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Guest19436 Hello13:49.19 
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Guest19436 Im trying to get my ghostscriptinterpreter to work to count how many copies of one page are produced. Fileformat is either .ps or .prn. Usually it works with all my printers but not with the Kyocera Printer. Unfortunately there, the quantity is set as "@PJL SET QTY=3". Is there any workaround ? Im already using gsgetdeviceprop in the gs_init.ps13:53.26 
  file. 13:53.27 
  The 3 just as an example of how many copies are to be made. 13:56.58 
kens I don't know what you mean really13:57.21 
  Ghostscript doesn't exactly count pages13:57.33 
  What are you currently doign to get the page count ?13:57.41 
  Oh, and I really wouldn't reccomend using no-standard PostScript13:58.07 
  I shoudl probably also point out that *Ghostscript* is a PostScrip interpreter, whereas @PJL introduces HP PJL. Ghostscript can't (in PostScript mode) understand PJL. SO no matter what you do, Ghostscript won't honour that command and won't produce more pages because of it13:59.29 
Guest19436 So far Im doing "currentdevice /NumCopies gsgetdeviceprop dup null eq { pop #copies }" to get the number of copies14:01.32 
kens Well @PJL isn't going to have any effect on that, because @PJL isn't PostScript. In fact I'd expect that to cause a PostScript error.14:02.07 
  Possibly we have code to ignore it, since its so common14:02.39 
Guest19436 Surprisingy it doesnt but it just ignores it.14:02.52 
kens Ignoring it is the best you can expect from a PostScript interpreter14:03.13 
  Its in gs_init.ps14:03.22 
Guest19436 Okay. Thanks. I was afraid of this option but I already thought so. 14:04.11 
kens There's some ugly code in there for ignoring it14:04.15 
  You coul extend that to parse the string, PostScript is a programming language after all14:04.30 
Guest19436 That could actually work! Thanks for the input.14:05.00 
kens NP14:05.07 
  Note the currentfile //=string readline pop pop14:05.47 
  That's(I think) where the string is read to end of line, and then thrown away14:05.59 
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