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petercher ray_laptop: can you take a look at 700404 ? My patch is waiting for review for over a year.06:22.49 
divin how can we enable ghostscript for siteground account?06:40.31 
chrisl divin: Ask siteground?06:41.18 
divin nope06:42.57 
petercher divin: Run it as a CGI program if they allow CGI.06:43.47 
divin usually in site ground it is enabled default. but I cant se it in my info06:43.49 
chrisl Which sounds like something you'd want to ask siteground tech support about - rather than Ghostscript developers06:44.27 
divin let me check that. if I have any doubt I will catch you. thank you guys06:46.46 
petercher kens: please take a look at my old patch for 695368 .07:03.56 
kens petercher I've looked in the past, I still need to think about this. Its on my list but I don't consider it urgent07:05.09 
Mudit HI 13:19.40 
ghostbot Welcome to #ghostscript. If you have a question, please ask it, don't ask to ask it. Do be prepared to wait for a reply as devs will check the logs and reply when they come on line. If you are looking for help or infomation about MuPDF, try the new #mupdf channel.13:19.40 
Mudit i need to enable ghostscipt in siteground hosting server for an app call docsign 13:20.16 
kens Mudit we cannot help you with siteground, its nothing to do with us13:20.32 
Mudit is there any way that i can install this variable in siteround13:20.58 
kens I refer you to my previous answer; we cannot help you with siteground, its nothing to do with us13:21.24 
Mudit okay thankyou13:21.37 
xebra hi, I just used ghostscript to merge two PDF files, the issue is that the final files has duplicate fonts. Isn't there an option to avoid this? Is it a bug? A missing feature? 16:46.33 
chrisl xebra: Most probably normal16:47.37 
xebra chrisl, normal? What do you mean? I read on askubuntu that somebody managed to "optimize" a PDF with ghostscript, but their fonts all had the exact same name. In my case, I'm seeing a lot of pdfs with fonts like ABTHDH+Verdana16:53.47 
  so maybe that could be the reason why ghostscript is recognizing them as different fonts16:54.27 
chrisl The "ABTHDH+" prefix indicates that the fonts are subsets of the originals. The most likely reason for what you are seeing is probably that the subsets are not compatible with each other16:55.54 
xebra chrisl, hmm, that makes sense16:56.48 
chrisl But it could also be simply that something about the way the fonts are embedded defeats the heuristics that try to identify the same font being reused.16:57.09 
  xebra: Unfortunately, there are a *lot* of complications involved16:58.07 
  xebra: Oh, and for clarity, Ghostcript doesn't "merge" pdf files - it creates totally new PDF files, based on the input it's given16:59.09 
  A quick read of at least the "Overview" section here: https://ghostscript.com/doc/9.52/VectorDevices.htm will explain it more17:00.22 
xebra chrisl, I see. It's not a huge problem in my case. I just wanted to understand more, if I was missing anything. Thanks!17:01.18 
chrisl xebra: No problem. FWIW, it is also possible you have uncovered a case we're not catering for and should, and if you think that's the case, then your best bet would be to open a bug at https://bugs.ghostscript.com/17:02.33 
  But, fair warning, our primary aim with pdfwrite is that the output displays correctly, so if that's the case, then other things will tend to get a lower priority17:03.14 
xebra chrisl, yeah, but from what I understand, it's probably because the fonts have different names and refer to different subsets, so ABCD+Verdana and QWERT+Verdana both end up in the result, instead of just one Verdana17:04.17 
chrisl xebra: In simple terms, yes. It can be a bit more subtle than that, but unless you know a fair amount about fonts and how PDF uses them, it could be hard to explain!17:05.58 
petercher ray_laptop: Could you please review my patch for 700404 ? It has been sitting there for over a year.18:07.51 
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