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henrys marcosw:were you going to get the customer #801 PCL thing going or should I?05:17.29 
marcosw henrys: it looked to me that rayjj had replied to all of custmer #80106:27.31 
  emails. which one are you referring to?06:27.54 
chlebnik Hi sorry for my english. I have problem with resolution for convert pdf -> jpg, default resolution is very low, how can i set my resolution for convert ? Thank you very much for help.07:49.17 
kens See the documentation, -r<number> sets the resolution07:49.39 
chlebnik In android07:51.08 
kens SO you are not talking about Ghostscript then ?07:51.25 
chlebnik ups, i click to contact in mupdf page, and login here.07:52.29 
  this is not help for android ?07:52.49 
kens THis is a channel for both MuPDF and Ghostscript, but its a good idea to say which one you are using07:53.00 
  So what are you actually doing to convert your PDF to JPEG ?07:53.26 
chlebnik oh, sorry, MuPDF on Android Mobile07:53.47 
kens Yes, and what are you doing to convert teh file ?07:54.03 
chlebnik MuPDFCore myPdf = new MuPDFCore(pdfFileName);07:54.03 
  int pdf_w = (int) Math.round(myPdf.getPageSize(pageNumber - 1).x); int pdf_h = (int) Math.round(myPdf.getPageSize(pageNumber - 1).y); int x = (int) Math.round((zoom_l * pdf_w) / 210); int y = (int) Math.round((zoom_t * pdf_h) / 297); int w = (int) Math.round((zoom_w * pdf_w) / 210); int h = (int) Math.round((zoom_h * pdf_h) / 297);07:54.24 
kens OK so you are using the MuPDF library directly. You will have to wait until one of the MuPDF developers turns up, this is out of my scope.07:54.40 
chlebnik convert is here07:54.48 
  Bitmap myImage = myPdf.drawPage(pageNumber - 1, pdf_w, pdf_h, x, y, w, h); 07:54.49 
kens I expect one or more developers in the next hour or so, I'd suggest you hang on for a bit. THey will read the logs when they log on.07:55.33 
chlebnik ok, thank you very much, i wait here. Sorry im from czech republic, and my english is very bad, google translator is my teacher :)07:57.01 
kens Your English is just fine, don't worry!07:57.19 
Robin_Watts chlebnik: By default, pages are rendered at 72dpi.08:48.19 
  If you want them rendered at a higher resolution, increase the width and height.08:48.47 
sebras Robin_Watts: do you mind taking a look at sebras/master?09:25.52 
Robin_Watts the last 2 ?09:27.11 
sebras Robin_Watts: y, there should only be two...09:27.42 
  Robin_Watts: I'll start up my debian virtualbox to make sure that the built packages install correctly as well.09:28.37 
Robin_Watts ok, the debian thing seems plausible (but I am not qualified to say better than that)09:29.19 
chlebnik hi sorry my late09:30.00 
  yes 72dpi09:30.07 
Robin_Watts The examples looks OK too. Though I might have been tempted by actual error checking if we don't supply a filename.09:30.19 
sebras Robin_Watts: right, I have been trying to convince tor* to take a look at them, but no response. ;)09:30.21 
kens tor has some other things on his mind right now.. :-(09:30.51 
sebras kens: I know.09:31.00 
Robin_Watts chlebnik: PDFs are constructed with the default coords being 72dpi.09:31.14 
  To render at different resolutions, we pass in transforms to fz_run_page or fz_run_display_list that map from 72dpi to the required dpi.09:31.42 
  The public API for MuPDF is at the C level.09:31.53 
sebras Robin_Watts: we used to crash horribly before so this patch improves matters. I have been trying to keep docs/example.c less than 100 lines so I'm hesitant to add more error checking.09:32.12 
Robin_Watts The java classes in the Android are NOT a public API.09:32.18 
  sebras: Sure.09:32.21 
  chlebnik: In order to do our android viewer, we have exposed just enough of the core libraries functionality over JNI so we can call what we want from java.09:33.10 
  As such, if you attempt to reuse our java code, you should expect to encounter sharp edges.09:33.37 
chlebnik increase width and height... default is 210 and 29709:38.13 
  but page return anything about 1400 and 190009:38.38 
sebras Robin_Watts: d'oh found a mistake.09:38.39 
Robin_Watts chlebnik: For an A4 page width/height of 210/297 would be 1 pixel per mm.09:39.39 
chlebnik yes, page is 210/297, but if i use (myPdf.getPageSize(0).x return about 1400px09:40.38 
Robin_Watts chlebnik: Right.09:41.08 
  This is what I mean about you needing to look at the C level.09:42.04 
chlebnik how i set this width to etc. 500009:42.23 
  or use function fz_run_page is better ?09:43.41 
Robin_Watts chlebnik: The current java classes are designed to produce 'views' that can be displayed on the screen of an android device.09:43.47 
  as such they are plumbed together to allow for panning/zooming etc.09:44.20 
  IF you just want to get bitmaps out at a given size, then you will most likely find that the JNI interfaces exposed are not ideal.09:45.02 
chlebnik yes i known it, but i need transfer pdf and xps to jpg, and working with it. create there next text, next color border etc...09:45.04 
Robin_Watts So you might be best served to work at the C level, and put your own JNI interface on it.09:45.32 
chlebnik ufff my JNI it is very big programing for me09:46.35 
  and if default is 72dpi, can I recompile mupdf clasess with new default resolution as 320 ?09:47.37 
Robin_Watts chlebnik: No. The 72dpi default is in the spec.09:47.57 
  It's easy to do at the C level.09:48.05 
tor7 Robin_Watts: you mentioned something about a lua interface a week or two ago... anything come of that?09:49.13 
Robin_Watts someone is looking into it.09:49.30 
  Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo09:49.50 
chlebnik sorry, what doing on C levet, new default dpi, or new width height, or new transfer ??? 09:50.23 
tor7 creating wrappers for lua is one of the easiest languages to do so for, so it may make sense to make those as a prototype for the fleshed out JNI interface we've been discussing09:50.56 
  brb, need to restart my chat client09:51.30 
Robin_Watts chlebnik: Driving mupdf to produce bitmaps at different scales is very simple to do at the C level.09:51.40 
  But you will need to write interface code so the C can be called from java.09:52.19 
  which means you will need to write JNI code.09:52.29 
  If you're just passing in sizes and creating bitmaps, then it should be easy enough - all the code you need can be stolen from platform/android/jni/mupdf.c I think.09:53.11 
chlebnik on C level on Android device ?09:53.20 
Robin_Watts Yes.09:54.20 
chlebnik sorry, but im beginner in programing, c level, none, jni none, java beginer, i think use function page.setResolution, or setWidth.... or another... but programing in JNI Clevel, no, it not for me :(09:56.17 
  It would turn out badly09:57.23 
Robin_Watts well, sorry, I can't magically produce such a call for you.09:58.26 
kens chrisl Robin_Watts I just got this warning from the build, I'm guessing its due to Robin's LCMS2 change:10:02.02 
  New makefile issues:10:02.02 
  gsicc_lcms2.$(OBJ): missing dependency on $(lcms2_extras_h)10:02.02 
chrisl I guess I'll let Robin deal with it, then..... :-)10:03.58 
Robin_Watts will fix, thanks.10:07.21 
tor7 Robin_Watts: the curl commit "Fix Release build" adds mixed line endings to the project file10:13.03 
  or maybe I'm just reading "git diff" wrong10:13.58 
Robin_Watts tor7: I hope it shouldn't. I can't see why it should10:14.49 
tor7 looking at the checked out file it has all dos line-endings10:15.07 
  but the git diff shows the new lines with a ^M at the end, but old lines without10:15.18 
Robin_Watts tor7: Which is correct for a project file.10:15.21 
  I think that's just what git diff does.10:15.37 
tor7 probably10:15.41 
  I believe we have our git setup to do normalized line-endings, so in the repo all line endings are unix-style but on checkout whatever your system prefers10:16.29 
  but I guess since curl doesn't do that, I've never actually seen this sort of diff before10:17.12 
  so it threw me10:17.24 
  are there any more commits waiting to get urgently committed before the RC other than sebras?10:17.44 
Robin_Watts I'm working on fixing multipage svgs.10:22.25 
  but that's not urgent for the rc.10:22.39 
tor7 right. so just the debian fixes sebras is working on then we can tag an rc and do the builds.10:23.07 
sebras tor7: hm.. update-alternatives seems to be easier than doing symlinks!10:25.57 
  tor7: are you going to release 1.3 now..?10:31.06 
  or 1.2?10:31.12 
Robin_Watts 1.3 this time.10:31.59 
  1.2 was the last one.10:32.03 
sebras missed one.10:32.09 
Robin_Watts lost count too, but 1.2 was tagged in Feb.10:32.29 
  and the CHANGES file bit I just updated says "changes since 1.2"10:32.55 
chlebnik Robin_Watts: there was write change default resolition, change w/h, use any function write in C or JNI, ok, more result, please could you write me the best way, for result this problem ? only theoretical, and i doing any test for programing it... very very please10:39.48 
  what i must doing, programing and where togo to finish :)10:40.51 
Robin_Watts chlebnik: Sorry, I didn't understand that.10:41.27 
chlebnik very sorry for my english, i m from czech republik and my englist is very bad10:41.47 
  i repeat it :)10:41.57 
Robin_Watts It is far better than my Czech :)10:42.03 
chlebnik :) thank you very much :)10:42.57 
tor7 Robin_Watts: does mutool poster work?10:43.04 
  it seems to break on all but the first page10:43.42 
Robin_Watts chlebnik: Maybe you might want to look at: 
  tor7: I haven't looked at it in ages.10:44.06 
tor7 or rather, mupdf breaks when changing pages. the first page always opens fine, but subsequent pages break.10:44.32 
  error: object out of range (269504 0 R); xref size 4000010:45.00 
  warning: cannot load object (269504 0 R) into cache10:45.00 
  it's also an example of why we shouldn't write comments.10:45.22 
Robin_Watts tor7: I will look after I run.10:45.33 
tor7 the comments in pdfposter.c are still the same as the ones in pdfclean.c ... it's all a lie!10:45.47 
Robin_Watts yeah.10:46.19 
chlebnik I write my problem in global. My app every 30sec, get from specifi url big PDF or XPS, on specifi page (3), create cut from X1,Y1 to X2,Y2 and this save so JPG, to this JPG i add very string, color border, and another, but JPG is very bad quality, with small resolution. 10:49.52 
  I find your library10:50.04 
  compile very more files and very very day i install to eclipse to first run :)10:50.43 
  now I creating app in java, and now i have problem with this resulution10:51.48 
  in url what you send, it is new library extend your muPdf ?10:52.23 
  but it show to view10:52.53 
  but i need JPG file10:53.00 
  JPG in FULL HD10:53.44 
tor7 paulgardiner, Robin_Watts: the incremental pdf_obj architecture we discussed earlier where we'd automatically move an object to the incremental section, is that stuff is all done?11:33.35 
sebras tor7: ok. I think my fixes for debian are done now.11:45.27 
  tor7: I added a small script specific for debian to make the menu entry pop up a file selection dialog using zenity and then start mupdf on that particular file.11:46.01 
