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alexeightsix I compiled Ghostscript from scratch but it gives me an error when executing a script that it can't find the "fixed font"18:10.41 
  I'm using debian buster18:11.08 
chrisl That doesn't sound like a gs error18:11.39 
  Could you give the exact error output?18:12.12 
alexeightsix yes, one second18:12.39 
chrisl Also, I assume you compiled either the 9.50 release, or the code from git18:13.21 
alexeightsix yes, it's not gs its imagick18:14.27 
  but it's using gs i guess to convert the pdf? Uncaught Exception ImagickException: "The path does not exist: ...18:14.35 
chrisl Yeh, unfortunately, I have no clear idea about how imagemagick calls Ghostscript, which makes it really hard to comment/help18:15.19 
alexeightsix ok, thanks for your help18:16.28 
chrisl It's possible that gs has errored out, and the "path does not exist" error is because it can't find the expected output file from gs18:16.55 
  alexeightsix: Are you starting with a PDF file?18:17.27 
alexeightsix I think it's converting an image to pdf or vise versa, and it's complaining it can't find the fixed font when doign setFOnt->('fixed) 18:20.27 
chrisl If you can find a file and command line to give to Ghostscript that shows an error, we may be able to help....18:22.29 
  alexeightsix: It's past the end of my day here.... this channel is logged (https://ghostscript.com/irclogs/) so if you come up with something we can reproduce with Ghostscript, leave the info here and, if no one else sees it, I will see it tomorrow morning (my time!).18:44.50 
alexeightsix ok thx, still trying to debug it on my end 18:45.14 
  what does load fonts do?18:46.41 
chrisl Well, I'm not really sure what you mean by "load fonts"18:47.08 
  Ghostscript can read a font from a file on disk. It can also search certain directories for font files that it can use.18:48.39 
alexeightsix is there a way to generate font maps?18:48.57 
  i saw something earily about a loadfonts command 18:49.08 
chrisl There is such a procedure defined in Ghostscript - it is non-standard, and shouldn't really be used18:50.39 
  alexeightsix: If you built the source from our release, then you shouldn't need to create a font map to get gs to work (you may want to for other, specific reasons, though)18:52.48 
alexeightsix when we install the package from apt-get it seems to work fine but we need to use .26 and debian doesnt have it in the repo anymore18:53.43 
  using FROM php:7.1-fpm-buster18:54.02 
chrisl Why do you need to use 9.26?18:55.30 
alexeightsix we think there's a bug in 9.2718:55.39 
chrisl Well, did you report the bug in 9.27?18:57.21 
alexeightsix no, once we know for sure we will18:58.57 
  do you know of anyway to get debian to install an older versin of the package w/ the deps ?19:03.22 
chrisl alexeightsix: the only way I know would be to manually download the .deb files from the old repo. And then you risk causing all sorts of other problems19:05.41 
alexeightsix i see, ok thanks19:05.56 
  inside the dockerfile where the app works but there's that one bug we just do RUN apt-get install ghostscript -y19:06.17 
chrisl note that I am *not* a debian/apt/pkg expert!19:06.19 
alexeightsix and i think that installs font deps19:06.29 
chrisl Those fonts are in our release archive and, unless you took special action, will be bundled into the gs binary19:07.36 
  Also, if you are going to report a bug, you'll need to supply an input file and a command line for us to reproduce it. So both approaches a predicated on finding how and on what gs is being called19:09.56 
alexeightsix Ok19:10.47 
chrisl FWIW, the command line will look something like: gs -sstdout=%stderr -dQUIET -dSAFER -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -dNOPROMPT -dMaxBitmap=500000000 -dAlignToPixels=0 -dGridFitTT=2 -sDEVICE=png16m -sOutputFile=%o -f19:13.06 
  And ImageMagick tools have both "-log" and "-debug" options which may well be helpful19:14.21 
alexeightsix quickly, here's a quick explaination of the issue but ill have a better bug report soon19:16.02 
  when we revert to .26 its fine again19:17.53 
  but ill have a proper write up once we can confirm everyting etc19:18.07 
chrisl alexeightsix: That's really strange... I can't see it's a problem I've seen before19:24.55 
  alexeightsix: Anyway, if you are sure there's a gs bug, you can report it here: https://bugs.ghostscript.com/ and someone will take a look at it19:25.38 
  As I said, it's late, and I have to go.19:27.12 
alexeightsix will do thx again!19:28.20 
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