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EdB Hi there22:49.07 
ghostbot Welcome to #ghostscript. If you have a question, please ask it, don't ask to ask it. Do be prepared to wait for a reply as devs will check the logs and reply when they come on line. If you are looking for help or infomation about MuPDF, try the new #mupdf channel.22:49.07 
EdB I have some 1-page PDFs containing Link annotations (Annots) and I need to extract those links using PHP. For some of the PDFs I am able to extract the Annots, whilst for others I can't. Looking at the source of the PDFs I can see that the ones that work have single page dictionaries (/Type /Page) containing the annotations, whilst the others22:57.26 
  don't. It seems to be the only way I can extract the annotations with the PHP library I have.I'd like to convert the other PDFs to be structured in the same way (to show single page dictionaries). Can ghostscript be used for that? I've tried using several ghostscript options with no joy.22:57.27 
  I tried out Online2PDF.com to test my theory that a PDF with no single page dictionaries could be converted to one which does, and it worked. I just need to be able to automate this process, hence trying to use ghostscript.22:59.38 
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