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zdohnal chrisl: Hi Chris, regarding the issue (gs stops enumerating fonts from fontconfig if one fails) you fixed last week - it seems the error from fontconfig call is expected - according to our font person, Akira Tagoh, Cantarell-VF font is a variable font, which needs different treatment from fontconfig05:27.17 
  chrisl: FcPatternGetInteger() call for FC_WEIGHT fails correctly, because FC_WEIGHT is not integer, but a range of values05:28.46 
  the same it is for FC_SIZE, FC_WIDTH05:29.09 
  and these variable fonts are recognizable by FC_VARIABLE being set to true05:30.09 
  chrisl: so my question is - does gs suppose to support variable fonts? Or is it aware of its existence?05:33.25 
  chrisl: regardless of previous questions, does gs want to support variable fonts? If it does not, FC_VARIABLE can be set to false in query pattern, so variable fonts will be filtered out05:40.11 
  chrisl: if it does, it will probably need more things to change, but I'm not sure - I was recommended to see pango source code (it seems there is no official howto...)05:43.20 
chrisl zdohnal: At least for now, we won't be looking to support variable fonts (beyond the already support, but deprecated mulitple-master fonts)07:14.15 
zdohnal chrisl: ok, so the fix seems simple, but I rather test it07:18.53 
  chrisl: thank you!07:19.04 
chrisl zdohnal: Given that we're now tolerant of those errors, there's no urgency in fixing the enumeration specification07:21.14 
zdohnal chrisl: you're right, the fix would be more about performance then urgent issue07:23.38 
su91 Hello, a quick question, on page https://www.ghostscript.com/doc/9.51/Use.htm, at the end of section 2 there is a table with "Invocation Names". For "MS Windows 95 and later" there is "gswin32c" - shouldn't it be "gswin32c or gswin64c"?20:03.27 
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