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chrisl kens: is there anything on your desk that might influence the 9.08 release?07:18.35 
kens chrisl I go the majority of the colour stuff in, but we won't be turning it on because it has some funny colour conversions, and we casn't do guraranteed V2 ICC profiles yet. SO I guess the answer is no, but I haven't had time to go through all my emial yet, or look at he 4 new bugs that have materialised :-(07:19.42 
chrisl kens: there didn't *seem* any serious problems for you over the last few days. I'll do the release branch, and associated stuff, so marcosw1 can get rolling on the testing - if you do stumble on something, we can call a halt.....07:21.34 
kens O07:21.46 
veli_ hey guys how are you07:30.45 
ghostbot veli_: just great07:30.45 
veli_ i have an issue bout mupdf07:30.57 
  installing mupdf on ios07:31.38 
chrisl veli_: the mupdf devs probably won't be around for another hour or two07:36.51 
veli_ ok then thanks07:44.50 
  any mupdf developer there?07:56.04 
tor7 veli_: morning.07:56.52 
veli_ good morning07:59.48 
  tor7: i have an issue about building mupdf on ios, can you help?08:01.34 
tor7 veli_: maybe, you'll have to tell me what issues you have before I can answer that question.08:02.08 
veli_ ok then, first i installed and used mupdf library on my android device and working just fine08:03.16 
  but i dont have any clue how to build in ios environment08:03.39 
  i build mupdf source 1.2 with my android ndk and cygwin but, dont know how to build for ios08:04.36 
tor7 do you intend to run the ios code on an actual device, or just the simulator?08:07.39 
  to build the iOS version of mupdf you have to use Xcode and the Xcode project in "platform/ios/"08:08.19 
  in order to run the code on a device, you need to pay the apple developer tax first.08:09.58 
veli_ i will use it on simulator, and want to see if runs without problem08:10.23 
  i downloaded mupdf 1.2 source, in ios folder opened project and run, but gave me error and cannot find solution08:12.15 
  like in android version, do i need apps like cygwin or android-ndk08:13.17 
chrisl Off for the rest of the day - back tomorrow morning......08:25.55 
tor7 veli_: well, if you don't tell us about the error specifics, we can't help you.08:26.20 
  a common error when building iOS is not having installed the "command line tools" SDK pack or what they call it08:27.08 
  it's hidden in a dialog in Xcode itself08:27.15 
veli_ the error is 08:28.05 
  </bin/sh: ./build/debug-ios-i386/cmapdump: No such file or directory<08:28.15 
tor7 and the lines above it? don't they say something about running "make generate" in the mupdf directory?08:28.47 
veli_ Run the 'make generate' command manually from now on! If you see an error while running GEN, you've forgotten.08:29.37 
  it sayz08:29.53 
tor7 open the Terminal, cd to where you have the mupdf directory, and run "make generate"08:30.26 
veli_ ok trying08:30.34 
veli1 tor7, thanks a lot it is working now08:50.43 
tor7 veli1: fab!09:44.49 
veli1 tor7: i have a question about moving builded file10:04.34 
  when i moved compiled mupdf folder, it says library missing10:05.17 
tor7 with the iOS simulator?10:05.57 
veli1 yep, and i cannot rename or modify project name10:07.14 
vtorri tor7, hey10:13.09 
tor7 veli1: then I'm sorry, I have no idea what that problem could be.10:13.42 
  vtorri: hi.10:13.48 
vtorri tor7, i'm asking again a question i asked some time ago10:14.07 
  when i try to open a png with mupdf 1.2 (the lib), mupdf still tries to open it10:14.36 
  error: cannot recognize version marker10:14.55 
  warning: trying to repair broken xref10:14.55 
  but i would like to have an error instead of mupdf trying to open it10:15.14 
  is it possible ?10:15.22 
veli1 it does not try to open it, because in, there is a property named accept, and in it it controls whether file is in corret format10:20.09 
vtorri veli1, it's for me ?10:20.38 
veli1 yep10:20.59 
vtorri well, as i don't use java...10:21.08 
veli1 what is platform?10:21.18 
vtorri it's not a platform prblem10:21.30 
  it's a mupdf (the lib) feature10:21.40 
tor7 vtorri: I get no such error... is this something that has been fixed since 1.2?10:38.12 
vtorri i've not tried mupdf > 1.2 yet10:39.00 
tor7 right, so 1.2 from git seems to have that problem10:40.14 
  vtorri: commit 09bb1dc adds support for opening .png files directly10:42.38 
  any files we don't recognise the file type by filename extension, we try to open as PDF. that's intended behaviour.10:43.14 
vtorri tor7, ok, but maybe the same problem will be here for another image file...10:43.15 
  but the problem is that i get an awful output10:43.49 
