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RPajalunga Hi! I write to update all about my last request related to search text in pdf-generated file ...09:56.45 
  @chirsl ghostscript have no problem with searchable pdf functionality... my collegue inform me that re-generating file using compression the new one lose text converting it as vectorial objects...10:00.04 
kens2 RPq10:01.07 
  If you turn text into vectors then yes, of course you can't search for it afterwards, its not text any more10:01.28 
  But Ghostscript DOES NOT do that, unless you sepcifically ask for it10:01.58 
  If you want to discuss this you will need to supply an example file and a command line, because otherwise we don't know what you are doing10:02.32 
RPajalunga @kens2 my code work correctly... my collegue apply a compress with third-party software that i don't know how it works...10:04.11 
kens2 Oh, well that wasn't clear to me, sorry10:04.26 
RPajalunga no problem...10:04.37 
kens2 I thought you were talking about using Ghostscript to do something. I'm afraid I can't really comment on other people's software :-)10:04.48 
chrisl RPajalunga: I also misread your comment, my fault! I'm glad you got to the bottom of the problem10:06.11 
  Interesting idea: "compressing" a PDF by replacing fonts with vector outlines - that sounds, frankly, insane!10:07.05 
kens2 It certainly doesn't seem likely that it would compress it.10:07.19 
  Not for files with significant amounts of text anyway10:07.29 
chrisl Unless it's forcibly embedding non-subset CIDFonts.....10:08.04 
kens2 Yes... I suppose soemthing like that would be big with the fonts in place10:08.24 
chrisl But then, you'd only do that for a specific purpose, and that purpose would be totally lost by ditching all the text10:09.12 
RPajalunga Adobe Acrobat Pro using "Optimizing" settings do it...10:09.15 
kens2 boggles10:09.29 
chrisl That sounds... broken.10:10.01 
RPajalunga I edited a new profile and now works correctly the optimized one...10:10.29 
kens2 Oh, then I guess someone changed something badly10:10.44 
RPajalunga I think this too10:11.12 
kens2 Well as Chrisl said, I'm glad you got to the bottom of the problem10:11.42 
chrisl Oh, I think I remember that being an option. I think that's probably one of the reasons we had to add it to pdfwrite10:12.13 
kens2 Oh, I thought we did that because people were abusing -dNOCACHE10:12.40 
chrisl Yes, but I think they were doing that because "Adobe allows it....."10:13.31 
kens2 Some people seemed to think it was 'for security' as I recall, because you can't cut/paste the result10:13.54 
RPajalunga Well... Thanks so much for your support!!! Have a nice day!10:31.22 
kens2 You as well, thanks for the update10:31.44 
datagram10 is it possible for ghostscript to convert a text file with form feed characters into a PDF that reflects those page breaks?18:04.17 
kens datagram10 you could write a PostScript progrm to do that, and then run that through Ghostscript. It won't do it for you 'as is'18:56.54 
datagram10 @kens thanks19:05.51 
kens You could try Enscript19:06.42 
datagram10 yeah i'm looking at that now19:06.52 
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