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ator chrisl: I was going through some of my more ancient bugs, and ran into a problem with 689279 that you might be able to help with13:03.28 
  the Office2007_Glyph_NG.xps file errors out somewhere in xps_fapi_passfont13:03.56 
  mupdf manages to handle the file13:04.14 
  the embedded font looks rather iffy, looks like the whole middle of it is zerod out13:14.50 
chrisl ator: I can't immediately think why there would be a difference, but assing it to me, and I'll take a look13:19.22 
ator I also attached the problem font extracted and deobfuscated if that helps13:22.44 
chrisl Thanks13:23.35 
klsjdflksdjfla Hi, is there a way to tell ghostscript to write to s3 in a lambda function rather than the /tmp directory, we have an issue where we exceed 512mb tmp (too many requests to our lambda function)16:43.46 
kens no idea, don't know anything about AWS, we have no specific support for AWS16:45.07 
klsjdflksdjfla kens: when using the `.output()` in nodejs can I write that file to a stream or does it have to be a folder?16:51.09 
kens umm, still no idea, we don'y use node.js either16:51.39 
  With some output devices you can write the output to stdout, but not all.16:53.15 
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