tor7 that commit is from May 3, so after release 1.210:44.05 
vtorri with no error10:44.07 
tor7 vtorri: mupdf: error: cannot open document10:44.28 
  you get an error.10:44.31 
vtorri imho, you should provide a way to return an error for a wrong format10:44.36 
  tor7, can I redirect mupdf output ?10:45.08 
tor7 well, "wrong format" is not so easy to detect. you have no idea how many broken PDF files that show up that we still have to make a best-attempt to handle.10:45.47 
vtorri the output is actually a problem (terrible 'biiip' from the computer)10:45.50 
tor7 files with missing headers, etc10:45.54 
vtorri i can understand that10:46.01 
tor7 vtorri: the console beep is probably from the warning: ignoring invalid character in hex string: '%c' errors. we've trimmed that warning down so it shouldn't beep anymore.10:46.38 
vtorri indeed, that's the error in the console10:47.04 
  but anyway, can i redirect the output ?10:47.20 
tor7 I thought you were going to write a patch to redirect errors using the API?10:47.23 
vtorri well10:47.31 
  Robin tried, iirc10:47.36 
tor7 mupdf foo.pdf >log.txt 2>&110:47.41 
vtorri haha10:47.46 
  i use the library :)10:47.53 
  nice try :)10:47.59 
  maybe i should update to mupdf 1.310:48.37 
tor7 vtorri: you can get the error message from a try/catch using the fz_caught_message function10:48.39 
vtorri ok10:48.46 
  i'll try that10:48.55 
  thank you10:48.57 
tor7 but do upgrade (and give the release candidate a shake)10:49.18 
vtorri :)10:51.02 
  ho, it's just an RC10:52.08 
MrSMAK Hello Every one11:07.07 
  Guys, has anyone implemented MuPDF on Android ?11:09.52 
  Hello !11:15.21 
  any one here ?11:15.23 
tor7 MrSMAK: yes.11:15.54 
paulgardiner MrSMAK: Either tor7 or I may be able to help.11:33.17 
ManDay I've been sent a PDF which was "annotated" (whatever that means). Oepning it in mupdf I see little yellow, icon-ish boxes with speechbubbles - do you have any idea how to see the annotations?15:06.37 
tor7 ManDay: I believe that's one for paulgardiner. the speechbubbles are probably the kind of annotation that you need to click to toggle.15:09.35 
paulgardiner ManDay: We don't support display of those yet, but it is on our list.15:10.36 
ManDay paulgardiner: any idea how I can figure out the content?15:12.12 
paulgardiner Each of those speechbubbles will correspond to a text annotation in the document. The annotation will have a "Contents" field containing text that should be displayed when the speechbubble is clicked on15:12.24 
ManDay is the bubble-thing part of the pdf or is it rendered by mupdf?15:12.41 
paulgardiner It's part of the PDF. It's the appearance stream associated with the annotation.15:13.14 
ManDay Okay. Is there any way I can find out what the annotation is? Some regex in the pdf's file, perhaps?15:14.50 
tor7 ManDay: if you just want the "Contents" field, you could get with with "mutool show" and some digging15:17.28 
  "mutool show p" to list the object numbers of each page15:17.49 
  then you can start following object numbers until you get to the annotation contents15:18.07 
paulgardiner ManDay: Do you need to be able to do this systematically and repeatedly, or just this once for this particular file?15:19.15 
ManDay paulgardiner: just once, I guess15:19.26 
  I never needed annotations but this file I've been sent I have to examine15:19.38 
  tor7: cool, I even have mutool, must be part of mupdf - I'll try that15:19.57 
paulgardiner Then mutool clean -d might be another option. That will give a file that you an load into a text editor then search for /Contents. You'd need to then guess which lumps of text went with which visible speechbubble.15:21.02 
ManDay When I search for /someVisibleString in the out.pdf of `mutool clean -d` I get no hits15:30.25 
  In fact, the out.pdf looks anything but clean.15:31.03 
  tor7: Could you please give me an example of how to use mutool show15:33.04 
paulgardiner Can you find occurrences of the string "Contents"? ... although tor7's approach may work better for you.15:33.29 
ManDay paulgardiner: yes I can15:38.23 
paulgardiner Do you see something like /Contents 343 0 obj ?15:38.58 
  where 343 will be some other number probably15:39.10 
  ManDay: If so then "mutool show file.pdf 343" should display the text you are looking for (where obviously you replace 343 by the actual number you find in the doc).15:42.33 
ManDay paulgardiner: things like /Contents 128 0 R15:43.14 
sebras ManDay: yes.15:43.25 
  paul made a typo, it should be R not obj.15:43.42 
paulgardiner Sorry, yes that's right. Not exactly what I said15:43.44 
