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albertus1 hi, I don't really know ghostscript, but obviously I rely on it in a couple of ways. now lilypond stopped working for me with ghostscript spitting these errors: https://pastebin.com/jAQScTXG -- any idea what I can do to find my problem?18:50.21 
chrisl albertus1: Well, something seems to have gone wrong interpreting a font - that's about all I can say....18:52.02 
albertus1 that's more than I would have seen from that, thanks19:04.14 
chrisl albertus1: It is a little odd - I would have expected an invalidfont error, rather than the error you are seeing. But CFF is a type of font, and .parsecff is the operator we use to read those fonts19:05.33 
albertus1 seems to be TeXGyreSchola-Regular19:06.26 
chrisl I would guess that starts life as an OTF font19:06.50 
kens Could try with NOSAFER19:07.37 
chrisl Does lillypond open font files explicitly? <shudders>19:08.49 
kens I'm only guessing based on the fact that its 9.5019:09.03 
chrisl Yeh, but there's no message about loading a font from disk19:09.18 
albertus1 hm, first I must figure out how to separate the gs invocation from lilypond, so that I can try different gs arguments19:10.24 
  if this helps, this is the entire output with lilypond's verbose option: http://dpaste.com/0AH4S0M19:12.02 
kens has to go, getting late19:13.59 
chrisl From our perspective that's not any more information19:14.16 
kens If you can get the file that Lilypond writes in /tmp/lilypond.... then we could try it19:14.41 
  Not sure if it would help not having the right fonts and stuff but its possible19:14.59 
chrisl There are also a couple of lilypond PS files that may or may not be required19:15.33 
kens I know, but they don't seem to be there. and if they are referenced from teh PS file they won't work, due to safer19:16.00 
  Nothing appears to be getting --permit_fil_read added in the command line19:16.27 
albertus1 I can have lilypond output a ps file, would that be enough?19:16.28 
kens Well its the PS file that its trying to run in order to produce a PDF file that we need.19:16.43 
albertus1 hmm, the ps file only contains the error messages then19:16.45 
kens In your example the file is called /tmp/lilypond-QdrWvr19:17.09 
  I'm assuming the required lilypond files (eg lilyponddefs.ps) are rolled up into that file19:17.56 
  Ah it says:19:18.12 
  Layout nach /tmp/lilypond-QdrWvr ausgeben...19:18.13 
  And then there's some stuff about CFF fonts:19:18.40 
  Eingebettete CFF-Schriftartenliste wird initialisiert.19:18.40 
  CFF-Schriftart ??TeXGyreSchola-Bold?? einbetten.19:18.40 
  So its using CFF fonts (as we noted), I'm assuming that these are embedded in that 'layout'19:19.16 
albertus1 okay, I've got that tmp file, now let's see where I can upload this19:19.29 
kens I'm afraid I can't stick around just now, I'll try and look at the logs later.19:19.49 
albertus1 many thanks so far19:20.02 
chrisl albertus1: If there's nowhere convenient to share the file, and if it's not too large, we can do e-mail19:26.47 
albertus1 here's the file, it's below 300 KB: https://v2201904398988001.luckysrv.de/lilypond-QdrWvr19:48.39 
chrisl Well, I see the same error, which is a good start.....19:50.45 
kens albertus1: That file fails for me in the same way.19:53.37 
  However, it also fails on 9.27, 9.25....19:53.51 
  With 9.05 it fails in a slightly different way giving me an error /invalidfont in definefont19:54.09 
  The font in question is Emmentaler-1819:54.19 
  I wonder if your font has been corrupted ?19:54.25 
  Or, possibly, updated ?19:54.34 
chrisl An SID of -71 seems bad.....19:55.31 
kens Ah, you've gone further than me19:55.44 
albertus1 hmm, I don't really know; all I can say is I'm on Gentoo linux (where the Python2 EOL recently kicked in)19:56.00 
  what is an SID in this context?19:56.30 
chrisl "String ID", IIRC - but don't hold me to that!19:57.21 
  "SID 0 – 64999 2-byte string identifier"19:58.41 
albertus1 I realize Emmentaler is the font for musical symbols coming from lilypond19:58.42 
chrisl So, -71 is definitely *not* a valid value.... now, the question is, are we overflowing something19:59.24 
  Nope, as far I can see, we are genuinely decoding negative numbers from the stream20:01.47 
kens Yeah, my suspicion is the font is somehow corrupted. Whether on disk or in transit into the PostScript file20:02.14 
chrisl Well, fontforge freezes and then segfault trying to read the font....20:08.40 
  Frankly, the CFF data looks like complete garbage20:10.40 
  FWIW, gs reads Emmentaler-18 from disk just fine, so I really think the embedded font is corrupted20:18.09 
  albertus1: Yes, I'm afraid the font data is corrupted. I can't be totally sure without quite a lot more digging, but I *think* it's okay until nearly the end of the "CharSet" data, and somewhere towards the end of that, things fall apart, and never recover.20:24.18 
  (FWIW, Adobe throws an invalidfont error on StartData - which is really what Ghostscript should be reporting, too)20:25.57 
  albertus1: I need to go now, too. I'm not sure what more we can tell you, but kens and/or I are usually around here during UK office hours (approximately!)20:27.35 
albertus1 this helped quite a bit, thanks!20:39.39 
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