  tor7: without it the menu entry does nothing (well it prints error messages to stderr, but you wouldn't seen them and there is no console)11:46.34 
tor7 sebras: sorry, pidgin crashed, I might've missed a message or two there11:47.17 
sebras tor7: ok. I think my fixes for debian are done now.11:47.42 
  tor7: I added a small script specific for debian to make the menu entry pop up a file selection dialog using zenity and then start mupdf on that particular file.11:47.49 
  tor7: without it the menu entry does nothing (well it prints error messages to stderr, but you wouldn't seen them and there is no console)11:47.55 
tor7 ah, that sounds great!11:48.03 
sebras tor7: read through the manpage update and correct my English! ;)11:48.26 
  tor7: hm...11:49.02 
tor7 sebras: I used lib*.a in the example.c files so we don't have to remember to update them :)11:49.07 
  maybe we should build them as part of "make"11:49.17 
sebras tor7: there is a problem with lib*.a11:49.27 
tor7 yeah, the -js- stuff...11:49.37 
sebras tor7: they get added on the command line in alphabetic order which causes linking errors because of the dependencies.11:49.54 
tor7 sebras: mupdf.1 "the previous page page"11:51.13 
  if Shift is pressed <strikeout>on the other hand</strikeout>11:51.52 
  what if I press Shift on the original hand?11:52.06 
sebras tor7: I can fix that, but that's not what I updated.11:52.39 
  tor7: btw, how do I unpack a .xps and open mupdf on the directory?11:52.57 
  tor7: what file should I be looking for?11:53.04 
tor7 unzip foo.xps && mupdf foo/_rels/.rels11:53.20 
  let me have a go at the manpage paragraph11:54.10 
sebras tor7: sure.11:54.19 
  tor7: I think my main task is to write a bad draft that spurs you into action... ;)11:54.47 
  tor7: I'm updating the zenity-script though.11:57.55 
  tor7: I forgot to add an "All supported formats" file-type.11:58.47 
  tor7: but now that is present.11:58.51 
tor7 scroll wheel behaviour, what does shift do that differs from non-shifted scroll wheel?11:59.34 
sebras tor7: unknown.11:59.45 
tor7 "if shift is pressed on the other hand the page is panned"12:00.01 
  I don't have a scroll wheel on this computer, so I can't test!12:00.15 
sebras tor7: can't help you, I have no scroll-wheel in my apartment!12:00.32 
tor7 okay, I could test on my mac with the two-finger-swipe12:01.29 
  shift + scroll wheel pans horizontally12:01.36 
sebras tor7: hm.. more more mime associations necessary.12:07.08 
Robin_Watts I believe so, but paulgardiner is the man to ask.12:09.59 
  chlebnik: The app I pointed you to is a wrapper around mupdf.12:10.20 
  It allows other apps to request bitmap renderings of pages from PDFs.12:10.34 
  It may do what you want.12:10.39 
tor7 sebras: -> mupdf-select-file? (or another more appropriate name)12:15.20 
sebras tor7: sure.12:15.28 
tor7 or call the script mupdf and make that call mupdf-x11 ;)12:16.00 
sebras tor7: I'm not sure whether that is appropriate.12:16.37 
tor7 no, after reading the script it isn't12:16.51 
sebras tor7: pretty ugly, but appears to get the job done.12:17.07 
  still experimenting with it.12:17.21 
tor7 it's what the win32 build does by itself12:17.22 
sebras gnome is missing some mime-type associations so mupdf doesn;t popup in the file manager as it ought to.12:17.47 
tor7 platform/debian/mupdf.mime is too short :)12:18.24 
sebras I kknow.12:18.41 
tor7 there's a list of mime-types in source/fitz/document.c12:19.00 
sebras oh.12:20.23 
tor7 application/x-cbz12:21.10 
sebras I know.12:21.18 
  what is .jfif-tbnl though..?12:22.17 
tor7 ask Robin_Watts12:22.27 
  sebras: commits on tor/master12:25.02 
sebras tor7: why are we working on the same files?12:27.28 
chlebnik i look for the sended app url at home, and test it. Thak you very much, if I have a problem I'll call12:29.07 
sebras tor7: agh! stupid conflicts. :-( I have to run. I'll be back tonight. don't you dare do the rc until I'm done! ;)12:31.52 
tor7 sebras: I said I was going to have a stab at mupdf.112:33.44 
  Robin_Watts: three commits on tor/master12:42.24 
  Robin_Watts: and a (not to be merged) commit on tor/roadmap with a list of things that we should keep an eye on for the next release.12:46.32 
  paulgardiner: ^12:46.44 
paulgardiner hi tor7 12:46.57 
  Ah right. Will look12:47.22 
tor7 I asked about the incremental pdf_obj stuff we discussed a while ago too, I think you may have missed the question :)12:47.40 
  paulgardiner: anything to be added to or changed on the ROADMAP, please let me know12:48.11 
paulgardiner tor7: I think it's done. I imagine a few bugs will turn up, but other than that it seems to be working okay12:49.35 
tor7 paulgardiner: fab! it just fell off my map.12:49.54 
paulgardiner whether I'll ever manage to create an appearance stream with text in it via the pdf device is quite another thing. :-)12:53.09 
  tor7: two commits are fine12:55.32 
  Is the commented-out code intentional in the third?12:58.06 
tor7 I don't know if robin wants to use them in the future. it could be done better if not.12:58.42 
paulgardiner Ah right. One for Robin then12:59.09 
Robin_Watts looks13:01.52 
paulgardiner On the ROADMAP, both forms support and javascript DOM we may want to make more complete.13:02.29 
Robin_Watts I doubt we will use those values, but I like the idea of having them there commented out as documentation if you will.13:02.49 
tor7 paulgardiner: yeah. forms for other viewers should be on there somewhere as well.13:03.08 
  and js support for non-androids.13:03.15 
suprath is there any help for C#13:03.41 
