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mvrhel_laptop henrys: you there?00:07.10 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: I'm back, still around?00:47.27 
mvrhel_laptop henrys: yes00:50.42 
  just wanted you to know that I have been beating away at this transparency issue. it is taking me longer than I had expected00:51.04 
  there is a very weird thing going on with non-isolated groups color conversions and blending modes00:52.04 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: that's fine don't worry about other stuff, if you think something else should be looked at let's get a "volunteer"00:52.33 
mvrhel_laptop actually just talking with you, I think I just realized what is the damn issue00:52.44 
  non-isolated groups must inherit the color space of the parent00:53.02 
  in other words the group color space is basically ignored00:53.17 
  which makes sense now since I do get the right answer when I hack the the source files group color space to match the device space00:54.04 
  however need to check one other thing00:54.37 
  as I had also changed the backdrop fill color.00:54.51 
  henrys: ok thanks. just wanted to let you know what was happening. I feel like I have been in a black hole00:55.24 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: right that does suck when you have problems like that.00:56.08 
mvrhel_laptop going to take a break for a bit. alden wants to go check out some baby ducks down the road00:56.26 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: have fun!00:57.02 
mvrhel_laptop thanks00:57.06 
  ok. fixed that issue. we were not ignoring the CS entry when the group was not isolated01:53.44 
  two things01:53.58 
  I can't believe this bug was in there01:54.05 
  and 01:54.09 
  I can't believe the number of wild goose chases I went on trying to figure this out01:54.28 
Robin_Watts tor8: So, I reviewed those commits yesterday.09:47.51 
  As much as I understand them, they look fine.09:48.05 
  Are we good to tag 1.7b?09:48.10 
tor8 Robin_Watts: I reckon so, yes.09:52.01 
  Robin_Watts: one d'oh typo fixed on tor/master10:12.49 
Robin_Watts lgtm.10:18.43 
tor8 Robin_Watts: thanks.10:19.06 
Robin_Watts tor8: Can we put some of these epubs into the cluster?10:37.42 
tor8 Robin_Watts: one more on tor/master10:47.26 
  with that, I can run through all my professional epubs with no parse errors10:47.39 
  we should find/assemble a collection of epubs for the cluster, yes10:48.23 
  I found a test suite, but it's for EPUB3 and tests all the weird crap that we never intend to support so that's useless to us10:48.41 
Robin_Watts tor8: last commit seems fine.10:56.31 
  tor8: I'd have thought that we'd do reasonably well for a first cut by just adding every file you've hit a problem in until now.10:57.13 
tor8 Robin_Watts: cool. so, tag and build?10:58.24 
Robin_Watts Yeah.10:58.34 
  I'll do windows and android builds ?10:58.51 
tor8 Robin_Watts: a lot of them are copyrighted files, so I don't think we can realistically add them to the cluster :(10:59.08 
Robin_Watts tor8: tests_private10:59.18 
  tor8: Hmm.10:59.48 
  platform/android/res/values/strings.xml should be updated to 1.7b11:00.02 
tor8 1.7b (git build)?11:00.29 
Robin_Watts yes, I think so.11:00.35 
  but... is 1.7b wise?11:00.43 
  I might read that as 1.7beta11:00.52 
tor8 we could skip right to 1.8 as well11:01.01 
  I was looking at what blender ( does for their releases11:01.22 
  they tend to do bugfix releases as 'b' and 'c', etc11:01.34 
Robin_Watts Where is FZ_VERSION defined?11:01.42 
tor8 include/mupdf/fitz/version.h11:01.48 
  ah, but they start their bugfixes at 'a'11:02.33 
  so 1.7a maybe?11:02.36 
  or (shudder) 1.7.111:02.44 
Robin_Watts 1.7a is better, I think.11:03.12 
tor8 agreed.11:03.23 
Robin_Watts I have one tiny commit.11:03.51 
  on robin/master now.11:05.00 
tor8 LGTM11:05.33 
Robin_Watts pushed.11:06.23 
  Did we update the android app to know about .epub ?11:06.48 
  You did.11:07.08 
tor8 yes, I did11:07.14 
Robin_Watts I think we're OK to tag then.11:07.26 
tor8 version number bump commit on tor/master11:07.30 
Robin_Watts looks good.11:08.06 
tor8 thanks. I've tagged.11:09.02 
  I'll build and upload the source archive11:09.09 
  oops. I committed the debug printing function with "WIP" still in the commit message :)11:13.28 
  well, it's still a bit of a work in progress so no harm done11:13.41 
  Robin_Watts: I've updated 
  sans the trailing slash11:16.36 
Robin_Watts Nice.11:21.27 
sebras tor8: you tried to reach me..?11:44.07 
Robin_Watts tor8: oops./11:49.12 
  We need to update CHANGES11:49.22 
  tor8: I'd be temped to add: "Improved handling of css selectors." and "Improved tolerance for broken/unsupported css."11:52.21 
tor8 Robin_Watts: ah, yes.11:54.03 
Robin_Watts tor8: Will you do that, or should I?11:57.19 
