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Polycarp Hello ,please help with the error below18:20.58 
  import ghostscript18:21.02 
  RuntimeError('Can not find Ghostscript DLL in registry')18:21.03 
chrisl Polycarp: Do you have Ghostscript installed? Where do you get the error from?18:22.39 
ray_laptop Polycarp: import ghostscript -- that sounds like Python, right?18:23.50 
Polycarp Yes its Python 3.7.6 on Anaconda i used pip install ghostscript, since pip install GSWIN64C.EXE returns ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement GSWIN64C.EXE (from versions: none)18:27.41 
chrisl Polycarp: Ghosscript isn't a python component, it's a native binary. You can't install it with pip18:29.23 
  Download from https://ghostscript.com/ and install the binary18:29.50 
ray_laptop Polycarp: sounds like the same issue as at: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/31886385/importing-ghostscript-in-python-on-windows-818:30.09 
Polycarp Kindly guide me through that, am new to programming18:30.13 
ray_laptop Polycarp: check out that stackoverflow. The one 'gotcha' is making sure that you have the right gs (32 or 64 bit) installed.18:31.19 
Polycarp Thank you,on it18:32.33 
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