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ashish Hi, I am having issue running gs cli. 09:11.12 
  I want to change DocumentName but didn't understand How ? using cli 09:11.44 
  gswin64c.exe "D:\setup.ps" -o "D:/test.pdf" "C:\Users\ashish\Documents\tt.pdf"09:12.42 
  I tired this 09:12.45 
chrisl ashish: You're going to have to use the pdfwrite device https://www.ghostscript.com/doc/9.52/VectorDevices.htm#PDFWRITE09:18.28 
ashish It seem to work with pdf only. I have requirement to print pdfs on real printer too. 09:23.04 
chrisl I don't understand, you said you wanted to change the DocumentName, that's PDF metadata09:25.40 
ashish https://prnt.sc/tcmg8u09:31.49 
  In printing spool it shows "Ghostscript output"09:32.06 
chrisl Well, that's what it's printing.... seems fair09:32.32 
ashish Primary requirement is to change it something dynamic string 09:32.35 
  So can we change this documentName ?09:33.07 
chrisl It shows you how in the documentation you linked to above09:33.26 
ashish In documentation it state that we can using 09:34.49 
  % select the Windows device driver09:34.52 
  I am not expert in it but basic knowledge about GS09:35.14 
chrisl I assume your setup.ps contains at least some of those settings09:40.33 
kens If I recall correctly, you cannot change the text being displayed by the print spooler without recompiling Ghostscript. I don't think that's unreasonmable09:55.34 
  Why do you have a requirement to change it ashish ?09:55.56 
ashish HI Kens, we have an application that manages document print. Sometime document fail to print at printer. To identify it easily we are planning to use some meaning full document name so user can easily identify which docuemtn print failed and which not 09:59.30 
kens OK so you are using Ghostscript (and presumably the mswinpr2 device) to print the files ?10:00.26 
ashish Yes am using mswinpr2 10:00.43 
kens How does Ghostscript from part of your application ?10:00.47 
ashish am not getting your question ?10:01.23 
kens You say your application 'manages document print'10:01.37 
  And yet its Ghostscript that does the printing10:01.48 
  So how is Ghostscript part pf your application ? Are you distributing Ghostscript as part of your application ?10:02.07 
ashish Yes its part of my application.exe. I used a c# wrapper that uses gs.dll 10:02.46 
  Right now we are in development stage 10:03.20 
kens Well then you are going to need a license for Ghostscript10:03.56 
  I believe Artifex will consider your linking against the DLL via a C# wrapper as a derrivative work10:04.21 
  Which means you need a commercial license10:04.26 
ashish Ok but right now I am build a POC 10:04.34 
kens Well then you can look at the Ghostscript source code. The mswinpr2 device can be modified to display something different.10:04.58 
ashish if gs works for our application we will definitely buy licence.10:05.12 
  Can you provide me url ?10:06.00 
kens URL for what ?10:06.11 
ashish for source code 10:06.39 
kens Its open source, you go to ghostscript.com and follow the links10:06.52 
  Or google10:06.56 
ashish Ok10:07.30 
kens We will often provide support for evaluators, so once someone has talked to the commercial people ask them to forward your question10:08.04 
ashish ok10:10.04 
sebras pool38: are you the pool14 from before that asked me questions about ghostscript?18:52.34 
  pool38: if so you asked "does ghostscript make my desktop inkjet printer print PostScript files?"18:53.04 
pool38 ye18:53.22 
sebras pool38: even if I contribute to ghostscript I'm a main ghostscript developer. :)18:53.47 
pool38 But I want you just how18:53.49 
  file COPYING for details.18:53.49 
sebras pool38: it is better to ask the question here so the ghostscript developers see your questions.18:55.19 
Robin_Watts Hi evrhel.19:13.04 
  I'm going to open a private tab to talk to you.19:13.21 
HenryStiles this is the part where Robin_Watts tells evrhel to ignore the rest of us.19:18.50 
Robin_Watts HenryStiles: I didn't want to spell out the secret incantations in public :)19:32.24 
mona86 Hello20:46.17 
ghostbot Welcome to #ghostscript. If you have a question, please ask it, don't ask to ask it. Do be prepared to wait for a reply as devs will check the logs and reply when they come on line. If you are looking for help or infomation about MuPDF, try the new #mupdf channel.20:46.17 
mona86 I want someone to explain this to me20:47.22 
sebras mona86: you need to tell us what you want to explain.21:00.08 
  mona86: also, please note that that the developers are in european/us timezones so you may have to wait for a while to get an answer.21:00.41 
mona86 I installed Ghostscript and GSview and made a PostScript file and upon printing it does not print21:03.19 
  An error appears21:03.39 
  GPL Ghostscript 9.52 (2020-03-19)21:04.39 
  **** Could not open the file 000007b0 .21:04.39 
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