tor8 Robin_Watts: I'll do it11:57.57 
  should I bump the tag to the CHANGES commit on tor/master now?11:58.38 
sebras don't forget to update the win32 and android version numbers. I remember that you guys usually do....11:59.01 
Robin_Watts tor8: yeah.12:00.19 
  sebras: We remembered that about 10 minutes ago :)12:00.41 
sebras Robin_Watts: :)12:00.49 
  Robin_Watts: and iOS?12:01.12 
Robin_Watts yeah.12:01.18 
tor8 and ios!12:01.20 
  which was still marked as 1.6...12:01.29 
sebras tor8: maybe time for a release script..?12:01.49 
  tor8: or a checklist.12:01.57 
Robin_Watts tor: looks good to me.12:02.04 
tor8 Robin_Watts: okay, I updated the tag as well12:02.59 
  so make sure to pull with --tags next time12:03.05 
Robin_Watts Uploading windows binaries now.12:06.56 
  Will do android builds after lunch.12:10.09 
  sebras: a release build wiki page would seem sensible.12:11.31 
sebras Robin_Watts: do you guys have a wiki?12:11.52 
Robin_Watts twiki.ghostscript.com12:12.09 
sebras Robin_Watts: right, there was someone complaining about premissions or somthing a while back.12:12.30 
Robin_Watts Feel free to register (by please do so as FirstnameLastname)12:12.33 
  sebras: I missed that...12:12.52 
sebras Robin_Watts: I think there was someone emailing me. redirected to some of you guys I think.12:14.16 
JWee I am trying to run ghostscrip under windows and I am having a great deal of trouble performing the simplest of commands13:19.22 
  when i open the commandline gswin32 and gswin32c are recognized13:19.41 
  what i am trying to do is use pf2afm to convert some font files for use with reportlab13:20.02 
  nomatter which combinations I try it seems to fail13:20.17 
kens We don't really support pf2afm, and even if we did, it doesn't 'convert' fonts. It just produces a font metric file13:20.40 
JWee i dont have the impression that i ever get gs to simply interpret the *.ps file13:20.43 
  sorry for not using the correct terminology13:20.58 
kens You owuld need to give us a command line13:21.03 
JWee i have legal fonts (although old) that we bought13:21.06 
  which consist of 2 files13:21.11 
  the font metric file is in binary .pfm13:21.20 
  i need it in asci .afm13:21.25 
  ok.. what i do is browse to the directory the two font files are in13:21.50 
  from there one of the things i tried is:13:22.06 
  gswin32c pf2afm nameofthefont13:22.22 
  from what i read online that should be enough13:22.31 
  i also tried 13:22.35 
kens That doesn't look valid, just a moment13:22.47 
  OK well pf2afm is a bash script13:23.11 
JWee placing paths in front of both the and the name of the font13:23.14 
kens So sending it to GS as an input file simply isn't going to work13:23.26 
JWee i am sorry, what exactly is a bash script?13:23.28 
kens bash is a Linux shell13:23.37 
JWee facepalm13:23.43 
kens A linux equivalent to the WIndows command shell13:23.46 
JWee ok.. at least i know why it did not work now13:23.57 
kens Try using pf2afm.bat13:24.23 
  in gs/lib13:24.31 
JWee thankyou! browsing there right now13:24.52 
kens You could also (and may have to) use somethign like:13:25.26 
  gswin32 ../../ font13:25.26 
JWee im getting closer and very much appreciate you help13:25.54 
kens D'oh :13:25.54 
  gswin32c .../ font13:25.54 
JWee let me try some things :)13:25.57 
kens SO for example, int he folder containing the font:13:26.38 
  gswin32c /ghostpdl/gs/lib/ Font13:26.38 
chrisl_away If you want to call it directly, you need to use: gswin32c -- /ghostpdl/gs/lib/ Font13:27.16 
  Note the '--'13:27.23 
kens Hmm, didn't notice that...13:27.31 
JWee chrisl_away i assume i need the full path for the font13:27.58 
chrisl_away Yes13:28.04 
kens Oooh Microst want me to claim my Sweepstake winnings, all I have to do is give them all my details :-)13:28.27 
  Ah, you all got it, it went to support :-(13:29.02 
chrisl_away Yeh, interesting that GMail happily let that through!13:29.46 
kens Butit syas its from Microsoft, so it must be OK :-)13:30.13 
chrisl Ah, that's better.... I was sure I wasn't away....13:30.22 
kens Had you collapsed the waverofrm ?13:30.38 
  1Maybe you were still in a superpositoin13:30.52 
chrisl And now that I have been observed......13:31.08 
kens See that's what happens when you live alone13:31.22 
JWee well it was a bit of a fight but i got it running according to chrisl latest suggestion13:31.29 
kens Nobody to observe your position13:31.29 
JWee thank bot of you so very much! ^_^13:31.36 
kens NP13:31.43 
chrisl JWee: NP13:31.45 
JWee \o/13:31.50 
chrisl Ah, it looks like when I tried to change my nick earlier, 'chrisl' was 'temporarily unavailable'......13:33.09 
kens Someone stealing your nick again13:33.27 
chrisl No, that's a different message... I think Freenode just had a hiccup13:34.18 
henrys mvrhel_laptop: did you get a chance to try out your idea?14:09.06 
