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db Hi. I'm printing Thai text via CUPS. At some point it uses gs to convert a ps file to a raw bitmap (the filter does that), and it converts one specific character wrong. It ends up as "box with questionmark". Other characters look fine. Notably, this only happens on my raspberry pi (printserver). Any idea what might be the cause?03:31.26 
  the character in question is U+0E30. seems pretty random to me.03:36.30 
  oh it's actually PDF, stored with .ps extension, my bad03:45.37 
  version of gs is 9.26 - on my notebook it's amd64, it renders correctly there, on the pi it's armhf.07:27.39 
jackbrown hello11:55.19 
ghostbot Welcome to #ghostscript. If you have a question, please ask it, don't ask to ask it. Do be prepared to wait for a reply as devs will check the logs and reply when they come on line. If you are looking for help or infomation about MuPDF, try the new #mupdf channel.11:55.19 
jackbrown i got this error can anyone help me ? PL Ghostscript 9.26: Missing glyph CID=0, glyph=007e in the font HiddenHorzOCR11:55.31 
  I replaced ghostcript 9.26 with the latest 9.50 downloading the last package from the official website11:56.02 
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