ManDay paulgardiner: There are thousands of /Contents .... entries. Do you suggest I try them all out?15:44.05 
  My bad, not thousands15:45.21 
paulgardiner ManDay: that's not so good if there are thousands. This could be difficult to do by had then. There is a way to determine which ones, but it could be fiddly15:45.35 
ManDay You couldnt, by any chance, elaborate on what tor7 suggested?15:46.05 
  (If that's likely to help me)15:46.16 
paulgardiner ManDay: I'm not exactly sure what tor7 was suggesting, but if it is what I suspect then it wont be any quicker.15:47.18 
  Each of the /Content 128 0 R type things will apear in brackets << >>15:47.48 
  The ones you want are those that also have /Subtype /Text in them15:48.06 
  And /Type /Annot15:48.16 
  sebras: please correct me if I've got any more of this wrong.15:48.37 
ManDay I tried a few "mutool show file.pdf <number>" but they all give me cryptic output tailed by "endstream endobj"15:48.52 
  there is no text whatsoever15:48.58 
  Well, I find "/Type /Annot" pdf's source, though15:50.28 
paulgardiner And /Subtype /Text between the same << >> brackets?15:51.38 
ManDay Yeah, I think I found some content there!15:51.50 
  thank you paulgardiner!15:52.22 
paulgardiner It may be just of the form /Contents (The actual text)15:52.31 
ManDay It is15:52.36 
paulgardiner Brilliant.15:52.41 
ManDay Now I just need to figure out which annotation is where :]15:52.45 
paulgardiner :-) Yeah quite15:52.53 
tor7 ManDay: if you run "mutool show file.pdf p" you'll get a list of pages and the object number for each page15:53.24 
paulgardiner We'll probably add proper support for this soon, so it should be easier next time15:53.33 
tor7 then run "mutool show file.pdf <number>" to display the page object for a page15:53.44 
  in there you'll see some entries like /AcroForm X 0 R15:53.54 
  mutuul show file.pdf X15:54.02 
  until you find the /Contents15:54.09 
ManDay tor7: Ah, "p" wasn't documented , it appears15:54.15 
tor7 you can give multiple numbers on a command line15:54.21 
  "p" short for "pages"15:54.25 
ManDay oh, ok15:54.36 
tor7 if you give no arguments, I think it just prints the "xref" table which lists all objects and their location in the file15:54.57 
paulgardiner tor7: these may possibly not appear in the /AcroForm hierarchy, not being form widgets.15:55.04 
tor7 paulgardiner: right. could be some other key, like /Annots?15:55.32 
paulgardiner Yeah, I reckon15:55.43 
sebras tor7: mutuul?! your new keyboard isn't perchance kens' old one? ;)16:24.36 
kens LOL16:24.46 
sebras tor7: is /Annots for the old type of annotations?16:24.50 
  well, forms really.16:25.04 
tor7 sebras: I was just pulling /Keys out of a hat there16:25.24 
kens OK goodnight all16:47.45 
dogisfat_ What is the preferred way to allocate a 2d array in GS? e.g. int **array_2d.16:47.46 
dogisfat Or maybe the better question is how should I allocate the array I am going to use to store image information for libpng?16:50.51 
ray_laptop Question for anyone: When NumCopies != 1 and we are saving pages for rendering later, should we ignore the NumCopies on individual pages, and just use this as the copy count for the subsequent rendering/printing of the job ?17:44.48 
  or should we use the copy count for each page within the jiob (unless .IgnoreNumCopies=true), then also allow the job "copies" to produce multiple collated copies of the job, potentially including multiple copies of some pages17:46.36 
  which is most likely to produce the least 'surprise' or confusion.17:47.24 
marcosw1 henrys: I've assigned a P1 bug to you since Robin is on holiday: <>.18:49.27 
vtorri ray_laptop, hey19:18.10 
  ray_laptop, do you know if the build system of mupdf 1.3 will change before the release ?19:18.35 
  1.3 RC19:18.48 
ray_laptop vtorri: Sorry. I was away. I don't know -- you probably need to ask tor when he shows up19:46.53 
rodfantana i am trying to convert a PDF to a multipage TIFF using gs9.0.7... PDF contains pages of different sizes/resolution. When GS creates the tiff file, it keeps resolution of all pages constant. Is there any setting that will keep the orignal resolution of the PDF page?21:27.01 
ray_laptop rodfantana: PDF doesn't have "different resolutions" PDF coordinates are initially at 72 units per inch, per the PDF spec. If what you want is the images from a PDF to be extracted and converted to TIFF, then gs doesn't do that (it can, but it involves writing PS to do it)21:56.51 
  you may want to try 'mutool extract'. I don't use it, so I don't know offhand what format images are written into.22:02.21 
sebras vtorri: what part of the buildsysten are you depending on?22:56.28 
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