf_js_setup_event?17:10.04 
  pdf_js_setup_event strdups e.value and then it's never used again.17:10.50 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts: Yes, that's a leak alright. Looks like it needs a try/catch17:11.01 
Robin_Watts because the pdf_js_setup_event may fail to strdup?17:11.25 
paulgardiner I hadn't looked inside the calls, but I'd imagine it strdups, and yes that could fail17:12.39 
Robin_Watts ok. testing fix now.17:13.07 
  paulgardiner: fix (actually 2 fixes) on robin/master then.17:15.42 
paulgardiner Probably, we should change the name of pdf_field_value to reflect that the result need freeing17:16.34 
ray_laptop I think peeves is sick. It's taking minutes 3+ to build gs after one file changed. Hung up linking17:17.11 
  it took almost a minute to save a file and exit vim17:17.39 
Robin_Watts Load average of 1317:17.51 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts: both look fine17:17.56 
Robin_Watts ray_laptop: You have a firefox of 494meg, of which only 39 is resident.17:19.00 
  I think you may be swapping :)17:19.07 
  actually, no, swap looks Ok.17:19.52 
  paulgardiner: Thanks. 1 more fix there.17:20.32 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts: That one fine too17:23.45 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: Thanks.17:23.53 
  marcosw: If I clusterpush a "mupdf mujstest" job, is that going to cause problems?17:27.47 
  specifically, will it cause files to be tested in mudraw that otherwise would not?17:28.03 
  I'm guessing that tests_private/pdf/forms/*/*.pdf are not tested in mudraw generally?17:28.27 
Robin_Watts repeats for marcosw1 :)17:28.38 
  marcosw: If I clusterpush a "mupdf mujstest" job, is that going to cause problems?17:28.40 
  specifically, will it cause files to be tested in mudraw that otherwise would not?17:28.44 
mvrhel_laptop chrisl: you around still?18:03.38 
  I forgot to test the ARM program yesterday18:03.48 
  I will take care of that today18:03.52 
chrisl mvrhel_laptop: sorry, was working on the laptop - as I said, no major rush. I'll be a little surprised if it actually works!18:20.00 
  I am going to finish for the day, though - I've got a headache coming on...18:22.09 
marcosw Robin_Watts: I don't think it will work...18:33.16 
  the regression test is hardwired so that mujstest uses the file from pdf/forms and mupdf uses the same files as Ghostscript (except not the ghostscript ones). I could change it so that mupdf also tests the pdf/forms files.18:35.31 
Robin_Watts marcosw: No, don't worry. It explains the result I saw earlier.18:41.30 
dogisfat The paths for the image I was talking about earlier has path_valid as false, yet the PDF image clip-path handler does not check the flag. Why is this? 18:54.17 
  Maybe the question should be how do I know that I should look in the path_list portion of the gx_clip_path_s structure for path data as opposed to the path portion of the aforementioned structure?19:10.26 
ray_laptop MSC doesn't seem to have the POSIX strncasecmp :-( I wonder about other funky compilers, like HP-UX and AIX23:00.48 
  well, it built on windoze :-\ Let's see now23:45.50 
  Wow. i7 is FAST! it even beats fermis getting started23:47.55 
  got 372 jobs completed by the time fermis wen to "Starting jobs" state23:48.41 
  I am looking at getting one of those 1U Dells that Marcos gor for fermis to replace, or supplement peeved23:49.34 
  marcosw: since it is in my office, noise isn't a super concern. Any other reason I shouldn't get one (or more) ?23:50.18 
  henrys: The regression run I'm doing is for saved pages. Finishing up testing (locally) and documentation. About ready to push for comment/review.23:51.13 
  except for documentation, it is "feature complete", so I'd like to get it into the 9.08 release. The primary user benefit is collated copies on jobs23:52.48 
  without re-parsing23:52.55 
  The primary "gotcha" is that it won't affect output to "high-level" printer formats like PXL and PS (PDF is irrelevant).23:54.57 
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