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MANAR GPL Ghostscript 9.52 (2020-03-19)02:51.28 
  **** Could not open the file 00000350 .02:51.28 
  How to solve this problem02:52.13 
  Regular font from %rom%Resource04:13.24 
  Loading NimbusMonoPS-Regular font from %rom%Resource/Font/NimbusMonoPS-Regular04:13.42 
sebras MANAR: can you report a bug here: https://bugs.ghostscript.com/enter_bug.cgi05:24.43 
  MANAR: please remember to attach the problematic file.05:24.53 
chrisl MANAR: The "**** Could not open the file 00000350" message is coming from failing to open the output file06:39.38 
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