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verygreen Hi. Does anybody else have a problem with geometry for 9.50? The ghostscript does not follow geometry size or location any more with Xorg and Void linux. Is this my installation? The gv works better with 9.50 not gs.01:07.44 
  I always get full screen with gs not the window from before even when specifying the geometry.01:09.33 
  I have tried -g612x792 and -dDEVICEWIDTH=612 -dDEVICEHEIGHT=792 on the command line and tried in my .Xresources this: Ghostscript*geometry: 612x792+1100+0 and always get full screen. This worked before 9.50 for me.01:13.51 
  The full screen ghostscript makes interactive executive mode with xterm difficult. I need to resize the window to see the xterm so could be a problem with my window manager not with ghostscript. I thought the geometry used to work with my window manager is all.01:50.40 
  I now can click the maximize button and the window resizes from full screen to the 612x792 size in my .Xresources so the problem must be with my window manager especially because I haven't seen anybody else mention this problem.01:54.05 
  Nevermind my messages. I can make do with resizing my window manually. This must just be my setup. Ghostscript is amazing, powerful and always works in the end. Bye.02:00.07 
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