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datara I'm presently working on Ghostscript 9.52 Affero General Public Licence Version 3 I have observed a prompt that launches when the application is launched from start menu07:27.28 
kens If you start Ghostscript, whether in command-line or Windowed mode (on WIndows) without any arguments then yes, you will get the interactive PostScript prompt07:28.11 
datara Ghostscript Image I can see this is Task manager 07:29.03 
  what arguments i need to use, looking for silent install 07:29.38 
kens Running Ghostscript from the start menu is not the same thing as running the Ghostscript installer07:30.11 
  If you waant to know how to run Ghostscript, then you will need to read teh documentation07:31.02 
  The documentation is supplied as HTML files in the ghostscript isntallation directory, in the 'doc' sub-directory07:31.45 
datara How do I install using commandline and silent parameters07:32.53 
kens Run teh sintaller with /S07:33.42 
datara When I launch the application why does the prompt Ghostscript Image get launched07:34.29 
kens I already answered that above, if you run Ghostscript with no arguments then you enter teh interactive PostScript prompt07:34.53 
  Running the Ghostscript executable is not the same thing as silently installing Ghostscript07:35.09 
datara Can you give name of file in doc sub directory 08:00.23 
kens Try Use.htm08:06.50 
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