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simon91 Hi everyone09:47.27 
  Robin_Watts: Yeah, if I do s/isprint/fz_isprint/ in pdf/pdf-lex.c the build is fixed.09:47.50 
  that's the isprint macro from ctype.h that's guilty I guess09:48.14 
kens : simon91 I guess Robin is out running at the moment, but thanks for trying that. I'm sure he'll reply when he gets back09:48.59 
simon91 kens: Ok thanks09:49.22 
Robin_Watts simon91: Thanks, sounds like a simple fix. I'll get that put through.10:02.42 
  simon91: What version of the source are you using?10:04.04 
  The latest version has no isprint function defined in our source.10:04.58 
simon91 Robin_Watts: I'm using git master10:07.31 
Robin_Watts oh., ahem, wrong version :)10:07.34 
  yeah, I'd checked out to 1.9 and forgotten about it :)10:07.43 
simon91 Ok sounds good10:13.56 
icyjug i have a problem when i try to merge pdf files with gs17:41.54 
  i just noticed that some pages have changes orientation17:42.45 
  is this a bug or can it be fixed?17:43.00 
Itel imei23:24.25 
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