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justtoask Is it possible to autorotate pages in GhostPCL? I have an spl file from which I generate a PDF with GhostPCL and -sDEVICE=pdfimage24, but i keep getting portrait pages for pages that are landscape?09:55.43 
kens pdfwrite auto-rotates pages form all input languages by default09:56.11 
  You probably need to turn it off09:56.22 
chrisl kens: pdfimage2409:56.28 
kens Oops yes09:56.33 
  misread it09:56.37 
  In whaich case, no, the image is whatever the printer driver sent09:57.08 
  I would guess that your printer driver is set to haev portrait media, and so the driver rotates your landscape page to fit the available media09:57.58 
justtoask If I tried to use the pdfwrite option with the pdf generated using pdfimage24, it wouldn't work either, right?09:59.24 
kens Well no, becasue once you've rendered the input to an image there is no text in it any more09:59.53 
justtoask Yup. Well thank you for the answers!10:01.18 
kens NP10:01.24 
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