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chrisl Wobak: ask your question - it may not get answered immediately, but the channel is logged so someone will see it eventually (depending on timezones)05:38.49 
Wobak chrisl, thanks :)07:51.59 
  I am using ghostscript to try and apply a "watermark" to a PDF file. And it's working pretty fine. My problem is that on some PDF files, it just doesn't work, and I have no idea why.07:52.30 
chrisl Wobak: For anyone to answer that, we'd probably need to see an example PDF and the exact method you using to apply the watermark08:06.03 
Wobak ok08:10.49 
  let me try and give a one pager of a file that works and a file that doesn't work08:11.03 
  and the ps file I use to apply the watermark08:11.12 
kens .THe doesn't work one is more interesting08:11.16 
Wobak So. The ps file I'm using to create the watermark is : https://pastebin.com/4YvTLmnC 10:51.08 
  The command line i'm using is : gs -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -dQUIET -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress -sProcessColorModel=DeviceRGB -sOutputFile="working-watermarked.pdf" -SDEVICE=pdfwrite mark.ps working-extract.pdf 10:51.14 
  and I've put 2 extract (working and non working) + after running that command line10:51.52 
  in this share : https://cloud.wobak.fr/index.php/s/RBdByYpKqtANuxw (pw : ghost )10:51.59 
  so when I watermark the working extract => I get working-watermarked, and when I watermark the notworking-extract, I get notworking-watermarked10:52.26 
  except the watermark isn't there :(10:52.42 
kens The likely problem is that you are drawing the 'watermark' on the page first, then drawing the PDF content over the top of it. Anything in the PDF file will therefore obliterate what's already there. If the PDf file starts by (for example) drawing a white rectangle over the page, then your watermark will obviously vanish10:52.47 
Wobak hmmmm ok10:53.01 
  so it might depend on how the PDF is build10:53.12 
kens I'll ook at the files, need a minute10:53.16 
Wobak if I understand you properly ?10:53.19 
kens Essentially, yes.10:53.26 
Wobak let met know if I can help being clearer10:53.32 
  I'm a 100% newbie in GS, as I found that method on the web, and trying to adapt it to my needs :)10:53.51 
kens not_working extract is the input file ?10:54.18 
Wobak yes10:54.54 
  and notworking-watermarked the output10:55.00 
  I've put the cmdline.txt file10:55.05 
  to show the command I'm using10:55.09 
  and the mark.ps file10:55.11 
  in the share as well10:55.16 
kens Yeah I really just need to look at what's in the input file10:55.16 
Wobak ok10:55.20 
  curiosity question : how do you look at it ?10:55.30 
  if I get what you're saying properly, my watermark may actually be there, but behind the PDF10:55.52 
kens I decompress it then use a binary editor10:55.53 
Wobak ok10:55.56 
kens In the watermarked file yes. Consider id the whole page was a bitmap image, the bitmap would be on top of your watermark and s would obscure it10:56.37 
  Ah, your watermark is rather discreet, I couldn't see it at all at first10:59.39 
chrisl It's kind of worrying if EndPage isn't working correctly11:01.06 
kens Yes, I hadn't realised it was an EndPage procedure11:01.28 
  I just noticed that.11:01.33 
  I can see the linwork in the working file, need to look again at the not working case11:02.11 
chrisl Is there transparency involved?11:02.21 
kens Oh yes :-)11:02.29 
  page group at least11:02.33 
chrisl So, maybe the opacity setting is hanging around11:02.50 
  Or blend mode... or something11:02.59 
kens multiple forms, each with groups, Multiply belnd mode....11:03.01 
  It 'looks like' the linework simply isn't there in the not working case.11:04.07 
  Which would imply either that the EndPage isn't being executed, or that pdfwrite isn't putting the content into the page stream11:05.19 
Wobak so just for the record, I'm kind of not bad in what I do, but right now I feel like a kid listening to adults talking high level philosophy :D :D :D11:06.23 
