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kens cxworks (for the logs) I don't think we can share those files. The najority of them are from insustry standard test suites, but these are available only commercially or to members of the relevant organisation. They are widely available in the industry (one reason they were chosen) but we don't own the copyright and can't simply give them away.07:01.56 
  The PLRM 100 file is the 3rd edition PostScript Language Reference Manual, first 100 pages, as a PDF file. The entire specification is available fro the Adobe web site so you could recreate that file yourself.07:02.50 
cxworks Hi, is ghost script team online? I plan to have some performance test on gs. Do you know where can I access the benchmark code on this webpage:https://www.ghostscript.com/performance.html . Thanks!14:22.31 
kens cxworks I answered that this morning, please have a look at the logs, the URL is in the welcome message14:22.57 
cxworks Emmm, sorry I don't know how to see the history messages. 14:24.10 
kens The URL to the logs is in the welcome message when you join this channel14:24.25 
cxworks Thx!14:24.45 
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