  I want to render pdf file in C# controls13:03.59 
  how to do?13:04.03 
Robin_Watts suprath: medically?13:04.04 
tor7 an idea I've been thinking about is replacing the existing x11 and win32 viewers with some common code that uses glut and opengl to draw the pages. should be faster, and have fewer platform specific bits.13:04.08 
suprath any idea?13:04.09 
Robin_Watts suprath: We don't do C# ourselves.13:04.42 
  but mvrhel has just ported mupdf to Windows 8.13:04.56 
paulgardiner tor7: In an fz_text object, what coordinate space are the item's x and y? In particular, how are they affected by the font size?13:04.57 
suprath ok thanks13:05.02 
  One doubt...13:05.15 
Robin_Watts as part of that he has a DLL that can be called via COM from different languages such as C#.13:05.28 
  so that might be most of the job done.13:05.34 
suprath Which function actually gets the current pdf page13:05.35 
tor7 paulgardiner: the x/y are supposed to be combined with the fz_text->trm matrix as the e/f values13:05.41 
Robin_Watts suprath: "current" pdf page?13:05.48 
suprath yes13:05.53 
Robin_Watts There is no concept of "current" page.13:06.00 
  at least in the lib.13:06.11 
suprath I mean render as matrics13:06.12 
Robin_Watts suprath: Look at doc/example.c13:06.30 
suprath I have seen help docs to save as bitmap sources13:06.36 
paulgardiner tor7: ta13:06.41 
suprath ok13:06.46 
Robin_Watts That's less than 100 lines that shows how to open a pdf and draw a page.13:06.47 
tor7 paulgardiner: each glyph is rendered using the text->trm with the e and f values substituted from the textitem->x and y13:07.31 
Robin_Watts tor7: In the roadmap; I think svgout is a high priority goal.13:08.44 
  And there is no mention in there of lcms.13:09.25 
  or rather no mention of a color managed solution.13:09.37 
  As much as I like lcms, it has some pretty major inbuilt brokennesses.13:09.58 
suprath Hello Robin, thank you for your support... I have one more doubt... In this example also..its shown to save as an image file...but if I want to edit that pdf file or highlight should not be saved as an image right13:10.00 
  pls help13:10.02 
tor7 Robin_Watts: right. will fix.13:10.09 
  Robin_Watts: if not lcms2, are there any other suitable options?13:10.22 
Robin_Watts That example gets a pixmap, and chooses to save it.13:10.23 
  You just don't save it.13:10.26 
  tor7: lcms3!13:10.32 
paulgardiner Just realised I don't know how are matrixes work. Is it (2x2mat(a,b,c,d) apply_to (x,y)) + (e,f) or 2x2mat(a,b,c,d) apply_t ((x,y) + (e,f)) ?13:10.37 
Robin_Watts I just have to talk Marti into it :)13:10.38 
tor7 :)13:10.39 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: our matrices are:13:11.06 
  a b 013:11.10 
  c d 013:11.13 
  e f 113:11.16 
  Then normal 3x3 matrix rules apply.13:11.25 
tor7 paulgardiner: it's a 3x3 matrix with: ... what robin said13:11.28 
  points are (x y 1) and vectors are (x y 0)13:11.47 
paulgardiner Ah of course. Applied to (x,y, 1)13:11.47 
suprath_ Robin13:14.01 
  can u pls help me out of this issue13:14.09 
  my connection lost meanwhile sorry for that13:14.25 
Robin_Watts suprath_: The example shows how to draw a bitmap then save it.13:14.50 
tor7 Robin_Watts: paulgardiner: updated tor/roadmap13:15.15 
paulgardiner So we multiply with the point on the left and the mat on the right (if using usual conventions)13:15.17 
Robin_Watts You want to use it, rather than save it, right?13:15.24 
  paulgardiner: Yes.13:15.29 
suprath_ yes exactly... but my question is in other pdf viewers, are they saving it just like as image?13:15.36 
Robin_Watts suprath_: Viewers will use the image directly, I'd imagine.13:15.59 
  but that's down to the app writer.13:16.17 
  The job of the library is to render a bitmap.13:16.25 
  how that is then presented to the user is the job of the app writer.13:16.37 
suprath_ ok so you have any idea to do so... to use the app writer?13:17.13 
Robin_Watts suprath_: To do what?13:17.24 
suprath_ any help would be much appreciated13:17.24 
  I mean i want to highlight some text in a pdf then save it as pdf13:17.47 
tor7 paulgardiner: gl_Position = vec4(vec3(a_position, 1.0) * ctm, 1.0); so yes, point on left, matrix on right13:18.06 
Robin_Watts Ah, well, in that case you need to look at PDF annotations, I suspect.13:18.17 
  We support various PDF annotation types, one of which is 'highlight'.13:18.46 
suprath_ yes... I also believe that... only if the pdf is rendered as annotation only then we can edit it13:19.07 
tor7 paulgardiner: which is the opposite of opengl conventions...13:19.22 
paulgardiner tor7: So I think that implies that I should set the x/y in text items to be in "page space" irrespective of the font size13:19.22 
Robin_Watts No, you can add annotations to existing PDFs. So any text can be highlighted.13:19.34 
tor7 paulgardiner: yes, the x/y are not affected by the trm scaling and rotation13:19.45 
Robin_Watts There is code in platform/android/jni/mupdf.c that calls it.13:19.58 
suprath_ ok Robin... but in that can should I save that pdf as image? or in which format we have to show/render it13:20.24 
paulgardiner tor7: something is multiplying them by the font size. I was just checking that that is wrong before going off to fix it.13:20.24 
tor7 so they're effectively the position in the page space as you call it (the "ctm" at the point of drawing the text object)13:20.27 
Robin_Watts suprath_: You call fz_open_document to open a document.13:20.55 
  That returns a handle.13:21.04 
  Using that handle you can then call fz_load_page to get pages from the document.13:21.13 