kens Nothing looks wrong, off the top of my head I can't see why there would be a problem11:06.46 
  I'm just putting the command together now to try it here11:06.57 
Wobak I see that as both a good thing and a bad thing11:07.02 
  good because it means I didn't do something stupid11:07.09 
  and bad because it's weird that you can't see anything wrong :D11:07.18 
  (btw, thank you very much for taking the time to help me out guys)11:07.34 
kens You may have to open a bug report and elave it with us for later, I'm in the middle of a different project and don't want to spend too much time on this. I'll give it a try here but if it still continues not to work then some serious debugging is indicated. BTW what version of GS are you using ?11:08.35 
Wobak GPL Ghostscript 9.25 (2018-09-13)11:08.55 
  yum package on CentOS 711:09.00 
kens I'd recommend you update to at least 9.5011:09.27 
Wobak ok11:09.30 
kens Though I doubt it would make a difference11:09.37 
Wobak let me see if I can do that easily11:09.57 
kens 9.25 has some rather well-documented security flaws11:09.58 
Wobak but I get that it would be easier to be bugged anyway11:10.08 
  as it might be the first answer 11:10.14 
  "does it happen with the latest release"11:10.19 
kens That's usually the first question yes :-)11:11.01 
Wobak I worked in tech support11:11.10 
  so I get it :D11:11.13 
  I've downloaded the binary for 9.5211:12.07 
  let me see if it does the same or not11:12.12 
kens Well the EndPage procedure is run11:12.49 
  But the content is not in the output file.11:13.45 
Wobak refresh the share11:14.08 
  I've added the file after running the procedure in 9.5211:14.20 
kens At which point I'm going to have to stop, its clearly not something simple. I'd suggest you open a bug report and I'll look at it when I have time. I have to warn you its not likely to be soon11:14.33 
Wobak ok11:15.36 
  do you have the link for the bug submission ?11:15.45 
kens bugs.ghostscript.com you'll need to make an account on bugzilla so you'll need an email address, even if its a one-shot address11:16.25 
  Sorry I can't give you a solution though11:17.57 
Wobak no worries11:23.10 
  I'm happy I didn't miss something obvious11:23.18 
  I was comparing the available fonts in the 2 PDF11:23.28 
  thinking this might be at some point a reason11:23.35 
  but wasn't sure11:23.38 
  so I'll bug this right away11:23.42 
kens No it won't be the fonts, for some reason the ENdPage content isn't making it into the PDF file, offhand I have no clue why that would be.11:24.07 
Wobak ok11:24.14 
  was there enough info in the share ?11:24.22 
  or should I add more into this ?11:24.27 
kens More than enough, just the PostScript EndPage code, input file and command line is enough. Please do put all of that in the bug report though, because by the time I get to look at it I will have forgotten everything.11:25.12 
  You can reference teh #ghostscript IRC logs for April 3rd at around 12:00 hours as well if you like to avoid ahving to reprise all this11:25.45 
Wobak ok11:26.15 
  Component PDF Writer ?11:30.45 
kens yep11:30.50 
Wobak should I try on my windows machine11:31.09 
  to see if it's the linux version ?11:31.13 
kens No it fails on mine11:31.16 
Wobak ok11:31.18 
  "Ghostscript Endpage procedure runs but no result on the PDF"11:32.00 
  is that a proper title ?11:32.03 
kens Good enough for me, far better than we usualy get :-)11:32.14 
Wobak :D11:32.20 
  so in attachment : the notworking-extract and the mark.ps files ?11:32.47 
  that should be enough ?11:32.50 
kens Yes I believe so11:32.56 
  I was able to reproduce it with just those. It might be wroth mentioning in the text where the watermark should appear and what it shoudl say11:33.24 
Wobak yeah, I'll put the working one so that people can compare11:33.39 
kens That would help, I was initially looking for something more obvious :-)11:33.59 
Wobak yeah I should've cleared that info :D11:34.10 
kens Its not a problem, most people use really BIG* watermrks though, usually across the whole page11:34.36 
