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npnth I'd like to add some author/title/year metadata to some pdfs. I'm currently using a script with the relevant line of http://ix.io/2hhZ .00:23.46 
  However, sometimes this drastically blows up the filesize of the result.00:23.59 
  It also seems to reprocess the whole thing, one page at a time, which is slightly irritating but not as bad as the filesize thing.00:24.41 
  Is there a -dACTUALLYJUSTAPPENDTHEPDFMARKS option that I can use or something?00:24.59 
  Ideally I'd like to keep as much of the file as untouched as possible. Some of these files have detailed figures, so I very much do not want to reprocess or recompress any embedded images.00:28.41 
chrisl npnth: "(re)processing the whole thing" is how Ghostsrcript/pdfwrite works.06:36.53 
ator npnth: you can use mupdf's scripting tool to do this. see http://ix.io/2hjz for an example of a script you can use with "mutool run"09:11.00 
chrisl ator: Ah, thanks for replying - I meant to ask you if mutool could work, but I forgot.....09:19.55 
npnth chrisl, ator: thanks, I'll look into that.11:22.35 
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