  You can then render those pages to a bitmap for display.13:21.26 
  Or you can fiddle with the annotations on those pages.13:21.34 
  When you are finished, you can save the document back using the original handle.13:21.46 
  So you end up with a modified PDF at the end.13:21.56 
paulgardiner tor7: I know "page space" is the wrong term. What's the correct one? :-)13:22.15 
tor7 I have no idea :)13:22.24 
suprath_ oh great.... so if we give any annotations to that orginal file will be saved along with the loaded file right..... ohh great idea13:22.49 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: "document space" = the default 72dpi space as given by the mediabox etc.13:23.08 
  "device space" = the actual set of pixels we render too.13:23.20 
paulgardiner tor7: :-) I feel better about not knowing 13:23.24 
  Robin_Watts: Bah. You ruined it. Feel bad again now13:23.42 
Robin_Watts I can remember "device space" easily enough.13:24.08 
  "document space" is therefore "the other one" :)13:24.15 
suprath_ can u point out an example for doing annotation...pls13:24.59 
  i mean link of code13:25.09 
Robin_Watts suprath_: I said. Look in platform/android/jni/mupdf.13:25.19 
  suprath_: I said. Look in platform/android/jni/mupdf.c13:25.21 
suprath_ ok13:25.27 
  I think in that code there is nothing specifying how to do annotations...13:28.24 
  sorry if I am mislead13:28.38 
  there is e_openFile13:29.08 
scarpino hi all, is this channel also about ghostpdl?13:29.45 
kens scarpino, yes all Artifex products13:30.04 
suprath_ Robin, have you ever come across such other examples13:30.08 
scarpino thanks.13:30.10 
suprath_ if so could you pls share with me13:30.17 
scarpino I'm trying to get info about the conversion from an SPL file (PCL raw data) to a PDF13:30.40 
suprath_ Hello Kens can you help me out13:30.51 
Robin_Watts suprath_: No, the only example of code we have that drives the library to handle annotations is within the android app, and hence in that file.13:30.56 
kens suprath, no, I know little about MuPDF13:31.02 
scarpino how to get debug/errors messages during using the pcl6 script?13:31.05 
kens scarpino I'm not sure what you mean13:31.20 
scarpino ok, trying to rephrase that13:31.28 
kens There is no 'script', just PCL input, and the ghostpdl executable13:31.36 
  Unless you specifically turn off debug and error messages, they will be emitted on stdout and stderr13:31.57 
scarpino I see, so I guess I only have to rebuild ghostpdl with debug symbols?13:32.16 
Robin_Watts scarpino: Presumably you are using something like: pcl6 -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -o out.pdf in.pcl13:32.20 
scarpino Robin_Watts: exactly13:32.28 
kens scarpino, no, ghostpdl will emit its own messages, regardless of compiler debugging information13:32.43 
scarpino pcl6 -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=test.pdf file.SPL more precisly13:33.01 
kens scarpino, perhaps if you exoplained your actual problem ?13:33.06 
Robin_Watts scarpino: Right. As kens says, you will get any debug or error message on stdout/stderr.13:33.08 
  It's possible that if you're feeding a well formed file in, you won't see any such messages though, as pcl6 may have nothing to report :)13:33.36 
suprath_ Robin thanks for your kind support13:33.47 
  have a nice day13:33.53 
Robin_Watts What messages were you hoping to see?13:33.54 
  suprath_: You're welcome. Good luck.13:34.03 
scarpino kens: I used successufully the pcl2pdf script to convert PCL files to PDF, but I 1 pdf has some weird page13:34.14 
  Robin_Watts: too^13:34.20 
kens scarpino, I'd need to see an example to be sure, but....13:34.30 
scarpino I can send you the file via mail if you want13:34.43 
kens The PCL graphics model does not map precisly to the PDF graphics model13:34.44 
scarpino both SPL and the pdf one13:34.49 
kens Some things we don't even atgtempt to convert (PCL rasterops for example)13:34.59 
  scarpino you cna send me the file if you like, but I'm not a PCL expert I'm afraid :-)13:35.15 
scarpino :-)13:35.21 
kens THough I do maintain pdfwrite, so it would come to me eventually anyway13:35.38 
scarpino this is the PDF I get 
kens as long as its a sensible size you can send it to at, let me look at the PDF..13:36.07 
scarpino the others page are fine, just that one is weird13:36.08 
  I guess because of the font used for the table maybe13:36.24 
kens Err, its hard for me to know what's weird :-)13:36.29 
  Not knowing what its supposed to look like13:36.42 
Robin_Watts scarpino: The PDF is the least interesting thing you can give us. The PCL is much more useful, as from that we can generate the PDF.13:36.43 
scarpino Robin_Watts: ok, you mean the SPL input file right?13:37.01 
kens Yes, the PCL file (.spl is Microsoft for 'spool' and referes to any of a numebr of Page description languages)13:37.28 
scarpino Robin_Watts: if you want to share with me your mail address I can send you the file13:37.29 
Robin_Watts scarpino: kens is your man here.13:37.57 
kens My mail address is above, Robin's is the same format except robin.watts instead of ken.sharp13:37.58 
scarpino oh saw it13:38.23 
kens very slightly obfuscated :-) Just to avoid scrapers13:38.46 
scarpino ;-)13:38.57 
  sent. is 3.8MB13:39.54 
kens Might take a few minutes to ge here at that size13:40.09 
scarpino page 3 is the "weird one"13:40.16 
kens trickling in now13:40.21 
kens quickly rebuilds PCL13:41.00 
scarpino I'm using pcl 9.0713:41.20 
kens Nice to see someone using current software :-)13:41.33 