Wobak is there any markdown11:35.44 
  or something to make the bug a bit clearer ?11:35.49 
kens Not sure what you mean11:36.02 
  The title is good, you've supplied the example to reproduce it, so it all sounds good to me.11:36.30 
Wobak yeah but there isn't any formatting in the bug template11:36.44 
  it's full plain text11:36.46 
  I'm guessing ?11:36.48 
kens just plain text yes11:36.54 
Wobak ok11:36.57 
kens Lunch time for me, back in a bit11:38.22 
Wobak bug submitted, thanks for the guidance :)11:41.16 
kens OK assigned the bug to me so it doesn't get missed12:08.09 
Wobak ok kens I think I get it. So basically there's an "invisible" box that exists around the actually displayed PDF, and I'm watermarking that before printing the content of the actually displayed PDF with pdfwrite14:51.16 
  am I understanding that right ?14:51.20 
  and therefore, as my watermark is NOT in the displayed area, I do not see it in the end result14:51.47 
kens Yeah more or less. There's the entire page, then there's a 'CropBox' inside that that the Acrobat display is reduced to14:51.49 
Wobak ok14:51.55 
kens Indeed, your watermrk is in the gap between teh MediaBox and teh CropBox and because we throw away anything in there (because we clip it) your watermark is invisible twice over14:52.25 
  You have to shift the position of the watermark so that its inside the CropBox14:52.43 
Wobak yeah OK14:52.57 
  and to figure out where the Cropbox begins14:53.03 
kens You can determine the lower left x and y of the CropBox and then just add those values to 1,1 and it should work14:53.04 
Wobak I need to use something else14:53.17 
  that I have no idea how it works14:53.21 
  I'll try and figure that out, but first, some physical exercice :)14:53.33 
kens If you use ghostpdl/pdf_info.ps it willtell you the Box sizes14:53.33 
Wobak ok14:53.43 
kens Ah, I had my run this morning :-)14:53.44 
Wobak I had that in your comment14:53.53 
  it's just that I have no idea on how it's used :)14:54.00 
  (and that's on me)14:54.10 
chrisl kens: Could clippath pathbbox work to get the imageable area?14:54.16 
Wobak as that PDF is generated for me to be watermarked14:54.31 
  I'm also talking to the person generating it14:54.37 
kens Oh well you just do:14:54.40 
  gs -dNOSAFER -sFile=....input.pdf ghostpdl/lib/pdf_info.ps14:54.40 
  chrisl umm, no I don't think so14:54.50 
Wobak (because it is a printed magazine originally)14:54.58 
kens But I didn't try it (chrisl)14:55.08 
Wobak and they're trying to sell old numbers using PDF with a slight watermark14:55.13 
  so the PDF is generated for that specific purpose14:55.24 
  probably using Acrobat Pro14:55.27 
kens I see, makes sense. BTW there's a better solution than -dNOSAFER but you'll haev to read the documentation in ghostpdl/Use/htm (look for -dSAFER) to permit specific files to be read14:55.49 
Wobak ok14:56.06 
kens --permit-file-reading14:56.09 
  The default behaviour for Ghostscript is to prevent random PostScript program sfrom reading files off disk14:56.34 
Wobak oh ok14:56.40 
kens So you have to tell it you want to allow that14:56.41 
Wobak well it's a non-shared server where i'm running my script14:56.51 
kens either by -dNOSAFER (which is OK for a quick test) or by specifying the file(s) which are allowed, which is better for production14:57.07 
Wobak so that level of security is probably the last level I need14:57.10 
  as I'm making things safer before that14:57.20 
  but I see your point :)14:57.23 
kens Well it can write files too14:57.31 
  Obviously limited by the permissions of the user, but still14:57.44 
Wobak ghostpdl is bundled with ghostscript ?14:57.46 
  or is it different ?14:58.11 
kens GhostPDL is the entire family; Ghostscript, GhostPCL, GhostXPS14:58.18 
  Also a specific product GhostPDL which does all of the above an reads image files too14:58.39 
  Its all open source though14:58.56 
Wobak hmmmmm ok14:59.15 
chrisl --permit-file-reading and co are for 9.50 and later: https://ghostscript.com/doc/9.50/Use.htm#Safer14:59.39 
