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CQ hello, is there a way to left-right mirror-invert a pdf file with ghostscript?10:40.32 
  ...and yes, I literally mean so it is flipped, so that it can be used with a teleprompter10:41.00 
  solved ... pdfjam --suffix flipped --reflect 'true' --fitpaper 'true' -- foo.pdf - 10:56.04 
kens CQ, err, maybe....11:53.39 
  You would have to change the CTM and in its current incarnation that means doing some awkward meddling with the guts of hte PDF interpreter11:54.23 
  You'd have to do something like -1 0 0 1 <width> 0 concat where <width> is the media width of the PDF file.11:55.23 
  But using pdfjam is undoubtedly easier11:55.45 
CQ kens, thanks, pdfjam works fine... just need to resize it from 16:9 to 4:3 or whatever the ipad is now11:57.41 
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