scarpino is an arch linux developer, only current software here!13:42.00 
kens scarpino : the file looks 'wrong' when rendered to screen, so pdfwrite won't get it any more correct13:42.46 
Robin_Watts scarpino: This means that either the input PCL is broken, or we have a bug in our PCL interpreter code.13:43.32 
  It sounds like you need to speak to henrys when he arrives.13:43.46 
kens yeah, I was just comparing gthe PDF foutput, which is the same as the rendered screen version13:43.51 
  I have no idea what would cause that, I don't speak PCL well enough13:44.16 
  My suggestion would be to open a bug report for it unless you want to wait a couple of hours and discuss it with henrys first13:44.44 
scarpino I can wait. (please do not public that file)13:45.10 
kens No problem, I'll delete it13:45.23 
scarpino you can take it, just do not attach it in a bug report13:45.34 
  no problem if you are able to cut the weird part13:45.51 
Robin_Watts scarpino: If you create a bug on, we can attach the bug as a 'private' attachment so no one outside our company can see it.13:45.53 
kens If it can't be made public, the don't open a bug report unelss someone is available to immeidatley mark the attachment private13:45.56 
scarpino Robin_Watts: that is fine13:46.02 
kens Easiest woudl be to wait for henrys to come online and see what he makes of it I expect, if you don't mind waiting (he's in Coorado)13:46.44 
  Ooops Colorado*13:46.55 
scarpino Anyway, to explain you the situation (but I guess you already got it): that file is generated by a software and sent to physical printer. Actually I replaced the physical printer with a digital one.13:47.07 
kens Seems reasonable13:47.17 
scarpino so, I guess the SPL is correctly generated13:47.28 
kens WOw, page 6 onwards go badly wrong13:47.36 
scarpino let me check13:47.43 
kens It looks like the PCL is begin emitted as text13:47.46 
  page 14 for example13:48.07 
  Are all the pages meant ot look like page 1 ?13:48.55 
  It looks like it a bunch of forms maybe ?13:49.04 
scarpino wait13:49.41 
kens Italian isn't really up to translating these13:49.49 
scarpino I can send you another PDF correctly rendered (scan for real paper) which has some part in common with that one so you see how it should appears13:52.47 
kens What I see is:13:52.47 
  Page 1 is a neatly filled in form13:52.47 
  Page 2 is some kind of bioler plate legalese13:52.47 
  Page 3 looks like it ought to be likepage 1, but is corrupted13:52.47 
  Page 4 looks like the text that should be in the form fields on page 313:52.47 
  Page 5 is the boierplate legalese like on page 213:52.48 
  Page 6 is like page 313:52.48 
  and so on13:52.49 
  scarpino : not really any point in sending it to me, and I exepct henrys has his ownways of seeing what it 'ought' to look like13:54.00 
scarpino ok13:54.22 
kens Until the PCL interpreter renders it correctly, its pretty unlikely that pdfwrite will make a sensible PDF from it13:54.24 
scarpino how do I "invoke" the pcl interpreter?13:54.45 
kens notices henrys is online and wonders if he is just hiding :-)13:54.49 
  scarpino the executable is called pcl6.exe on WIndows, I would guess its pcl6 on Linux13:55.07 
scarpino oh maybe then I just need to exec pcl6 without any params13:55.26 
kens The Windows one renders to the screen unless you tell it otherwise, I think the Linux one defaults to X1113:55.32 
  I'll just kick of a VM and look13:55.57 
scarpino failed13:56.49 
kens OK ./pcl6 in the ghostpdl/gs/obj folder starts it up, just a minute13:58.32 
scarpino uhm maybe I built it without x11 support, on the net I found I have to use -sDEVICE=x1113:59.48 
  but there's no such option in my installation13:59.56 
scarpino rebuilds13:59.58 
kens Possibly, I don't use it on Linux mostly14:00.06 
  Hmm, mine doesn't list X11 support in the devices14:00.35 
kens wonders if we should fix that14:01.04 
  You oculd always write the output to a TIFF file or a PNG14:01.58 
  ./pcl6 -sDEVICE=png16m -o out%d.png 00105.spl14:03.26 
  For some reason that seems to run really slowly on my Fedora VM, but it does work14:05.59 
Robin_Watts tor7: So, it seems that SVG 1.2 is basicallu unsupported in everything, so I can't make multipage SVG files using that.14:12.25 
scarpino ok works here with sDEVICE=x1114:12.28 
Robin_Watts 1.1 doesn't support multipage at all.14:12.31 
tor7 Robin_Watts: right.14:12.41 
kens scarpino, fair enough, my build must be out of date or something14:12.48 
Robin_Watts and now they are officially burying 1.2, and going straight to 2.0 by this time next year.14:12.55 
tor7 Robin_Watts: does 2.0 have multi-page support?14:13.07 
Robin_Watts looking now.14:13.13 
  It seems not.14:15.04 
  so I'm going to close the bug asking for multi-page support.14:19.18 
chrisl kens, scarpino: my Linux pcl6 build has the x11 and x11alpha devices in it14:20.45 
scarpino chrisl: yes, mine too now14:20.58 
  some header was missing ;-)14:21.05 
chrisl Ah, cool14:21.13 
scarpino thanks anyway14:21.18 
chrisl scarpino: I just couldn't remember if the configure script for PCL controlled the inclusion of the x11 devices14:22.36 
kens I may not have somethign configure wants for X11 support, I'm not going to worry about it :-)14:23.08 
chrisl kens: yeh, you'll need the x11 dev packages installed14:23.34 
kens I guess I don't. like I said, not going to worry14:24.13 
henrys scarpino: what is the issue?14:39.59 
kens henrys, badly rendered pages, looks like some PCL is rendered as text14:40.27 
  I'll mail you the file if you like ?14:40.46 
henrys sure why no bug?14:41.04 