kens Ghostscript reads PostScript and PDF, GhostXPS reads XPS files and GhostPCL reads PCL and PCL-XL (PCL6) files14:59.49 
Wobak ok seems that ghostpdl-9.52 belongs in /usr/share15:01.07 
  is there a guideline to where to put the resources ?15:01.18 
chrisl The distros go their own way15:01.45 
kens We don't really care where you put Ghostscript :-)15:01.49 
Wobak :D15:01.56 
  ok so there's a MediaBox, a CropBox, a BleedBox and a TrimBox15:03.31 
  with each 4 values15:03.35 
  I can pretend they all make sense to me15:03.43 
kens And ArtBox15:03.47 
Wobak I don't see ArtBox in pdf_info.ps output15:03.57 
kens The numbers are in pairs15:04.00 
  Then your PDF file doesn't use it, but its another possibility15:04.11 
Wobak ok15:04.14 
kens The pairs are x and y co-ordinates15:04.25 
Wobak ok15:04.29 
  pair = 1 2 then 3 4 ?15:04.39 
kens Normally you will get the llx and lly first, but technically you can get it the other way around15:04.44 
Wobak or is it 1 - 3 and 2 - 4 ?15:04.47 
kens Which is terribly confusing15:04.53 
  Sometimes its kkx, llx, urx, ury15:05.03 
Wobak yeah as if the rest was already crystal clear xDDDDD15:05.03 
kens Usually in fact15:05.06 
  But sometimes its written as urx, ury, llx, lly15:05.15 
Wobak ok and if I remember well, my script is using llx and lly15:05.24 
kens So you actulaly have to 'normalise' the values (ie look for the smallest15:05.35 
Wobak so I should take the CropBox llx & lly value15:05.39 
  add 1 to each15:05.42 
  and consider that to be the starting point of my watermark15:05.50 
kens yes exactly right15:05.51 
Wobak correct ?15:05.52 
  let me try and see if I manage to do that without breaking the Internet on its own15:06.15 
  (that is a possible side effect of me touching stuff I'm not sure)15:06.26 
kens Oh I usually just break my computer15:06.41 
Wobak :D15:06.49 
  this is on a remote server on the internet15:06.54 
  so I might have the ability to break the Internet as a whole15:07.05 
  but I doubt it15:07.08 
  I'm not that good15:07.10 
kens Could eb fun, if my connection drops I'll know who to blame15:07.25 
Wobak ahha15:07.32 
  can you confirm that it's the line .90 setgray 1 1 moveto15:07.41 
  that I need to change ?15:07.45 
  in my ps file ?15:07.48 
  this is llx lly 15:07.56 
  before the moveto 15:07.59 
kens yes its the 1 1 moveto that needs top change15:08.02 
Wobak right ?15:08.02 
  ok cool15:08.06 
  ok so I'll put that in variables first15:08.17 
kens Sounds good to me15:08.27 
Wobak is there a way to request pdf_info of just the first page ?15:09.06 
  I don't care if the watermark is missing on a few pages that don't have the same size15:09.17 
  they're supposed to have the same size anyway15:09.23 
kens Umm I have no idea, but you could pick the PostScript program apart and look at it15:09.26 
Wobak don't bother, awk is a tool I master way better than PostScript :D15:09.43 
kens Sorry but I have another conversation in a differen twindow, I'm going to be distracted for a bit15:09.44 
Wobak np, thanks for the help !15:09.50 
kens You're welcome, hope you get it sorted out15:10.04 
Wobak for those interested, I'll paste it for the logs. If you extract the pdf_info.ps to a file, you can get the lowest llx / lly for the Page using this small awk script : 15:20.06 
  read llx lly <<< $(awk '/Page 2 / { gsub(/.*CropBox: \[/,"",$0) ; gsub(/\] Bleedbox.*/,"",$0) ; if ($1<$3) { print $1 } else { print $3 } ; if ($2<$4) { print $2 } else { print $4 }}' dainfo.txt)15:20.07 
  where dainfo.txt is the file generated from : 15:20.31 
  gs -dNOSAFER -sFile=sourcefile.pdf ghostpdl-9.52/lib/pdf_info.ps15:20.52 
  > dainfo.txt15:20.52 
  kens, sorry to bother you again. Side question : is there an easy way for me to do a different value for a specific page ? Or do I have to extract the page, mark it, mark the rest of the pages and then collate them back ?17:06.58 
kens You can track the page number and run different procedures for different page numbers17:07.44 
  requires some PostScript programming17:07.59 
Wobak ok18:13.52 
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