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ifkey hello05:01.55 
ghostbot Welcome to #ghostscript. If you have a question, please ask it, don't ask to ask it. Do be prepared to wait for a reply as devs will check the logs and reply when they come on line. If you are looking for help or infomation about MuPDF, try the new #mupdf channel.05:01.55 
ifkey I have a problem, I need to add a spot color to the typhoid file. there is a des.tiff file in there is a channel.tiff file I need to add a channel.tiff file as a channel to a des.tiff file05:05.24 
sebras ifkey: if you stick around for a few hours I think the gs developers in europe will be aware and able to help you.05:08.42 
  aware->awake. apparently I'm not awake myself. :)05:09.03 
ifkey thanks05:10.13 
kens ifkey I do not understand your requirement (are you ivanmaviienko on comp.lang.postscript ?). You're going to have to describe what you want to achieve in more detail. Note that whatever your goal, you will need to be able to write PostScript programs to achieve it.07:04.23 
chrisl "typhoid file"??07:18.58 
kens I'm assuming a language barrier, Google translate is far from perfect :-)07:19.29 
  Though I don' tknow how you;d get to that07:19.37 
chrisl I'm guessing TIFF07:19.57 
kens Hmm, yes that makes sense07:20.08 
chrisl But then, why ask here?07:20.21 
kens If it is the same person on UseNte they mention a tiff file07:20.28 
chrisl Of course, we don't output DeviceN TIFF files07:21.17 
kens I'm assuming he (?) wants a PDF file as output, I may be wrong07:21.42 
  The description on comp.lang.postscript isn't enough for me to understand the goal eityher07:22.12 
chrisl I suspect that only easy answer then, is "use Photoshop"07:22.23 
kens Yes, probably, its hard to be sure07:22.40 
ifkey Process: I have many images both CMYK and RGB. For example, I have a design001.tif (RGB), I convert it to grayscale and make invert colors and save it as a design001_grayscale.tif. Then I need to add this design001_grayscale.tif to a design001.tif as a spot color channel with a name WHITE_INK (or whatever). I need it to work both with Windows and17:41.52 
  Ubuntu through the command line. Please advise how to make it. I’m willing to pay for a solution17:41.52 
kens ifkey, if you place the new 'spot colour' tiff over the existing RGB one, then you won't be able to see the existing RGB tiff. So I think what you want to do, you cannot do.18:18.49 
  You need to merge the 'spot colour' TIFF with teh RGB TIFF to make a new image which contains all the channels, then create a PDF file from that.18:19.19 
  You can't do any og this with Ghostscript18:19.25 
ifkey how i can do it?18:20.23 
kens I told you, export the RGB image, load it into an image editing application (eg Photoshop). Create your spot colour channel, merge it into the original image so that you have an image with RGB and spot channels. Export as PDF.18:21.19 
  If I understnad what you want, that's the only realistic way I can see of getting it.18:21.55 
ifkey I need to do this with hundreds of images per day18:32.28 
kens Then you need to script it. THe answer is still 'You can't do this with Ghostscript'18:32.52 
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