kens Mostly because he wants the file to be prviatge, and by then we had gone a long way into it14:41.23 
scarpino exactly.14:41.38 
  but I agree that the file is kept in your company only - not public then14:41.56 
henrys scarpino: generally we don't do that but since we've started ...14:42.09 
kens henrys mail on its way14:42.12 
scarpino henrys: thanks. there're sensitive data14:43.08 
kens wow, slow to send :-(14:43.39 
kens should have zipped it14:43.54 
  OK its gone from this end14:44.08 
henrys kens:got it.14:57.27 
scarpino henrys: I'm here if you need anything. thank you for looking into it15:11.35 
henrys scarpino: did you try it on an HP printer?15:12.09 
scarpino what that mean? if you mean if I did try to print to a physical printer yes I did15:12.33 
  and the generated file is ok15:12.48 
henrys scarpion:looks like a legitimate bug I can create a bug report on bugzilla with a private attachment (only our staff will be able to see it) and get to it over the next few days.15:28.01 
scarpino henrys: it's fine!15:29.00 
henrys scarpino: 
scarpino thank you15:41.47 
Robin_Watts tor7: SVG output device bug fix on robin/master15:45.59 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts, tor7: I seem to be able to break a PDF file just by adding a new font to its resources. Acrobat wont load it, although we can. mutool clean gives no errors, but the result still wont load into Acrobat.15:46.15 
kens What dopes GS say if you render it there ?15:46.34 
paulgardiner I've cleaned the file before and after adding the font. Here's the diff: 
  gen of 65537 is suspicious, but doesn't seem to be the cause.15:47.15 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: On every page of a PDF file in the resources dict there is a /ProcSet15:47.34 
  which is an array.15:47.40 
  What is that value ?15:47.56 
  yeah, the gen number is odd, and should be fixed, but presumably you can edit that down and it's not the cause.15:48.58 
paulgardiner That's right15:49.09 
Robin_Watts For a page with fonts on you expect to see: /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text ]15:49.40 
paulgardiner ProcSet [ /PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI ]15:49.41 
Robin_Watts ok, so that's fine.15:49.54 
  Can you put the file up somewhere?15:50.02 
paulgardiner Sure15:50.10 
  That's before running clean. I can stick a post-clean vs up too if that helps15:51.23 
kens GS is happy with it :-)15:52.10 
  Acrobat says 'Expected a name object'15:52.30 
paulgardiner Ah!15:52.39 
kens WHen Acrobat gives you an error dialog, try pressing Control while clicking the OK, sometimes it gives more information15:53.42 
paulgardiner Ta. Useful15:53.57 
Robin_Watts handy tip!15:54.05 
  Aha. /Subtype, innit15:54.31 
  not /SubType15:54.34 
kens :)15:54.50 
paulgardiner OMG!15:55.02 
kens Works fine like that :-)15:55.26 
paulgardiner I'm banging my own head on the desk, so no need to come around and do it for me.15:55.51 
kens Acrobat does then offer to save changes so its not totally happy, but....15:56.19 
Robin_Watts paulgardiner: Did you return that USB memory card reader to me? I think you did...15:56.21 
paulgardiner Robin_Watts: No. Still have it here.15:56.45 
Robin_Watts Ah. I shall stop looking for it then :)15:57.36 
kens OK I'm off to pack, will be back online next Wednesday. Enjoy your holiday Robin_Watts, try not to find any dangerous wildlife :-)16:07.05 
Robin_Watts kens: Thanks.16:07.18 
  too slow.16:07.20 
dogisfat Question about clip paths.16:16.16 
  When I have a clipping path that clips an image ghostscript reports the path as invalid. However valid path resides in the path_list portion of the clip path structure. How do I know when an image has a valid clip path? If the path_list is not NULL?16:16.24 
Robin_Watts dogisfat: So, you have a gx_clip_path?16:17.41 
  with it's path_valid member set to false?16:17.54 
dogisfat Robin_Watts: Yes16:18.05 
Robin_Watts In that case you cannot assume anything about the contents of ->path.16:18.29 
  You have to work with the rectangle list.16:18.46 
dogisfat but what of path_list16:18.52 
  Robin_Watts: Do I need to check both path_list and rect_list?16:19.44 
Robin_Watts If gx_clip_path is non NULL, you have a "valid" clip path.16:20.00 
  Some clippaths are described by a simple path - in those cases, path_valid is set.16:20.18 
  Others (such as ones formed by the intersection of several paths) do NOT have a simple path representation.16:20.47 
dogisfat That makes sense. Now the next question.16:20.52 
Robin_Watts those are represented by a list of rectangles.16:20.55 
dogisfat So the paths residing within path_list have a winding fill rule. When I plot the clip path out by hand the entire resulting path is filled, this does not seem correct.16:21.01 
Robin_Watts That sounds correct to me.16:21.17 
dogisfat I essentially have a rotated box with two circles inside of it. The circles clip what is under the box. How do you know what region to clip?16:22.13 
  In my case the winding rule suggests that the box and circles are filled.16:22.39 
Robin_Watts In this case, do is path_valid ?16:23.03 
  In this case, is path_valid ?16:23.09 
dogisfat No, it is a complex path residing in path_list.16:23.24 
Robin_Watts if path_valid == 0 then you cannot expect to get any information from drawing out paths.16:24.05 
  how many more ways would you like me to say that? :)16:24.20 
dogisfat I am obviously confused. I thought that having path_valid only applied to the path member within the gx_clip_path_s struct.16:25.20 