  chrisl: I just got a ddwrt router and I remember you set up dns on yours, did it work out okay? Thought I'd give it a go.14:15.19 
chrisl henrys: using the openwrt firmware?14:16.00 
henrys chrisl: yeah I bought a buffalo router which uses open wrt, I think.14:16.49 
chrisl The way I did it was to make sure all my devices include their name in the DHCP request, then the 'local' DNS just worked14:18.07 
henrys enabling DDNS?14:18.57 
chrisl Ah, no, I'm not using DDNS14:19.20 
  But as the DNS side all just works, I see no reason the DDNS would be problematic14:19.49 
henrys chrisl: huh it seems your setup is simpler than other procedures I've read about.14:20.52 
  I'll try tha.14:21.07 
  chrisl: how did you set a domain name or don't you need one?14:22.06 
chrisl For your lan?14:22.33 
henrys chrisl: yes do you access each machine just by hostname?14:22.58 
chrisl For the local network, it defaults to ".lan", so you use just the hostname, or you can use hostname,lan14:23.34 
henrys chrisl: okay thanks14:24.19 
chrisl henrys: I've actually got a new router that I want to put the latest OpenWRT on, but I haven't got around to it yet.14:26.08 
henrys chrisl: I got this router because I should be getting fiber soon and wanted to have something with ac wireless.14:27.09 
chrisl henrys: fibre to the house??14:27.51 
henrys yup 1 gps14:28.58 
chrisl Cool!14:30.08 
kens Time to move the cluster machiens to Henry's garage14:30.40 
chrisl was just thinking that....14:30.53 
Robin_Watts henrys does have a large basement...14:31.16 
  might have to move some of the 189 bikes though.14:31.32 
henrys I could put a few machines here, but marcosw has solar which is more environmental, at least that's what I'm going to say...14:31.46 
Robin_Watts henrys: I'm sure you could rig up some ducting and get free heating...14:32.24 
henrys I even have a bike trainer down there I could power a machine while riding.14:33.00 
  my neighbor got the hookup and he said it makes quite a difference browsing ... he'd hate to go back to crappy old 50 Mbps... guess it's just what you are used to.14:36.12 
Robin_Watts henrys: Maggie-power: 
henrys it's symmetric also which is where cable falls down here, terrbile upload speeds14:36.44 
Robin_Watts hmm. I'm on 18mbps here, and I'm lucky...14:37.43 
henrys I wonder how many watts that dogs doing?14:38.03 
chrisl I don't think we have a symmetric service available for domestic use in the UK14:38.12 
henrys Robin_Watts: DSL?14:40.24 
Robin_Watts yeah.14:40.31 
  Fibre is being dragged through the village at the moment, but it'll only be FTTC, not FTTP.14:40.53 
  Not entirely sure how that'll work here, as we don't actually have any cabinets in this village, but...14:41.11 
henrys is fiber common in big cities?14:41.50 
Robin_Watts more common.14:42.02 
henrys Robin_Watts: you could probably get your network speeds from a 4g cell network but I guess that would cost just as much.14:50.18 
Robin_Watts we have 3G in the village, but not 4G.14:50.51 
mvrhel_laptop henrys: yes it fixed the issue on my test file14:59.21 
  I was quite pleased14:59.38 
Robin_Watts tor8: Android and windows builds for 1.7a in place. Will upload to google play.15:03.15 
  tor8: Published to google play.15:37.42 
  Do we need to get someone to rebuild the ios version?15:37.53 
mvrhel_laptop grrr. one more issue with this transparency stuff19:15.29 
rayjj mvrhel_laptop: I have a patch for the case when image interpolation code ignores the Decode array (bug 695973). Do you want to review it ? Note now the images from look wrong, but if I run it through pdfwrite, Adobe shows the same as us.20:21.52 
  mvrhel_laptop: the *gotcha* is that when I open the file with Acrobat 9, it looks like our old code that ignored the Decode array.20:23.04 
  mvrhel_laptop: maybe you can try that file with your brand new shiny Acrobat ???20:23.44 
henrys that last support volley isn't a customer is it?20:40.04 
Robin_Watts henrys: Don't recognise it as a customer, certainly.21:11.40 
henrys Robin_Watts: I'll leave it for marcosw something, I'm sure it is a platform, not a pcl, thing.21:13.15 
mvrhel_laptop rayjj: ok I will give it a try21:20.38 
sebras Robin_Watts: are you eating popcorn in front of the tv?21:24.10 
Robin_Watts Helen is.21:27.02 
  I will be playing games and then going to bed.21:27.10 
  We'll both have the same government in the morning, but I'll be well rested.21:27.24 
mvrhel_laptop rayjj: sent you an image of what the newer version of acrobat gives for Bug692331.ps21:28.46 
sebras Robin_Watts: :)21:36.09 
  tor8: I think we might want to make the margins and font size interactively adjustable for epub eventually.21:37.08 
  tor8: when I view my epubs they render fine, but the margins are way to thin sometimes.21:37.34 
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