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jhg I'm trying to create an account on the GS bugzilla page but the "new account" function just hangs and never returns after I enter my email and click "Send". Suggestions?00:25.05 
  Took 15 minutes but it finally responded. 00:34.48 
Jmabsd Just curious so Ghostscript's default fonts *ARE* fundamentally the 35 free fonts donated by the URW fonts foundry in 1996? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghostscript#Free_fonts03:16.19 
  is Ghostscript using Nimbus Roman 9L as de facto font for Times New Roman?03:21.07 
chrisl jhg: I'll get someone to look at bugzilla - that sounds beyond my powers to resolve06:58.12 
  jhg: Oh, actually, it could have been during a backup - bugzilla gets slow when the server does a full database backup07:17.54 
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