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kens icyjug (for the logs) you are going to have to be a *lot* more specific. Also, as I've mentioned before, Ghostscript's pdfwrite device does not merge PDF files. WHat it does is create a new PDF file, none of the contents of which may bear any relation to the content of the original files, but which is visually the same.08:05.52 
Diemex I have updated from MuPDF 1.7 to 1.10 for Android. I am struggling with the new bindings and the arguments I have to use for the Matrix.18:55.00 
  Let's say my Pdf page is 100 by 100 wide and I want to render a tile at 2.0 scale factor. My tiles are all 100x100px big. I want to render the bottom right tile. I basically want to render the area from left:100, top:100, right:200, bottom:200. What would the arguments be?18:56.57 
  The bindings in AndroidDrawDevice seem to be for rendering a full page, but I need tile rendering and I also need to reuse bitmaps for performance reasons. I will have to add a function for my needs. But for now I dont really understand the matrix arguments. 18:58.56 
  Who has written or knows how to use the "new" JNI bindings?21:06.51 
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