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ray_laptop something strange going on. The regression test on 7/25 at 120_06pm [gs-regression] local cluster regression ghostpdl eddf4893e0e31b1801298eca37d68cd308408283 showed only one segfault with 09-47N.PS00:05.21 
  but then with the same hash code, just a few minutes ago, 7/27 at 2:36pm it has 29 segfaults and gobs of errors: [gs-regression] weekly regression report - UseCropBox - 2013-07-27-14:36:36 - eddf4893e0e31b1801298eca37d68cd30840828300:07.08 
  marcosw: In case you see this, do you know what's up with the failures ??? What happened that caused all these problems to surface ?00:11.49 
  I sent a text to Marcos. Apparently this was caused by files that Robin_Watts put into the regression testing. He is going to add them to expected errors (and presumably open bugs)01:17.03 
robin_watts_mac ray_laptop: (For the logs) Yeah, I added the rest of zenikos test files.09:04.02 
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