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ashish Hello GS devs, I have been developing windows application for company with GhostScript.Net. I am stuck at How I can get print job status that has been processed by ghostscript but failed/success at destination printer.08:27.41 
  Its kind of print job status thing.08:28.46 
  Does ghostscript provide these kind of functionality ?08:29.30 
chrisl ashish: Ghostcript isn't a print manager08:42.02 
ashish yes I know but is their any way to get print job status like query printer pool ?08:46.04 
  or If Ghostscript it self provide printJob Id 08:46.26 
chrisl I'm afraid Windows isn't really my area - I assume you are using the mswinpr2 device, so you could always look at the device source08:51.26 
ashish Ok let me give it a try and get back08:53.28 
chrisl ashish: Also, given what you've said, I would *strongly* urge you to carefully read the Ghostscript license (AGPL) and ensure you are working within the conditions of that license08:54.00 
kens We can't really help with Ghostscript.NET, as its not our product09:32.23 
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