  Since the gx_clip_path is not null you said I have a "valid" clip path, however the path_valid member is zero yet there are paths within the path_list member. I have been trying to replicate what is happening in the PDF writer device in regards to the clip paths.16:27.09 
  the PDFWriter does not even seem to consider the path_valid member.16:27.37 
Robin_Watts I am unsure of the correct answer here.16:29.03 
  I'd need to dig through the code.16:29.10 
  I'm not sure what the path_list is all about.16:29.22 
dogisfat within the gx_path_list there is a path_list member which is a single linked list which contains a gx_path an rc_header and a fill rule designator16:30.22 
Robin_Watts dogisfat: OK, from a quick look at the code, it looks to me as if the path_list contains a list of all the paths that must be intersected together to give the actual clip region.16:33.11 
  And that is valid regardless of path_valid.16:33.25 
dogisfat Robin_Watts: Right, on what basis are they intersected? Should it be a subtraction?16:34.05 
Robin_Watts dogisfat: Eh? They are intersected.16:34.25 
  Draw one path and fill it in red, draw another path and fill it in blue.16:34.48 
  The purple bits are the intersection.16:34.55 
  I think.16:35.11 
  I mean, I *think* the contents of path_list are intersected. I'd need to spend time that I don't have to look into it in more detail.16:35.39 
dogisfat Right, ok. I was thinking more in terms of the fill rules. That makes sense from what I am seeing.16:36.08 
  How are intersections supposed to occur? Do you take the first path and then intersect that with the subsequent paths and join the resulting intersections?16:42.08 
Robin_Watts I don't follow the question.16:43.52 
  In order for a point to be inside the clipping path (i.e. not clipped away) it needs to be inside ALL the paths in the clipping path list.16:44.24 
  If it's not, it's discarded.16:44.34 
dogisfat That is not what is happening from what I can tell, but I would agree that is what I think should happen.16:45.12 
  In this example: produces the following path: (See the clip path)16:52.37 
  Essentially there are no overlaps between all of the paths that mask the image.16:53.10 
  Or at least that is was GS is telling me.16:53.27 
Robin_Watts dogisfat: Well, it's possible that it's the union. I'm sorry, but I really don't have time to look at this now.16:55.14 
dogisfat Thank you for your help, please let me know if I am ever a bother.16:55.43 
Robin_Watts no problem. I am off on holiday on saturday, and I'm trying to get stuff finished.16:56.09 
dogisfat Thanks again!16:57.28 
Robin_Watts tor7: ping17:59.21 
  or paulgardiner even.17:59.36 
  chrisl: OK, lcms 2.5 fiddling complete for the release. We have no bugfixes left outstanding, so we can safely run with the stock one.18:15.19 
  We will be slower with the stock one though as we have optimised transforms in our version.18:15.39 
  I have tried pulling them out as a standalone lcms plug in, but that reveals strange effects that I have mailed Marti about.18:16.09 
  so for now, I've just rolled them in as they were before.18:16.21 
  tor7: Another fix on robin/master18:23.28 
tor7 Robin_Watts: is_unicode_ws, couldn't that be done using the ucdn functions as well? (though I suspect it'll be slower performance due to the generality of the lookup tables)18:25.02 
  Robin_Watts: poster fix looks good18:26.55 
Robin_Watts tor7: I use the same is_unicode_wspace function in the text extraction stuff.18:27.36 
  I could just make it fz_is_unicode_wspace ?18:27.56 
  but we hit it a lot when outputting text in svgs, so a generalised call to ucdn would need to be fast.18:28.31 
tor7 we could measure the performance of it, would be good to know how fast it is18:29.41 
  we call ucdn once per glyph in the RTL pass already18:29.54 
  ucdn_get_general_category() and if it is UCDN_GENERAL_CATEGORY_Z[LPS], should match all whitespace chars18:30.40 
  ZS for space, ZL and ZP for line breaks18:30.55 
Robin_Watts tor7: Can i commit it as is, and we can put that on the todo list ?18:31.29 
tor7 sure thing18:31.36 
Robin_Watts It means I can mail raed back. thanks.18:31.41 
tor7 Robin_Watts: tab and LF and CR are in the CC category (control chars)18:32.29 
Robin_Watts tor7: right, but I'm sure the svg parsers whitespace eater will treat them as spaces.18:33.27 
tor7 Robin_Watts: yeah.18:33.45 
  is_wspace should maybe be !isprint() equivalent?18:34.20 
  Robin_Watts: from the XML spec: S   ::=   (#x20 | #x9 | #xD | #xA)+18:36.46 
Robin_Watts tor7: Anything else is treated as non whitespace?18:37.18 
  is_xml_wspace then ?18:37.39 
tor7 from my reading, yes18:37.43 
  and #xD is supposedly stripped (so only \n line endings in canonical xml)18:38.39 
mvrhel_laptop bbiaw.. making more progress on windows phone zoom updating is working. just need to get text search and hyperlinks in place 18:48.28 
Robin_Watts tor7: fix on robin/master then.18:48.52 
  If poster tries to use linearisation, it all goes potty. Missing objects that are annotations. I wonder why.18:49.34 
  clean -l works though so I won't lose sleep over it.18:49.58 
tor7 Robin_Watts: add a bug for it, assigned to yourself, and then we can forget it in good conscience :)18:50.32 
  Robin_Watts: fix looks good.18:50.36 
  shall I rebase and push the three on tor/master as well?18:50.48 
  or do you want to change the warning fix in pdf_load_hints?18:51.19 
Robin_Watts tor7: sorry, got called away. All fixes (yours and mine) pushed.23:09.30 
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