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norbertj anybody around to have a look at bug 700475?10:47.00 
kens I imagine chris will look at it shortly norbertj10:47.21 
  Is it urgent ?10:47.26 
  Actually, I'll just reassign it to Chris now10:48.04 
norbertj <@kens> It's indeed a bit urgent.10:52.47 
kens OK I'll ask Chris to look at it asap10:52.59 
  chrisl ping ?10:53.05 
chrisl kens: pong10:53.33 
kens Are you following bug 700475 ?10:53.45 
  and the thread here ?10:53.50 
chrisl No, I just saw it now. I thought it was Heny's10:54.11 
kens It is, but its Font API stuff10:54.30 
  You did the fapi change that Norbert refers to in the earlier bug10:54.43 
norbertj chrisl: see the bug 69623210:55.16 
chrisl Yeh, but that change relates to TTF vs Type 1 fonts - neither of which UFST ever sees10:55.25 
norbertj In our case it does ;)10:55.45 
kens chrisl could you take a quick look please then ?10:56.12 
chrisl Um, it's specifically setup to only provide microtype fonts, because downloaded fonts don't work10:56.50 
  norbertj: The output is fine with Freetype (and UFST). Is there a reason you're excluding Freetype from the build?11:28.15 
norbertj chrisl: as I understood it, if I enable the UFST_BRIDGE=1 then the FT_BRIDGE is set to 0 (in the makefiles). My previous version of or controller-build however did include both Freetype and UFST11:53.35 
chrisl norbertj: That hasn't been true for a long time. Once I discovered that UFST wasn't reliable with incrementally defined fonts, I made the default UFST build use UFST for Microtype, and Freetype for everything else11:54.56 
  norbertj: I did just notice the docs are out of date on that, sorry :(11:55.13 
  norbertj: I am looking at fixing this, but I worry there may be other issues you'll encounter, as we don't test without Freetype11:57.15 
norbertj So you suggest to use include both FT and UFST? (What order should these then be included in the fapi_servers list (gs_fapi_init???)12:01.11 
chrisl norbertj: Yes, including both is what we recommend and test. The order doesn't matter. Do you know what version of UFST you currently use?12:06.10 
  I'm heading out for a couple of hours.....13:04.59 
norbertj chrisl: we currently have integrated ufst63 but I also have a ufst71 on the shelve.13:48.38 
  can I replace the ufst63 with the ufst71? or has the api changed?13:49.46 
kens norbertj: chrisl is out at the moment, I'l ask him to look at the logs for this channel wehn he gets back. I'm not sure we have a copy of 7.1. but the majopr version number change would make me suspicious tha it is not compatible.13:50.44 
norbertj kens: I added the Freetype again to our controller code, and this indeed fixed my problem.14:32.42 
kens Aha, that's good then14:32.51 
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