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chrisl db: The "box with questionmark" glyph is almost certainly a version of the Truetype "notdef" glyph, that is a "default" glyph that the font drops back to if the requested one doesn't exist in that font.08:12.39 
  So, that (total guess) suggests that the two cases are using different fonts, or different versions of the same font (assuming the same gs and freetype versions). If font substitution is happening gs should tell you on the backchannel, but possible cups runs gs in -q/-dQUIET - but worth looking at the cups logs anyway.08:14.48 
db hm. it's not a special character and it should be from the same font. and it renders correctly on the notebook - I'll see if I can get debug output later, thanks chrisl 08:17.04 
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